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VIDEO: De Gea’s amazing save vs Sunderland

fdgfdg by 21cad

“He’s got to look at the ball, follow the ball and he has to readjust and come back,” said Peter Schmeichel. “This is for me one of the best saves I’ve ever seen in the Premier League. And it can prove to be one of the most important moments as well. That could be the kickstart.”

David Moyes joined in with the praise of De Gea’s save, saying: “It was an incredible save. We had been playing quite well but at 1-0 down they managed to spring a few counter attacks on us and David made an incredible save. I said it at half time that David De Gea might have kept us in this game with that save.”

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  1. mig78 says:

    Thank you DeGea. I’m not taking it for granted. It’s stunning.Kept the hope for us to fight for the win.

  2. NBI Red Moyesy says:

    De Gea superstar!!! The way he pulls these saves out of his locker is unbelievable and he has been doing it since he came even when he had the early shaky days. Well done De Gea, well done Steele!

    Off topic United apparently trying to raise money in the market – £250mn, some will go to Glazers some may be used to pay debt. The article says there is concern the Club is in decline and cannot compete with City, RM etc.

  3. Little Red Ant says:

    NBI Red Moyesy – just don’t read the Daily Fail

  4. The One says:

    Yup, United are in decline every season, even when Sir Alex was manager….everyone else has been dreaming about it for years, the ABUs, ABU media and pundits, haven’t they but United have always come back to win more trophies. I don’t give a damn what most of the media and pundits say, nor what the glory hunters on here say either!!

  5. xyz says:

    He’s one of the 5-6 world class players we need to win the Champions League. Hope we can keep him when Real/Barca come knocking….

  6. The One says:

    World class save only DDG is capable of….best keeper in the league and best keeper in the world to be!!

  7. Frankie says:

    It your heart out Joe Hart!

  8. DiegoForlanDK says:

    What a fantastic save. Just truly stunning

  9. drv3011 says:

    Pfft!! Joe Hart who? From day one DDG was making amazing saves like this one,quite normal for him,I think.Defence needs to tighten up though,DDG wont be saving all shots out of 10.

  10. rijahs says:

    de gea, my hero… Very sad to see him slip a goal…

  11. Harty67 says:

    Fantastic save, as good as Schmeichel against Rapid Vienna in 97.
    It needed to be as well to save us from going 2 down and to expose how erratic the defence was at times especially in the first half.

  12. NBI Red Moyesy says:

    @ Little Red Ant – only read the Daily Mail to get view of our old man G Neville and Ian Ladyman they usually talk a bit of sense but the rest as you indicate may be tosh.

    In terms of world class play we have at least 5 who can compete with the best in the world:

    (1) De Gea, (2) RVP, (3) Vidic, (4) Evra, (5) Rafael (Rio not looking so good this season) (6) Rooney on his day, (7) Kagwa on his day, (8) Carrick on form, (9) Hernandez.

    The problem is we are not getting the best out of them other than Evra and occasionally Vidic right now. But once it all clicks we have very good players. There is nothing wrong with the squad. Tactics, motivation, formation, those seem like issues but not quality. Re defence, playing Rio-Vida every game at the start was always going to be too much, he seems to be coming round to why SAF rotated and rested them and played a younger player with them.

    Potentially world class – Nani (very much on his day), Januzaj, Welbeck, Zaha, Smalling

    Very good players – Valencia, Evans, Fabio

    Squad players – Young, Cleverly, Anderson, Jones, Fellani

    For me I think the starting 11 opponents would least like to face:


    De Gea
    Rafael, Smalling, Vidic, Evra
    Nani, Carrick, Januzaj/Welbeck
    RVP/Rooney, Hernandez

    Kagwa is also good at tracking back. I thought he brought something to the team before he was hauled off half time. We are really struggling to link attack & defence and no assists this season in 10 games have come from MF players. This is a problem. I would like to see Carrick and Kagwa get a run in MF together.

  13. NBI Red Moyesy says:

    If we play 4-4-2 I prefer:

    De Gea, Rafael, Smalling, Vidic, Evra
    Valenicia, Carrick, Kagwa, Nani
    RVP/Rooney Hernandez

    Bench: Januzaj, Evans, Zaha, Welbeck, Fabio,

    We need goals and no one is a better poacher than Hernandez. He just needs a run of games. Also it is healthy to have competition for places for strikers. Rooney and RVP should not feel that have a guaranteed start, if they don’t score or look sharp like yesterday why not give Pea minutes.

  14. Random says:

    Gracias David! This is what a champion does.

  15. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Top save! Top Keeper!! Top Lad!!!

    Notice all the Lads who were calling for David DeGea sacking 2 years ago have moved on to another David.
    Wish they would all bugger off and enjoy some football.

    Ah well, all the same to me. Think Fergie and Steele got this one spot on.

  16. Happy Devil says:

    SAF once made a similar remark after Scholes scored a fantastic goal after Van Der Sar had earlier in the match made a crucial save to keep utd in that match and went on to win. “We would not be talking about Scholes goal had Van Der Sar not made that save”. David has a lotto thank David for. That could be the turning point.

  17. schmadmir says:

    As a former goalkeeper in the 2nd division in Norway, I can tell you, that’s a world class save.

    By the looks of it, considering the short distance to goal, the speed of the header and the fact that he was moving the opposite way, that really is an incredible save.

    However, as I have often noticed about him, for me personally as a goalie, the most impressive thing about De Gea is his quick feet and positioning. He’s second to none in that department.

    Well done son!


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