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VIDEO: Di Maria’s goal and assists for Argentina vs world champions

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  1. VolatileKid says:

    He tormented Germany throughout the match. He should have a free role at United, free to torment opposition defences.

  2. ashtheking says:

    He is some player. A match winner with abundance of talent. We are lucky to have him.

  3. TopRed123 says:

    Pace, athleticism, technical ability, and a team-player with a brilliant football brain. Easily worth the £60m.

  4. WilliamAR says:

    One word to describe him:


  5. evered7 says:

    Route to CL:

    De Gea –> Di Maria –> Falcao. Boom!

  6. Marko Maric says:


  7. Marko Maric says:

    Who s gonna say that this guy is not worth 72 millions?

  8. Marko Maric says:



  9. UtdSenna says:

    And meanwhile our captain was absolute shite against Norway.

  10. Marko Maric says:

    Can t stand that guy Goetze, reminde s me on Inzaghi…lucky bastard

  11. BenjieTee says:

    Rooney should count himself lucky to be wearing the Captain’s armband.He looks the weakest of the four strikers we have.This new system will not work if our captain and striker keeps losing possession so easily and has the first touch of a baby learning how to walk.

  12. UtdSenna says:


    We can all hope LVG sees this and have the balls to drop him if he doesn’t perform, but i’ve have a feeling it will take some time before he drops the Captain. I doubt it.

  13. UtdSenna says:

    Nice pen anyway.

  14. midfield-man says:

    missed the game but expected nothing less from Dii Maria. More interested in how did Rojo do?

  15. Marq says:

    That first assist is sick! And they say we overpaid for this guy?

    In the meantime, Rooney was…….

  16. midfield-man says:

    I hope LVG gets ruthless now and pull off the striker not performing … captain or not…

  17. midfield-man says:

    we need to hit the ground running now, no time to fuck around. you can’t score and underperform, you’re OFF. we didn’t address the midfield or defence especially, we will need to out score our opponents .. let’s not fuck around until 80th minute to figure out Rooney or RVP or Falcao arw not having a good day. we need to start banging the points in before we get to the tough fixtures.

  18. Tommy says:

    Our Angel did well tonight, gutted I missed it because of work, Di Maria is at the top level of footballers, quality player, hes everything our captain isnt, another woeful performance ive heard from him, I hope LVG has the balls to drop him, off topic, those who watched the England game, did that 15 year old play for Norway? I was just wondering

  19. wayne barker says:

    Had a laugh today with Ronnie’s comments brought back all the happy memories on how he put us through the wringer every transfer window.First he’s not happy with Madrid’s transfer window criticizing who they let go and signed,then he praises Utd for our signings now he’s saying he’d like to come back one day,now Di Maria said he only stayed last season at Madrid because him and Ronnie are buddies
    Ronnie seeing Utd are now paying the big money and could afford to get Falcao were’s Madrid couldn’t afford him and had to bring in Hernandez.The FFP has certainly changed the landscape

  20. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    Look at this performance and compare it to ANY Rooney performance – friendly or not- in the past year and half. LOL. It’s like night and day. Even compare this performance to Rooney’s performance against an infinitely WEAKER Norway side at Wembley. It wasn’t even close.

    I just hope the armband will not mean Rooney is excepted from being dropped because right now it’s not looking too good for him. He’s clearly number 3 on the striking depth chart MILES behind Falcao and a fully fit Van Persie. He’s also MILES behind Di Maria so unless he’s willing to sacrifice and play in midfield some matches or unless he steps up his game, he will most definitely be dropped soon.

  21. cr says:

    By next summer surely at least one of RVP, Rooney and Falcao must leave the club. Having three strikers (as opposed to forwards) is a sign that the squad is unbalanced.

    In January we must sell off quite a few players and get those world class CM and CD in order to ensure top 4.

    Selling Welbeck and Kagawa however was a mistake.

  22. cr says:

    You got to hand it to Woodward for the biz he’s done this summer though.

  23. Marco Soares says:

    Will be quite interesting to see where Di Maria will play once everyone is fit and available and if LVG sticks with the 3-5-2, feel Di Maria needs to play in the final third as often as possible cause of his immense quality and speed, if we stick to 3-5-2 with Herrera coming back that may mean Mata has to lose out for Di Maria cause that may be Di Maria’s best position in this system, I do like Mata a lot though but it may be difficult for him to start

  24. RohitChat2611 says:

    Welbeck was told he was 5th choice behind Wilson….. so Mr Phelan should stop crying now as Wilson is a youth and he is also an academy product…..guy is still pissed at the Moyes snub…..Moyes was rightly allowed to bring his own personnel same as Van Gaal was allowed to bring his own.

  25. Blacksocks says:

    If he brings this sort of form to the PL then you build the team around Di Maria. I would play him out wide, with Januzaj. Both of them swapping position occasionally and terrorising defences.

    Either way. some big names are going to have to settle for places on the bench soon. But intense competition for places in the first 11 is something we have lacked for sometime now. The days where Uniteds best 11 almost picked itself are finally over. I bet if we all had to pick a team, every single one would be different. And that is a very nice problem for LVg to have.

  26. RedRickie says:

    I can certainly understand why LVG gave Rooney the arm band.
    He needed a leader as the league was about to start and looking around,
    there was no one to challenge for it as Carrick was out with an injury
    Fletcher was just returning from long illness, Welbeck, Chicha Kags and Tc23
    were all but in informed of their limitations, Jones Smalling Evans and Degae
    are juniors as compared to Wayne and with all that considered only Rooney qualified
    besides LVG insisting the arm band deserved one of the locals
    With all that said and done, I just don’t see him leading all the way in his already visible
    limitations and sooner he’ll be found out.

    Now what I don’t understand is, Why was he chosen for England captaincy?

  27. gra mar says:


    I’m not making excuses for Rooney but look at what he’s surrounded by for England and look at how they are told to play. Slow, lethargic predictable football. The problem comes from Hodgson who who should never have gotten the job and who should never had been kept on. Unless you have a manager who likes to play dynamic football with some imagination you get turgid limp performances like last night which is what England have largely produced for the last 15-20 years.

  28. BenjieTee says:

    Cr…what do u mean by having three strikers as imbalanced?..A good squad does not consist of 11 players.Our two strikers won’t be playing every game..Man City have Aguero, Dzeko and Jovetic.All three will get game time.The fact that we don’t hav champions league now doesn’t mean we should trim our squad so much.Our midfield to me looks complete so why are people saying we need one more midfielder..its because of squad depth.We need top players who would cover in case an injury comes.When Herrera got injured there was no one to replace him.So when RVP or Rooney gets injured who will replace them.our record with injuries should tell you that it would be suicidal to have just two strikers in your team.Mourinho has two strikers in Costa and Drogba but will it be enough when injuries come in?..Seeing Rooney’s performances of late and RVP’s injuries it would not be wise to get rid of anyone..If we manage to qualify for CL next season we would need all our three strikers for more options..Doing that will be going the way of Arsenal.Using the same squad through out till they all burnout….Why are we we going for Strootman when we already have Fletcher, Herrera, Blind and possibly Di’s because we need more options..We are not getting rid of any top players.With the squad we have the poor players(Young,Valencia,Fletcher, to some extent Rooney) have nowhere to hide..They will be found out because it is them who will be creating imbalance in the team, like constantly losing possession, unnecessary back passes, having options to pass but choose to take the ball back, poor crossings, terrible set pieces,poor marking of full backs, slowing down counter attacks, poor first touch, inability to beat their man..Its just a matter of time..Winter is Coming !!!

  29. The One says:

    That deadly left foot of Di Maria, absolutely sublime, laser-guided passes. We need him to produce that against QPR Saturday week and if RvP and Falcao can bang in the goals for us, I say, we’ll be back in style. Some teams are in for a stuffing once we click into gear.

  30. The One says:

    @Tommy, exactly and I certainly hope LvG has the guts to drop him. I would have thought the most obvious player to sell to the arse was that scouser instead of Welbz, a Mancunian. Still can’t get my head round Welbz’s departure.


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