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VIDEO: Domestic violence raises by 25% after England games

Studies conducted by the National Centre for Domestic Violence, ACPO and the BBC revealed that during the 2010 World Cup cases of domestic violence rose by an average 25% after an England match, win or lose.

Raise awareness and help #beatDV.

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  1. m09538061 says:

    Iran manager Carlos Queiroz has just claimed his team are better than Spain..
    To be fair,he does have a point.

  2. Neil Moore says:

    Doesnt fucking surprise me with all the little ingerlunders.

    Spain are a busted flush now. No surprise. Doesn’t last forever. Xavi is a HUGE miss, they’ll never replace that fella. Everything went through him. Iniesta not the same without him either. Two centre backs are dogshit. Casillas had a shocker. Costa looks awful to me but I’m sure the rentboys will play to his strengths. Not sure what they are like. Fucking turncoat turning his back on Brazil. I know Villa knocking on but he scores for fun. Why Torres? Seriously why. The whole team looked fucked last night. Alonso is past it. Every dog has it’s day and I’m not saying Spain are finished but they aren’t the same side. The younger players set to replace the Puyols and Xavis just aren’t the same. They’re one offs. Funnily enough I tipped them to do ok this World Cup.

    Gary yeah Murphy was decent actually to be fair. Had to laugh at Lawro other night when that pub player Fred got subbed off ” Come on Fred , get warmed up, you’re coming off”. Abysmal Brazil side when I’ve seen Zico, Falcao, Socrates, Jarzinho, Romario, Ronaldo, Rivaldo, Ronaldinho and Kaka etc. You know they’re shite when they’re bringing on fucking Jo. Just don’t buy the Neymar hype, never have. He’s a fucking fairy more concerned with how he looks. Worst brazil side in all my 39 years by a distance.

  3. Dela says:

    People drink during football matches, so it doesn’t surprise me that domestic violence rises after that. Then again, the kind of people who do assault someone after a match or something probably do the same after many other things, or just drinking in general. It’s not a football thing at all.

    Domestic violence is a problem… including against men and boys… and its not something that comes as a result of football or anything like that at all, its that violent people are prone to violence. This reminds me of how some groups claim pornography facilitates a rape culture against women, even though cases of rape and sexual violence are on the decline as pornography becomes more widespread, or that video games promote violence and objectification of women, without any evidence to back that up either.

    In fact, is there ANYTHING at all yet in our culture that there hasn’t been at least an attempt to link to either violence against women, or degradation of women, or as offensive to women or LGBT or whoever?

    Again, not saying domestic violence isn’t real or isn’t a problem, IT IS, I just don’t like seeing it linked to things loosely in this way.

  4. Tommy says:

    I found this video quite disturbing to be honest, theirs no need for domestic violence at all, its got no place in society, I can honestly say after feeling low from a football maatch I have never even once thought about hitting my gf, she would probably hit me back twice as hard haha, even at my lowest never, only scumbags hit their wifes or husbands, because men too can be at the end of domestic violence, cant say im surprised it goes up when England play, their usually shite so the scumbags taking it out on their partners, Disgusting behaviour.


    Its too early to write off Spain as a spent force, it takes more than 1 bad tournament for it too be the end of an era, people go OTT at these sorts of things, ive even heard people calling Del Bosque a poor manager in the last 24 hours lol the mans only won 2 champions league a euro and a world cup lol, similar to United losing 1 league title is not the end of an era of domminence is when you fail to win it in 2 or 3 years, same with Spain, they could very easily win the euros, if they faily in 2 years time it will be the end of an era but not quite at that stage yet

  5. UtdSenna says:

    Spain just need a new coach and retire some players and they will be back. Probably not as dominant but they will back at the top, they have won u21. I don’t see them falling off. Too much talent from that country. And Costa will be fine at Chelsea, he has played almost every game this season and ended the season with injuries.

  6. wayne barker says:

    Premiership is a different animal to Spain so only time will tell a lot of players come with inflated stats playing for good teams in weak leagues then struggle in the prem.Ozil and Soldado prime examples just from last season.Ozil was being touted by some on here as the best number 10 in the World,playing with Madrid and Ronnie against weaker teams will make anyone look good


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