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VIDEO: Don’t Buy A Shirt, A Pie Or A Pint…

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. willierednut says:

    Bruce Thomas – The irish duo that SAF was involved with didn’t own the club, they had shares in the club. I’m not sure what difference it made any way, the Glazers would still have bought club, but i do agree that didn’t help things. I don’t think some of our fans should be going after SAF on this issue, if you want blame anyone, then balme Edwards.

  2. bruce thomas says:

    @ willierednut

    Fair point. Edwards was not saint for sure. At the end of the day, “they” know that “they” can depend on us loving United more than we hate “them”.

    See, parryheid, I didn’t mention the Glazers, …..aawww shit!

  3. NotoriousRedDevil says:

    @ Willerednut but those Irish blokes had more shares than anyone else. If they decided not to sell there was no way Glazer could have taken full control of the club. I think thats what Bruce Thomas point was. Edwards was a twat and a rugby man, he never wanted anything to do with the football club. When things started getting succesful he was more than happy to enjoy being a peeping tom and convalescing with hookers.

  4. Sir Alex says:

    @Scott the Red – Well 3 years is quite some time. Anyway, United has 60m fans around the globe, so do you really think that would happen? I was feeling a little low when I did get the shirt thinking I might be the only one but then I read a shirt thread on RedCafe and I was surprised to know that actually many people do think like I do, people who’ve been supporting United since decades including some season ticket holders as well. United are a massive club, even if Nike does say withdraw after 3 years, you’ll have plenty of other brands wanting to strike a deal with United maybe for not as much as the current deal but probably enough to make the Glazers happy simply because United are massive. MUST had about 170k followers on their website (that’s the last time I checked) and United has 60m fans around the world, so how much is that of the total fans? like 1%? And I bet half of those 170k just joined for the heck of it.

    You, me and everyone else wants the Glazers out but I’m not telling anyone what to do, it’s their wish to get a shirt, season ticket or any merchandise they want. I just expressed how many people think at the moment. You got a season ticket and I guess you’ve been getting one for years now, if I were you then I would have probably done the same and got a season ticket for this season as well. All I’m trying to say if you are forcing people not buy the shirt or calling people shit who are getting merchandise then you shouldn’t because you yourself have a season ticket and that’s one thing from which all many goes directly to those Glazers. Generally what I’ve seen till now is that many fans who have decided not to get any merchandise are calling those who have traitors and other shit which definitely is silly. If someone can resist not getting a ticket or the shirt then that’s f*cking awesome but if they can go get one, it’s their opinion and no I’m not forcing anyone to do anything where as many others are which is pissing me off. I don’t see what’s wrong in wearing the colors of my team that I love and want to show support to.

    This is nothing personal. That’s just how I feel. I love you, I love United and I love ROM :P . Your articles are ace, keep it up.

    Excuse me for any typos please as I cba reading it again lol.

  5. willierednut says:

    NRD – IMHO the coolmore mafia were always gonna sell their shares to the Glazers mate. Agree on Edwards, it all started with him floating United on the stock market.

  6. Sir Alex says:

    @Scott the Red – I’m talking to all those who are trying to do that. Many people who comment on RoM are and many others on other popular blogs/forums are as well. Suggesting is fine but forcing someone to do something is just wrong. If someone does the opposite then calling them a traitor and other shit is wrong, isn’t it? And no I’m not directing this at you. It’s just what many fan feel/do at the moment.

  7. parryheid says:

    Bruce Thomas.

    Christ you surprised me,You cracked a funny.

  8. Scott the Red says:

    Sir Alex – Yeh 3 years. That’s kindof the point innit. If every season we sell fewer and fewer shirts, then someone at Nike is going to take notice.

    Do I really think that’s going to happen? If 10 years ago you told me that 4,000 United season tickets would be on general sale, I’d assume we were in Division 4. Match day tickets, let alone season tickets, used to be like gold dust at Old Trafford, but look at where the protest has taken us.

    I just want United fans to put as much pressure on the Glazers as possible. Not buying a shirt is an easy way to do that.

    I can’t force anyone to change their opinions. I can express my opinion though.

  9. Sir Alex says:

    @Scott the Red – As far as Nike is concerned, I commented about it on my previous post of what I feel. My real reason of argument was against those out and out anti-glazer people who slate off anyone in their way by calling them a traitor. You are against the Glazers and so am I, why wouldn’t I want the betterment of our club? G&G is definitely a step-forward in trying to get those Glazers out of here and I’m supporting it. But it does have it’s on pros and cons (better not go into detail here lol) and does not guarantee what we are trying to achieve. I do/will contribute where ever I possible can for the cause. You got a season ticket but not getting the shirt this year. I’m not from Manchester so yeah I can’t be getting a season ticket. I did get a home shirt but I think the winter merchandise is ace and would have probably bought that as well if it had been for the Glazers, that’s a little contribution from my side for the cause, at least I feel it is. You guys are lucky enough to go to Old Trafford week in, week out to watch United play. Since I can’t really do that, wearing red to show support to my team which I love isn’t wrong imo.

    I’m actually against those jerks on the internet and those out and out anti-glazer people. The out and out anit-glazer fans are actually fighting for the betterment of the club, no doubt but doing so many are just slagging off fellow fans.

    Seeing you got a season ticket for this season, if a huge number of those out and out anti-glazer people came to RoM and keep on slagging you off for getting that ticket, won’t you feel terrible?

    I guess you understand what I’m trying to say.

    Off topic: Any news on Valencia? Any idea when he’ll resume training again?

  10. Sir Alex says:

    *if it hadn’t been for the Glazers

    Sorry for that typo.

  11. RedScot says:

    You Dont Understand.
    He might blow up and kill this man…… there is a thought!
    You can tell your Maw I moved to Arkansa(s)
    I fucking hate Billy Ray Cirus.
    Not as much as the reason behind the Video.

  12. Scott the Red says:

    Sir Alex – And I wrote on article on me renewing. I do get hassle from some people for it. I renewed it because I suppose I am selfish to a degree, I don’t want to not go to Old Trafford every other week, and respect to those who have given it up. I also strongly believe that the people who oppose the Glazers should have a voice inside the stadium.

    I suppose for me personally, I can’t understand why anyone would need a shirt so badly. I think not buying a shirt is a relatively easy way to put pressure on the Glazers. I’m not forcing anyone to agree with me though.

  13. Red phil says:

    I agree with you Scott. I’ll hold your hand lad!

  14. Paul H says:

    Interestingly, through a conversation with a fellow red in the office today, I came across a worrying development that I hadn”t previously considered.

    Now we all know that there has been a drop in season ticket take up, but beyond speculation, no-one has been able to nail the reasons why.

    My colleague told me that he very nearly didn’t renew and two of his pals haven’t renewed because of the protests.

    Great news you might think, if you are a lemon and limer? Well yes and no. These guys were so sick of the campaigning, so tired of the distraction from the footy, that they are sitting on the sidelines for 2010/11, hoping it all dies down before coming back.

    So Scott, and any other active match-going campaigners, it appears that your actions are actually driving ordinary United fans away, because all they ever wanted was to go to the match, wear red and white, sing traditonal United songs and get behind the team.

    If this was your aim, then well done, it might be working. But at what cost? How successful can Manchester United hope be in the future with a half full stadium of malcontents and everyone else watching from their living rooms?

    And on that bombshell, goodnight.

  15. Costas says:

    Shame on you Scott. How dare you oppose the Glazers.

  16. RedScot says:

    @Paul H great mate Lemon and limers.
    Please share your wisdom how we get out of this pickle.
    We are all United I believe on this blog.
    ? What are you doing to rid ourselves of this leech.
    I have written on numerous pieces till i Am sick to the back teeth almost crying.
    We all must support the Lads and shout from our hearts.
    I wish i new the answer, what I do seriously think is some bigger radical thinking is required.

  17. Red phil says:

    Paul H. What do you not understand? It’s not about how successful we are as a club. I couldn’t give a fuck if we were in division 10. It’s the football buzz of going to your club with your pals and watching the shirts run around. If we win then great. I can’t believe you have the nerve to sit and say that those trying to save the club, so that it does continue winning in the future, is driving poor old you away. Fucking man up would you.

  18. Scott the Red says:

    Paul H – Your colleague sounds soft as shit. Honestly, he didn’t give up his season ticket as a show of support of the protest, he didn’t renew because he couldn’t stand giving it up… he gave up a season ticket at Old Trafford because of the distraction of the protest?

    Fuck me, I hope he is never fortunate enough to own a season ticket at Old Trafford again, with or without the Glazers as our owners.

    Christ, that is fucking embarrassing.

  19. Costas says:

    @RedScot, Red Phil

    Don’t expect an answer lads.

  20. Paul H says:

    Hey guys, I’m just sharing an different pov that honestly hadn’t occurred to me before today. I’d always assumed that non-renewers were either down to being skint or Glazer rage. This adds a new dimension, but is it all that surprising when you consider some of the antics? I mean how many supporters with their kids panicked when those nutters let off smoke bombs outside the megastore at the end of the season? How many people are sick of being chided for not belting out a chorus of “all I know is Glazer’s gonna die?”

    This is not the way to go into the new campaign. I mean United’s, not MUSTs…..

  21. bruce thomas says:

    To everyone who has recently taken issue with my posts…

    My only agenda is a genuine dislike for how the club I support is being run. I am not anti-Glazer for the sake of it but I deplore the financial mess the owners have made of Manchester United.

    I cannot see the point of SAF’s stance. By defending the Glazers he derides our genuine concerns.

    With ageing players to be replaced, along with long term injured ones and with a lack of quality in certain areas it is hard to argue against signing new players. I don’t think anyone but the most deluded supporter buys into the ‘there’s money available’ / ‘but there’s lack of value in the market’ PR bullshit.

    Until the necessary squad improvements are made, it can only point to a severe lack of money, for United’s regeneration but not for the Glazers’many lifestyle indulgences and business miscalculations — pure and simple.

  22. Scott the Red says:

    Paul H – I honestly hope that anyone who could give their Manchester United season ticket up for such pathetic reasons has done so. Honestly, I am horrified there are people who would do that. That is truly pathetic.

    The smoke bombs that went off outside the megastore was fucking yonks before kick off and was easily avoidable. What used to go on outside and inside football stadiums is a lot more dangerous than that. Shall we give the little loves some anti-bac handwash before they enter the grounds? An option to wrap them up in cotton wool at the megastore?

    Where I sit is fairly vocal with the anti-Glazer stuff, but I’ve never seen anyone get hassled for not singing Glazers going to die.

    Christ, I really am a little bit depressed now. Tell your colleague he’s a dick from me lol.

  23. Sir Alex says:

    @Scott the Red – I liked the shirt and I wanted it so I got it. Obviously there was no desperation to get one. I can possibly tell you the same thing that you could have done without a season ticket this season. You like going to Old Trafford – you got a season ticket,

  24. Sir Alex says:

    @Scott the Red – I liked the shirt and I wanted it so I got it. Obviously there was no desperation to get one. I can possibly tell you the same thing that you could have done without a season ticket this season. You like going to Old Trafford – you got a season ticket, I like the new shirt – I got it, simple. All I’m trying to say is everyone is entitled to their own opinion and if someone does opposite to what you do then you shouldn’t call them a traitor and what not after all we all are United fans, aren’t we?

    Anyway, let’s hope for a fantastic season ahead!

    There’s only one United!

  25. trevor says:

    Lads i think some need to grow bigger balls, We are all individuals who can make our minds up for our selves! We all get dressed in the morning and are able to eat with Knives and Forks!

    Whether er you agree or disagree with the Glazer protest or not its your choice, Not anyone else’s. Its like being in the School Playground with peer pressure!

    20 % Feel really passionate and Actively Try to Do Something
    10% Feel Passionate and Let others do the work.
    10% Join the Cause but couldnt tell you why but that there a beliver!
    30% Join the cause because they see everyone else doing it and dont want to be left out.
    20% join cause they haven’t the bollox to stand up to other people and said NO i don’t agree.
    5% Disagree, but say fair play and respect the others choice
    5% Disagree and try to argue that it is wrong!

    My Simple Logic is!

    If i want a United shirt – Buy one!
    If i want a red and white scarf – Buy One
    If i want to go to old trafford – go
    If i want to be green and gold – do it.
    If i dont. then Wont!

    I respect we all have choices, but there inst a right and wrong!

  26. Sir Alex says:

    @trevor – Yep, if you read my previous comments then you’ll notice that’s what I’m trying to say.

  27. Scott the Red says:

    Sir Alex – There’s the difference though. I am desperate to go to Old Trafford and it would be an incredibly difficult thing to give up. You’re not desperate to buy the shirt, as you just said, so like I said in my comment above, it seems like a fairly easy thing to give up doing for the sake of the protest. Not that you have to do it, but if you’re not that arsed one way or another, then why not keep a bit of cash back from the Glazers and put them under pressure?

    People are going to do what they want, I just am of the belief everyone should put a lot of thought in to how far they’re prepared to go, rather than just buying a shirt or whatever else for the hell of it.

  28. Sir Alex says:

    @Scott the Red – By desperation I meant that my life wouldn’t stop if I didn’t get a shirt, I’ve been getting one every season for quite some time now. Giving up a season ticket is much more tougher than giving up the shirt for a season, no doubt, but since I’m not lucky enough to have a season ticket since I’m not from Manchester, giving up the shirt isn’t very easy for me especially when I like it. Well why didn’t you give up your season ticket like quite a few season ticket holders did? Because you are selfish or if you did someone else would buy it? I can say the very same thing as well, a jersey costs 40-50 pounds and that’s worth nothing to those Glazers but yes when millions of those sell then it does make a difference. Where as a season ticket costs more than 20 times of what a shirt does and the all the money directly goes to the Glazers. So if you were supporting the cause so badly then you would have given up on a season ticket, life wouldn’t have stopped if did give up on one. I do support G&G and want those Glazers out asap but I can’t do a lot myself to help, like I said I gave up on the winter merchandise, that’s the little I could do and I did. Not trying to personally attact you but just trying to put my point forward.

    Since there isn’t a lot of signs of the Glazers leaving just yet and I have an once in a lifetime chance of watching the Manchester derby at OT would I give it up because of the Glazers? No (the same way you couldn’t give up on a season ticket even tho you can get one later on or just get match day tickets where as I can’t do any of that), and I doubt many would if they had to make a choice there.

  29. Sir Alex says:

    @Scott the Red – The last part of my previous comment was obviously assumption, if I did I have a chance to visit OT, that is.

  30. RedScot says:

    @Bruce thomas, mate I dont think anybody was having a pop at you for your protests.I think not for me to think for the blog the boys were getting pissed of every post you made had some reference to the Glazer.
    Even when it was meant to be a fun article.
    I think what you cant do and is not acceptable is question Sir Alex’s stance.
    I did note on another blog that you dissed ROM about you not being heard.
    Thats not correct or fair, as far I saw anyway.
    You cant bang the Drum alone mate, not for me again to try to get people on side.
    I am not as astute as a lot of the Boys on the blog, but what I am is generally rational. And ok a bit nutty.Thats just to raise the Bar.
    We need some radical thinking on this topic to rid ourselves of this Cancer.

  31. cav says:

    Oh, no, I bought some merch last week. A cool thirty dollars lining the Glazers’ Armani pockets. Whatever shall I do with myself?


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