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VIDEO: Dynamo visits Rooney, Owen and Cleverley‏

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. Dave Malaysia says:

    Ok guys ,time for dinner, going hunting.

    Balaji ,eat yr veggies.


  2. Mr C says:

    typo: ‘Granted, its NOT a long term solution but right now resigning Scholes was a no brainer…’

  3. Dillan says:

    Well I beg to differ.Pogba is a superior player to Tunni and of course I hope both succeed for United.But clearly Fergie believes in Pogba more by keeping him and not signing a player fearing another midfielder would stunt Pogba’s growth.

  4. gaz says:

    @Dave Malaysia

    He Certainly is i think his problem breaking into the side might be that we have a great array of wingers at the moment. He is only 19 so next season a loan out to Mid-Lower tier prem team would be the next part of his development i actually expect that this will happen for Tunni aswell next season. Its done a world of Good for Danny/Tom not to mention Sturridge at the rentboys and Mr Odd Body at the Ponces!

  5. LoneStarRed says:

    @ Balaji I hope all goes well with the acid reflux. I had it for a spell and it healed without surgery. It was definitely stress related. At the time I was wearing many hats and had to produce. Hope that helps.

  6. parryheid says:


    Leg much improved thanks.No problem with Scholes the player that was. M y problem is the player he no longer is.Not looking for superstar buys but am looking for competent midfield buys two of,we need troops now granted Jones can give us cover for Fletch and will be able to work the right side of mid with Tony V and Rafael while partnering Carrick so will settle for one incoming mid and I will take Giggs and Scholes sharing one mid position I would even take a short term loan player at the moment as I consider the right one would be cash well spent.

  7. iced earth says:

    no way pogba is better than tunni,if pogba stay with us,he will be sent on loan next year,tunni will be very strong player cause he is focused on his football and always try to learn,pogba is intersted in earning more money,i think he is not ready for a loan move that s why fergie refuse to loan him,c palace game tell you evrything about his level

  8. gaz says:


    Sir Alex said he didnt want to lean Pogba out as “its more difficult to loan a young boy from France out” basically meaning he is not ready yet. Tunni is further along in his development as he has been sent on loan this season. However my viewing of both Pogba and Tunni has been limited but what i have seen Tunni looks more ready then Pogba and bear in mind i am not denying the lads talent can you give reasons or examples why you think Pogba would Top Tunni? i am curious

  9. parryheid says:


    Few years ago I was talking to somebody and my mouth started to have excess saliva and I knew I was going to vomit, did so and it was like spewing vinegar which made me shudder.Happened a few times and a Biopsy which found bug called Heliobacter Pilorus doctor prescribed ten day course of tablets called the triple and from the first day of course my problem was solved instantly. Not acid reflux but the symptoms seem very alike.

  10. smartalex says:

    I find my knee hurts when I change light-bulbs, any ideas?

  11. LoneStarRed says:

    @smartalex Take the arrow out of your knee and see if that helps. :)

  12. smartalex says:

    That’s much better LoneStarRed, thanks! Now if I can just get someone to move this steamroller, I’ll be able to cure my flatulence.

  13. smartalex says:

    Nothing on show, not hide nor hair will

    ie Red nut cannot be seen.

  14. kanchelskis says:

    Look at this slapdash shite from the BBC

    Claims Smalling hasn’t played since Fulham. If I’m not mistaken (and I’m not), he played against City. According to the story, he ‘sat out’ the match against City.

    Slipping standards or what?

  15. wayne says:

    Morning Reds don’t see the relevance in the reasons Schole’s has returned,thought Sir Alex said Paul had regretted retiring,anyway it doesn’t matter,what does matter whether he can do a job and based on the first 2 games back looks ok to me.As long as he can stay injury free will only get better as he gets fitter
    Seen it happen in the NHL,top player coming to the end of his career comes back for the money part of the season don’t see why it would be any different in this case.

  16. J.H says:

    pogba and morrison both overated!

    sorry but way to bummed by people on here.

  17. LoneStarRed says:

    BBC …. If they actually had to compete for survival they might actually have standards but looking at the mainstream news outlets I could be wrong.

  18. Sparkz says:

    People are also forgetting how good we’ve looked in the handful of games Carrick & Jones played together. Like I said, its only been a few games so its difficult to judge….but that has been a very promising combination. Even better than the Cleverley & Anderson combination IMO….coz as fun as it was watching them at the start of the season, they were still leaking too many chances the other way. Carrick & Jones gives us a good balance between defence and attack, guile and energy.

    With Anderson returning to fitness, and Cleverley back soon….these are all players who’ll play more regularly than Scholesy. So people worrying about our “over reliance” on Scholesy are a bit out I’d say. I don’t expect him to start every game, just do a job from the bench and come in now and then when rotating.

  19. LoneStarRed says:

    Wayne…this link actually does an excellent job in showing all the way Scholes’ return impacts the team present and future.

  20. gaz says:

    christ can people please lay off the “re-signing Scholsy is desperation fucking shit” Scholes is maybe not the same player he was ten years ago fair enough but he sure as hell is still better then all those fucking wannabes that are in the PL now i still rate him in the Top 3 passers in the league even now so get fucking over it and support the bosses decision its a great deal for us to have him back and remember Scholes WANTED to play the boss didnt beg him to play big fucking difference. Scholes DID NOT come back for money fuck that he came back for the love of the red jersey he eats/shits and breaths United and if he felt he couldnt contribute then he would not come back. Id much rather have Scholesy now then a fucking injured 35 mill pot head Sneijder a fucking airy fairy queen like Plastered or any other shit for brains mercenary. lets get on with number 20 shall we?

  21. kanchelskis says:


    BBC’s web sports coverage varies widely. I’m a fan of their live texts, and match reports are concise and helpful. Lawro’s predictions are entertaining inasmuch as you feel he’s been instructed to cram as many cliches in there as possible.

    But their ‘blogs’ (Tim Vickery’s aside) are poor, as are their rubbish guest columns from the likes of Hansen and Dixon, which are nothing more than transcripts of their witterings on MOTD.

  22. ClaytonBlackmoresTan says:

    smartalex, your written drops of United scented honeydew doth warm the most arctic of cockles. Keep on slaying the savage beast of mediocrity with your witterings of wonderment.

    If you don’t receive payment of some form for your published linguistic gymnastics then there is something wrong in this world.

  23. LoneStarRed says:

    @kanchelskis Point taken. They are excellent on some things and absolute crap on others.

  24. smartalex says:


  25. ClaytonBlackmoresTan says:


  26. smartalex says:


  27. ClaytonBlackmoresTan says:


  28. ClaytonBlackmoresTan says:



  29. smartalex says:

    Short and sweet, or long in the truth, words work wonders.

    I agree with ClaytonBlackmoresTan, it’s time to publish. Write my own ticket to Old Trafford.
    Thanks for the vote of confidence!

  30. smartalex says:

    I get your point!

  31. Balaji Sivaraman says:

    LoneStarRed, Cheers for the advice buddy. The problem with me was that the doctor told this is Grade-III which is pretty much the highest. The actual acid reflex can be fixed with tablets and lifestyle changes. However, the stomach cells already damaged due to the acids need to repaired, otherwise they might become cancerous in the future. Hence the necessity for the surgery. As I said, I am getting a second opinion on whether it is mandatory.

    parryheid, My situation is not that bad but somewhat similar as you say. At times I can almost feel the acid moving inside my stomach and you do have severe heartburns from time to time also. But I just have to motor on until it gets fixed.

  32. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Ritchie De Laet has returned to from his loan move to Norwich. The loan was terminated after Richie developed a back injury. Hope he gets fit and can fill in from time time.

    Welcome home Richie.

  33. James21 says:

    @ 16:03
    Here Here. I get fed up of reading about it. Its been well documented that Scholes wanted to come back and play. So how does that meke Utd desperate? Most premier league teams would have snatched his hand off including Arsenal, Chelsea and Spurs. I left one small club out because they aint fit to be mentioned in the same breath as Scholes. Like I said yesterday, why do we need to sign anyone in the transfer window the team we have is fine.

  34. RedManWalking says:

    Interesting conversation between Rio and RedNEv

    VaughanCricket: How good is Ravel Morrison @gnev2 @fizzer18 @rioferdy5. !!!

    GNev2: @VaughanCricket @fizzer18 @rioferdy5

    A huge talent!

    rioferdy5: @GNev2 you what??

    GNev2: @rioferdy5 pardon Rio? You don’t think he is?

    rioferdy5: @GNev2 never saw what u were talking about,apologies! got huge potential. I’ve told him what I think of him+what he needs to do to fulfil it

    GNev2: @rioferdy5 i wasnt talking about me!! yes he has got potential. Youth cup winners produce players. Hope he can do it.

    rioferdy5: @GNev2 so do I,Love to see young lads come thru the youth system.Would b a big waste if it all goes tits up. Got some good 1s coming through

    Great to see how the seniors at the club are always worried about the young players. How they look out for them. Hope Ravel gets his head straight.

  35. PLT says:

    Hope Ravel gets his head straight too. His careers going down the pan if he leaves us. Hopefully Scholesy and the other seniors will have a word with him and sort him out.

  36. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Here are some stats from the first match with George Best, Bobby Charlton and Dennis Law

    Jan 18, 1964 Saturday
    WestBrom 1 – United 4
    The Hawthorns (25,624)
    Goals: Best 1, Charlton 1, Law 2
    Team: Tony Dunne, Noel Cantwell, Paddy Crerand, Bill Foulkes, Maurice Setters, David Herd, Graham Moore, Bobby Charlton, Denis Law, George Best
    Coach: Sir Matt Busby

  37. Sandeep1878 says:

    Good evening red devils around the world,

    I m worried after reading that De Laet is back to United with injury :(

  38. parryheid says:

    Balaji Sivaraman.

    As it was explained to me the body defence mechanism overproduces acid in the stomach not to digest food but kill the bug.It doesn’t do it and produces more and then causes damage to the stomach lining.Like I said first days treatment problem solved bug dead no need to overproduce acid,and they can tell by a breath test now if you have that bug.good luck.

  39. smartalex says:

    My toe throbs when i eat gherkins, do you think I have pickled bunions?

  40. parryheid says:

    James21 /Gaz.

    As I recall Scholes was convinced to play on after wanting to retire a couple of years ago,you think he just volunteered to come back and wasn’t asked?Maybe but that is not important you and gaz think maybe I and countless others shouldn’t query it? You think maybe it makes us lesser supporters because we do question.sorry but I don’t see it and you wont see me criticising your held views either

  41. Sandeep1878 says:


    Thanks for the ink on scholesy mate, its a nice reading..

    @ Balaji,

    welcome back buddy..

    do take care of your it anything related to acidity?

    Hope all is well..

    @ Parryhied,

    Hello mate,

    One way or the other, Scholesy return has already influenced the team a lot, that is what precisely we needed when we got knocked outta Europe and cup and with so many injuries..

    He is fit enough and will hit the top gear in coupla games time,

    Its a win-win situation, be it him playing in midfield and influencing the players or be it schooling the youngsters around him..

    I also think that it was Scholesy who volunteered to return and thats the best thing Sir Alex had wished under the circumstances..

    Lets hope he gives a good year..

    Cheers pal

  42. James21 says:

    Where in my post does it say you or anyone else is a lesser supporter? I also read through Gaz’s post and he doesn’t say it.
    Fair enough but why can’t fans believe Scholes asked SAF if he could play again, I mean didn’t SAF, Giggs and Gary Neville tell him he was making a mistake to retire. I’m supprised after 25 years of SAF certain fans still don’t understand how the man does things. Its all Doom Doom Doom never bloody happy some folk.

  43. slim says:

    Fuck it Paul Scholes is class player, a Manchester United player. I’ll have him irrespective even of bodies dropping like flies . I mean what the fuck, no one moaned about Henrik Larsson in 2007.

    with some of the players and i fucking can’t believe i’m saying it, the form of Carrick. I see Good times ahead. i think i’ll particularly enjoy watching the abu brigade squirm when we retain the title

  44. parryheid says:


    Doesn’t say it anywhere mate,your reading my thoughts re I query something others comment as if I and my like are somehow being disloyal by not accepting things at face value.I also state whether he did or did not get asked is of no importance.As for doom doom doom and some never happy,got nowt to do with it I happen to think we need players in and that means buying or loan.What Gary and Giggs say means nothing Scholes knew some time ago he was overdue for retirement as did the supporters.question you should be asking is why wasn’t his replacement bought in 2 years ago what’s the explanation?I haven’t seen one yet but this is a pointless debate as I am looking at the likely cost of not others are happy to mark time hope in a month or so you are not going to start complaining if things go tits up because we would not buy in cover this month because I will.

  45. parryheid says:

    While I am at it we are currently in a position of strength with players coming back hopefully,wouldn’t want to ruin it because we don’t strengthen our midfield and the steamrollering starts again.

  46. james21 says:

    Parry. I’ll not be complaining weather we win or not. I just can’t see why fans can’t accept that SAF has faith in Cleverly. We have to give him time like we did Ronaldo. Injuries and illneses are unfortunate and have been a problem of late but we’re up there still where other teams would have fallen away. The doom comment was aimed at those who moan even when the team is 3 up or have won also those who keep banging on about Sniejder yet have never seen him play or any other player for that matter, just because the papers say we’re interested doesn’t mean to say we are. I trust in a man that has delivered so much glory and has been written off so many times. He always proves them wrong.

  47. parryheid says:


    SAF has faith in Cleverly,I also have faith in cleverly along with the whole of our back line and front line + most of our mid field especially if Jones is alongside Carrick but that is not my point we have a lot of injuries and our midfield is poor and needs strengthening.You may disagree and that’s the way it goes.

  48. James21 says:

    The Midfield doesn’t need strengthening the midfield is well covered with capable players. Scholes wanted and has come back so he is our signing or Loan player that fans keep banging on about and he’s the cover for the players who are injured. If not Scholes then who? I can’t think of any situations where SAF has taken a player on loan except for Larsson and at the time I didn’t really think we needed him. Fans who have been moaning on here keep bleating on about Pogba then in the next breath say we need to sign players, hang on ,they say give Pogba a chance then we need to sign someone? Doesn’t make sense to me. Give Pogba a chance by all means but if we sign some top player how will he fit in? Will this top player want to sit on the bench while we develop Pogba or enjoy getting substituted halfway through a game so Pogba can get a run out. Personally I havn’t seen anything that tells me he’s worth a place but time and further development might. If SAF puts Pogba in the team for a few games and has a torrid time these same fans will come on here and destroy him. Some fans have no patience and reqire a signing now when I think we can wait till the summer. No Utd team has ever been built in a day and only shitty can afford to build a team in a day and that has nothing to do with the Glazers or our finances its to do with Monsour and Monsour alone. I remember the 70′s and 80′s when Utd teams offered but never delivered some fans have been lucky to only know success and I find some of these fans to be very impatient when SAF tries to build new teams, even going as far as calling for his head. We’ll obviously not see eye to eye on this matter but a decent debate none the less.


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