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VIDEO: Ed Woodward’s interview

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. John says:

    Vidal, Hummels, Reus/Di Maria, Blind, Varmaleen. Well as a true red this is what excites me. :)

  2. John says:

    Jul 21, 2014 12:11:00
    The Red Devils are confident of making progress in their pursuit of the Juventus star this week, with Louis van Gaal having given the green light to a move for the Chilean

    By Paul Clennam

    Manchester United are ready to launch a new €54 million bid for Juventus midfielder Arturo Vidal this week.

    The Old Trafford club are increasingly confident of landing the Chilean World Cup star and are looking to make progress in their move for the 27-year-old in the coming days.

    Louis van Gaal, who officially took charge at United on Wednesday, is a big fan of Vidal, having tried to sign him while in charge of Bayern Munich in 2011, and has approved a move for the midfielder.


    By Federico Casotti | Chief Editor, Goal Italy

    “In Italy, there’s the feeling that Vidal may be the marquee player to leave Juventus during this transfer window.

    “After the shock of Conte’s departure, Juventus have pushed ahead with a move for Argentinean Roberto Pereyra from Udinese, who could be seen as a reasonable replacement for Vidal in a starting XI that new coach Massimiliano Allegri will switch from 3-5-2 to 4-3-1-2.”The Dutchman encouraged the pursuit of Vidal earlier in July, despite the club being told that a move could cost them €56m plus Nani.

    United have monitored the situation regarding Vidal closely during a turbulent summer at Juventus, which has seen Antonio Conte leave the Serie A champions amid talk of unhappiness regarding the club’s transfer policy.

    Juventus have signed forward Alvaro Morata from Real Madrid and are set to complete a move for Roberto Pereyra, while suggestions that Vidal could be sold grow louder in Italy.

    Vidal, who is currently resting in Chile following the World Cup, has recently conceded that his future in Turin looks uncertain.

    “I don’t feel like my time at Juventus is over, although I can’t say more right now,” he told a Chilean radio station. “When I’m back from Chile, I’ll talk to my executives and we’ll see what will happen.”

    Juve director Pavel Nedved, meanwhile, says that the club are reluctant to sell both Vidal and Paul Pogba but admits that a big-money bid could force them to part ways with the Chilean.

    “Our strategy is clear; we want to keep all our best players, including Vidal and Pogba,” he told Tuttosport. “We don’t want to sell anyone, especially Vidal.

    “Certainly, if there were a high bid for them, we’d have to think about it but we don’t want to sell our champions.

    “We want to be competitive in the Champions League and the only sales to be players who are not part of our plans.”

    Publicly, United have aimed to manage expectations regarding signings but Vidal has emerged as their No.1 target and chief executive Ed Wooward has confirmed that the club are still in the market for players this summer.

    “We’ve been working with Louis over several weeks with regards to targets and we’re continuing to move forward on some of those targets,” Woodward told MUTV.

    He added: “We are willing to invest. There is no fixed budget. Financially we are extremely strong and funds are available. Louis is assessing what’s going on and there is a lot of work going on behind the scenes, so watch this space.”

  3. wayne barker says:

    no mate just smell out trolls you’re not a Red,you’ve been found out more than once using multiple user names,just come on here to cause shit.Not me who’s the sad lonely cunt who runs a network of user names to back his agenda up to make himself feel important
    Something seriously wrong with you,get help,just pleased other Reds are now seeing through your pathetic shit,fuck off and get a life

  4. wayne barker says:

    Aother thing you thick fucking cunt,try and insult me by trying to make Canada to be some back country got more going for us than USA were most cities are fighting bankruptcy and unemployment.The country is filled with right wing religious nutters who think every word of the bible is true and don’t believe in evolution or climate change.The country has serious racist issues and right wing politicans constantly attempt to pass laws to surpress the rights of Woman,minorities,poor people and gays.Major fucking gun problems were 30 people a day die of gun violence,USA is one of the most backward fucked up countries in the Western World
    I live in Calgary that has 1.4 mill people was voted in the top 5 most livable cities in the World along with Vancouver and Toronto,Canada has 3 of the top 5 cities in the World no US city was in the top 10,just showing stupidity and ignorance attacking a country that is more progressive and offers a better standard of living that anything US can offer.

  5. Tommy says:


    I would like to see what De Vrij can do in a 2 man defence, LVG clearly didnt trust him enough in a 2 so played 3 at the back due to their weak defence.


    Remember Woody leaving the tour last year for irgent transfer buisness lol, lets hope its a more eventful trip home this time. Great post about SAF, if he was to bring out 12 books a year then good luck to the man.


    His promotional work was booked way in advance so the team struggling at the time was just coincidental. He is entitled to bring out as many books as he likes, David Beckhams got 3 books out, Wayne Rooneys got a couple out and even Rio Ferdinand is bringing out his 2nd book in the space of 3 years this year, and the Godfather of football will bring out as many books as he likes. Once more people want to here what the Godfather of football wants to say, if youi brought out an autobiography even youre mother wouldnt read it, jealousy is a sinful thing to have. He was interviewed by MUTV about the book last time and he will be interviewed about the book again, he wont reveal all details because it would spoil the book, anyone who writes a book does promotional stuff for it.


    As was pointed out to me yesterday mate, John must be really sad to decide to talk to imself using different names on the internet lol

  6. Tommy says:


    Only thing ive ever ageed with Piers Morgan on is gun control, its ridiculous that Americans turn a blind eye to it

  7. wayne barker says:

    Tommy US have got major problems on so many levels,i’m just tired of that fuckwit talking rubbish,it’s laughable considering the only thing US lead the developed World in is gun deaths and Prison Population,have 5% of the World’s population and a quarter of the World’s prisoners just another way of supressing the minorities

  8. warrored says:


    Eden Hazards agent made £6 million by getting his player to sign for Chelsea.

    Sir Alex was paid £6 million to guide the club to title number 20.

    Which one will leave a legacy?

  9. John says:

    @barkdog the clown of RoM. :D :D :D

    Don’t talk rubbish dumbo. Everybody in RoM knows that NBI who said who used to visit Calgary from New York City regularly called you (as you being thick cunt posted your phone number in internet blog :) ). Like I said you an old psycho living with pigs and cows who came to fight NBI cried in a voice of a woman seeing 6ft + tall NBI and ran away to hide with your pigs :D COWARD ;)

    Don’t try to twist it to hatred towards any nation. Most people like Canada tbh. And….I do feel sad for retarded Canadian old sad bastard like you who gets excited being kissed by Pigs left, right and centre. :)

  10. wayne barker says:

    you’re just a complete and utter moron you don’t make any sense,ffs grow up or go get mental help,you’re either seriously fucked in the head or a little kid,either way if other posters want to acknowledge you up to them.I think though most are finally seeing you in the true light

  11. Tommy says:


    As a Canadian friend of mine Rebecca once said when i told her “Youre just in American shadows” she replied “Id rather be in the shadows of America, than be an American” Lol, most Americans are decent people then you get the likes of john, all nations have their problems I guess

  12. John says:


    Fergi statue, stand in OT, road name and so on are there to remind who he was and his legacy. That’s not an issue or debate.

    The timing and intention of updated version of his Autobiography (rumoured around October ; middle of LVG 1st season) which he easily can avoid by simple interview with MITV or in few pages of club official site, is money and limelight oriented. Simple as that. He fucked up club by hand picking moyes is obvious. Now, instead of apologizing or accepting mistake or maintaining silence he is using it as an opportunity to cash in by selling his Autobiography. The man with such a legacy could have done better imo. It shows his cheap desperation for limelight me thinks.

    As for agent fees, Madrid might have paid much more to agents for signing Bale and Ronaldo. They won legue title and decima. That will also leave a legacy. Hazard is a top top player despite his performance in World Cup. With Mourinho in helm you cannot write him off to play important role in titles.

    Managers aren’t always responsible for leaving a legacy as we don’t know what we might have achieved even without fergie if he had retired permanently in 2002 only for him to make a U-turn. Also Moyes was his decision. So it’s basically fergie on solo ride up until the appointment of LVG. Clubs have achieved success regularly hiring and firing managers. Managers with £6m at club like United means he is bound to win trophies.

    No matter how you play it out fergie have done lot of fuck ups as well. It’s nothing to do with what he has achieved for us. Good and bad are independent to each other. Every legacy has some stain, fergie too is not an exception to that.

    Money and limelight is the only reason behind his updated My Autobiography where he can grab attention from interviews in the middle of 1st season with LVG. Recently he hasn’t been missed much with LVG appointment, so his ego is hurting. :(

  13. wayne barker says:

    Tommy he takes reasoned arguements that clearly prove what his game is and just trys to deflect the truth by writing abusive nonsense that has nothing to do with anything.Most Americans are decent people getting fucked over by politicans who are bought and paid for by the plutocrats.Few weeks ago thousands of poor people were getting their water cut off in Detroit a Canadian group was setting up something to make sure they all got water,that’s just one instance of many bad things happening down there to ave people just trying to survive

  14. John says:

    wow, how I am turning RoM reds against him. Cool. :)

  15. John says:

    Wayne barker, since you insulted my motherland and accused me of copy/paste when I post articles like above in Vidal case. I am sad.

    Because I know you are a mad old canadian bastard who has all screws loose. You need a psychiatrist mate :) . You know why??

    You know right??!! Wait let me prove you are a sad old frustrated old man who needs an urgent help. Let me use copy, paste. :D

  16. Tommy says:


    Total nonsence, LVG has not even played 1 game so how has SAF not be missed due to LVG appointment lol, atleast let him manage first lol, SAF will always be missed just like Keane will always be missed and Ronaldo and Scholes, SAF is irreplaceable because he is as close to a football GOD as you can be and if he was trying to steal the limeliught he wouls have pencilled his new book to be released August 15th and not in the middle of October. Rio has also got a book coming out in October, do you know why they have books coming out around that time for? because the publishers want them out for xmas, same as albums, if Cliff Richard is bringing an album out hes not doing it in febuary, its between october – December to get as many sales as possible, The timing of the book has nothing to do with LVG appointment, hes already took LVG o for a coffee, the only person who has a problem with SAF is a thick fucker from the US, probably jealous that the US are yet to produce any decent managers, Bruce Arena lol give me a break

  17. John says:

    JUNE 30, 2013 AT 04:05
    wayne says:
    now i’ve no doubt ROM is infested with these little fuckers and apparently there’s some sort of secret website that these pathetic cunts go to and brag about how obnoxious and disruptive they have been.I could probably name 6 to 10 who use ROM on a regular basis some smarter than others.Thing is some of you thick cunts don’t get it a troll will pick a subject that is going to be decisive just to score points.He or she realizes most of you are not really Utd fans and basically just fucking morons,wll stir the shit just to score points.I’m letting everyone know i intend on being a cunt to trolls and Fucktards
    thank you for your time
    Can anyone believe though a step by step guide on how to get rid of a internet Troll fucking priceless,personally i’d just take a bat to the head,but that’s just me

    JUNE 30, 2013 AT 04:10
    slayer says:
    Wayne- that is a long one but interesting to read. Until today, I only had a brief idea of what a troll is though I understand what their intentions are.

    JUNE 30, 2013 AT 04:16
    wayne says:
    slayer mate these cocksuckers infest ROM because it’s the number 1 blog,match days when Utd aren’t doing well the cunts come out in groups.There’s fuckers on here who are trolls most people don’t even know but there’s a constant pattern with these cunts,some though are way smarter than some

    JUNE 30, 2013 AT 04:31
    wayne says:
    see thing is a good troll will blend in,gain trust then start to throw negatives thoughts around after gaining the trust of being a true Utd fan,the more articulate and popular he becomes the more negative he’s going to become.The best trolls will study the club history and are knowledgeable when it comes to football.So when they talk sound like they know what their talking about but will always present it in a negative slant
    And yes King Eric i was troll hunter,what the fuck are you a English teacher,i thought Troll Hunter sounded way cooler than wayne,but after you nailed me had no choice lol

  18. John says:

    JUNE 30, 2013 AT 04:57
    wayne says:
    oh and by the way NBI can’t say to me Moyes is 3rd rate then tell King Eric you support him,don’t know what NBI’s game is but he’s changing his tune every sentence.Would also like to point out although NBI apparently supports Moyes has run a very sly negative campaign against him.

    JUNE 30, 2013 AT 05:22
    wayne says:
    The Fact that NBI want’s to make a huge issue over Renee leaving means he’s not really a Utd fan.I’m a Utd fan and don’t give a shit who Moyes want’s.Who would way the ave Utd fan give a fuck as long as Utd win games.Let’s face it we have no idea who the assistants are and why should we,we don’t care.
    But trust me all these cunts who are “concerned” about Moyes or what he can do are either very stupid or trolls,so don’t trudt them

    JUNE 30, 2013 AT 05:27
    wayne says:
    Fuck it let’s bash Thiago personally i find it pathetic some of you cunts are almost begging him.fuck him i either joins or he doesn’t sad bastards

    JUNE 30, 2013 AT 05:42
    wayne says:
    NBI is not a UTD fan,smart fucking guy but basically a troll,the people i know and trust want nothing to do with him,so he can fuck off,meet him any time anywhere and get great pleasure \,i’ll pay a airline ticket to meet him

    JUNE 30, 2013 AT 05:47
    wayne says:
    Ash i’m beginning to remember we didn’t like each other,i think you’re not very bright

    JUNE 30, 2013 AT 06:23
    wayne says:
    anytime any where NBI you have no fucking idea how much i want to meet you.i’ll pay train or plane services to have 5 minsi think you’re a phony cunt,my phone number 403-805-7073 you call me you cunt

    JUNE 30, 2013 AT 06:43
    wayne says:
    doesn’t matter to me think NBI is not Utd but not going to lie would love to take him out

  19. John says:

    JUNE 30, 2013 AT 06:51
    wayne says:
    hey NBI you don’t like me mate/let’s meet i want to meet you

    JUNE 30, 2013 AT 06:54
    wayne says:
    NBI hello

    JUNE 30, 2013 AT 07:00
    wayne says:
    listen i really do want to meet NBI and i really do want to kick his head in.He is not a Utd fan,he’s a cunt

    JUNE 30, 2013 AT 07:06
    wayne says:
    listen i’m not looking for trouble just want to meet NBI for 5 minutes

    JUNE 30, 2013 AT 07:27
    wayne says:
    just trying to figure out what the fuck is going on.I want to kick NBI’s head im

  20. wayne barker says:

    yeah so what not printing anything new what’s you’re point ?

  21. John says:

    JUNE 30, 2013 AT 15:17
    wayne says:
    King Eric you have a way of figuring out if someone is using multiple names, just figured you’ve marked tests you’ve a trained eye

    JUNE 30, 2013 AT 15:20
    wayne says:
    slim supposedly it’s what they do you and i support Utd trolls fucking up a website is their sport and rely on most not to pay attention

    JUNE 30, 2013 AT 15:20
    NBI Red Onion says:
    @ wayne – you are moron, lonely old man in Canada with no life always trying to beat people up and being a cyber warrior, last time you attacked Denton and the list is endless, seriously grandpa, you need to get off the happy pills and relax, I have been on this site a lot longer than you and your thug type of keyboard warrior who thinks their opinion is right. Go get your prostrate checked. I have to admit, I do feel sorry for you.

    And fuk you if you think fans can’t be upset Rene is leaving, that does not mean they don’t rate Moyes, and if its true he wanted Rene to stay then he rates him too, MOST real United fans – go on any blog – appreciate what our back room staff did and no one is happy to see our backroom staff go, Phelan may have divided opinion but Steele was class what he did with De Gea, even learning Spanish, and turning him into the top keeper in the league. What the hell is your problem is people support our staff and appreciate them – have you read the topic on this thread you freak???

    JUNE 30, 2013 AT 15:26
    NBI Red Onion says:
    And @ wayne – come to England grandpa – I am sure you’ll think twice when you see me.Don’t make stupid threats over internet freakshow, you talk a bit too much about beating people up and acting like you are the only real fan, some smart dude who figures things out cos he did google search, come to England, come to match, we’ll meet up before and then we’ll see how tough you think you are. Troll Hunter….haha…oh you are good for laugh through…carry on freako.

    JUNE 30, 2013 AT 15:27
    wayne says:
    What is a Troll Site?
    While trolling is unwelcome in most online communities, some websites have been created that are comprised solely of trolling or planning trolling attacks on online communities. One of the most famous trolling-related sites is 4chan (, a collection of message board

    Read more:

    JUNE 30, 2013 AT 15:28
    pgkhairule says:

    Chill up bro. Im with you. Just ignored this kind of people and keep supporting our team and moyes. I dont mind if moyes will not be in the top 4 this season. Give him time cos fergie first season with us not the best but look what that legend achieve until now. Chill. Manutd till i die

    JUNE 30, 2013 AT 15:32
    NBI Red Onion says:
    And read my comment properly fool I said “Evertons THIRD RATE coaching team” – not manager, I never said Moyes was third rate. I always said I back Moyes as SAF chose him and he should get a year to show what he can do. But that does not mean I can’t have a view on Evertons coaching staff compared to ours. It is third rate objectively. They lack experience at this level so its just a fact that its a huge gamble how they cope. Maybe its an easy step up. We’ll see. If Moyes can do well with a totally new coaching staff with no experience at this level then he deserves credit. What I expect is that a more experienced coach will be hired to be assistant manager.

    JUNE 30, 2013 AT 15:34
    wayne says:
    NBI whatever,50 ish doesn’t make me a Grandpa don’t give a fuck what you look like,something i can’t get my head around few years ago told everyone you were some hotshot in New York,not so long ago told me you visit Vancouver and travel to Calgary.Made a big deal last year about having a ticket to the West Brom game but was posting at game time.Something about you is off and doesn’t pass the smell test,you lie all the time

    JUNE 30, 2013 AT 15:35
    NBI Red Onion says:
    @ pgkhairule – I hear you but when wayne goes through his nutcase phase its always need to give him a kick or he becomes a complete cyber bully extraordinare.

    JUNE 30, 2013 AT 15:37
    wayne says:
    wow pgkhairule never seen that user name before on here EVER just happen to show up to defend fuck head lol give me a fucking break

    JUNE 30, 2013 AT 15:39
    pgkhairule says:

    Hahahahah. Its ok bro. Just ignore them. Cos ive been wondering if SHITTY and FOOLS supporters stop by to our blog they’ll be laughing at us cos we are not unite like them. Lets show them that there’s no other supporters like UNITED

    JUNE 30, 2013 AT 15:41
    Tope99 says:
    Moyes tomorrow and I just cant wait.I’m beginning to think this thiago deal may go bad because its taking a while and barcelona dont seem to want him gone

    JUNE 30, 2013 AT 15:45
    pgkhairule says:
    Oh come on wayne. Chill up. I dont have anything against you. Let us unite and support our team rather than hating each other. Have a good day wayne

    JUNE 30, 2013 AT 15:46
    wayne says:
    mate you just said ROM is our website to NBI yet you’ve never posted before today?

    JUNE 30, 2013 AT 15:46
    NBI Red Onion says:
    @ Sam – actually – he does not have any knack and his comment was a load of bull – I have no idea who Khalistan Red is and don’t give a damn, maybe you are KE’s double ID, you spell some words the same so you must be. I have posting on this for ages, its a good site despite a lot of crazy nutters, mini dictators and paranoid freaks, they had to ban a lot of people in the past because they can’t keep on subject, can’t debate and talk shite. But it improved the blog and content has been much better in recent year. Anyway, love this mental place, especially during transfer period…carry on….

    JUNE 30, 2013 AT 15:49
    NBI Red Onion says:
    @ wayne – it is Scott’s website if you want to be correct, or in a larger sense – OUR – United fans. Has it ever occurred to you people are sick of your paranoid aggressive shit and just want to talk footie. How do you know who has posted here and so what if someone is new. That does not make their point less valid. Freak show.

    JUNE 30, 2013 AT 15:53
    pgkhairule says:
    I surf ROM everyday on my daily basis. Ive bookmark this website in my laptop and iphone. Try and scroll this comment section and you will see my id asking for a petition for moyes to put buttner as our new left wing. Petition is kinda silly. Hahaha. But seriously i really hope that buttner will stay with us for a long time. That guy has some pace and his left foot is superb. He can dribbles too

  22. John says:

    JUNE 30, 2013 AT 15:58
    wayne says:
    that’s what your buddy pgk…. said you daft cunt,no mate don’t see anyone coming after me but you, trying to deflect you lie all the time doesn’t change things,want to explain how you went from being a hotshot in New York and visiting BC and Alberta to now living in England and going to games you never went to,only one freak show here

    JUNE 30, 2013 AT 16:13
    NBI Red Onion says:
    @ Bill Hick’s Ghost – too many ghosts spoil a good blog.

    JUNE 30, 2013 AT 16:14
    pgkhairule says:
    Wayne, NBI

    Im sorry if i ever offended both of you or anyone in ROM. Have a good day both of you. Lets just hope this monday moyes will bring good news to us. Cant wait for the new season. I really hope that evra stays with us. Gonna miss scholes too

    JUNE 30, 2013 AT 16:17
    NBI Red Onion says:
    @ Bill Hick’s Ghost – if you can’t keep in fucking topic you should just fuk off, silly cunt having a go.

    JUNE 30, 2013 AT 16:20
    wayne says:
    i’m still waiting

    JUNE 30, 2013 AT 16:23
    NBI Red Onion says:
    @ wayne – ah wayne, wayne, not all of us are stuck in a shed in the middle of a field in Canada like you pretending you were English and went to United games, bored little man who picks fights and can’t actually argue a footie point. Ofcourse, you know everything about everyone. Stick to football topics freakshow, you were actually doing ok for a while you had calmed down and occasionally made some sense, but clearly you are off your pills again or run out of things to say on United, so why don’t you try to make a friend locally or something, you obviously have nothing to say on football and are just here to pick fights.

    JUNE 30, 2013 AT 16:32
    NBI Red Onion says:
    @ pgkhairule – no need to apologise for your opinion at all. I can see where you are coming from re Buttner at LW, Bale was a converted LB and he is doing okay and if we don’t have cover in that position it’s worth a shot. I don’t think Moyes would pay much attention to a petition though. A lot of the Brazillian RB and LB’s end up playing basically as wingers, their runs are harder to track as they come from deep. I liked what I saw of Buttner attacking but he needs a run of games to see what he can do. If we do get Baines hard to see how he will get that.

    Valencia I think recently is more effectiv e when playing as RB, he is harder to pick up then and he has more time on the ball instead of getting doubled up, defensively he is also solid and provides cover to Rafael.

  23. wayne barker says:

    again so what??????????

  24. John says:

    JUNE 30, 2013 AT 17:17
    wayne says:

    JUNE 30, 2013 AT 17:36
    wayne says:
    still waiting for an answer on why you lie NBI

    JUNE 30, 2013 AT 17:37
    NBI Red Onion says:
    Fuk of wayne. Scott should have banned you with the rest of the nutters.

  25. wayne barker says:

    what has any of this got to do with you being a multiple user and a liar??????????

  26. Tommy says:

    How sad John, going through all Waynes messages, what a sad individual you must be, I bet you were bullied at school

  27. wayne barker says:

    no secret on here mate NBI and i didn’t like each other,had 3 different jobs in the different countries and never had anything good to say about Utd dating back to Berba when she called him a cunt

  28. John says: [ anyone can visit this link and see a man who needs a psychiatrist. Patient phone number is posted by patient himself that can be seen below. Anyway I am done with this blog. I cannot waste my time with mad person who is a internet bully and post his ph no in internet blogsite. This sort of mental psychos are not worth of time and energy. This mad wayne barker has history with RoM with death threats to people. Anyway, wayne barker is a desperate psycho. ]

  29. wayne barker says:

    Tommy it just shows what a child he is,there’s absoutly no point to this accept to try and deflect about the issue of him being a multiple user and liar

  30. John says:

    Wayne, mate you have got issues. Anyone with sense can see for themselves. You need help. There is nothing to be ashamed of visiting a psychiatrist or taking pills.

    No, no,no….not only with NBI you have problem with anyone who disagrees with you as you can’t assemble few sentences with good reasons.

    Don’t force me to expose you further.

    You are a sad mad little old bastard. :(

  31. John says:

    JUNE 30, 2013 AT 06:23
    wayne says:
    anytime any where NBI you have no fucking idea how much i want to meet you.i’ll pay
    train or plane services to have 5 minsi think you’re a phony cunt,my phone number
    403-805-7073 you call me you cunt”

    Sums up wayne psycho barker. :(

  32. wayne barker says:

    whatever mate again this has nothing to do with the fact that you’ve been shown to be a multi user and a liar,they are just facts and yes i’ve been on ROM many years and i could dig up shit on NBI threatening and bullying people or you being abusive towards Utd players, you also promised to quit last year because people found you out for multiusing, but i’m just not that pathetic
    This whole exercise is because people have figured you out for being a multiuser,liar,phoney and all around pathetic,you can print my whole history still doesn’t change what you are,everything you print about me has no relevence to what you are simple as.
    anyway last year you reneged on quitting the blog hope this time you just fuck off.

  33. Marq says:

    Hey everyone, why are all of you responding to the guy who likes to talk to himself? As if thats not an indicator somethings not right up in the mind, he just showed further by digging up irrelevant history. Clearly a case of someone wanting attention going to lengths to get it

  34. John says:

    Give it a rest mental grandpa. You are a motherfucker at his best. You bullied every single poster who were against moyes. You are one dumb desperate bastard who need to get a life.

    Listen idiot, you need to grow up. You are one conservative racist idiot who have bashed Afrricans and Germans and now Anericans. The irony is you are an immigrant surviving on foreign land by your logic.

    You are one of those narrow minded pricks who need to get a life. Why do you care whether I have multiple user names, whether I am a liar or whatever??!! Why you bother?? I disagree, I am not. This is Scott blog, let him control it.

    You are just one of the posters. You try to play internet police, troll hunter sucking moyes who destroyed our club. Let me tell you why you do??!!

    Because that’s the only way you are surviving on this blog! That’s all you contribute to this blog apart from your old stories which may or may not true, who knows! You accuse others but neither you can tolerate anyone who disagree with you nor you can argue with good reasons. Your level of judgment is dumb. You clinged to moyes, you argued with anyone who praised muleenstein.

    Asshole don’t try to deflect you are a psycho. Above link is just an example out of time you are here.

    You are a sad motherfucker living in a glass house. Don’t try to throw stones at others. Neither this is your blog nor your father who mistakenly brought you to this earth.

    You have tried all your tricks to get rid of me since I am here and you hate me desperately. Don.’to worry I know that clearly. However, for me you are a sad bastard who needs to tighten his mental screws.

  35. wayne barker says:

    I’ve nothing to deflect this wasn’t about me it’s you that’s trying your hardest to do that
    It was Tommy and warrored that found you out this time,had absolutely nothing to do with me

  36. John says:

    I purposely didn’t respond abuse from you many times just within this week. Being a stupid motherfucker you try to take it too far.

    I am a United fan and neither I need RoM nor idiots like you here to continue being here. However, I will comment on this blog when and how I want to.

    And……..fuck off Marq the stirring cunt!

  37. wayne barker says:

    Lol it was you who said you were leaving you stupid fuck

  38. John says:

    So what proof you have old idiot??!! I said it already, it was a sarcasm. I am neither United nor any of matts here you accuse me to be. Even if I am so what ?? Why you care??

    Listen idiot, all you can do is suspect. Keep making fool out of yourself. Nothing absolutely NOTHING except Scott can stop me from commenting within the comment policy of this blog.

    Yeah….and this is my last reply to you idiot until you need your screws tighten like today.

    You have accused everyone. You can prove nothing. You can stop none from commenting. Your problem is your loosen screws. Go to the corner and cry loud.


  39. wayne barker says:

    Give it a rest childish fucking idiot nobody gives a fuck

  40. wayne barker says:

    Just like you did last year answered a question using the wrong user name
    End of story so give it a fucking rest

  41. Jose says:

    Tommmy and waynne; a better love story than Twilight.
    You are always defending him when every other single person can see wayne has got issues.Big issues.
    Never seen you defend anyone against wayne attacks.

  42. iamMatty says:

    Wayne barker the biggest troll on ROM and thats a fact.
    Funny how he’d be the first person to call anybody a troll.

  43. iamMatty says:

    @jose their bromance is epic. But then again stupidity can also be a base for relationships.
    Wayne is a sick sick sick socio-path, and i am really ashamed his associated with manchester united. He has all the traits of the scouse scums i hate and despise.
    Hold on lets assume john has multiple users as they claim, i still cant see how that is more retarded than a 50+ old man who stalks people’s ip addresses and threatens to physically molest fellow united fans.

  44. iamMatty says:

    A 50+ old man who makes racist comments against the germans, africans and who ever he doesn’t fancy.
    Its a really sad thing watching a man who’s old enough to be my grandpa completely embarass and humiliate himself on internet forums just to be a key-board warrior.

  45. Marko Maric says:

    For me, the only winger that is most suitable for our game is REUS, after him is Di Maria. But REUS is a machine!

  46. Tommy says:


    Wayne is right to attack John, e has been proven to be s liar atacks everything to do with the club, hes an ABU hater, simple as that.


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