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VIDEO: Evans, Evra and Cleverley’s Goals vs Newcastle

N0-1M by fasthighlights2013

N0-2M by fasthighlights2013

szólj hozzá: Newcastle 0-3 Man. United

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  1. Hans says:

    Come on lads, let’s kill this match early!!!

  2. Rohan_19 says:

    One more goal to kill this off. Common

  3. orez says:

    DDG can’t catch anything to save his life a great shot stopper though

  4. theredderdevil says:

    De gea living on borrowed time. he’s missed every ball he’s attacked in the air

  5. Daniel says:

    good change bringing tony on … finally

    now just the left
    its so obviously coming from wide … cross

  6. WeAreUnited says:

    what has happened to Valencia, he is off?

    our wingers have been off this year

  7. Unitedforeva says:

    CLEVERLEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3-0 !!!!!!!!!

  8. WeAreUnited says:



  9. WeAreUnited says:

    he meant that

  10. WeAreUnited says:

    Man of the match Evra or Cleverley,

  11. orez says:

    Good game overall. The best of the season. Youngsters did disappoint IMO. even though Clev scored. I am also really disappointed by DDG and to some extent with Valencia. One can’t catch a ball and the other can’t beat his man. This was a really good improvement though and first time in a long while that our midfield wasn’t overrun.

  12. mig78 says:

    Cleverly MOM for me. Dynamic through out. Worked his socks off from box-to-box. Capped it all off with a magnificent goal.

  13. Ice Cube says:

    fantastic performance of energy and passing. I’m happy to be proved wrong, this was a great game. Newcastle were charging into the back of our players, we had hardly any protection. Today everyone stood up to the challenge.

    only DE gea flapping and fergie putting Giggs on were the only negatives. fergie continues to play him and all he does is give the ball away. This experience crap is bull, how will any other player get it, when he plays gigs.

    . Cleverly must have been out best player and Rooney was allowed to control the game. superb combination in the midfield and great defending. evra stepped up today.

  14. parryheid says:

    Man of the Match the Team a great team performance that was delighted that Manchester United turned up today.

  15. Costas says:

    Well done United. Very good performance from all involved.

    Could be the season of unlikely goalscorers? Tom already has 2, Rafa, Evra, Evans and BUttner have all scored too.

  16. LucasUTD says:

    Evra played well.

    I still don’t see what Fergie sees in Welbeck. Home grown sentiments aside please.

  17. Zibbie says:

    Wazza has like 5 assists since coming back!!!

  18. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    Absolutely FANTASTIC performance from the boys today. Just brilliant all around. Wayne Rooney was immense again. Please stop questioning his importance to United. He ran the entire show.It’s kind of amazing that we dominated a midfield as good as Newcastle’s.

    Hopefully fergie sticks with this formation now. And hopefully he sticks with this midfield three of Roo, Clevs/ fletcher and Carrick. This is the way we should be playing from now on. Scholes can come on to settle things down but not to start big games.

    Again I have to hail our full backs who were absolutely fantastic all game. Rafael and Evra were amazing.

    Rio and Jonny were superb today too. I have no doubt in my mind that Rio ferdinand is still the best english defender around on his day. His reading of the game is too good when he’s on form.

    de gea was good too but he needs to work on his judgment of high balls. Could have fucked us over had Ba’s ball crossed the line fully.

  19. Anon Payn says:

    I bet Cleverley didn’t see this before today’s game, but I hope he does now!

  20. Hans says:

    This is more like United. Well done lads.

    If we start every mach like this, we can beat every single team in EPL.

    Being a perfectionist, the only fault today could be lack of killer pass in the final third of pitch. We could have easily had 5-6 goal today. Evra is finally back!!!!

    It is a shame the fucking international break is now on! We could have done without it!

  21. The One says:

    Superb goal, no superlatives to describe it except goal of the season!!

  22. The One says:

    @ LucasUTD says:
    Evra played well.

    I still don’t see what Fergie sees in Welbeck. Home grown sentiments aside please.

    Ya right, you know better than Sir Alex, Capello and Hodgson!!

  23. thedonmassawe says:

    Mame Diouf just equalized for Hannover against Dortmund. Looking at his return for them its not bad at all. according to Wikipedia he is got 10 in 17 matches. Glad to see him succeeding elsewhere.

  24. dMuzikManUnited says:

    Ernie on Twitter: “Someone
    should check Rafaels pockets
    before he leaves, he might forget
    to let Ben Arfa out.

  25. Mikael says:

    Good game. Not great (DDG needs, as mentioned, work on the timing/descition making on high balls).

    Great for Evra who has, deservedly, had some stick this season to get a goal. His goal aside he had a good game, not a MOM performance, but a good game… can he keep it up?

    Toms goal was a superstrike… just awesome.

    It’s a good formation but I wonder how we’ll manage without wingers against top-top teams… but I guess we’ll see. If we keep this formation we could swap Carrick for Fletch, Clevs for Ando, Kags for The Flying V and DannyBoy for Nani/Young (if Nani is still around… hmm). We have the mexican bullet if we want to rest the strikers but then we’ll need to change positions for some of the other players but I don’t see that as a problem. Use only Scholes and Giggs to close games off… like today, no more starts unless we really need to rest alot of players. They are great servants to this great club but they’re to unrealiable defending nowadays but a great asset to bring off the bench.

    Hope we’ll have a few defenders back soon so Rio can get some rest… not often I welcome an international break but now it’s a good time for us, hopefully Smalling gets back along with Young.

    All in all a good game, not easy to go to Newcastle and get three goals and a clean sheet. Well done lads!

  26. dMuzikManUnited says:

    Thank God Rooney is back. No doubting what he brings to this United team. #Spirited

  27. WeAreUnited says:

    One thing I didn’t get in todays game, and I am not complaining, we won for f sake 3-0

    But why take Kagawa always off so early? Maybe he tried to change the formation cause Newcastle had the ball alot, or because he thought Kagwa gets another yellow.

    It’s so strange for me.

    Anyway, I expected us to win, and with great style we did, I was even more happy.

    Like someone said, a shame that there is an international brake.

  28. Proverb says:

    Great game by the lads, absolutely terrific performance, wazza once again covered every blade of the grass, wee tomas oh boy really impressive, fluke or not he really deserved the goal, always asking for the ball even if he’s between opponents marked in tight spaces shouting for it TOP player

    I agree with those saying welbs was off, although his work rate was top

  29. The Left Bank says:

    Great result and a good team effort. I feel the the team is finding its true instincts with Rooney pulling the strings. I think there is more fine tuning to do but the basic shape seems to be forming.

  30. meatnpotato says:

    i was doubting united before the game but take my hat off to sir alex its the first time this season he picked the team and substitutes 100% right, and with that came our best result and performance so far this season, evra, clevs, evans and carrick were different class today, rooney got nevilles motm but they all could have got it what a team performance!

    Why not take a swoop at tiote?? imagine a diamond with him defensive and rooney attacking, would be a force…

  31. Proverb says:

    Also, can Rooney turn himself into a great midfield player in the long run, as he gets older? On tonight’s evidence, he just might, he really pulled the strings today dropping back defending like hell receiving from deep up top the field inter changing well with tom and van persie, carrick aswell looked solid.

  32. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Fergie got it tactically spot on. Against the power of tiote and craft of cabaye, we needed box energy. Michael carrick was superb, sitting and mopping everything up with his reading of the game and intelligent tackling and interception. Hope to see more of that but the legs around him helped.

    Cleverley really has stepped his game up. Maybe the flak he got for missing chances for england and the hair-dryer he got from fergie has fired him up. He looks bullish and ready for the premier league battle. Energetic, box to box, passing was short, neat/tidy, knits play with the forwards and bagged a brilliant goal. Hope he continues that.

    Where’s that idiot that claimed rooney isn’t united quality?. Wayne was outstanding today. Playmaking masterclass. Inventive with key passes, drove forward with power and gusto, he put in a great defensive shift too. All round brilliant performance to follow the one against cluj. First and foremost, he’s still a fantastic forward but with all our strikers, we can utilise wayne’s ability in that number 10 role in some games or a midfield general. Looks slimer sharper Hope to see that benefit united.

    Evra was top class, probably his best performance for a long long time. Defended well, looked more focused and scored a rare header but this is one game, can’t get all excited about an upturn in form. We shall see.

    The entire back four looked more solid. If you told me united would keep a clean sheet against ba, cisse, ben arfa and cabaye, I would recommend you see a shrink due the fact we’ve looked unconvincing at the back but this an improvement I hope continues, consistent selection of defence helps as wel. Rafael particularly keeps improving and impressing me. looks solid defensively, adding to his brazilian attacking instincts.

    De gea yet again displayed why he’s better than lindegaard. Still gotta work on improving but he has the potential to be a world class keeper and should be number 1.

    Welbeck did everything good until it came to putting the ball in the net. Needs more work on his composure but his all round game is exactly why he gets in the team but I feel his goal scoring will improve.

    Kagawa was quiet today, showing signs that he’ll need time to fully adapt to the league but he’s a top player, hopefully he’ll shine further more this season

    And also, fergie used scholes well, brought him on in the final stages in which battling in midfield isn’t relevant, his class is useful to control the tempo.

    Generally pleased and delighted about a performance I was hoping for but not expecting. We looked to add the graft to our craft. Creativity is not an issue, we just have to balance everything and we did that today.

    Don’t underestimate the confidence the team will get from this and I hope that continues.

  33. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Fergie is the manager and makes the decisions. Kagawa was ineffective and needs more time to adapt to english football.

  34. The One says:

    The look of glee on TC’s face, haha!!

  35. shakshamboo says:

    Good performance. lost control of the game in the first half after first 25 mins. But did really well in the second. Defending was much improved with very few lapses. Both Evra and Raphael were immense. Rooney was everywhere. The early goal was cruicial. Welbz looked nervy and was trying too hard to impress. De Gea needs to let defenders deal with high balls until he becomes good at it.

    I think Kagawa likes to play through the middle and not the sides/wings. With his skills on the ball, he might be wasted there. He will have to evolve his game like Iniesta. Why not play him with Rooney, both just behind RVP, with Kagawa a bit more forward and Rooney doing box to box. It might work great.


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