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VIDEO: Evans, Evra, Van Persie and Chicharito Goals vs Newcastle

Mu v. Nw[]shl by matchhighlight1

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  1. TheCANTONA says:

    your hatred has blinded ur view. as much as i dont like rooney, i still recognise him as an essential part of sir alex’s team.

  2. TheCANTONA says:

    lol. i’m not zibbie though i started to post on here 2 years ago u may not recognise me coz im not regularly post comments. i just dont like it when someone attacking my club’s player without any justification.

  3. Dan-young says:

    goat you have your opinion, you dont have to change it. but some of the main reasons why you have your opinion we have proved wrong, which is what i wanted to do. i have only seen one other person that follows united with the same opinion as you before today and it was a guy that was abusing rooney on twitter about him being the reason why we arent getting sneijder, now sneijder is bench warming at inter and rooney is a fundamental part of one of the most formidable strikeforces in the entire world.

    people still talk about him putting in a transfer request but look at the situation the club was in at the time. we were spending around £25 mil a season on strengthening the team whilst city were spending hundreds of millions catching up to our level that took us centuries to EARN (NOT buy!). rooney wanted out cause he, like all of us, saw that the glazers were taking us all for a ride and sponging every last penny out of the football club we all love and that rooney trusted with the future of him and his family. since then we have been spending healthy amounts to stay ahead of the rest of the teams in the premier league, and we have got rid of the pointless wage structure we had before, had they not changed the wage structure we would not be cheering on RVP every week! you keep on mentioning the money he gets a week, but i would rather it goes in his pocket rather then in the pockets of the sponging glazers who have no passion for the club atall!

    one of your other problems is that rooney cheated on his family, therefor turning his back on his family… then in that case giggs is an even bigger cunt right? considering he was shagging his brothers wife for years?

  4. AlphaRS says:

    Hmm. Sell Rooney. Our only link up man between central midfield and the attack without having to play the ball wide to wingers. That makes sense. Lolz.
    Can’t believe some of the stuff I read on here.

  5. Daniel88 says:

    I dont see a major problem with our defense.
    I dont see a major problem with our strikers.

    Our midfield needs major reinforcements and tough important decisions need to be made.

    Central Players – Carrick, Cleverley, Anderson, Fletcher, Powell and Scholes
    —– We have Carrick, Cleverley and Powell (loan) who are all golden in my view.
    —– Decisions need to be made on Anderson and especially Fletcher because while we are drafting in legends
    —– Scholes needs to retire.
    Conclusion : We need much better quality and two of them by my count.

    Wide Players – Young, Nani, Valencia, Giggs and Kagawa
    —– Young, Valencia and Kagawa all golden in my view.
    —– Nani’s contract is still up in the air so looks destined to leave.
    —– Giggs can still do it against the lesser teams so hes fine until the summer.
    Conclusion : We need two wide men if Nani leaves and one of them has to be a premium player for the left side.

  6. fergie is the boss says:

    AlphaRS – I agree so what if he is injured, that is the way it is with players, he has hardly been injured the past few years, we have a squad and players who can fill in for rooney. PPL forget his performence in the big games

  7. Marq says:

    Sell Rooney? Dear me, I’ve seen it all now

  8. AlphaRS says:

    @fergie is the boss
    If Roo is injured then I reckon Kags can fill in. Problem is he isn’t as strong as Roo and gets knocked off the ball easily. Also he has recently come back from being injured.
    Other than Kags I can’t think of anyone who could effectively play his role. Then I’d be looking at Giggs being the link up man.

    I know I can’t believe some of the stuff I’m reading. Selling Rooney would be a step back as SAF is trying to build a team around the man.

  9. Ash says:

    Yeah right sell rooney. Sell our talisman player. Instead of improving more we are tending to become mediocre. Even if we buy the Big Pole lewandowski from Dortmund we need not sell rooney or welbeck or hernandez or even RVP. Barca never sold their quality player even when they bought sanchez. They have god knows how many strikers. If we want to be the best then we have to keep the best. Suddenly rooney is being compared to Michu,Silva etc. Rooney is no ronaldo or messi but he is also not Heskey or Crouch. He is a top class player. When he plays well we are sure to win the match. It is just he needs time to settle with RVP. They are settling in well.

  10. one two says:

    The rumours are getting strong..if he comes then some one is out..either welbek/hernandez..we cant play with 5 top players fr 2 position…

  11. drv3011 says:

    regarding this link up play position.cant ando play there?and what about three strikers up front?lets say we try a have carrick and clevz in front of the defence,ando in front of them and RVP,rooney and hernandez up front.ando is pretty capable going forward.remember the capital one cup tie vs newcastle and the reading match both in which he scored our first goals.he has the vision and creativity as well as the goal scoring would be easier for him if there were 3 strikers in front of him too.that would increase his options to pick out a pass everytime we attack.

  12. Dela says:

    Sell Rooney? LOL, I’ll give it to you, I could use a good laugh this morning and there it is :-) If Lewandowski comes in its because RvP is kicking 30′s door down, and as much as I’d love to see him stay the way he is until he’s bloody 35 or something… he’s a striker and if history tells us anything its that he will suddenly start to decline in his early 30s, perhaps Fergie just does not want to see Lewandowski go anywhere else just in case, he is, after all, a SERIOUS prospect! And he’s very young.

  13. Dela says:

    Oh and one further point on Lewandowski, it seemed in the summer he was coming to United, even the Polish coach said so. It didn’t happen and that’s probably because Fergie realized RvP was actually a do-able transfer and decided it would be better for us if he wore red rather than blue, so in background communications told Dortmund to keep Lewandowski for a season or two.. or perhaps less.

    But there is one HUGE reason that the rumors are likely true…. Kagawa. The two of them combined so well in the German league before Kagawa made the move to OT, they were so good that it simply couldnt ignored. They won the league after all, nudging european cup runners up Bayern Munich out.

  14. Bobby Charlton's combover says:

    No punishment for Fergie – in fairness I don’t see why there would be.
    He did what most managers do on most matchdays only it’s usually in the tunnel where it isn’t seen.

    For the record the goal shouldn’t have stood in my opinion. There is obvious interference. The fact is that there is a newcastle player on top of Evans and he has to clear the ball. Even if the newcastle player is five yards further back he still has to clear the ball as he can’t take the risk of letting the ball pass him and a goal being scored. His actions are influenced by a player in an offside position and he had to try and clear.

  15. Dela says:

    @Bobby Charlton’s combover

    Ye the way I see it is, if the Linesman had kept the flag down and decided that he goal should stand, I would accept it as the correct decision, because its 50/50 at best….. being completely honest there still was NO reason a player of Evan’s experience should have deflected that into the net, so I’d have accepted it for sure.

    But the linesman did flag it and did it for example the reasons you said, because in his opinion, cisse (it was cisse wasnt it?) was interfering enough that he influenced how Jonny dealt with the ball, so being a 50/50 he had made the decision and then the referee decided he was going to overrule him, after a lengthy time talking to the linesman. It wasn’t exactly the wrong decision, but it was wrong of the ref to overlook the linesman entirely, and I was again annoyed by match of the day for their ridiculous analysis of it…… shearer (I wonder why he would side with newcastle…) saying that in order for cisse to be active the ball would have had to have come off the post and go back to him? Is he fucking serious? All you have to do to be active is INTERFERE with play. They also said Evans had a hold of him… of course he did, he was trying to defend, he was trying to keep the ball away from him because he was ACTIVELY trying to get on the end of it in an offside position… FUCKING annoys me!

    But ye, as said, had the linesman kept the flag down, no complaints from me, it happens… but since he did his job and made a brave call, and had a reasonable explanation for it, the goal shouldn’t have stood.

  16. Bobby Charlton's combover says:

    @Dela – Yeah, Shearer is a tit.
    The only thing I would say in the ref’s defence was that when Giggs and Evra remonstrated with him for over-ruling the linesman he gave his explanation. Too often we see ref’s dismissing players like they were little schools boys. A bit of dialogue now and then goes a long way.


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