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VIDEO: Evra Wipes Backside With France Shirt

Patrice Evra’s popularity in France has sunk either further after he was caught on camera wiping his arse with Mathieu Valbuena’s shirt.

Paris magazine, Le 10 Sport, said: “It was disgusting! But this gesture shows above all a real lack of respect towards the blue of France and all that it stands for. We struggle to imagine Evra doing the same with the Manchester United shirt.”

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  1. #07 says:

    Can I ask you to rename this thread Scott? Its not like Evra is wiping Valbuena’s jersey up and down his crack. He’s sat on it, realises, takes it up, snifts it for a stupid reaction out of his team mates and that’s it. He’s going to get absolutely massacred in France because of headlines that make it sounds like he took a dump and cleaned his backside with the national jersey. RAWK has already lost the plot over it. At least call this blog entry “Evra accused of wiping his backside with France shirt”.

  2. Clint-Iamyourpapii says:

    Fred – Mickey Thomas ? :lol: I dunno but I think he played during the 70′s… way before my time.

  3. Strik3rr says:

    Is this REALLY newsworthy?

    Christ i think i need to find another blog because Scotts getting pretty pathetic with what he posts and writes this past season.

  4. ToniVHatesAgents says:

    This is a shit article…..scuse the pun, it doesnt show evra wiping his arse with it at all….he removes it after sitting on the shirt, then shares a little private joke …….get off his back FFS

  5. Louis suASSrez says:

    Eeeeyy,this is too offensive to EVRA,am a scouser bt I see this imagination n insulting EVRA,a very Gentle guy is really unfair,he sat on it,ddnt knw,till when he realised sth was under his backside,,stupid post!!!!

  6. Fred says:

    Papii – Ohhhhh Mickey Thomas! :lol: I forgot all about him. Welsh winger, maker of counterfeit notes. 8)

  7. bruce says:

    659 million fans worldwide boys!!!..cant wait for te season to start…life without man utd playing football is boring as heell!!!

  8. rezza says:

    Sorry the press is after Evra………….the shirt was here and he sat on it…its a natural reflx to see what is under you and once to smell if it is dirty or not…but this shows that the press want to cut Evra into pieces
    by hook or by crook.

  9. Micheldu9 says:

    You lot are brain dead morons,you come from everywhere apart from the shithole city,brain dead idiots.the man is a disgrace,a cheat.

  10. Albert Ross says:

    Micheldu9 – a reflection:

    You are a brain dead moron. People from everywhere come in your shit-hole. Brain dead idiot, you are despicable.

  11. Newton Heath Red Devil says:

    oh Patrice, when will Leighton Baines come?

  12. 4evraYoung says:

    Oh no, u could have written this article supporting patrice. Instead you jump on the bandwagon of journos who have no stories for the summer thus far. If you believe this then u need your head checked, it’s not as if he went out his way to look for a shirt to wipe his arise. Looks like he’s not allowed to sit on a shirt n smell it

  13. LoneStarRed says:

    The actions of teammates in a changing room where joking and pranks are commonplace is one thing. To take that and project it to disrespect of the national colors is at best bias against and individual and at worst utter idiocy and outright attack journalism.

  14. MyCowIsTheBest says:

    stupid topic really

  15. Cadelin says:

    Top man Paddy !!
    With that attitude he hould play for Ingerlund but then with hindsight he has no chance of selection because firstly he isn’t crap and secondly he doesn’t play for the rat munchers.


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