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VIDEO: Fabio and Rooney Goals vs Arsenal

man1066 by arsenalist

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. Arse seen, wank-er says:


  2. Arse seen, wank-er says:

    UNITED WE STAND through the bad parts for days like this :)

  3. NomadBaku says:

    It seems to me, this is the turning point of the season

  4. xol says:

    What position did Rafael get moved to when Valencia came on? He was superb.

  5. wayne says:

    twins are going to be gold,rooney had his best game of the year,tony v unbelievable like hes never been away.sir alex having the ban seemed in invigorate the side.i enjoyed that today couldn’t help thinking nani and tony v playing together how exciting is that going to be.have to wonder playing rooney deeper like today is the answer he looked really good in that role

  6. Arse seen, wank-er says:

    Centre mid covering Oshea’s lack of speed

  7. Little Red Ant says:

    Great result, just waiting on Areshole Bangers moan !!

    Hand on heart though when I saw the Iine up I thought FUCK but you just have to bow down to SAF

  8. Costas says:

    The commentator in that first goal was about to give Wayne a blowjob. Sheesh. The best part imo about that goal was Rafa’s ball to his brother and how he linked up with him after that.

    After seeing these two goals, I am beginning to wonder what’s Rafa’s best position. :)

  9. veek says:

    i say we screw bebe and obertan and start playing fabio on the left

  10. wayne says:

    @Costas their twins mate makes them telepathic,he’s such a talent think he’ll be able to play anywere,fabio aswell just had the injuries thats set him back a bit

  11. veek says:

    also i couldnt help but notice now we only outdid arsenal because we played the ball around gibson and not to him. felt like he was more of a liability than an asset.

  12. nikolaunited says:

    cant wait til we get our full squad back…

    rafa should be send to central(either offensive or defensive) midfielder for the rest of the season since he did his job superbly today cuz carrick and fletch are a bit off form this season..we can sure use his energy and ability to move forward..

    also fabio should play as left winger.. which means we should buy new left back or promote one from the reserves…. since evra is playing more than 50 games a season he should get chance to be rested on ocasions ..

  13. Doghouse says:

    I think considering the, frankly, bizarre starting line up we put out there today the lads were amazing. And I think it’s the perfect result for the perfect time too. Couple of losses, looking wobbly, then we step up and put Arsenal down with a depleted side. Made it look easy too, which it clearly wasn’t, but they all count.

    More importantly is I think this will be the last hit that Arsenal’s confidence can take. They were poor against Birmingham and got beat, tried to write it off as a fluke, they were not on the field against Barca and got beat, blamed the ref. Third time is the charm, they came to Old Trafford, faced a depleted United team, and got sat down.

    They have no excuses, they’ve been run ragged, they’re tired, they lost another player today for the season, I think they need to bounce back with something incredible right away or they are going to really struggle to stay in the race.

    All that said though it’s still up to United to win all remaining games. Though I’d say the exact same thing on day one of the season.

  14. Costas says:


    They are very talented. According to Sir Alex, they really tired towards the end. I hope they improve on that over the years. I was afraid they wouldn’t last more than 70 mins at that pace. Fabio lasted 45, lol.

    Of course, can’t take anything away from Smalling’s impressive display tonight.

  15. xol says:

    Rafa played in a cup game last year in midfield, during the defensive injury crisis.

    Good question, Costas. sometimes wide players can surprise when moved infield, as there are more directions to go in. Not sure where his best position is, but he looks good on the right wing a an option. I like how Ji does a tough tackling, in-your-face harassment job on the left so often in Europe and think Rafael can do a similar thing on the right. Not that Ji or Rafael lack attacking instincts.

  16. nikolaunited says:

    i liked how we gave standing ovation to djourou .. no other fans in the world would have done that ..

  17. wayne says:

    @Costas like sending a couple of little pitbulls out thers causing havoc untill they tire out,that kind of energy and enthusiasm must pump the whole team up.

  18. gora says:

    guys that was brilliant. rooney 4 me was motm. smalling is certainly the best young cb around. he seems unfazed by any situation. the twins are a joy 2 watch. i think the one thing that chicha gives us is world class movement that we lack frm berba. he was tired at the end though.

  19. nikolaunited says:

    was that quinton fortune near nani and andrerson in the stand ?

  20. Mikael says:

    I think this was the best performance of the season… the team just clicked. The twins were awesome, Tony V a revelation, Van Der Sar best keeper period! O’Shea did really well at centre mid as did Gibson… or at least he did what was expected of him and I’ve been really harsh on him (as I think I deserved to be), keep it up and maybe he can be a bench warmer at least ;o) Oh! And Vida and Smalling was tremendous… solid as ever.

    Good for the lads… the wings doesn’t seem so depleted now when Tony V is back and we’ve seen the twins do a marvelous job there.

  21. Mikael says:

    @nikolaunited True… was hoping 4 that just to piss on them scousers after what they did to Nani

  22. wayne says:

    @veek thought gibson had a pretty good game today must have watched a different game to me mate

  23. gora says:

    tony v gave us pace and strength today. oshea should stop hoofing long balls. he is clearly nowhere near scholes. evra is e one that worried me. terrible and too skilful for our own good. chicha was unlucky though.

  24. xol says:

    nikolaunited, thought it was him, but only got a quick glimpse. The fans showed class like you say.

  25. willierednut says:

    Actually, that was one Gibson’s better games. O’Shea looked off the pace at times, but he’s not used to playing in midfield and was a stop gap. The lads dug out a performance, which under the circumstances, was all you can ask for IMO.

  26. RedScot says:

    Perfect goals in there own relevance.I wonder if the “Boys from Brazil” could be cloned! Opps thats already been done.
    Had a look round a few Arsenal blogs, they are calling for Wengers head.It cannot get any better.
    The internal combustion, started with Birmingham and topped up bye Barcelona and United lite the fuse. Bang.
    Brilliant.The best performance from United all season, all over the park.It was a pleasure to watch and be thoroughly “entertained”.
    Special mention to Edwin, Nemanja and Chris.It was great to see Valencia back, that width we have been missing.
    It would be remiss not to highlight Rooney, his best game for as long as i can remember, he was excellent and its great to be able to acknowledge that.
    A true United performance, all together working as one.
    Chuffed to bits.

  27. Passe says:

    How come no one is giving Wesley Brown any credit? He was very good, almost 07ish.

  28. Mikael says:

    @Passe: He was good but not 07ish. But yes he deserves cred, not played much this season so it was a good game but not like Vida, Chris, VDS, Rooney.

  29. MG says:

    If RedScot is happy then the world is in balance


  30. Doghouse says:

    I think a lot of players, Wes Brown included, aren’t getting much credit individually because it was such a great team performance. We had seven defenders on the field today and still did the business, and every single one of the lads delivered. This match needs to be remembered next time Gibson, Brown, O’Shea or Evra catch any flak, because this was a rock solid showing.

    Fundamentally we could have lost, because we played a risky strategy by letting them have the ball so much, but Fergie knows what he’s about. I don’t think we had a single weak link out there today.

    My only criticism was that for about half an hour we were playing the ball forward very aimlessly. I mean literally ball over the top to nothing, but that soon sorted itself out, and really once those passes got their range we were in business.

  31. RedScot says:

    @MG, What does that mean mate, you mean you have been missin my little “Explosions” to tip the balance. :D
    It was a superb performance, my faith semi restored, that we might even have a chance at the Champions league.I did watch the Barcelona V Arsenal game at at Nou Camp, we can do a lot better than them their on todays showing of both teams.
    any ways I diversify from the topic, sorry mind running into overdrve.
    Cya be lucky :;

  32. MG says:


    Missin you RedScot ;)

  33. Dave Malaysia says:

    Thank you Edwin for that brilliant performance.

    Im so happy for u Wes Brown,u took yr oppurtunity and did well today.Welcome back.

    I said before that the Da Silva twins were wingers when we signed them and said they cud possibily play in that position for us some day, I got hammered by some u idiots in here.

    Those watching the reserves will know Fergie trying out Fabio in midfeild and in the wings.It works.

    Today they worked thier socks off ,contained arses down the flank and raced foward to assist Chicarito upfront,Brilliant.

    Rooney worked the center from defence ,midfeild to foward attacks. Superb.

    Fergie has explained his actions,came out fighting and had a go at a few idiots who deserved it.

    As I was reading the other articles in here ,I saw some morons from somewhere come in here and have a go at Fergie and the team and us supporters.Time to ban them?

    Saw marseille manager in the stands,he must be confused,if he thot he was going to see a team he will challenge on tuesday, he must be dissapointed.

    Well looks like Fergie’s circle the wagons and seige mentality worked. Now for tuesdays battle.

  34. JOSEPH says:

    any news on Carrick and Fletch for Tuesday?

  35. Costas says:


    I agree. The twins get a lot of praise, as they should, but lets not forget that they had a rock solid unit behind them. Brown, Gibson and O’Shea among them.

  36. Dave Malaysia says:

    Dear Valencia so happy to see u back like u were never away,we missed u.
    Welcome back brother,God Bless you and your family.

    God bless Manchester United.

  37. wayne says:

    fucking gooners calling for wengers head is stupid,i know the guys a cunt but over the last 6 years since the emirates got built has mantained a competitive side without spending much money i’m guessing been pretty restricted and out of all utds rivals i respect him the most as a football mind.fucking rentboys and bitters are just disgusting and the dippers has always been first class cunts.who can go their and replace him? i know its not a popular opinion but wenger is a top class manager.

  38. who-cares-we-always-win says:

    I love Hernandez more and more everyday! i hope we get young and Sanchez in the summer though!

  39. Maheep says:

    my version of HD highlights baby, your feedback will be appreciated !!!

  40. Nifle says:

    Hmm.. Maybe Fabio has found a new place to play! :)


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