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VIDEO: Fellaini in action against West Brom

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. Dan Young says:

    chelsea (conceded 22)

    city (conceded 27)

    everton (conceded 27)

    average height of top 3 defences in the league : 1.87m

    united (conceded 31)

    jones is 2 cm’s off the average height of the 3 best performing defences in the league. his height is not a worry atall. what we do need to worry about is his injuries, but he should grow out of that.

    ask anichebe what he thinks of jones’ ability to defend after this…

  2. samuel - united WE stand says:

    ashtheking – it’s not personal vendetta, he’s done nothing to me on a personal level so why would i have something against fellaini? i’m just judging him on a footballing basis.. he’s played well in the enough in the 2 games and i did acknowledge that but it hasn’t erased doubts over him.. he’s a good player but if you place fellaini into the levels united want to reach and i’m talking competing against the very best in the game then he falls short.. this doesn’t make him a bad player (i repeat he is not a bad player), he is a good footballer but i think united need more than he offers, i just don’t envisage him as a regular starter when quality purchases are made and when a couple of the younger players step up. Fellaini may well be vital in terms of being an alternative but i can’t see him being an undroppable force in that central mid, i don’t see him as a regular in the long run. Let’s not forget he is at his peak too, these factors are all added to the issue. I have nothing against him, i’m simply stating it how it is

    This is not about me tarnishing fellaini, i’m analysing his every attribute on the pitch, this is where my conclusions of him as a player comes from.. it is nothing personal or whatever people want to assume.

    Tommy – you said his lack of movement was due to his back and wrist injury but you are neglecting the fact i’ve said numerous of times that i’ve been watching him before he arrived at united, when he was getting his rave views and fully fit, i spotted the same problems but it wasn’t an issue, he was an everton player at the time.. it isn’t just about mobility, i did say he could he could get about the pitch but there are other concerns that will hold him back from really being a major player in the long term.. He is a good player but my view is, he won’t be a regular as soon as quality players are purchased in that area..he may well be vital as an alternative to the regulars.. IF he proves me wrong on a consistent basis and somehow delivers quality against top top players and he somehow eradicates his weaknesses, i will accept my wrong

  3. tallestreD says:

    Fletch I don’t see what height has got to do with it in a long run. When the deliveries are good and spot on, no height would save you. If you don’t mark opponents because you have height, then you will be battered. Take Barca and United CL final for instance, Messi scored with his head in between Ferdinand and Vidic. So I still say height is good but not the be all and end all.

  4. NefariousVirtuoso88 says:

    Phil Jones will be fine because its not all about height but aggression and attacking the ball. Vast majority of aerial duels are won by the person who wants it more.

    Fabio Cannavaro was a world class defender. He would have made it in any league as an elite player.

  5. WeAreUnitedd says:

    spot on about Fellaini, for me he will be a quality squad player who will fil lthe woes, but is he what we need to compete against the likes of Barca, Bayern Juve Madrid PSG etc?

    this is what people can’t see, BUT I do rate him, but not higher than what he is, a very good squad player. UNLESS he plays brilliantly against the big boys City Chelsea Arsenal Bayern etc

    BTW it’s hugely worrying that after 2 very good games, not exellent YET, people are more trhan happy. Like I said I rate him, but if Moyes starts thinking and being happy like many of you guys about Fellaini then I am afraid Moyes will put his whole trust only in Fellaini and maybe get only 1 midfielder.

    I don’t know, we’ll see.

  6. Fletch™ says:

    Ok, job done. Kids fed….

    Dan Young is the only one who has an arguement that stands up.
    The rest of you are using comparisons that will never be testable as leagues/styles/Refs vary.

    So it comes down to 3 things

    1 Ability and positioning at CB. All agree Jones has it and no problems there.
    2. Managers willingness to pick him. Fergie and Moyes have both tested Jones and seem to use other combinations when fit. Evans is crocked and WBA are ponces, not much of a test. At the end of the day, THIS is the only thing that matters and all will agree that Jones is not first choice for 2 united managers or for england. But give him time and who knows. The lad is young.

    3. What is Jones correct height?

    Wikipedia and ESPN had 5’11 or 6’0 until very recently, now both list 6’2, hence the confusion.
    Several sites also list 1.80 or 1.85. In short, who the heck knows.

    Hear are some other indicators:

    Craig Norwood ManUtd Photographer posted this in 2011

    Craig Norwood ‏@CraigNorwood 8 Jun 2011
    Phil Jones,….. Height 5′ 11″ (180cm) Weight 11st 2lbs (70.82kg)

    So, did dear old Phil grow 3″ since 2011?

    Photos of him next to Carrick, Vidic, John Terry and Joleon Lescott (all 6’2) show him shorter.
    Photos of him next to RvP (6’0) show him about the same height.
    Photos of him next to Sir Alex (5’11) show him about the same height.

    I’ll give him 6’0, maybe 6’1″ But nowwhere near 6’2″

    We all want Phil Jones to do well.
    I think we all agree that his “natural” position is CB.
    So why do 3 managers all tend to use him at CB only when taller lads are not available or are being rested?
    That is the only question.
    Is it ability on the ball? possibly not
    Is it Age/experience? possibly
    Is it height at the position? possibly so as well

  7. Dan Young says:

    basically what we can conclude with is that we will see… haha

    what i will say though is that saf chose jones and evans in his last ever game and stated its a look into the future of the club (my opinion is that it would have been jones smalling if smalling wasnt injured). and even said he could be the best ever for united

    and moyes has came out and said jones and smalling could be the centre back pairing for england at the world cup.

    lets hope hes no longer being seen as the future when hes 25 as thats far too late. if we bring william carvalho in this summer, in my opinion, that will put an end to speculation to him being a midfielder

  8. Gary Mitrovic says:

    Tommy, completely off topic so I’ll keep it short. I’ve just seen the Froch Groves square off Wembley and Froch is quite frankly embarrassed himself. I’ve gone right off the bloke. If someone is not stroking his ego enough he’s lost for words and starts stuttering incoherently. Mark my words mate, Groves is going to do a number on him and I can’t wait to see it.

  9. NBI Red 21 says:

    Didn’t see the game. It’s good to win ofcourse but these one-off’s against bottom half teams fighting off relegation is really not much to get excited about and the fact people do shows how far we have fallen. We have not won a game against a team in the top half since the Arsenal game early season last year.

    We all thought Moyes would stick with a winning formula for Olympiakos post CP. But it was the usual case of one small step forward and two huge ones back.

    Let’s see if Moyes can resist the urge to tinker again.

    On Fellani. I was OK with him coming in. Didn’t see him in the game but he has a lot to do to stake him claim. Saying that I think he is better than Cleverly as he actually looks to make things happen and get forward. His time playing as an attacking player may give him that edge. His passing range and speed is suspect. Paired against a little dynamo like Mascherano he may be sorted. But neither him nor Carrick have pace and that will show against better opposition where his tacking errors resulting from a lack of speed are more likely to be exposed. But he seems an improvement on what we had though not the MF we were thinking of.

    Rumours Cleverly gets a 5 year deal? Jeez……

  10. Dan Young says:

    nbi – fellaini showed rgeat pace in the game against west brom and was everywhere. people just assume hes slow cause his size but he actually has good pace

    as for the bit about talking about beating west brom i would argue its the mentality of champions. if you dont brag or enjoy a win against a bottom team then you are complacent. if you are complacent you wont win anything. its the games you win and grind out against bottom half teams that contribute a huge amount to winning championships. the moment a team thinks west brom are just a pile of shit that can easily be brushed aside is exactly the mentality you want to keep away from. infact i bet thats the mentality liverpool and chelsea had when all they got were draws recently.

    so whilst i kinda see your point about us getting excited about beating west brom .. its simply the mentality we have got from supporting the most successful british team of the last 20 years who see every game as a must win and give our all to beat everyone as at the end of the day its our 11 against their 11, anyone can win

  11. Fletch™ says:

    James Wilson with a very nice goal

    U21′s 1 up at Molineux, v wolves

  12. Fletch™ says:

    Wolves 0 ManUtd U21 2 (79′)
    James Wilson double!!!

    What a player!

  13. Dan Young says:

    fletch – im going to side with for this one haha…

    james wilson now has a hattrick – hes going to be such a big player for us in the future, he fits the system we are using at the moment and his pace will piss off loads of defences. hes like a robert lewandowski with the running technique of gareth bale. hopefully he can keep progressing and reach that level!

  14. m09538061 says:

    Final Score:Wolverhampton Wanderers U-21s 0
    Manchester United U-21s 3.
    Hat-Trick from James Wilson.
    Nobody went in his ‘Zone’.
    That’s why he scored a Hat-Trick

  15. Fletch™ says:


    Wolves 0 ManUtd U21 3
    James Wilson hat trick!!
    Lad is a player, no doubt!!!

    James Wilson post match:

    Adnan Januzaj inspires that first team opportunities can come! Top lad

  16. Fletch™ says:

    Dan Young! :lol:

    6ft 0.828 inches. Just under 6’1″ via the premier league

    As we were then?
    (ESPN, Wiki and manutdinfo all wrong but that count)

    Gods it’s tough being a fan ;)

  17. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Agreed on wilson.. The potential is frightening. Technically spot on.. He has the physical presence and running power to go with.. His finishing is lethal as it can be.. He’s made the step up from under 18′s to the under 21′s… can see him going pre season and may even be pushing the first team at this rate.

  18. keanoisdaman says:

    Great hat trick from Wilson…..deadly with either foot…hope he progress`s into the first team.

  19. WeAreUnitedd says:

    I have said it time and time again

    Adnan Januzaj is what Ryan Giggs was to the class of 92. I remember watching the documentary and there the lads were saying that Giggs put a high standard, and all the youngsters knew that if you wanted to play for United you needed to get to his level.

    Our young lads are impressive Januzaj Wilson Pereira Lingard M.Keane Janko W.Keane Thorpe

    hopefully all of them gets their chances, the closest ones are those first 5, also we can add Angelo Henriquez into it and Zaha

    Basically we need to get rid of deadwood so these lads get at least bench-time instead some past it players.

  20. Fletch™ says:

    Video of James Wilson hat trick v Wolves

    Lads have finally started putting together some form
    4 wins in a row
    4 clean sheets.

    Hard to put a senior team together w/ loans etc

  21. Tommy says:


    Jones has been in the same boat as Smalling with managers seldem selecting them as CBs, but I willl put it down to lack of experience, theirs a lot of talented CBs who get shunted all over the place due to inexperience because it is the one position where concentration is a must and young players switch off sometinmes during games

  22. Tommy says:


    Disagree mate, Froch took Groves lightly last time, wont happen again, a late stoppage or KO infront of Groves people, Groves shouldnt have ever even got a world title shot, hes a lucky boy that he will be a very rich man albeit with another defeat haha

  23. RedOne says:


    Well, I think that both managers rather used Jones as some sort of fix for our poor midfield, considering we had 4 quality defenders already. And the third manager, probably international, wouldn`t want to select a player unproven in that position if he has experienced quality players that play in that position week in week out. So it`s Fergie`s and Moyes` fault that Jones didn`t establish himself yet in CB and consequently isn`t trusted there for England.

    Don`t think it has anything to do with the height. He`s tall enough and should have been established in CB already, but this midfield problem wasted Jones` time to develop properly as the centre half.

    @Dan Young

    Agree with you completely. We should be glad we got 3:0 win. Remember this is the team which started our doom last year. They re clearly not in the same form, but could beat us again if we were poor enough to let them. Every match is on its own and lot of different variables count towards the final score. So personally Im happy and glad for every win we achieve, not only because it`s a win but also because of things it brings with it. And yes these results count a lot.


    Lets say we had lost the two matches against arsenal and the home one against chelsea and all the others vs top teams like we did. On the other hand we had won all of these types of matches, where would we be on the ladder now? =)

    I know those are special matches, but like said before, there a lot of little things that count towards the final score of the match. It`s the tactics, fitness, motivation, general atmosphere at the club, daily form, luck, referre….and on….And we got the job done for a long time now. This also goes to Fergie who grinded out the results, kept the good atmoshpere, was good motivator and had influence over the referres, amongst other things. So he took away a lot of variables that could hurt the team in the long run. But now when Moyes is manager, all these things are going to hunt us.

    So with the quality we possess in the team, it could either floursih and we could be beating teams week in week out or it goes like it went. But with this approach you can only do it for as long as the flow goes. It`s like poker if you know what I mean. When it runs it runs and when not you are going to lose it all. But with eliminating as many variables that could hurt you, you`ll probably lose the minimum or even get in the green numbers. Same as being a manager if you ask me or infact everything in life….unless you are one of those who no matter what they do, they always get lucky=)

    So Moyes` career at United for now is similar to a bad poker player or a player who had a steady income at previous poker room than switched the room and got into a downswing. And instead of keeping it calm, he lost his grip and just make this downswing look even worse than it was…..

  24. Tommy says:


    Agree on U21s, Its amazing what Joyce does really, He has used 39, yes 39 different players this season, The defence is always spot on even when he uses fullbacks in CB and midfilders in CB, we always have a great defensive record every year. On Wilson I dont know what is his best foot, hes equally as good with his left and his right, all he needs is 1 sighting at goal and bang, like in the 2nd today, 1st touch left the defender dead and bang great finish, Shame he didnt get a header for his 3rd then it would of been the perfect hattick, left foot, right foot and head, but he looks like hes going to be some player, probably next year will come too early for him, maybe a loan move 1st but he will go on the tour, bet if he is available for loan their are many takers.

  25. Dan Young says:

    cant wait for next season. hopefully see james wilson either get a few oportunities at first team or see him go out and show what hes got in the championship.

    agree with the praise for warren joyce. hes doing an amazing job. its such a lazy comparison but it has got alot in common with the class of 92. i just hope we bring in kroos, carvalho shaw and possibly griezmann or reus and go to a 4-1-4-1 which we have been basically playing in our last 2 premier league games.

    i dont believe in jinxing so i dont mind saying this but the liverpool game could be very interesting. theres just so much good news coming from the club this week and you could see it in our play on saturday that it was all coming back to them.

    world record nike kit deal, u21′s putting in a great performance, a 3-0 win against a team that beat us at home earlier in the season, kroos coming out and saying he likes the premier league and no champions league is okay with him. its just all adding to the good mood everyone will be in, and happy players are much better players.

    not to mention the 6 ft 2 giant that is phil jones being back to snuffle suarez out ;) hahaha

  26. The_red_devils says:

    for your theory that jones not picked at cb for lack of height, don’t you think smalling would be playing all the games as he has more height than vidic, ferdinand, evans and jones??
    Sure defenders need height but height isn’t as important as you are trying to make it out. Also jones height is good enough.
    Jones lack of game at the back is down to two reasons:
    1) injuries,
    2) lack of option in our midfield.

  27. Tommy says:

    @Dan Young

    I know the U21s is not about results, its about preparing players for 1st team or a career away from United, and theirs a lot less pressure, but I would say its one of the hardest jobs Joyce has got, Its next to impossible predicting what players he will have available from week to week with the amount of players that leave on loan on an almost weekly basis, yet his side is always well organised, kudos to Joyce and Nicky Butt who is working with the 21s

  28. Tommy says:


    I would put it down to his age to be honest, Defenders dont mature until a lot later than mids/forwards genrally, concentration is a key aspect of a defenders game and young people lack the concentration for that position, You rarely see world class CBs at Jones age compared to midfielders and forwards, Whilst hes not a midfielder his spell in midfield will have done him the world of good with regards to distribution of the ball from the back, just my thoughts

  29. Dan Young says:

    tommy – yeah definitely. the most impressive thing is though that they are maintining a high performance whilst pissing about with lineups. larnell cole has played at left back at times, same with cleverley a while back. ekangamane came as a striker and now he plays as a deep lying midfielder who sometimes smashes a rocket from 30 yards and can fill in at the back. saidy janko is the latest playing as a winger to improve his attacking play but will be back up for rafael in the future.

    im starting to worry about zaha though. his attitude is evidently poor and he hasnt improved on anything atall since he arrived. when players like james wilson/januzaj and still to this day rooney stay behind to improve on their finishing and end product zaha will be on his way home in his porsche. dont get me wrong im a huge fan of zaha but he just dosnt seem to want it enough

    also another thing i could rant about for hours. we currently have jones, smalling, welbeck, james wilson, lingard, powell, keane and maybe even januzaj, all could represent england, all improving their game at united being taught by united and we get fuck all praise for it. city and chelsea have players like rodwell, bertrand, richards, lescott, josh mceachran on their books and they do fuck all to help the player improve then sell him to bring in some spanish or brazilian and then you get pundits praising the size of their squad. fucks me right off

  30. Redfrog says:

    Tommy, how old is Wilson mate ? From what your are saying he looks like a great player in the making. Would like to see him play.

  31. Dan Young says:

    wilson is 18, not 19 till december. if you wana know a bit more about him he has insane pace, alot of power, quick off the mark, great with his right or left whether its in the 6 yard box or 25 yards out. he has a good free kick on him too (however not as good as pereiras). he can play on either wing as a number 10 or a main striker. he dosnt stop running and rarely gives up on a ball thats meant for him. he was insanely prolific in the under 18′s last year and looks like a leader already for the under 21′s even though most around him are older. he is english. his playing style is close to lewandowskis with the power and pace of bale. if he manages to maintain his current high standards for u-21′s into the first team we have a future world beater on our hands. hes also got pretty big shoulders so could have the same sort of upper body strength as bale if he spends a bit more time in the gym.

    basically in short if bale magically formed a vagina and allowed lewandowski to enter him and then bale popped out a baby .. that baby has now grown up and is currently playing football for uniteds under 21′s

  32. WeAreUnitedd says:


    I truly hope these players james wilson, pereira, lingard, powell, zaha, m.keane janko and angelo henriquez have a place in the squad next season.

    this aquires us to

    Vidic sold, Ando to be sold, fabio sold, Macheda to be sold, Rio to retire/mvoe to USA, Giggsy retire, Young to be sold, Nani unfortunately will be sold (I myself would sell Valencia but won’t happen, can’t see it happen). Carrick to play part-time + Fletcher to be shown little way, chicha to be sold unfortunately.

    bring 2 quality midfielders, 1 left back. 1 centerback.

    It would be 8 out, 2 as part-time players, 4 transfered. and 8 youngster in (2 strikers, 2 wingers, 1 CB, 1 RB, and 2 midfielders.

    This would leave us with a quality starting eleven with experience
    + quality youngsters who are ready and eager to step-in,
    and if it does not go well immediatelly, at least we know that our future is now,
    basically that we are moulding them in and if it means 4-5th place I’d better take it with those players than with some deadwood + past-it players who are there only to be squad players with no ambition.

    this would be the most ideal way of doing it.

  33. Redfrog says:

    @Thanks Dan Young.

  34. The_red_devils says:

    yes, jones age is still very young for a center back, center backs start hitting thier prime late, around 25-26. Jones has age is his side, i hope he keeps out injuries and develops into a top class cb which he is capable of. Not saying playing at midfield did him any harm, i think it may help him gain more composure/calmness when on the ball but it did affect his chances for center back.

    Dan young
    good analysis of wilson. I think Pereira, janko and pearson are also highly rated from that squad.

  35. WeAreUnitedd says:

    I just read this and giggled like a little girl who laughed for the first time

    @dan young quote:

    “basically in short if bale magically formed a vagina and allowed lewandowski to enter him and then bale popped out a baby .. that baby has now grown up and is currently playing football for uniteds under 21′s”

  36. Dan Young says:

    we are united – i think of all our current youngsters, under the age of 23, the ones i think that will be a part of united in 5 years time are…

    welbeck, james wilson, pereira, janko, michael keane, jones, smalling, rafael, ben pearson, powell, angelo henriquez, lingard, de gea, johnstone.

    this summer i think we will sell: young, valencia, vidic, ferdinand, cleverley, anderson, nani, macheda, buttner, bebe and unfortunately hernandez

    and bring in: toni kroos, william carvalho, luke shaw, griezmann and possibly mangala depending if we get rid of jones, smalling, evans or keane.

    thereddevils – yeah definitely, all playing in a higher age group aswell. i think you can add varela into that list but i think janko is the only reason he wont make it to the first team at united cause janko is a right back. love ben pearson though, hes the ultimate mop, he cleans everything up. i’d hate to play against him

  37. Dan Young says:

    weareunited – glad it made you chuckle haha, feel free to use it yourself!

  38. Tommy says:

    @Dan Young

    Yea agree with Zaha, earlier in season at a 21s game, he was on bench and I was thinking, why is a member of the first team squad on bench for a 21s game, it turned out he was due to start the game and turned up 45 mins late for when the team was expected to arrive at the stadium, Now he should really be one of the players who should be thinking I will have to impress with the right attitude yet hes arriving late not good that, How short the options available to Joyce was summed up tonight, on the bench was schoolboy Tosin Kehinde, who has barely even played for the 18s, He came on with 5 minutes to go.

  39. The_red_devils says:

    Dan young
    in my opinion, powell, lingard, zaha and m.keane should be given chance in first team next year and send likes of wilson, pearson, janko, pereira on loan as it is hard to give game time to all.

  40. Tommy says:


    Sometimes people go overboard with our young players, out of the people you mentioned, “james wilson, pereira, lingard, powell, zaha, m.keane janko and angelo henriquez” James Wilson I am convinced will be a first team player, Pereira will depend how he develops in the next 2 years but is no where near ready for a place in the first team squyad, Lingard and Keane are both 21 years old, its now are never for them with Keane I would actually be shocked if he made it at United but he will have a good career in the game, Lingard is very talented, I believe hes out of contract in the summer and my gut feeling is hes not quite at the level required, Powells got a major chance, Zaha will have to sort his attitude out if hes to make it at OT, Janko (and Varella) are both extremly talented and their is a potential 2nd choice RB available, maybe either of them will grab it next season, Henriquez is a poacher, not really set the world alight in the spanish 2nd division, some say the era of out and out poachers is over, Has he got an all round game thats good enough? Im not so sure, I garentee all of them wont make it at United mate, they say if you get 1 player coming from the academy every era, then your doing well, be interesting how many go on the tour, Wilson, Zaha, Powell are definates and Lingard if hes still here, maybe one of the RBs, the rest cant see it this summer anyway

  41. Tommy says:

    I must also say that Rothwell had a good game tonight, the lads had an horendous time with injuries but has been playing regular all season so has overcome all his problems and Pearson who I am a big fan of, Those 2 lads have been playing together since the age of 7 or 8 and have a great understanding of each other, a couple of top lads

  42. NBI Red 21 says:

    @ Dan Younh – Jury is out for me on Fellani, need to see more of him at United, but the more he plays it seems the more he is viewed positively. On West Brom game, get your point, but my point is beating teams like West Brom should not be the highlights of our season, every win is important and a cause for celebration but the wins we are getting against poor teams are being treated like evidence of way more than they are.

    @ Red One – agree. Moyes is like a poker player who is gazumped at the high roller table and not sure how to play it.He really needs to get it through his head that he needs to figure out his starting XI, stop the bloody tinkering and let the team settle. Also didn’t see the game but it sounds like more evidence that RVP and Rooney are not a match on pitch.

  43. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Too early to proclaim who won’t make it.. Development as it is takes time for all individuals.. I think time will tell for some of them.

  44. Fletch™ says:

    DailyMail claim United have opened talks re holding midfielder William Carvalho with Sporting Lisbon

  45. Fletch™ says:

    Mail also point out that Rooney has just reached a milestone in league goals

    Rooney has scorred more than 10+ goals & 10+ assists in 5 seasons.
    Eric Cantona achieved it in 4 seasons
    Frank Lampard, in 4 seasons as well.

  46. Tommy says:


    I get your point but when you reach age 21 and your still not in the first team squad then thats the time its make or break, The Keanes, Lingard, Thorpe, are all 21 now, so if its not happening now then your thinking maybe it never will at OT, They will all have good careers in the game tho even if they do move away from United

  47. Chris says:

    I didn’t get to see the game because of damn work commitments but very glad of the win and hopefully a good confidence boost ahead of the match with the dippers then City…

    I’m also glad to hear that Fellaini played well because we are desperate for somebody to stand up in midfield and put a performance in seeing as everybody else seem to have gone MIA thus far.

  48. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Tommy – agreed. It’s a pity will keane hasn’t pushed ahead as I thought he would.. That injury and the long time out seems to have dented his game.. I agree that 21-22 is the cut off point.. That’s why moyes needs to start giving some of them more opportunities.. Lingard for me deserves one.. Powell surely will step up to the first team.. They all won’t make it but if 2-4 step up and become key players then that’s wonderful. We will see in time.

  49. Mark Haslam says:

    Fellaini has had his fair share of critics since joining United. Its been negative for him right from the start with the summer Transfer saga and people saying hes like a fish out of Water and a panic buy. Which I disagree with.
    We have to remember what this guy has done to us over the last few seasons. He cut through our midfield light butter. His strength and Aerial skills have completely dismantle teams. Hes a great fiery player and I have no doubt when he settles we will start seeing results. He just needs time and support.


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