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VIDEO: First ever footage of Manchester United

This game was played at Turf Moor and United won 2-0, thanks to a goal from Dick Pegg and an own goal. This was a Division 2 game in a season where United went on to finish 5th.

The team that played that day was: Herbert Birchenough, Bert Read, Herbert Rothwell, Alex Downie, Billy Griffiths, Jack Banks, Alf Schofield, Jack Peddie, Dick Pegg, Charlie Richards and Daniel Hurst, with an average age of 26-years-old.

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  1. ginger prince says:

    If any of these midfields are still around Moyes should bring them out of retirement !


  2. ginger prince says:

    *midfielders !

  3. Squeaky says:

    Owen Goal is a legend!

  4. brett1985 says:

    Was the coverage provided by ITV?

  5. Gaffer says:

    love refs oufit

  6. MisterDavid says:

    Herbert, Dick, Alf, Billy, Jack – proper names!

  7. Peter says:

    I’m guessing manchester was the team wearing the white shorts.

  8. Stewart Hill says:

    Wow! What wonderful, evocative footage!! Hair on the back of the neck job!!

  9. Giles Oakley says:

    It’s wonderful to see this footage but it’s not new, it’s been available n You Tube for ages, and has been shown on BBC2 in a documentary about the film-makers. I refer to it in my RoM e-book Red Matters when discussing the expression ‘the United’ (plug plug). Its still brilliant to see, nonetheless. In fact I think I’ll have another look!

  10. Giles Oakley says:

    I’m puzzled why an earlier post of mine has been excluded by whoever moderates the blog. I just pointed out that this film of United in 1902 is not ‘new’. It has been available on You Tube for ages and was used in a BBC2 documentary two or three years ago.I referred to the footage in my RoM E-book Red Matters, where I discuss the use of the term ‘the United’. The film is brilliant, not because of the quality of the print but because of its historical significence.

  11. Gyan Riggs says:

    Just imagine if we could go back in time and show those lads what Manchester United and football in general have become. Wonder what they would have thought about it?

  12. Reaver4United says:

    That would be laughing and saying “that’s not british.”


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