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VIDEO: Fletch, Vidic and Berbatov Goals vs Everton

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. MG says:

    Time to all grow beards – well excuse our wonderful United Ladies – until we win away and win good

    : )

  2. Costas says:

    Even at the biggest lows, you can always say could be worse, we could be scouse.

  3. rooney the new king says:

    well we all talked about the one area that is a major problem that could stop united winning the league all summer? the lack of strength in depth in the middle of the park. carrick is no longer the force he was, hargreaves and anderson are crocked, and playing scholes nearly every game is not a benifit to united when he would be a great asset if he was rotated. Look at the benifts we have had giggs when he is used in certain games. We had this problem when we failed to replace keane it humiliated united in europe in the 05/06 season and we were well off the pace in the premiership until january 2006 when we got going.

    But these reasons are no excuse for a 2 minute collapse of throwing away a 2 goal lead.

  4. rooney the new king says:

    well we all knew liverpool would be one of the most toothless teams in the premiership

  5. willierednut says:

    Torres is playing like he doesn’t want to be there, but i expect a different player next week.

  6. says:

    Is cole eligible for the game against us?

    without kuyt they looked stale today, except for reina who made 2 amazing saves….

  7. willierednut says:

    Coles available again, that was the last match of his ban.

  8. Chicharito14 says:

    What happened to scott.i hope he didnt hang himself after yersterday’s late shock

  9. sprite says:

    it usually takes 1 or 2 days for him to swallow defeats, then he will be back with a dozen of posts..

  10. obertanthenewstar says:

    i dnt understand why he posted the goals when the match was stil going on ?
    talk about cursing it!!! (JOKE)

  11. rooney the new king says:

    does anyone else agree the irony of september 11th that united were the twin towers yesterday because they very well did collapse

  12. willierednut says:

    The last person out of ROM, please turn off the lights?

  13. denton davey says:

    Costas @ 15:57: ” I’ve never predicted a Fergie line up correctly. If I am not mistaken, Fergie han’t played the same team in consecutive matches for the 128 games. But, I know I will get one of them correct one of these days!”

    That’s kinda like the blind squirrel finding a nut. Or a monkey writing Shakespeare. Really, predicting SAF’s team sheet is an impossible business for us on the outside. I’ve (mostly) given up trying but sometimes I can help myself —– and it seems you can’t, either.

  14. Costas says:

    Sure is quiet here tonight. The Rangers game can’t come soon enough.

  15. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Don’t know where I went wrong saying Scholes looked tuckered the last 20 minutes.
    I trust we can due without him on 3 days rest. But then I am not the manager. If I was,
    Scholes would have been off for the last 15 minutes and I would have been screamin at the lads to get stuck in. We were ball watching for chunks of the game. Wash my mouth out, but even Fletch was less the terrier than was needed. At any rate, think some young blood would due nicely on Tuesday. Run those Rangers off the park! Come on United!

  16. FletchTHEMAN says:

    @RTNK, Not much funny in that, but hey, its a free blog. Something like 3000 people died that day that did nothing for it. Something like 200 kids in day care. 2 days later, something like 15 NYC fire department houses were empty or missing the majority of their lads because it was there duty to be in the stair wells of those towers as they came down. I knew a great lad on the Boston to LA flight that died that day as well. Lucky as it was, no one died yesterday. In the end, this is just a game.

  17. FletchTHEMAN says:

    All, sorry about typos, sheesh!

  18. bigphil2003 says:

    Agree with Fletchtheman, that was bad taste. Dropping two points is hardly comparable to all the people that died that day.

  19. willierednut says:

    Rooney wants to play on Tuesday.

  20. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    I miss singing “you can fuck ur henry you can fuck ur henry,Rudd has come & he’s gonna score 3 , nistelrooy is coming to town

  21. rooney the new king says:

    FletchTHEMAN – did I make fun of the disaster NO. so dont tell me I was taking the piss out of one disaster that is a small fraction on other disasters that have been poked fun of. WW1 WW2 countless times parodys have been made fun of those 2 wars. south park themselves took the piss out of war vietnam which was 10 times worse than something like 9/11. They also made fun of steve irwin not once, not twice, but 3 times after his death. titanic disaster has been made fun of countless times which is worser taste than what I said. and I used uniteds collapse saterday has a medephore on the the towers themselves not the PPL.

  22. FletchTHEMAN says:

    @RNTK, Right, like I said, just not for me.

  23. rooney the new king says:

    and it was the same date has that disaster. there is a difference making fun of 9/11 and using a medephore on uniteds 2 minute collapse like the towers structure wise not comparing disasters, It is not making fun of a disaster it was in a short sentance that how the hell united collapsed in 2 minutes, because what happened saterday was a shocker but it was not making fun of 9/11 rant over

  24. FletchTHEMAN says:

    @GHTT, like the sentiment. Miss the fact that we didn’t see more of RVN.
    He was class for me. Went to early IMO. Cheers.

  25. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    only thinking about Ruud today and I think Sir Alex let him go right on time- in fact maybe 6 months to late- but anyway while he wass here and his head was 100% inti the team and the game he was unreal-a true number 10

  26. RedScot says:

    Cheers Big Phil, yes you dont want to cross me in real life. lmao A pure nutter.
    I was just very low and thinking of what might have been after the Cottage and then again at the Toffee’s.
    I am not the most knowledgable lad on the blog as far as United is concerned, but being Scottish a determined Cunt.
    I sorta get my heckles up when posters call me a Dick head on a blog, its just a trait i have.
    If you reread the thread on this occasion i did “Nowt” in (King Erics words wrong).
    I simply supported a lad that was saying the Glazer are not good for United. Not in my words as i would have said it, although he clearly read a few of my posts on here regards the Icons and there non existent replacements. i just felt , I will back him up.
    I am paraphrasing. Then a lad Manny wotever ,attacked me regards i know nothing about football, please I am Scottish its my first love football and United.I gave him two facts he was gone.
    Just because i dont always hang around blogs and stalk people, I read like crazy and digest.

    Hay mate its not over is it! lmao .FFS after the dust settles we all come up for air.
    In my opinion we are two points better off than the comparable two fixtures last season with 102 points to play for.

    On reflection and the cold light of day or night now, after a drunken 24 hour haze! We should have played Wayne he would have kept Evertons defensive line closer to Howard.They new clearly Berbatov(Mom) was starting from the centre circle and with is lightening speed can keep up with Nani.
    As was witnessed last season at the Emirates, three touches its in the Arsenal net. That was never going to happen on Saturday. Moyes is no Mug. He set his stall out to nulify us.

    What our team did not do, as we all know was close the game down, i like to think positive in these matters probably trying to get closer to Chelsays aggregate goals. there is the error. Going for it.

    I will never question Sir Alex thats basic stupidity me a mere supporter, he a Icon of Manchester united.
    I am glad you got a wee smile at my post to Mannyuntd, and no offense mate.
    With drink in me i am 9m foot tall bullet proof and invincible lol

    Onto the Gers game Tuesday, that will be fun, hope you can get to the Match, I cant.
    Will be on here hopefully and try and be very annoying lol.
    hope our esteemed moderator is well, maybe like us all just nursing United wounds.
    Cmon United.
    Believe…… just fucking do.

  27. Jerald Justin says:

    just my two cents. was absolutely gutted after letting go of 4 points like that. but after a day to cool down, I kinda saw the bigger picture in way, we got two points this season at grounds where we got ZERO last season.

  28. Jeet says:

    Late to the post, but couldnt bear logging in after Saturday’s match. Was watching it with a few reds in India’s first Utd. sports bar. Crowd was sad too…sigh…
    I hate saying “I told you so”, but I did voice my concerns about the defence and DMF positions when everybody was going on abt Ozil and how he would be the panacea to our ills. Not going over the top, early days and all, but I absolutely hated the Lame Arse(nal) manner in which we gave the pts. away – Wenger’s lot vs Blackburn anybody?

    And my worst fears are:
    1. What do we do if Rio, Vida or Evans get injured?
    2. What do we do if Fletch gets injured?
    3. Can Scholesy play Everton, Rangers and the Scouse over 8 days?
    The optimistic view is that Smalling/Gibson/someone will pick up and have the season of their lives. But cause for deep concern, you would agree…

    Last but not the least, SAF does puzle me with his decisions these days…why not play Rafael/Brown at all?!! Everybody says Rafael’s defensive play is weak, but except for that moment of madness, he had Ribery absolutely tucked up and put to bed. His speed and fearlessness would have restrcted Pienaar to no great extent. What’s the pt. of having Gibson if you ain’t gonna play him at 23? And Kiko? What’s the pt. of spending 25 m on promising talent (no problems – I love it), if you aint gonna give them a chance (it’s here that I have problems)? You could have bought an established star for that sort of money.

    And when we go 3-1 up, is it the Utd way to sit back and park the bus? Damn it, from then on we should have absolutely smashed the bastards. 5-2, away with Spurs anyone? Instead, we tried to shut shop and it fucking blew up in our collective faces. Common, we are Utd. , for crying out loud!!

    Big positives that I’ll draw on are Nani, VDS and Berba. I wont even talk about Scholes – right now he seems to be on a different planet, I just hope he can continue like this forever….

    PS: I hear Rooney is available for the Rangers. If we go 4-5-1, does that mean Berba sits out? What a fucking shame.


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