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VIDEO: Fletcher, Carrick and Valencia’s Goals Against Everton

Original Video – More videos at TinyPic

Michael Carrick and Antonio Valencia‘s goals.

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. KJ says:

    haha can I at least get credit for posting this in your facebook status?

  2. Fletcherinho says:

    Darune Furecha Goooooooooooooooooo-ooooooooooooooooooooala!’ classic commentary!!! classic strike!
    Gooners lost, shittty & dipshits shared the spoilt spoils, what a lovely day!

  3. jamos9 says:

    VDS: Solid game 7

    RDS: Smooth performance after a while out of the side. Maybe it’s coincidence but we played better with a decent RB and it provided Valencia with great support….take note Jon O Shea. 7

    WB: Solid performance one ace tackle on Saha. 7

    NV: Well what can you say, back to his murderous best, I hope he keeps it that way. 8

    PE: ************************Man!! 10

    AV: Had a very industrious game full of good running and some end product…..see Park, both can be done. Obligatory deflected goal. 8

    MC: Best game of the season from him by far, he and Fletch bossed things in the centre. 8

    DF: Played a stormer, fast becoming the first name on the team sheet….is he really the same player of a few yrs ago? Captain material!! 9

    RG: Not his best game but still got an assist, I think he should’ve been replaced earlier by Obertan. 6

    WR: Didn’t really get going today, a tad dissapointing but he’ll come round soon. 6

    MO: I think he’s pretty much shot as a top league player as he should be sharper than he was today. Maybe he needs more games to get that sharpness but he really doesn’t do much to warrant a starting berth. 5

    Scholes: Did a grand job and got an assist. 7

    Obertan: Has that quelque chose de spécial. Just hope he can get more game time 6.5

    I thought we had our swagger back today and played with great tempo from the offing. A bit of fine tuning we’ll be back kickin it big time. We could do with a striker with pace up top, whether one of our young starlets wanna step up and stake a claim or we buy someone I think that may be the push we need up top to win something this year.If we had Saha up front instead of the ponderous Owen we’d have caned them.

  4. TheEvilDog says:

    Nice game from united today, pretty much domination from start to finish execpt a few times. Everton did look kinda lame, prolly because they miss some of their keyplayers, still that victory felt good and well deserved. Slow starter Carrick just keep getting better and better, as usual. Classy goal from Fletcher too. :)

  5. Jorgen says:

    Footballing genious:) Go Fletcher!

  6. jsos says:

    Was that Emily at the corner flag after Fletcher’s goal??? GHTT, was that you???

  7. Fze123 says:

    Giggs’s pass to Carrick was similar to the pass to Owen in the derby. And Fletcher’s goal was simply world class.

  8. King Eric says:

    Aside from a flat 20 min spell in the second half United played well today. The back 4 were solid, Great to have Vida back but Pat was fucking superb today. A better “winger” than Nani! Chuffed and pleased that all our goals came from the midfield. Carrick getting back to his best and seems a lot tougher in the tackle now and as I have been saying for months Fletch IS the best box to box midfielder in the league bar none. Some of the one and two touch passing and movement from our lads was spot on. Valencia is really growing into a United player. 7 goals in 2 seasons at Wigan and 4 in three months at United. Getting more and more confident by the game. Giggsy had a decent first half . Rooney wasn’t his usual self but still thought he had a good game. Was really starting to get about when he got subbed. Would have liked to see him score to shut the Scousers up. Berba would have had a field day today. Well it looks as though we are getting in the groove at last and without a couple of key players. The tempo was much better today. Thought Obertan looked quality again when he came on. Him and Pat are gonna be a right pairing. No Nani in squad. What was wrong with Berba? Nothing serious I hope. Bring on Pompey in the league and lets go on an unbeaten run. Fancy the rentboys to drop points next week.

    Great goings on over at the bitters and dippers. One fucking win in TEN for Rafa and 6 straight draws for Citeh. Possible title winners like the media were bleating in the summer? Not a fucking chance. They will both especially Citeh struggle to get top 6. Joking aside if it keeps going this way on Merseyside the dippers could go a similar way to Leeds. Cannot believe for the life of me why the Scousers are still happy for this clown to manage their club. Their recent form has been nothing short of Relegation form. Question is who will go first Hughes or Rafa?

    NB Forgot to say Scholesy was fucking great when he came on. His passing was outrageous and he was snapping in to tackles. Fucking legend.

    U-N-I-T-E-D United are the team for me.

    We’ll Never Die.

  9. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    Liverpool v city with Phil dowd as ref, Amd the sky didn’t fall in on top of them , anyone ever want to tell me there’s a god cam kiss my arse

  10. North Stand Tier 2 says:

    Good win – worst Everton side I’ve seen at OT for a long time though. They had essentially 6 defenders on at the start of the game. Shame Rooney didn’t really ever get going, he was pretty poor today in all honesty.

    Still think we are missing some creativity, pace and power in midfield and/or upfront. Obviously that’s the gap left by Ronaldo, which we still need to replace.

    But we are unquestionably improving, that’s two good performances in a row against tough opposition, and we are only 5 points adrift. We’ve opened a further gap over the Dipper’s, and gone above the Gooner’s today – so happy days all round.

  11. sprite says:

    we have a football genius
    thats darren fletcher
    son of roy keane

  12. Bebeto says:

    Good summaries so far. No point going over what’s been said, although:

    1. Darren Fletcher – Football Genius. United We Stand have done an interview with him. He’s honest and insightful. Not hard at all to see why he’s a fan favourite. Get your hands on a copy!

    2. In Rafa we trust. Christ, they looked shit. Sorry, but they can beat us all they want if they churn out that shit for 9 other games.

  13. King Eric says:

    Bebeto – Yeah I have got that interview to read. Just finished reading Red Issue, will move on to that after motd.

  14. mara says:

    “2. In Rafa we trust. Christ, they looked shit. Sorry, but they can beat us all they want if they churn out that shit for 9 other games.”

    What makes me angry, is that we lost 3 points from the team, who is not competetive for the title…So i wouldnt be laughing them…

  15. Bebeto says:

    mara, I understand your disappointment, but the dippers were naturally going to be up for it. The game was considered to be the one that would make or break their season. A lot more was at stake for them and didn’t it show. Not that it entirely excuses our display.

    I’ve said it elsewhere – it’s one thing to motivate yourself for your for a single game against your rivals, it’s another to maintain that consistency against the rest. We weren’t playing the same Liverpool that the bitters took a point off.

  16. jellybean says:

    @ Bebeto- that, is sooo true! everytime the dippers play us, they literally up their game 100%! they were pretty much defending the entire second half against city, cept for a bit towards the end! when city scored their second, i was like “damn, are we the only team that can’t fuckin’ beat them” then benny onion scored i was sooo happy! haha, probably the first time i ever felt that way about anyone from liverpool scoring! brilliant day!
    ps- was anyone watching the barcelona game? when henry came on, the commentator said, “perhaps he can give barcelona a hand now” hahahaha….i kind of hope we play barca again in the champions league, we’d kill ‘em…they’re def not looking as dashing as last year, and we’d have fletch!

  17. Doghouse says:

    I thought the whole team were great today. I was really glad to see another top drawer showing from Valencia as well as a very gutsy ninety minutes from Owen, he must be spending too much time with Rooney because he was getting stuck in like it’s cool. Which it is.

    I don’t think Rooney is actually seeing a dip in form so much as he is reaping the benefit of being man marked by the best any opposing team has in every game. His influence as a threat that the opponents need to contain is greater than just what he does on the ball.

  18. shebangsthedrums says:

    Can’t understand the flack Carrick has received this season. He’s been fantastic for us (3 seasons, 3 league titles, 1 champions league and 1 League cup). He’s had a bit of a slow start, but I’ve never doubted his quality and always felt he just needed to play in the middle with fletch. Definitely our best midfield pairing, (until the curly haired one comes back). Great result and performance today, really wanted Owen to score though and I hope Rooney gets back to goal scoring ways soon.

  19. King Eric says:

    Every team in the league plays like it’s their cup final against United. In a way it is harder for us to win the league season on season because of this.

  20. reDalerT says:

    why does obertan always lose the ball without pressure? few minutes into the sub and he outdribbles himself!

  21. Jassim Al-Thani -- Qatar says:

    Unbelievable stuff from Fletch … Very Zidane-esque !!!


  22. MU for life says:

    Viva Fletcher! Hala ManU

  23. Redbeard says:

    Anybody got any idea why Nani wasn’t playing?

  24. Nazr says:

    This is arguably one of our best performances so far this season. Amazing goal by Fletcher and another genius assist by Giggs to set up Carrick.

  25. ncyl says:

    God, I love this match! Great display. Watch this till 3 AM but worth it. Finally I can have a good sleep after what happened against dippers and rentboys.

  26. Eli @ Eli Shares says:

    Superb finishing by Fletcher, Carrick and Valencia!! Though I was hoping Rooney and Owen to have one under their name. Overall, United showed great performance by controlling most of the possession.

    Tim Cahill is a decent lad, I was expecting the worst when both him and van Der Sar going for the ball, he raised both of his legs just before he collide with VDS.

  27. Bob Koh says:

    enough said above…Glory Glory ManU!

  28. bchilds says:

    Fletch’s goal was a sublime strike, struggling to remember a better goal United have scored all season.

    Adds further weight to the Fletcher player of the season drum!

  29. Sunny says:

    Great control against Everton, never looked like they would score.

    Seeing Saha again sure brought thoughts to our clear need for a larger, stronger forward – thankfully Fergie has already done his January shopping with Mame Biram Diouf, a 6 foot 1 strong attacker. We also get Adem Ljajik – supposedly the new Kaka – which will give us options in attacking midfield.

    Chelski seem very consistent and their games during Cup of Africa seem very winnable even without Essien and Drogba, so it will be interesting to see if we are even more consistent with a necessary win against them at home this spring.

    4 in a row would be history and an unbelievable achievement! The media has not even tipped us to win 1 so it would be Fergies crowning moment.

  30. kel says:

    I remember when i was watching it on television, the commentator said this goal no keeper in the world could have saved. It gives me a creep up my body. Awesome goal from Fletcher.

  31. Kings says:

    Fucking lungs on that commentator!!!

  32. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    To all the fools who still do not understand why we dont refer to this club as “Man Utd”

    It basically depends on the respect you have for the Busby Babes who were the target of this outrageous insulting song, and their families, yes it happened a long time ago, but the fatal crash that ended the lives of so many people is remembered and mourned still to this very day.

    You find it so hard to type or say the words Manchester United or Man Utd or Man United , yet can say Liverpool, Barcelona, Arsenal ,Birmingham etc… then exactly how deep does your love for Manchester United really go?

    If SKY Sports uses it, that still doesnt make it okay, you can at least make the difference on this board and have respect for the Older supporters who find this term disgraceful, its no wonder that even the scousers can question the loyalty of most Manchester United supporters, its because of things like these that supporters are fighting each other about, honestly, if you cannot make the little effort to respect those offended by this term, then those kind of supporters referred to by the scousers is aimed at you….

    Even if you dont use the term in an offensive way, that makes no difference, its the history of this term that makes it offensive…

    Would you name your kid “Hitler” even though its just a name?? i hope not…cos then u would be a fool.
    Man U is not a term United fans refer to themselves as. The term is only used by other supporters as a complete and utter insult to our club. The “u” is meant to be “you” by the rival fans. An early example of its usage is this chant by West Brom fans: “Duncan Edwards is manure, rotting in his grave, man you are manure- rotting in your grave”. The origin of “Man u” is a song to insult the dead Duncan Edwards. Liverpool and Leeds fans copied this with their own man you /u versions to insult all of the lads who died at munich. “Man U Man U went on a plane Man U Man U never came back again” and.. “Man U Never Intended Coming Home” (if you combine the first letter of each word you get the word “munich”).

  33. themufc1999 says:

    Would’nt it be class if english commentaters were like this.

  34. Patlad says:

    Absolute peach from Darren, one of the most under-rated players in World football in my opinion! PS- How much better is Spanish commentary than English? We get Alan Green and the like and those lads go absolutley crazy, love it!

  35. parthi says:

    Go Fletcher Go!!


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