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VIDEO: Fletcher, Giggs and Park Goals Against Stoke

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. Rooney's Middle Finger says:

    Isn’t it anoying, that we always screw it up when its the easiest? I mean how hard is to beat Bayern, Lyon and Inter? All the best teams went out in the CL.
    Same thing about the league. It has never been so easy to win it and we still failed. Chelsea keeped bottling it, Arsenal were rubbish as usual dont even mention pool

  2. obertanthenewstar says:

    the reason why we lost the league is basically the united vs chelsea games..
    we fucked up against the lesser teams but so did chelsea..
    it was the 6 points that THEY ROBBED from us.. i repeat robbed…
    that is the reason why they won the league.. if that linesmen put his flag up.. we would be celebrating our 19th title right now.. as we would have won the league by 2 points
    fa finally screwed us out of the title.. cunts

  3. mattbw7 says:

    How embarrasing where the Stoke fans today, they mistook supporting thier own team and barracking us for supporting Chelsea, I dont mind having the piss taken out of us, we do enough of it ourselves but they showed the same small team charm that you get from Blackburn or Boro. Hope the dopey fuckers enjoyed their team getting smacked out of sight when we didn’t really play that well.

  4. ManchestHairUnited says:

    the red army will rise again!

  5. red_october says:

    @RMF I understand what you mean in terms of this season I guess, we lost games we should have won 5-0.

    I love Berbatov and I believe he needs to stay at United but I think we were short a striker this season.
    Scholes, Giggs, Neville are all legends but we also shouldn’t have to rely on them to score last minute goals to win us games.

    Our younger lads are coming into form nicely but I feel as though we are only preparing for the future while we are in the now and now is the best time to be winning trophy’s.

    We need to win the treble next season! It is our turn to dominate football.

  6. bchilds says:

    Well in the end it wasn’t quite good enough, I’m proud of our players though and our efforts to win a 4th straight title.

    Onwards and upwards, we’ll all be returning in August full of home and optimism.

  7. smokebreaksteve says:

    Well done boys. We did as much as we could have done today but,as with any team in transition,expectations are often bigger than reality.
    I, personally am proud of UTD this season because we have punched well above our weight for most of the season due to injuries and an almost gladitorial effort from the old guard of Giggs,Scholes and Neville.
    Truth is though,these guys are getting older by the day and surely cameo roles and not matchwinning roles are the most we can expect next season.
    Many plus points this season,notably Nani’s improved attitude and performances, Hargreaves’ return to first team play, Fletcher’s continual improvement and Rooney’s immense goalscoring efforts, almost forgetting Jonny Evans signing a new contract.
    I honestly think that by missing out on the title this year Ferguson now has genuine leverage when discussing the transfer budget with David Gill for next season. If we had won the title I think Gill would hold back with the money and say ‘As you were’ for next season.
    Congratulations Chelsea you are the Champions and any UTD fan who can genuinely dispute that is talking through his arse. Ancellottii is a humble guy with a genuine pedigree and I am sure SAF will have been the first on the phone to congratulate him. Chelsea are credible champions and as much as I hate the behaviour of some of their players I honestly cannot begrudge them the title this year.Shit happens.
    One thing I could not tolerate though would be the petulant behaviour of Drogba towards Lampard over Frank’s decision to take the penalty. Surely the team comes first and not the pursuit of the Golden Boot.
    Whether Mourinho goes to Real Madrid or not is of no concern to me but I truly hope that if he does he takes Drogba with him. I have just about had it with that fuckin big girl’s blouse.

    UTD Premiership Champions 2011. Thinking of having it tattooed on my arm but don’t want to look a twat next May like that Shiity fan

  8. bchilds says:

    @Rooney’s Middle Finger

    This years Champions League reminds me of 2000 and 2005, both times we could have added to our 3 crowns.

  9. FeZ14 says:

    The Red Army will indeed rise again.. there were many factors to this season’s poor performances and only one trophy.. but listen guys. We won a trophy, got furthers in the CL, challenged for the title right up till final day.. when any other team who had the type of injuries we had this season would’ve probably lost steam mid-season.

    I’m really gutted that those rent boys are celebrating with OUR league title, with all those fucking records but we still have the pride of being supporters of the Greatest Football Club ever!

    Our time to dominate football is nigh..

  10. dazjoe says:


    We’d have won the league by 5 points mate, not just 2. It would have been a walk for us.

  11. shebangsthedrums says:

    @ mattbw7 I know what you mean. It sounded like the stoke fans were singing “you’re gonna win fuck all”, they’ve obviously forgot, we’ve got a trophy bagged this season. They should concentrate on their own small town team, cause they’ll struggle next year.

  12. Costas says:

    The Giggs goal as my favourite. I liked how he and Dimitar switched positions for that one.

  13. smokebreaksteve says:

    ‘the reason why we lost the league is basically the united vs chelsea games..
    we fucked up against the lesser teams but so did chelsea..
    it was the 6 points that THEY ROBBED from us.. i repeat robbed…
    that is the reason why they won the league.. if that linesmen put his flag up.. we would be celebrating our 19th title right now.. as we would have won the league by 2 points
    fa finally screwed us out of the title.. cunts’

    Just read your comment on the Drogba offside. Would that be the same match that Macheda pulled a goal back with a handball that wasn’t seen. I hate the Rentboy’s as much as you but don’t think the title hung on that match. Get over it. Dodgy decisions go either way through the course of a season and Drogba’s offside didn’t define our destiny.
    Burnley away, Sunderland home, where do I stop. Perhaps the game that was pivotal was Blackburn away where a win would have put us clearly in pole position. The truth is we dropped points left right and centre and we couldn’t do enough in the Chelsea game to give us an advantage. Did you honestly think that we would win that game because I didn’t. The beauty of the Premier League is that it is so unforgiving and when you slip up you offer an advatange to your opponent that is often unassailable. We had enough chances this season to take advantage of Chelsea’s slip ups but didn’t take them. If we all took your attitude about the Chelsea game at Old Trafford we wouldn’t look much better than those self pitying pricks up the East Lancs Road at Anfield.

  14. james21 says:

    Stoke fans were sing You’re gonna win fuck all’
    I went to the Carling cup final and as far as I can remember Utd won 2-1. Maybe I’m wrong and it was all a dream. Enjoy the banter and didn;t expect anything else from any away fans just glad it wasn’t Scouse or Shitty fans.

  15. willierednut says:

    A pity we couldn’t have hit 6 or 7 against this lot, the new crazy gang.

  16. Fze123 says:

    Fletcher’s tap in has to be the best tap in of the season. Giggsy’s finish was class. Own goal has come back from his lengthy abscence with another great finish, scoring his 12th goal of the season. Park’s header was brilliantly well timed. Good game.

  17. obertanthenewstar says:

    attack attack, attack attack attack!!!!!

  18. redscot says:

    I Am as pished as a fucking doormat, sorry, I loved Darrens goal the Scottish thing aside, just clever play he is ossum got the ball rolling and up the tempo,, my choice from the lil clips would be the our second, thats Dimatar, you only love something when its gone. inticate pass to >>>>>>> bang sweep.
    All i say its all class, not in thread either over and out

  19. nsc mufc says:

    it is because of the burnley game


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