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VIDEO: Fletcher’s Goal vs Everton

Darren Fletcher scored his third goal of the season today, finishing a lovely pass from Ryan Giggs.

Click here to watch.

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. Drew Vader says:

    Now that thats over, can someone please tell the girls pub team to take off their United kits and return them to their rightful owners.

  2. Blue says:

    what was that you said Scott the Red about him to me the other day; ‘he’s mature’. I still don’t condone the ‘die’ chants but generally He got what he deserved from Everton fans today – and you can’t answer because he set out to wind them up. Fergie showed good management to drag him off.

    If thats the best the Champions have to offer then it’s Chesea’s title.

  3. spencer says:

    Great goal

    I was disappointed with Rooney’s behaviour today. Immature and will only make the Everton fans hate him more. How can you go from wearing a t shirt saying ‘once a blue always a blue’ to that kind of behaviour, I will never know but one thing I will say is, Evra left Monaco on awful terms. I went to their ground when i was In Monaco on business about a year ago and they showed some league highlights from a few years back on the big screen and every time Evra appeared on the screen, he was booed. Yet he also recently said in an interview that if he ever played against Monaco and scored, he would not celebrate as he played for them and respects them. The difference between the two is remarkable

  4. Gary says:

    Shut up Spencer you twat

  5. Scott the Red says:

    Blue – when did I saw he was mature? No point, so you’ll make shit up?

    This feud with Everton was started by your fans calling him Judas and singing about him dying from the moment he left. If he wants to show up at Goodison these days and wind you all up following your fans behaviour, then I’m 100% behind him. It’s funny hearing your lot getting all riled up by him kissing our badge. The fact that he can get under your skin so much is hilarious.

    Once a blue, ALWAYS a red.

    PS. Does it annoy you that your players can only be bothered to play with determination and passion for the big games, and get battered by the likes of Pompey at home? I don’t know how you stand it.

  6. jsos says:

    “PS. Does it annoy you that your players can only be bothered to play with determination and passion for the big games, and get battered by the likes of Pompey at home? I don’t know how you stand it.”

    ha ha ha ha

  7. Blue says:

    Scott – hahahahahah you really are a class one t*thead mate.
    Does it annoy you that you can’t beat a BAD Everton side? I don’t know how you stand it……………..

    Rooney – once again Scott you prove yourself a fool (and a bitter fool at that).
    Who’s riled mate? Not me (just goes to show you don’t read what people post). In your little world he should be able to get away with (what is ared card offence by the way) incitement. I bet your the sort of Manc kn*b who supported Cantona’s disgraceful kung-fu kick. You really are a bitter little boy – no go away and play with the soft toys mummy allows you to have in case you hurt yourself with the sharp ones.

    Untypical Utd fan – you’re worse than the other lot across Stanley Park.

    What was that you were singing in the match – ‘We hate Scousers’ now remind me again where’s Ronney from you classless pr*ck?????

    No it doesn’t annoy me when we get beat by Pompey, I get annoyed when we lose any game.

    5 points behind Liverpool & Chelsea (not to mention the mighty Hull) – does THAT annoy you mate?…………

    you really are a beaut…………

  8. Scott the Red says:

    Oooooh, now you’re resorting to name calling? Wow, Rooney really DID get you riled today eh? Tit, fool, knob? Tut tut.

    Come back when you’ve calmed down and I’ll be happy to respond. All your previous posts have been rather composed, but that was just nonsensical ramblings.

  9. Blue says:

    What was that you were singing in the match – ‘We hate Scousers’ now remind me again where’s Rooney from y?????

    You think I’m ‘riled’ Scott, nah, not riled mate but trying very hard to get you to understand why you’re wrong.
    I thought you were a person with sense until your last 2 posts. You could even construct an argument (almost).

    ‘happy to respond’ – you haven’t responded yet to anything I’ve written mate. Just tried to defend the indefensible – Wayne Rooney’s on-pitch attitude.
    Carragher & Gerrard hate Everton but they don’t incite the crowd. Ian Wright hated the (sickeningly) racist chants he had to suffer on occasion from some neanderthal Everton ‘fans’ – he kept his mouth shut and hit us where it hurt most – in the back of the net.
    Rooney is a fool and a liar (you STILL haven’t responded to my comments about his treatment of David Moyes). Its a shame as he is a class player and by far the best we (no, not you lot) have produced in many many years.
    But it seems in your world he is justified in inciting a crowd and justified in his treatment of David Moyes (Your silence on that subject damns you) -which by the way grates a lot more with most sensible Evertonians than him leaving. You runa good site,myou appear to be a somewhat reasonable person with a blind spot about a man who yopday especially doesn’t deserve that from you.

    Once again, 5 points behnd LIVERPOOL (doesn’t bother me were used to being behind them) – ‘I don’t know how you stand it.’

    Yours in Royal Blue shirt and wishing you a good season


  10. Scott the Red says:

    Again, another rambling rant. What has got in to you?

    1. I couldn’t give a shit less what he said about Moyes, lies or truth. I’m sorry that upsets you so much. Rooney thought Moyes told the press about the prostitutes, Moyes didn’t do that, fine. Is that a big deal? I guess I’m missing the point.
    2. I couldn’t give a shit less whether Gerrard is respectful of your fans when you sing about the kid not being his. Good for him. Obviously Carragher is going to respect your fans because he was supporting Everton less than 10 years ago.
    3. If we’re five points behind Liverpool at the end of the season, that’ll be a different matter. The last time that happened was 17 years ago. I can stand it because I know it will change. This isn’t the first season Liverpool have been ahead of us at the start of the season, only for us to go on to win the league. The fact your team can only motivate themselves for the big games whilst getting battered at home by the likes of Pomey won’t.
    4. If Rooney had been sticking his fingers up at the crowd or hurling abuse at them, I wouldn’t be a happy man. As it is, I find it amusing that he kisses our badge to piss you off, and it works. Each to their own.

  11. Blue says:

    Scott – what’s rambling? Ther was enough there for you to answer so it can’t have been that rambling. Get a grip – you’re in danger of rambling.

    1. Missed the point like Ronaldo missed from 9 yards just before the end.

    2. Carragher recently attacked Everton in the press saying how much he hates Everton. Still he didn’t resort to kissing the badge. That’s the difference between being mature and a prick – you work it out. Then try 1+1 = 2….

    Anyway Scotty old boy, its been er….’fun’…..good luck for the rest of the season. In a strange way I hope you lot can overhaul the Redshite and win the league, nothing would annoy them more than having to share the record number of titles with you lot (who incidentely they hate more than my ‘small club’) with the lingering threat of you overtaking them sometime before they actually win it again. As much as I dislike your lot, I resepct SAF as a manager. The same can most deffo not be said for the Fat Spanish Waiter (or is that Whinger?).

    Pip pip cherrio……….

  12. JIM says:

    how “scholesy” was that goal


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