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VIDEO: Fletcher, Obertan and Bebe’s Goal vs Bursaspor

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  1. YorYor says:

    Why was it given as an own goal? Doesn’t make sense.
    The replays weren’t conclusive, unless UEFA had replays from other views to refer to.

  2. Costas says:

    I thought the rules state that if you have an attempt on goal, you get awarded the goal even if it’s deflected. Look at the goal they awarded Antonio against CSKA last year!

    They are doing cartwheels at the Daily Fail right now.

  3. Joel says:

    How on earth is that an own goal, it was on target ffs. Every single deflected goal United score always seem to get changed to an own goal, its nonsense.

  4. bigphil2003 says:

    @manc_sam – Thanks for pointing that out – brilliant!

  5. King Eric says:

    Koolburn – You are talking shite pal, Carrick was superb last night and played well at the weekend as well.

    Do you know I get fucking sick of people ALWAYS looking for negatives every bastard time. If you thought Carrick was shite you know fuck all pal. Just enjoy the fucking result for fuck sake which consisted of periphrel players all over the park.

  6. Jig3000 says:

    King Eric

    Let’s not go nuts here: Carrick played OK last night against the worst opposition I have seen in living memory; nothing to get too excited about to be honest. I’m not sure what game people were watching but he certainly wasn’t MoM, which has been mentioned.

    It was a great result away from home against an awful team; the young players put in decent performances and gained some needed confidence. Nothing incredible, nothing abysmal, just a solid night – lets keep the heads level folks!

  7. Koolburn says:

    @hurr & Joseph & King Eric
    Mediocre performance against a lousy team and u guys go mental about how well he did, nice stuff
    u smoking too.

    Obertan and Berbatov each draw two defenders to the left, while Park crosses the pitch, looking for a pass. Effectively 3 vs 5, Michael Carrick THEN enters the final third with a simple cushioned pass to Fletcher who had acres of space to finish it off. Any fcuking body in his position would have made that pass he did. He was just in the right place at the right time to flick it to Fletcher who had a perfect first touch and score.

    Some say he’s calm and passing sets him apart but he often delay his pass taking the sting out of every attack he becomes involved in. He frequently strolls around as if he has acres of space before getting dispossessed or passing the ball back to other team. He always spray the ball back to Edwin Van Der Sar so the keeper can smash it straight back where it came from. Composure is a word used to describe good players who create their own space – Paul Scholes a prime example – and for bad players who are too slow. Michael Carrick is the latter. His ineptitude in last season as well as this season shows he just cant cut it at the highest level.

    To quote, “we watched Michael Carrick do his best ‘if I do absolutely nothing ambitious then nobody will think I’m rubbish’ schtick.”

  8. King Eric says:

    I really do think some people just don’t get what Crarick brings to the team (on form) . His positional sense is excellent, his one touch passing is, he makes vital interceptions, keeps the ball moving and sweeps up time and again. He will not grab a game by the scruff and win us games outright but he is a vital cog. When he plays well United tend to. He also played well at Wembley.

    Jig3000 – Who is getting carried away mate? I aint. simply saying Carrick played well and so did the lads. Why people ALWAYS have to find negatives baffles me. Just negative in general i dare say. Believe me mate I have seen FAR worse opposition than last nights. They were poor but ya can only beat whats in front of ya as the cliche goes.

  9. King Eric says:

    Koolburn – “Cannot cut it at the highest level” Well that there alone pal says it all. What the fuck do you think he did from 2006 to present? Last season excluded? Oh bet you say the team carried him. No he has been a VITAL central midfielder to United. As I say over and over you cannot play in the engine room at United if ya shite, you will soon get found out.

  10. Devil310 says:


    Apparently UEFA did give the goal to BEBE after all:

    Yesterday it was listed as an OG by Ali Tandoğan

  11. hurr says:


    You keep mentioning the pass and nothing else so I’m gonna say it again. You obviously did not watch the match and only look at highlights. Almost everyone said he was one of our best performer last night and it wasn’t based solely on his assist. And yeah you knew better about him than our gaffer and the coaches who watch him play everyday but then you formed your opinion from the nobheads on Football365. I wouldn’t even bother if I had known earlier.

  12. Koolburn says:

    He is overrated simply because of guys like you. Yes he has positional sense but his so called 1 touch passing are just simply short back or square passes. He always delay or take one two many touches when going forward. Tell me someone who doesn’t keep the ball moving in the team esp when he’s playing in midfield. If you mean he’s a clog, yes i agree. He doesnt make his presence felt esp. when the team is losing. Always seems to need more time on the ball but gets put under pressure too easily. The reverse is true, he plays well only when United is winning. He lacks the speed and skill to take the ball past opponents, and ninety over percent of his distribution either goes backwards or sideways. Does not command the center nor does he hustle like Fletcher. Always look lacklustre, rarely plays with any intensity or energy. Trundles around the middle of the pitch looking totally at sea at times, and for a guy known for his accurate passing his shots on goal are often woefully inaccurate. I could keep going on.
    It’s people like Carrick, and the overall lack of quality in midfield over the last few years, that have made United suffer against the big boys.It’s the lack of real creativity or scoring from the engine room that has made United one dimensional and predictable – virtually all the scoring opportunities are provided from the wings. Teams like Barca, with their superlative midfields, simply eat that up, completely dominating play and possession from the center of the pitch. He was bamboozled by Xavi and Iniesta during that Barca CL final and woeful again against Bayern Munich last time round.
    Prior to that, having someone like Ronaldo actually made Carrick look better than he is, as all he really needed to do was knock to him and the rest was done.
    Finally i honestly dont know him betta that the SAF or the coaches but the fact is he’s no longer the automatic first choice for both England and United aint it?

  13. King Eric says:

    Koolburn – Carrick was playing with a broken toe in Rome mate. “one dimensional and predicatable” the last few seasons? Yeah aint won much have we? As for Barca don’t see them getting to two Champions League finals on the trot.

  14. Koolburn says:

    A broken toe that never healed huh? Carried by Ronaldo and then Rooney stepped up after he left only to lose by 1 point. Did we get to finals after Ronaldo left? ROFL @ 2 CL finals, it doesnt equal 2 CL title dude. Your point is moot so stop trying so hard to justify shyt.

  15. Koolburn says:

    “Patrice originally wanted to leave in January but now he is happy to sign a new contract and leave at the end of the season,” a United source told “He is concerned about where the club are heading and is attracted by the possibility of playing for Real, a club he really admires.”

    If Carrick is top class along the rest of midfield why does such stuff keep surfacing? Surely the team wouldnt need any quality addition to show our ambition. No wait, u know the team better than the likes of Patrice Evra.


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