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VIDEO: Fletcher’s Goal vs City

szólj hozzá: ManU 1-3 ManC

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. CiTyBlUe says:

    Fred you retard, Ill think you will find Nottingham Forest and Liverpool are the most famous clubs in the world backed up by FACT.

    Makes me laugh how you delibrately mis-spell City because it goes against the lie that Manchester is or ever was United, the fact is Manchester City were named Manchester by the lord mayor of Manchester 8 years before United were named Manchester by a bnuch of local businessmen so that says it all really don’t it.

    If it was not for Manchester City, United would have been wiped off the face of the earth, just goes to show you forget about half your history because it does not fit your purpose.

    You’re all a bunch of pathetic inbred muppets and the City of Manchester will always be the home of Manchester City, the clue is in the name and you lot hate it because the world now know you’re a bunch of FAKES.

    The Premier League title will be ours this season and there is nothing you can do about it!

    Prepare for more humiliation!

  2. StatesideAussie says:

    I hsve been wondering about our use of 442 for some time. It isn’t just a question of the strikers, though it obviously has implications upfront too. For me, it isn’t as easy as making a choice between 442, and 451/433, etc. It breaks down into a number of questions, all of which have some pretty big implications — not only for how we line up on matchday, but for the makeup of the squad too. Those questions include:

    1. Do we want two strikers, or 1, or a variable setup (nominally 1, but with others “joining in”)? A lone striker presents a bunch of issues, including for the makeup of the squad. Any time we field a team with one designated striker, that shirt is going to be worn by WR. It is really difficult to see a role for our other strikers, except as super-subs, or in “lesser matches”. In my view, the implications of this are huge.

    2. Do we continue to place a premium on having two wide players? It is very much a United tradition. And our squad is most definitely set up for it, with Nani, Younf and TonyV who are all specialist wide players and all of them A-list players too. If we move to some other tactical approach, do we need three top-level wide players? Can we use them enough to keep them all happy?

    The second question is the main one, really, because it preempts the first. having two wide players forces us to choose between (a) having two strikers, or (b) having only two central midfielders.

    And I do think that’s our problem — having only two central midfielders against teams that are set up like City is. That’s why SAF has tended toward 451/433 in the big European matches, and the bigger domestic matches, in recent years. But it’s tough, isn’t it, because there’s also a huge desire to get Hernandez or Welbeck (or Berbatov) on to the field as well, and to play any of those three, plus Rooney, plus two wide, and still have three in the middle … well, you can’t.

    I sort of like the option where it might be written 442 (or 4411), but actually only one of the middle 4 is truly wide — we saw CR do this a bit before he left, playing wide but switching from side to side. It’s something Nani could do, I think. But I don’t see Young or TonyV in that role.

    Another option would be 442 (or 4411) with two wide players, but have them “pinching in” when we don’t have the ball. But that seems risky, especially against better teams, because better teams have smarter players who can exploit the transiton time that’s required for the wide players to adjust between pinching in and spreading out.

    I don’t know … just kicking some thoughts around. Not pretending to have the answer, just trying to explore some of the implications.

  3. NBI Red Onion says:

    @ CityBlue – you are so cute, we should just snog you. Poor sweet little baby pie, so full of hope and desperation blue wants a title, it always good to have ambition, you go girl, life is a box of chocos. Remind me what you said about Chelsea when Abromovich bought Club and bought instead of earned success…? Come on sweetie pie, you can remember..

  4. NBI Red Onion says:

    @ Stateside

    We tend to be set up to be more attacking at home and that usually works well for us so 4-4-2 was great on many occassions – remember Rooney and Pea last season and it has worked well for us at home.

    SAF does change it a bit in Europe and away. However, we do not have a good enough CM at the moment to stop reliance on wide players. It does make us more predictable, but we really do not penetrate in the middle well unless Cleverly or possibly Giggs and Park play there.

  5. WillieRedNut says:

    What happened to our big game player, Park? Hindsight is wonderful. Leave Welbeck out and play Park instead. Deploy Park to get in Silva’s face? Disrupting him was key to stopping City’s attacks. That was my main concern. We never got to grips with him.

  6. NBI REd Onion says:

    @ willierednut

    Agreed mate, I was hoping Park would start, I rate him higher than Ando / Fletch and he was on a decent scoring run.

  7. StatesideAussie says:

    I am also curious as to why Park did not play today. I was sure he would. Most of the previews in the media had him starting too.

    Off topic … looks like I might lose my TV coverage on Nov 1 DirecTV are in dispute with News Corp over the cost of the Fox Soccer channels, which provide the coverage. They are already warning us subscribers that we will probably lose coverage as of Nov 1, for an indefinite period. Cunts, the lot of them. And if/when coverage does resume, it will no doubt be at a higher cost, which I may or may not be able to afford. Bastards.

  8. NBI Red Onion says:

    @ Stateside – if that happensmate keep an eye here for live web feeds not always as good but good enough.

  9. zeeUnited says:

    Yes, so we got humiliated, beaten, and completely hammered six goals to one, at our home, on the grass which grazed the babes and the kings of the past. This isn’t a rant, its a rally for all United supporters to unite.

    This loss hurt, it hurt enough to put my unbalance my emotional health. But we’ll move on, against Alderecht and we will fight on. We think this loss is our, put things into perspective, rebuilding a team after the Munich air disaster was hard, Sir Matt’s rehabilitation was hard, putting on a jersey which belong to a deceased and walking out onto a football pitch is hard. This loss is absolutley nothing, in comparison to what our lads through history have gone through.

    The Banter will be tough, oh god it will be excrutiating. But a 1-6 loss wont make you Liverpool, it will make us stronger. I will give us that determination, and that never say die attitude we accompanied before this game. The hurt on Sir Alex Ferguson’s face, during the post match interview was enough to make my heart sob, and I hope our “hero’s” will keep that look in their minds, whenever they think it’s necessary to do what they did.

    Now the Twittersphere, post match was pointing all fingers @ Johnny Evans, but our entire defence is at fault. The experience of Rio and Patrice should’ve prevailed, Johnny Evans had a good game up until his moment of madness. Nani was completely off his game, and Ando needs to regain his early season form.

    The Positive’s to be taken out of this match, is the amazing and tireless effort of Ashley Young. He attacked, defended, and showed why Sir Alex forged the money he did. He was our MoTm, and never gave up. Wayne Rooney, worked tirelessy throughout the game, and the passion he showed after he told of Rio, after one of the goals, showed us, where his head was.

    In my early morning gruelling workout, the image I had in my head to fight on and Lunge that one more time, was the pain I felt through that loss. I live down under, and I was watching the game @ a supporters club, filled with both sets of supporters, and the red side never stopped singing with their hearts, and that’s how it should be. We need to use this result to push us. We need this result to recreate the United we fell in love with, I kinda feel for Everton, the wounded animal will be ready to bight back. If the wounded animal isnt ready to bight back, our players will need to take a long hard look @ themselves and reconsider if their worthy to wear our shirt.

    But until then;

    Then Raise United’s banner high,

    Beneath it’s shade will never die


    We’ll Keep the red flag flying here

    We’ll Never Die

    Regards Zee

  10. StatesideAussie says:

    NBI … yeah, I will do that. Trouble with live feeds is that the time often doesn’t work for me. I’m in California, so the weekend matches start anytime between about 4.30am and 10am, and I usually go with my son to his matches on Saturdays. It’s nice to be able to record them and watch when we get home. But yeah, I will figure out a way, somehow!

  11. NBI Red Onion says:

    Or make friends with a local United fan with full TV rts…:)

    Interesting article – SAF looking to buy in Pea mould:

  12. CiTyBlUe says:

    NBI Red Onion, don’t be a complete idiot all your life, do you seriously think United earned their glory through mythical hard work when the FACT is United have been buying glory since 1902 when you were taken over by local businessmen after United captain Harry Stafford encouraged them, they went on to bankroll United glory days.

    Chelsea did nothing that United did not do first and you plastics are deluding yourselves if you think otherwise, When Chelsea was taken over by Roman I was actually quite happy for them because they had to put up with you lot just like everyone else so stick that down your wind pipe and blow bubbles out your ass.

  13. voice of reason says:

    I love this football club. Its more of a family to me than the one I have.

  14. voice of reason says:

    @city blue

    enjoy ur day cause day like this will came far and in between for ppl like u.
    United have earned wht ever they’ve achieved. Can’t say the same abt City, that a fact

  15. Costas says:

    Shity Blue is still here? Get a life you twat.

  16. Vishal S says:

    if i’m not wrong, all that money chelsea spent, actually has given them nothing comparable to united. We’ve won more titles than chelsea even after roman got the cash in. We’ve been more successful than chelsea. That’s a fact
    Moving on to your small time club. When was it that you were taken over? How many trophies eh? 1 fucking fa cup. In that period we’ve won two league titles. The money you lot hav spent couldn’t even win you the UEFA CUP! Fulham have made it to last stages of the competition. Show’s a lot about your club, doesn’t it. Lets see if you lot can even make it to the group stages of champions league.
    1 Billion 1 Trophy
    so maybe another billion might just give you a sneaky little chance of another trophy! ;-D

  17. GAZ says:

    Cityblue- you dont have a clue you silly twat, all your club is an oil whores bitch all the money ploughed into your shithole could have been ploughed into Swansea just as much, so your only lotto winners, all you are are a soulless shit hole of a joke club, United is the greatest club in the world and will bounce back as we always do. BTW congrats on winning your cup final yesterday

  18. RedLion says:

    As much as i love Ando, yesterday the oppositions midfield showed what a true attacking midfielder can do! Incisive passing would be the correct way to describe it! Ando may be great, but is nowhere near Da Silvas level..

  19. redbilly says:

    Redneck re walking the dog.. I pissed myself at that one . Nice one . Funny enough , I now live in Surrey. Never see a City shirt but the last few days I have seen a couple. Probably on holiday with the winnings for a 6-1 bet , pricks..

  20. redbilly says:

    Did city buy hargreaves to gain inside info from a disgruntled player?


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