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VIDEO: Frazier Campbell’s Goals Against Liverpool For Tottenham

Frazier Campbell, who is currently on loan at Tottenham Hotspur, has got on the scoresheet in tonight’s Carling Cup 3rd Round match at White Hart Lane against Liverpool.

Man of the Match for our lad who scored two and set up another, in Spurs’ 4-2 victory which saw Liverpool dumped out of the cup.

After the match, Campbell was awarded with his champagne, before manager Harry Redknapp sung his praises. “I can understand why Alex won’t sell him,” he said, dispelling any rumours that a permanent move to Spurs has already been agreed for the young striker.

Click here to watch his first and here for his second.

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  1. RedDevil says:

    He is going to be an United legend. You heard it here first…

  2. Thereddevil17 says:

    He was excellent their…really sharp…going to be a great arrest….watched the game only to see him play…n was worth it…him against the dippers…

  3. Thereddevil17 says:

    Oops thats asset not arrest…

  4. Ed says:

    He’ll only be a ManU legend if we don’t decide to keep the lad!

    Its widely known we have an option to buy after 12 months – Fergie didn’t want it publicised but we definately have an option to take him after 12 months. Fee already agreed as part of the loan deal.

    He looks a pretty decent talent, works his socks off, good eye for goal and pretty pacey. Think we’ll probably keep him as a 3rd or 4th choice striker.

  5. snipe2 says:

    You heard it here first. The deal has already been done. He effectively only cost £675,000. Cheers!

  6. TwinnyD says:

    two goals against the shitty dippers…i aint too surprised.Campbell is a great prospect and he has a good future ahead of him at United.i hope he gets more top-class games in the prem and europe with spurs as he will get the experience needed to compete for a first-team place at United next seems like spurs have got the better part of the deal since berba aint doin much at the moment.i for one never wanted us to sign him (and i still do) but we have to work with him.i dont kno why fergie keeps starting him in every match.he hasnt really done much so far and i hope he gets his act together fast.fergie,bring back the wazza-carlitos-cr7 partnership and bring berba on as a sub!thats when goals will be scoring for fun. UNITED FOREVER.

  7. Ed says:

    TwinnyD, won’t be long before Berbatov reverts back to type. Failing to chase anything down, making no effort away from home, throwing his arms in the air when the ball isn’t delivered perfectly to his feet.

    In short, Berba’s a stroppy, lazy player with a hugely inflated opinion of himself. Doesn’t see why he needs to chase back or work for the team – yes he’s a footballing genius, but he doesn’t have a good mentality by any stretch of the imagination.

    If Berba has the mental qualities of a Giggs, Neville or Scholes – he’d be the best striker in world football. As it is, he’s a hugely talented player that does everything he can to waste that god given talent.

    Perhaps Fergie can keep him motivated and instill some kind of work ethic – but leopards don’t change their spots!

    Good riddance to a great player with an appalling attitude.

  8. Scott the Red says:

    Ed – you don’t know how Giggs, Neville or Scholes would have played or behaved if they were stuck at Spurs when they wanted to play for United…

  9. steve says:

    I was right the whole time we did not need berbertov I kept warning people but they would not listen, for starters we should not have got tevez when torres was clearly available who would have been better for rooney. berbetov is just slow and lazy and does what rooney does go deep. united are all about mobility not someone expecting the ball to come to his feet.

  10. Anant says:

    for heavens sake , could you guys please lay off berba! he has been pretty decent since his arrival . not exactly set old trafford alight but he’s getting there . and its only natural that he take his time to gel with the team . have you forgotten how many games carlitos took to fit in last season ? i think if you compare their initial performances , berba will most definitely come up trumps . i beleive we have to stop judging him as a target man and accept that he’s gonna do more of the creative work while rooney n ronaldo do the finishing .
    although i do agree with one point- he really should be given a break and carlos brought in for a few games . too much/too little football could be detrimental to both of them in terms of form and fatigue .

  11. Anant says:

    i bet you lot were singing his praises after that stunning assist in the hammers home game . fickle indeed!

  12. Anant says:

    and steve , we did try for torres like a gazzilion times but he kept blowing us off . its like asking a girl out and getting rejected each time . not good for self esteem , eh ?

  13. Gary says:

    Anant: I myself am far from impressed with Berbatov so far. He is obviously a quality player, but when Spurs fans were warning us how lazy he was I thought it was just bitterness over the move, but they werent lying!

    Berbatov needs to pull his fucking finger out, he was non exsistent away to Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal, he has upset the balance of our team, and I would much rather see Tevez in the side than Berbatov right now, you Tevez is going to give 100 per cent for the team, unlike Berbatov.

    I also dont like the fact that Berbatov does not like to celebrate his goals, wheres the mans bloody passion!?

  14. denton davey says:

    Please, let’s stop this nonsense about Berbatov is lazy. For sure, he isn’t a raging bull like RedMistRooney or a fireball like Carlitos – Berbatov brings “something different” to the game.

    On the evidence before us – two months of matches – he is supremely skilled and provides wonderful support for Ronaldo and Rooney. His presence also sidetracks Tevez and it could be argued that his presence really results in subtraction-by-addition since the Rooney, Ronaldo, Tevez attacking trident was “only good enough” to win both the EPL and the CL last year while there doesn’t seem to be the same karma with the subtraction of Tevez and addition of Berbatov. But, to say he is “lazy” is just – well – lazy analysis.

    About Campbell – I have no idea if there is some sort of option to buy as part of his year-long loan to Spurs but I believe that SAF has already made up his mind that Danny Welbeck is a better prospect and a much bigger lad, too. His goals – and assists – today were evidence that he has the talent to be a top-of-the-line EPL striker like Jermaine Defoe but not necessarily a talent comparable to Rooney or Ronaldo or Tevez – or Berbatov !

  15. Anant says:

    gary – by ”non existent” in those games are you refering to his assist for tevez’s goal at anfield or his shot which led to the goal at the bridge ?

    also , if you follow berbatov’s career he has never really been keen on celebrating his goals . i sort of find it a refreshing change , as compared to the modern footballer (eg. ronaldo) who is willing to pose for the camera every minute of every match!

  16. Anant says:

    Burnley beat chelshit~!

  17. Ed says:

    Yes, Berba will come up with outrageous bits of skill from time to time – like the West Spam assist – but he thinks little flicks and backheels excuse him from putting in the graft expected from every other player in the side.

    He thinks pressuring central defenders and denying them time on the ball is someone elses job – never seen him charge down the keeper. Never seen him stick his head in where it might get hurt. Diversionary runs are beneath him – he wants other players to make runs that make space for him, never vice versa. A total fair weather footballing genius, not really a team player, not really a ‘driven’ personality like Rooney or Tevez who both have talent but also have the heart to go with it.

    If anyone is capable of bucking Berba’s ideas up its Fergie – but he needs to totally change his mentality if he’s gonna cut the mustard at the very highest level.

  18. Spurs man says:

    Campbell had an excellent game for us tonight. Good luck to Man U for the rest of the season…you always play good football and you have stopped the Goons from winning numerous trophies…so my respect. Berbatov is a top player…will also make a lot of goals for you.

  19. steve says:

    as I see it are you saying he would not want to play with ferdinand vidic evra scholes giggs ronaldo and rooney and choose a club who’s location is not much better then manchester very strange plus united would not pay 30 million at the time.

  20. SteRDLK says:

    berba is too lazy, having him in the same team as ronnie is very detrimental as it means the other players have to work even harder.

    as good as berbas fancy tricks are, we would have been off with £30m plus a player who has the heart to play for the club like his life depends on it (campbell)

    i’d rather try our youth players before splashing £30m on a known sulker, or we could have gone for anelka in january (Although we may never have won the european cup :D )

  21. steve says:

    anelka is just like bebertov a sulk plus anelka missed the cl final pen get your brain in check.

  22. Tevratov says:

    when did this become about berba? Surely we should be sing the praises of our homegrown talent scoring against those scouse twats. Well done Frazier lad.

  23. pet says:

    Barba is good no doubt, campbell will be better if SAF does not decide to sell him off since he rarely keeps his good young players, it is people like Oshea to leave they just occupy space in the team bus

  24. Anant says:

    steve, i got it straight from fergie, who , at some point last year told the media he had tried to sign torres lots of times but eventually got fed up . i would attach a link but cant find one , although i’m pretty sure my memory serves me right

  25. Tony_Oldham says:

    This comment about a deal has already been done, what a load of bollocks, why would ferguson turn down a 7million offer from Hull and Wigan (Which he turned down on Deadline day) only to give him to Spurs for 675K. So therefore buying Berbs for over 37million when they where fighting at the fact of paying 30. Snipe 2 you are a moron stick to you Moronic spurs site from now on please.

  26. davspurs says:

    This lad campbell will be signed by spurs for ten million in january utd are a great team and young campbell is english .He is playing with young lads lennon ohara huddlestone bently dawson bostock british players bale gunter hutton he is loved by all the fans let go and we will help you with some of our older players later.

  27. suhayl says:

    Tony oldham spot on…..

    And to some moron who said why berba doesnt celebrate???????? Please read what he says and watch his interviews.

    ” i love manchester, i love manchester utd, i only had heart and mind for this club..the biggest the best in the world” ” People think i dont celebrate, that is untrue, i celebrate inside, i show my passion to family and friends not to the world” ” against aalborg people said i didnt celebrate. i was sooo angry that i missed an easier chance before, that why i looked like that, but i was also so happy scoring for my team and for my manager and fans”

    ” i am different, please dont compare me to cantons, but i am quiet, aloof, like my own company, i dont talk much but listen and hear everything and i will give everything to and for man utd”

    SO SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU DICKS. Fuckin morons already dissing him and bearting him after a handful of games…and in those games he’s scored goals, made assists and done outragoeus skills.

    Cantona never tracked back….zidane never ran around like a maniac…does that make em shit players… IS SAF mad? IS SAF wrong…fuck you he isnt.

    We needed another strike…a tall man..yes different, but an elegant genius who will only add to our quality and great team. Look at rooney hows he’s prospered.

    He’s not one to track, but look at his movement, his time and space knowledge.

    fuckin hate these fickle fans that come on here and spout rubbish

    REMEMBER NO 2 PEOPLE OR PLAYERS ARE THE SAME……PEOPLE TALK CELEBRATE AND PLAY AND WORK DIFFERENTLY. In football and in life….thats why we aint some monotonous programmed predictable robots.

    We’re all diffferent….and each DIFFERENT player brings his different qualities to the table for us…to make us the unique indomitable incredulous beast we are

  28. davspurs says:

    This is the truth about berbybugarov he is gifted and a shy person when he whas at spurs he played with young emerging players searching for glory .He is now at a club that demands trophys and has players with medals of quality if he scored for my team spurs he felt like he whas the daddy and put is arms out to is tem mates for a cuddle that is the way he is at utd roony would chin him if he held is arms out and ronny would say fuck off iam on 170 grand a week and when the pull there medals out he only has the the piss cup carling to show thats why he isent celebrating .And the one thing that madened me and is maddening my window cleaner who is a man u supporter is when you need a goal like against the arsoles he is on the half way line make a great pass the ball is whipped in the are wer berby should have run and he is still were he passed the ball

  29. OTRed says:

    Where are Spurs fans getting this £10m deal rumours??? The same source that said Levy had a year worth of evidence all compiled in a dossier that would nail Fergie for tapping up?

    @Spurs man: thanks for the kinda words, looking forward to see Campbell play more for you guys and hopefully shine.


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