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VIDEO: GNev’s reaction to possibility of scousers winning the league

On Sky Sport’s Monday Night Football, Gary Neville was less than impressed what Jamie Carragher discussed the possibility of Liverpool winning the league.

Later in the show, Carragher told Neville that what he said, Liverpool fans would always hate him. Neville replied: “what do you care, you’re an Everton fan anyway”.

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  1. Fletch™ says:

    Nothing is won in December!
    At the end of the season, team with most points are deserved champions, end of.

    That said,
    Agree with the Gaz 100% Congra$@MFFFRRRrrrrraaaaugggggghhhhhh :lol:

  2. Fletch™ says:

    Speaking of no need for sour grapes…

    Congratulations to Tim Sherwood. Tidy players for Blackburn and Spurs back in the 90s and early 00s. Always dispair about opportunities for english managers. Wish him well. Except v us ;)

  3. wayne barker says:

    i don’t like Spurs so can’t wish him well hope they suck shit for the rest of the year.

  4. wayne barker says:

    watched the 0-0 draw today nothing special about either team,after all the raves Ozil got on here about him being the best number 10 in the world still waiting for him to do something was invisible again today.Good result for Utd though need teams above us to keep on dropping points

  5. Tommy says:


    Do you not think its good that their giving it to an English manager instead of to your regular johnny forigner, but knowing Levy he will be sacked before the end of the season

    On the topic their is no way Liverpool will win the title, they will finish 5th/6th no doubt about it, only 8 points behind (It was 13 last week), We will hopefully have closed the gap to about 5 points by 7.30pm on new years day

  6. wayne barker says:

    Tommy don’t give a fuck mate don’t like Levy and most certainly don’t like Spurs fans,lower Spurs finishes down the league the better as far I’m concerned.All the trolls and Muppets on here raving about Spurs all Summer did my head in

  7. Tommy says:

    Live on Sky tonight…

    Carragher to Neville: “whatever you say, Liverpool fans will hate you”

    Neville’s response: “what do you care? You’re an Everton fan anyway”


  8. Tommy says: Potential players coming from Spain, some bargains to be had from some cash strapped clubs

  9. NefariousVirtuoso88 says:

    Just like Liverpool fans (fans of other clubs too) forced to admit they enjoy watching Gary Neville in his role at Sky. I have to say the same about Jamie Carragher.

    Last season MNF was worth watching for the hour BEFORE the game and AFTER to see Gary’s breakdown and views.

    Watching them both is gripping TV and they have amazing chemistry.

  10. adam leszczak says:

    watched the game today as well. Murinho knows what he lacks and will try to address it in January, otherwise he’s done well with what he has. We have a bigger issue in the middle and it shows more significantly now without the black magic of SAF at the helm. It’s amazing what Arsenal have been able to accomplish with Ozil. It’s not that he’s the magic formula, it’s that having the star dust on their team, has made them all believe and elevate their game as a team.
    Liverpool, well suarez, well, he’s a work horse, he’s an opportunist, and he’s a composed finisher, and he’s an absolute fucker of a person who doesn’t give a fuck about anybody or any club, or any sort of loyalty. When he leaves for Madrid, Liverpool will go back into midtable, but for now, while he’s on fire, they can be up their in May, he has the SAF +RVP effect on their team.

    For us, as I said from day one Moyes said, this season, top 4 is the only objective that must be met.
    We need to refresh the squad, and fix the crater that has handicapped our squad for years before we can play the refreshing football truly compete without reservations.

  11. red war says:

    To my eyes, Liverpool is the most determined and happy team at the moment. You can see it in all of their games. In fact, I enjoy this kind of football and I never feel it makes MU look lesser or less glorious than liverpoolians. BUT, they have no depth. If Suarez (the cunt) gets injured, they’ re finished.

    We have our best player and our big money transfer on the sidelines and we still hope for the 2nd place in the end of January. Cause we got Rooney and even Welbeck and Hernandez, not just Sturridge.

    So, to me, it’s just a matter of time for l’pool to step on the banana of no depth.

    And if we buy someone like Song or Mario Suarez, then we can really go for it.

  12. kevk24 says:

    @ red war I believe that if they come against a composed back line then they will find it hard to score. They dont have a creative mid field because their front three do all their running. Against Spurs they were skipping the midfield.

  13. samuel - united WE stand says:

    People want to give the jobs to english managers not on merit but for fairytale bullshit… “Oh, the foreigners have taken over”.. Without the foreigners, where would the english game be?, still kicking a can of cat-food in straight lines and chasing after it probably. English managers are known to be delusional and tactically inept, harry redknapp epitomising that fact.

    “oh they are not given the english young players a chance”.. Yes, because they are not good enough that’s why. Despite multi millions squandered on a pathetic stadium and academies, chile still produce better technical players who aren’t spoon fed. Sherwood is another arrogant fool that will get found out.

  14. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Top four looks a stretch for united this season and it looks increasingly difficult to get in.. Dropping points at home and throwing them away I hope do not haunt united down the line. Everton look very consistent, potent and are playing with huge confidence, united took it for granted and expected to just waltz in despite making np progressive move in the transfer market.. This,season looks very difficult, pool and everton won’t just easily fall off, united’s form will have to be very consistent to give a push. Hull city will be very difficult, especially at home. Curtis davies has been superb at the back, tom huddlestone and jake livermore form a good pairing, it will be a battle that united wlll have to win. Defend well and be potent and ruthless up top.

    I think people need to wake up and realise united’s form will have to be very consistent in order to even take advantage of slip ups. At this moment, it is a wait and see game with united.

  15. kevk24 says:

    Yes, we need to be consistent. I just want the guys above us to be drawing or losing like yesterday. I hope we have things go our way

  16. Tommy says:


    Disagree, their is a number of british managers in the lower leagues that are deserving of their chance, You mention Harry Redknapp being tactically inept, Yet he took Spurs from relegation certainties under Juande Ramos (Another foreigner failing at spurs) to fighting for the top 4. How was Di Matteo deserving his chance at Chelsea? He got sacked at West Brom, Pochettinos done a great job at saints but how was he deserving his chance when he got sacked after being in the relegation zone at Espanyol? The best managers to have managed in England are Sir Alex Ferguson, Sir Matt Busby, Bill Shankly, Bob Paisley, Brian Clough, Bill Nicolson (In no partucular order) Not 1 of them would be given a chance if they were starting out in todays game, Wengers done a great job at Arsenal but please tell me how a man managing in Japan was deserving his chance, or Christian Gross or Egan Olsen were they deserving thie chance?

  17. The One says:

    Gaz, lol, you’ve got to love the guy, a true red to the core and a true legend indeed!!


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