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VIDEO: Henriquez scores twice in U-20 World Cup game

Ghana 1-2 Chile (Gol de Henriquez) MUNDIAL SUB-20 by DaniDV

Ghana 2-3 Chile (Gol de Henriquez) MUNDIAL SUB-20 by DaniDV

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. King Eric says:

    Fletch. Hello mate. Have I misread your post. Cleverley not ready? What? He was top drawer in all the big games and more than ready. Odd comment mate. Each to their own.

    Oh and Sara fuck off you slag, you’re a shit stirrir.

  2. King Eric says:

    IDWT. Now small detail. Fergie WAS the manager when he made the Rooney comments.

    Spurs challengers? Oh do me a fucking favour, they’ll be miles off. Well FOUR million for Davis Villa is a steal for Athletico. Not the same player though since his leg break.

    See Rentboys had bid rejected for a West brom player. Position? Yep a midfielder. They are taking the piss. How many do they need? A striker or two of top quality is what they need.

  3. In David We Trust says:

    King Eric – yes he was, but I am thinking logically, its not helped anyone saying Rooney wanted to leave, when the club are not prepared to sell rooney, it has weakened our hand, no question, like I said it is like a game of poker, and I am afraid fergie has weakened our hand by telling the other players what some of our hand is. No matter what People think of rooney, to sell him to one of our title rivals, is borderline suicidal, heck fergie was so against selling heinze to Liverpool, he shipped his ass off to Real. Now we all knew Fergie had enough, but he was retiring, and perhaps fergie perhaps did not think it through when he announced that bombshell. But like I said, if we sell a fit hungry Wayne Rooney to a title rival, we really have got the gun to our heads, and blown the trigger

  4. FletchTHEMAN says:

    King Eric,
    I am not saying Ando or Cleverley aren’t ready technically. I am saying they aren’t ready ‘physically’. As evidenced by their injuries.

    It is a hard call, but sending the Powells and Fabios off on loan is a good deal for them as they get a few games (as fabio got last year) and get to build up the stamina.

    It is easy to go and say, let’s look at lads in La Liga, or Portugal, where 18 year olds are getting breaks. But the EPL is a different level all together. Even older lads like Young struggle to come to grips. Ando should be there, and maybe never will be. Cleverley is still developing.

    Scholes and Giggs had alot of injuries until their late twenties as well. We all just need to be patient. The skills are there, but they need to get past the current stage to where they can push on.

    Fair enough?

  5. FletchTHEMAN says:

    So much for United interest in Strootman?

    Sky Italia reporting that Strootman has accepted Roma offer according to Tancredi Palmeri.
    Bid will be in the 16-20m range.

  6. parryheid says:

    In David We Trust.

    Yes it is your opinion and welcome to it you are.I just happen to think it.s nowhere near accurate.Rooney asked to be transferred fact,you may be thrashing around attempting to blame any one but him.Look he is going in the very near future as He wishes and he will not be too difficult to replace.

  7. In David We Trust says:

    parryheid – is it? its fine for fergie to go public on rooney, when rooney did not hand in a transfer request. So ts fine for fergie to weaken the club’s hand, so the club have a so called unhappy player, making it harder for united to sell for a good price, because they may have to sell him.

    Is rooney leaving? how do you know? with the lack of interest abroad, it makes sense for the club to sell to a title rival? of course not. I am thinking logically, not going by loads of fans are saying, that rooney is this and rooney is that.

    you say my opinion is nowhere near accurate, yet who has benefited from fergie announcing on national TV? that rooney wanting to leave, without a written transfer request? the club have not, moyes has not. the fans have not, lok at us now arguing over this shit. All its done, is caused fraction between the fans and the player, made our hand weaker if we wanted to sell rooney. I am sorry, but fergie was wrong announcing on TV rooney wanted to leave, without any written transfer request. Hey rooney probably did ask to leave, but if you have no proof, you do not just come out and blab, causing a possible summer transfer saga,. Just because fergie was retiring, does not give him the right to leave the club fighting to keep rooney, one f their best players, who now is in an awkward situation. Fergie could have kept this quiet, had some easy talks, and its a fresh new start. I would have been quiet happy not knowing about this


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