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VIDEO: Hull player stamps on Januzaj

During last night’s 3-1 victory over Hull, Adnan Januzaj was the victim of a nasty stamp by David Meyler.

Januzaj rolled down his sock to show the referee the damage that had been done, but a freekick was awarded in Hull’s favour instead.

This is the second time Januzaj has been stamped on. In November, Fulham’s Sascha Riether was banned for three matches after accepting a FA charge of violent conduct.

Giggs says our player’s leg is in a mess and that the referees need to protect him.

“I didn’t see it but I’ve seen his leg,” he said. “It’s the second time it has happened to him this season. It’s not great to see, and it’s terrible his leg. He needs protecting. He’s a brilliant, exciting player and the authorities need to sort it out. It’s just the length of his leg, not cutting into his skin. It goes form his knee to his ankle.”

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  1. WilliamAR says:

    This can look like either one of a few things to me. If you watch Meyler closely you will see that he has his eye on the ball at all times and he extends his leg to trap the ball at exactly the same time that Januzaj swings out his leg to keep the ball in play. Meyler even follows his eyes on the ball travelling back into play. This is a likely scenario as meyler is moving his leg to the position where he meets Januzaj’s leg slightly before adnan swings his leg into danger. sure the timing is perfect but it is possible.

    It could also be taken as a deliberate attempt to break someone’s leg which is unlikely but possible. The only reasons someone would apply that much down force on to a boney area like that would either be a clumsy attempt to trap the ball and momentum has taken them to that position or they have a screw loose and would deliberately try to snap someones leg which was highly possible to do.

    I personally can’t imagine someone trying to deliberately end someones career like that so I am going with the probability of clumsiness but accidental.

  2. Gary Mitrovic says:

    That was most definitely delibrite. You know where players are even if his eye wasn’t on Adnan. He left his foot in way too long for it to be an accident and he didn’t even appollogise or acknowledge it straight afterwards. He’s guilty as sin.

  3. WilliamAR says:

    Gary Mitrovic

    It’s easy to think that but the fact remains that Meyler would have to be a mind reader to predict adnan swinging his leg to that exact spot as the video clearly shows meyler moving his right leg first. To anticipate that is nothing short of miraculous. it’s pretty impossible to predict that sort of thing. you also have to allow for meyler’s momentum forcing him to ground himself. sure he didn’t apologise but I have been in a position like that myself playing football where my momentum made me stand on someone and I had no idea I had even done it because my eyes were focused on the ball. you’ll be surprised what that level of concentration does to your senses. I just don’t buy it that anyone would try to break someone’s leg that deliberately, it’s just so improbable.

  4. Gary Mitrovic says:

    William AR, so after you had say accidently stamped on someone and felt your studs come down on someone’s shin bone you wouldn’t even apologise but instead walk off and not even look back? It was an act of thuggery by Meyler and he should be banned. It’s not debatable whether that was an accident or not.

  5. Gary Mitrovic says:

    And all this talk of he would have had to been a mind reader is a laughable defence. He was looking straight down at Adnan’s leg if you pause the moment Adnan clears the ball with his left foot. He left his foot in a moment of compete madness. If he’s not banned quite frankly that’s a joke. If one of our own players had done that I wouldn’t have defended them and I’m not going to defend Meyler.

  6. Jorge Curioso II says:

    Definitely a stamp. That nasty piece of work Fellaini did it twice during the match, though. Please LVG sell him.

  7. Gary Mitrovic says:

    Jorge, yea Fellaini left his foot in and was rightly booked, wasn’t as bad as Meyler’s though. Fellaini should have been sent off against Man City though for that elbow on Zabaleta. Fuck knows what was going through his head. He’s a liability as well as not being good enough.

  8. Jorge Curioso II says:

    He’s always been a dirty player. There were a couple of others where he should have been booked, especially that one move late in the second half where the ball went down the left wing. Fellaini bumbled backwards into the box and threw a subtle elbow that left the Hull defender on the ground for some time. Horrible piece of work.

  9. WilliamAR says:

    Gary Mitrovic

    Dude I understand your point but the fact still remains that Meyler moved his leg first to a position where adnans leg wasn’t before he swung his leg to keep the ball in play. and actually when i did the same thing to someone playing football it all happened so fast that i didn’t feel myself stand on someone’s leg. it’s easily done. I only found out that I had done it after the match i was playing. you forget that adnan had to swing his leg forward almost a whole yard to that position. I think people are being rash and we should leave it to the experts before judging the guy. what you are saying is reteric and not fact. the video shows Meyler moving his leg first with his eye on the ball. Fact! the video shows adnan a fraction of a second later swing his leg a whole yard forward to the position of contact, again FACT! therefore we cannot conclusively say that it was deliberate unless Meyler is a psychic. You have to be objective and look at how the people analysing the video might see it. If I can spot Meylers leg moving first and adnan moving his leg as far as almost a yard in front of him then an expert will have no trouble at all identifying it. I may be wrong but what i am saying is that it is highly possible that it was accidental but it is possible that it was deliberate. we cannot 100 percent say either at the moment. We also can’t compare Meyler to fellaini as meyler is just an old fashioned get stuck in player who tackles strong, sometimes he’s booked and sometimes he’s not and that is purely from a referees perspective. Fellaini on the other hand has a history of deliberately elbowing and being nasty on the pitch so you can say he’s a thug.

  10. Jorge Curioso II says:

    @WilliamAR, agreed. What Meyler did do was to leave the boot in and keep weight on it. The initial contact was not intentional, but he did seem to aggravate it.

  11. WilliamAR says:

    Jorge Curioso II

    Yeah it does appear that he may have aggravated it but that could be put down to him just keeping his balance after the tussle for the ball. again that is so easily done and with the adrenaline of the game Meyler may still not have been aware of his position due to focusing on the ball and keeping his balance due to the momentum of the tussle. But yes it does appear more likely that he aggravated it after the unintentional contact so that is something that may come up on analysis.

  12. Tommy says:


    Maybe youre right the reason I say this is why an earth would a player stamp on another player ion a meangingless game which could put him out of the FA cup final, it makes no sense at all, for that reason alone id give him the benefit of the doubt

  13. Gary Mitrovic says:

    Tommy, it doesn’t work like that though. In a split second of madness you’re contemplating to yourself “why would I do this and risk losing my place in the FA cup final” it was an impulsive act of thuggery and he’ll be sweating right now and so he should be.

    You can have mild mannered people in life who can act out of character and do something completely stupid when red mist descends and regret it as soon as they did it. The way Meyler left his foot in and just jogged off was an act of a cowardice. Don’t tell me you don’t feel it when you crunch your studs down on someone’s bone.

  14. Tommy says:


    Fair enough but it just seems too stupid to be deliberate, to stamp on someone and put your cup final place in jeapardy seems such an idiotic thing to do especially as the game was being played at a pre season friendly game, Their was nothing dirty about the game to sugest someone would go oujt to maim someone

  15. Gary Mitrovic says:

    Tommy, anyone is capable of an idiotic act and we’ve seen hundreds of thousands in football. He obviously didn’t set out into the pitch with the intention to do that, but for what ever he reason he lost the rag in that tussle with Adnan and planted his studs straight down on his leg and left it there for good measure before jogging off like he’d done nothing wrong. He knew full well what he did not that he’ll ever admit it.

  16. Fletch™ says:

    It was a stamp and the FA will surely take a look.
    Guess we will just have to see what they find.

    Giggs said Adnan had a nasty gash, but happy Adnan got up and will be OK.

    Meylar would be a big miss for Hull in the FA Cup final.

    As to Fellaini, fact is we need lads who can stand up for themselves. Loosing Vidic will be a BIG problem on that score. Never thought Fellaini was good enough, but did his job yesterday. Pretty sure both of Wilson’s goals will go down as assists to Fellaini, 1st a battling knock down nicely turned in by the lad, the second a shot off the post and parried back in.

    You need big players and until we get Evans fit we are short in that department.
    Hope we solve that this summer, but big lads are hard to replace.

    Still gutted to loose Vidic. What a player!

  17. Fletch™ says:

    BREAKING: FA as ABU as they want to be!

    David Meyler will face no further action after stamp on Adnan Januzaj after referee confirms he saw incident

  18. Xyth X says:


    Imagine if it had been the other way around! They would have banned our player for 6 matches.

    If the ref saw the incident, then they punish him as well for taking no action at the time!

    FA = Cunts!!!

  19. Caleb Kay says:

    The whole “FA can’t take further action because Ref saw it” rule is absolute farce.

    Logically, if a ref saw the incident and took no action there and then, it is just testament to the referee’s absolute ineptitude, and the FA should be taking retrospective action against the penalising player AND disciplinary action against the ref for his lack of ability in meting out justice.


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