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VIDEO: Is Strangling OK Now Too, FA?

Sir Alex Ferguson described the FA’s decision to ban Patrice Evra as the worst thing the FA had ever done to us. Of course, United fans are well aware of the one rule for United, another rule for everyone else, where the FA are concerned. That is why our players who miss drugs tests and are sent off in pre-season friendlies are treated much more harshly than the players of other Premiership teams.

Since their decision to ban Evra we have of course been a tad bit more sensitive to the behaviour of the FA. They raised the bar with Evra. Despite there not being any CCTV footage which proves Evra punched a member of Chelsea’s groundstaff (whilst there is CCTV footage of every other reported incident, including the member of Chelsea’s groundstaff swinging for Evra), the FA made the decision to trust the member of Chelsea’s groundstaff’s word, and ban Evra for 4 matches and then release their biased report on the website.

Now, last time I checked, throttling the opposition was something else the FA should frown upon, but I’ve yet to hear if the FA are planning to review the footage and hand out the appropriate 3 match ban that should follow. Watch this space, I guess.

Check out James Ryydel at A Kick In The Grass‘s opinion on all of this.



  1. Jake says:

    sounds like you could be a Suhayl clone mate?…..less of the insults, form a proper argument, Ronaldo obsession haha? I occasionally write on ROM about his attitude and obviously have done several times in the last few weeks but it’s harly an obsession mate, it’s a bit of a debate and apart from Suhayl and now you, not many people have disagreed with some of the previous things I have said but each to their own, it’s not a problem. Every week there’s a story from a match which is about Ronaldo, no-one can get away from him. I shouldn’t have to say things like this because no-one can prove it and it’s an irrelevance in terms of the debate but I will in the vain hope that adds some weight to my argument in the face of the petty slights. I’m from Wythenshawe, I’ve been a season ticket holder since I was 5 years old with my dad and I go to games now with a few mates and I can assure you that there are a plenty of fans out there who are getting a bit sick of the Ronaldo show rolling through Old Trafford every week to the detriment of the team and the club. I’m off out now but good luck to you and your ROM world in which blog posts seem to be the problem in you’re life. ‘Ignominy to you from most here is no good’ – anglais s’il vous plait? …..Happy new year

  2. tevez32 says:

    ignominy..humiliation laddy..yawn yawn yawn blah blah blah..didnt even read most of what you said…too mundane and tooooooo predictable..same old same old…ron this and ron that.
    Why dont you give the guy or his family a to his mother or someone how ron grates you soooo much. If not visit your GP lad..or a shrink or some counsellor. You seriously need some OCD ron tablets.

    And off out, dont make me laugh???? surely that should be bed time?? huh???

    Ive been a season ticket holder since 5…my dad took me..ive heard of a place called i’ll use that. Heard that chesnut many a time before…yeh mate..we all know you’re from the’re 16…17th birthday in march and youve got some spots and some bum fluff has grown on your chin. ta ra

    And please god…i pray..please dont let this vermin post on here again..please i’ll do anything god

  3. WestendRed28 says:

    Pogatetz is a complete disgrace, shud be banned from the EPL b4 he does some proper damage to someone. Will the FA bother to look at the video for this one? i doubt it. As for the debate boys, I have to say that i don’t agree entirely with Jake but he makes some gud points and tevez32 and Suhayl seem a bit angry, u need to calm down fellas! lol

  4. EastStandManc says:

    Just out of interest, tevez32, how old are you? You cast aspersions on Jake’s age, but judging by your own post(s), you can’t be much older, surely?

    Jake, we might’ve disagreed in the past, but I welcome and encourage a diversity of opinions/perspectives as they’re the propagators of healthy debate. FWIW, my earlier post in this thread was a genuine question, not in any way intended to undermine your post.

    @ Suhayl Re: your little dig in the other thread, I’m sorry I posted in the heat of the moment, now. With a little more time I’d've just ignored it. But since it can’t be deleted, why don’t you construct a proper argument as to what exactly it was in my post that was wrong and why it makes me a ‘nagging woman’?

    Or am I expecting too much?

  5. suhayl says:

    I think tevez32 on the other thread and on here puts it brilliantly…seriously lad, ive written many a long paragraph on ronaldo…blimey spent hours responding to drivel. BUT 1 final time i’ll detail it all again. These are things ive said before a million times. But here goes again seeing you keep missing the bloody point and gloss over and read what you want to read.

    1. As a season ticket holder since the mid 80′s…i love and die for man dad and grandad before me were seaon ticket holders. SO I WOULD NEVER LET ANYONE OR ACCEPT ANYONE DISRESPECTING MY CLUB.

    2. What ronaldo did in the summer was dick behaviour….ive said that many a time…something you seem to forget.

    3. i accept he was a twat..i accept he was a dick..i accept he ruined our summer..i accpet he acted like a prima donna…things ive said a million times.

    4. I hated him and still dont love him as much. i accpet his theatrics, his mistakes….i was angry and livid in the summer so much so that i even came to punch ups with guys.

    5. i dont sing ronaldo songs now and grit my teeth when in the stands. I dont wear 3 kits i have with his name on it anymore….instead wera other players names that i have.



    1. The boy stayed…he admitted his i accpet and understand that too

    2. Scott produeced a brllliant article 6 months ago on what valuable service he has given us…hence after 5 years we were livid he wanted to leave. Scott acknowledge what he had given us, how a continental european lad didnt grow up supporting us…most south americans and southern europeans do support real. thats a fact. I ACCEPT AND UNDERSTAND THAT. that this boy from madeira always wanted to play for real before he retired…thats what he’s family wanted…are we too greedy and selfish to ignore that. We all move jobs dont we

    3. IF he had gone..i would have been upset and abgry how he did BUT understood…..maybe there would be no statue of him outside OT…..but i wouldnt be blind to see what he acheived with us and did for 4 us…which is more than any player in recent history.

    4. I agree he shouldnt have gone about it in the way he did….ive said that a million times. But the players got behind him, manager backed him to the hill…SO IF THEY CAN IM HAPPY TO LET DOGS LIE…and not keep bitching about it. SAF said he was naive young, real manipulated him, im happy wth that. SIr bob, sAf, gilly and the players all said the same. So why should i disagree.

    5. My energies and efforts and anger NOW are towards that bastard club..who want to play with us.

    6. My energies are with our players..our team, our aims of lifting trophies. And the last time i looked Ron was part of that team. He is the best in the world…why marginalise him????? Cos it aint gonna affect you and me…it’ll affect him and the team. the lad is moody and needs to be loved…whether you like it or not SAF puts an arm round him all te time, so does rio and giggsy etc. why????? because they need him to fire. With him have the tools and weapons to be unbeatable…without him we lose alot. We are no one man team, before you jumped to that conclusion. BUT 42 goals, ability to win change games etc etc etc etc. MEANs he is one valuble asset.

    7. Why keep moaning and bitching about him at every given opportunity. Why not support that player who wears that shirt that badge. Dont support the man the character. But Ron the man utd footballer, I do that.

    8. Im happy he he goes i wont lose any sleep over it. I dont scrutinise every single one of his quotes. Every second pointing fingers at him, he’s done this and that and he’s off and he’s this. I like the clubs stance and the managers stance. That gives me enough contentment.

    9. I respect others opinions. And i know some fans will always hate him..even if he stayed his career here..which he could weel do…even tho some cia fbi fans have their own conspiracies on things.

    10 . i just dont like fans coming on here and ruining it for everyone else. why keep on going on and on and on about the same old over and over again. Just get over it.

    11. I dont know about youve just popped up on the radar. But every time Jake posts an opinion on here…its the anti christ…anti ronaldo brigade. The lad never talks about other issues, or the team, or the result, or other threads which are non ron, never talks about the manager, the other players. every posts he makes has a rona dig in it. Whats that?????? Surely you can accept that is a tad ott..a tad weird. Im all for constructive debate…but c’mon that sponge has dried up and worn out soooooooooo much theres nowt left to use.

    12. As i said i respect all opinions…in the heat of moments you say things and get angry….i was born a true die hard..tatoos you name it. Hence anybody who disses my club i get peed at. dippers , bitters, rboys..that leads to fights and punch ups and a night in the cells. UTD fans constantly dissing one of our players…i just cant stomach that

    13. As the posters above said…they al respect banter and opinions..but jake or whatever seriously does make some inane comments at times…as pointed out by 7 yes 7 posters just on this thread. Infcat look back to other threads and you’ll find the same story. Someone may disagree with you from time to time..ok. But this lad…lets just say he’s comments are ones ive read from bitters and gooners and dippers on here.

  6. suhayl says:

    Apologies for any spelling mistakes..havent got the time today…to read it through.

    Today ron came out and said he’s happy. im ok with that…i dont want to psych analyse it and start spouting its untrue, he didnt mean it, look at his eyebrows, look at this word etc, look at his bad language. In my book woman do that to men…i know…my wife does it often when i come in late from a game…..thinkin ive been upto no good.

    We should all be united behind our club, team, shirt and badge. And ron is still…yes still part of our family. YES i admit and accpet his dick behaviour and im with you 100% on what he did. But now is the present and future. time to get behind him for all the AMAZING POSTIVES HE ALSO HAS…AND YOU KNOW AS WELL AS I DO THERES PLENTY. If the club and the fans pull and support in the same direction..thats the way to go.

    So when wilkinson chops him….i wont claim ron was petulant..i’ll get behind him. when poggy starngles him….i wont like jakey boy…ake out ron went down easy…i’ll call pogggy a BASTARD.

    I respect your opinion, debate, banter etc. but sometimes this ronaldo bashing incessant bashing is way tooooooooooooo much and jakey boy does it with a passion.

    i supportes robbo, duxbury, stapleton, phelan, moran, bailey, davenport, moses, anderson, sparky, gibson, beardsmore, blackmore, whiteside etc etc

    I supported shitbags like prunier, kleberson, dejemba djemba, cryuff, fortune, richardson, bellion etc etc

    And i’ll support ron…aybe not love him as once was not yet anyway. But i will….and i wont keep bashing him for all and sundry every every given…white boxers, his hair, his face whatever.

    Because all the players wore our badge..our crest and our shirt. If Ron had gone ok…but the last time i saw….he still wears it….so he’s our player

    Hope you understand where im coming from…giles oakley in his last 2 sentences out it nicely…why not just get behind him…accept his faults and mistakes….and if and until he goes just support him….AS A MANCHESTER UTD PLAYER….and a great one at that

  7. Jake says:

    I post on plenty of other things and who are you to decide what I can post on and again, it’s in a Ronaldo blog? Read something else if you don’t like hearing about Ronaldo but it’s a big issue at the moment for plenty of fans that our star player looks like he couldn’t give a toss. I think that’s something worth posting on, when it isn’t an issue, there will be no blogs by Scott and posts by me on it. The point about Ronaldo is he’s doing nothing/has done nothing on the pitch where it matters to rectify what he did in summer and he’s actually going the other way. Suhayl’s mission to stifle a bit of debate is telling, with monumental posts contradicting his slight against fans like me that we are the obsessed/nagging women. I’m the one that woudn’t mind seeing us sell Ronaldo where as some fans can’t bare the thought of United without him. I’ve seen two other United football blogs in the last 5 minutes which go just as far as me in their opinion on Ronaldo, if not a bit further questioning his motives for his most recent statement and I wasn;t looking for them, they just came up. So give it a break Suhayl/Tevez (same person) beacuse for the first time in your life apparently someone disagrees with you and makes a good case (as do many others) which is opposed to yours. Glad to see you’ve settled down a bit, consistently comparing us to women was becoming a little disturbing, like women are the worst things, unable to form opinions and should be suppressed into coffee corners.

    tevez32- wasn’t asking for your translation of ignominy but clarification on the sentence construction hence why I quoted the sentence….not just the word…as for Wythenshawe, there’s a pub called the anvil there which my dad used to be landlord of in late 80s when we lived there, so just ask in there who Mike Ryan and his son Jake were, will that do? We are all fans on here as Suhayl states with his generational history of his United support so it’s not an issue but I was just trying to stop you from hi-jacking United fans intellectual property with your petty slights.

    Eaststand- cheers…and I reckon you’re expecting too much, we’ll all be nagging women again soon enough, must’ve taken him all his energy to suppress the insults in that monster…oh and tevez and suhayl are one and the same so no need to address them seprately, read it back with that in mind and their interactions are put into a new hilarious context.

    So suhayl/tevez Ronaldo blogs by Scott for Ronaldo posters, maybe you should read something else because there will be United fans for a good while yet who aren’t satisfied he’s re-earned the respect that was so readily given in recent years.

  8. bob says:

    that was not a strangle. maybe a minor grapple. nothing real serious.

  9. suhayl says:

    No Mike Ryan at the anvil sorry laddy

    No jakey boy either

    Tevez32 is a good pal of mine on here..Correction NOT the same person

    I dont stifle anyones debate…..hence ive had and do continue to have great banter on here woth sooooo many guys….infact 99% of guys and have done for years.

    Whatever and however you construct your argument over and over again, the facts are you bitch and moan about ronaldo like its going out of fashion. Like i told you if you hate the fella so much why dont you do something about it….peaceful one man march, placards, tie yourself to some trees, picket, chain yourself to the goals posts, tatoo i hate ronaldo on your arse and do a streak.

    Facts are you do and are obsessed by him…i took the same to go through all your posts and believe it or not you mention ronaldo 9 times out of every 10 posts you make. Facts jimbob

    Plenty of fans????? Why make yourself look vindicated when no less than 7 posters laughed you out of 1 thread.

    Women hater???? blimey scraping the barrel now to form an argument

    Nowt wrong with Ron debate…but you go on and on and on…psycho analysing every word…his life, his demeanour, his appearance. Which obviously would pose the there something wrong with you? All this hate on one man? Or are you gay and just fancy the fella so much?

    2 blogs you just saw huh? lol. wow do you want a blue peter badge?

    Intellectual property??? lol. Tevez and suhayl the same person …have you heard yourself. Seriously you’ll do anything to appease your own obsession…make me laugh so much joke..sorry jake.

    As i’ll keep telling you mr anti christ anti ronaldo…or whoever you are…you are obsessed…many many a guy have said that..thats another fact. And you do moan and bitch so much….nothing positive ever comes out of your mouth ever.

    So jog on…blimey lucky you’re not rons mum…he’d be seriously whipped each second or each day. Infact seeing he OWES us so much forgetting what he’s already done for us in 5 years. Why dont you try to get hold off him and he can take you out to the seaside…hence you can stop your he owes me lines and your constant ronaldo itch and winge.


    funny kid

  10. suhayl says:

    And dont bring Eaststandmanc into it. Making out he’s your only buddy on here..oh…no friends..arghhhhhhhh.

    I clarified my argument and debate with eaststand.

    So you stand alone joke..( sorry not a petty slight)..mistype it happens lol

    bye bye until next time

    666 lol

  11. Jake says:

    I can’t believe the drivel you write to boost your own inflated ego. I couldn’t care less if I don’t have ‘friends’ in the virtual ROM world, for me it’s about opinions and debates….9 out of 10 on Ronaldo? are you mental? you’ve looked at every post i’ve made…well you clearly haven’t….nothing positive? another indication you haven’t read all my posts…You’re an absolute lunatic mate because I can guarantee you 100% Mike Ryan was the landlord of the anvil in the late 80s and I am his son. Love the way you’ve taken up Tevez’s argument because you are the same person. Stand alone? hahahaha…like it matters….I suggest you go back to the anvil and ask about Mike Ryan if you have (haven’t) already because you’re wrong mate, not a matter of opinion or debate…you are just wrong….oh, and I have never mentioned Ronaldo’s appearance, life or demenaour, just his performances and words when it has been an issue, you’re a master of making stuff up and telling yourself it’s true, I’ll give you that mate…The obsession seems to come from the man who thinks 5 years of Ronaldo has been all that matters at United and that we can’t possibly carry on without him…keep knocking back the medication Suhayl because you’re absolutely crazy with ‘years of great banter’ and 99% fans on here….

  12. suhayl says:

    I never said 5 years of ronaldo is all that matters…never said that laddy whose making things up?

    lunatic mental medication.woooooooooooooooh lol ha ha ha…something you need to tell us?

    And dont call me mate….i aint ronaldo obsessed …thats you..i just respond to ur drivel

    by the way Facts are still facts no matter how much you deny it…you make ludicrous comments everywhere you go…surely everybody and thats alot of people cant all be wrong and you’re right.

    ja ja ja ja lol.

    I heard ronaldo had a haircut….you could make a story out of that…he snipped it too much, the cut can be misconstrued for the letter R..for real and not


    until next time jake ryanaldo..hmmmmm lol

  13. suhayl says:

    PS. Still no mikey down at anvils…lol

  14. Jake says:

    I could really get into having these battles with you on here Suhayl beacause people like you really get on my wick but my degree beckons so I’m going to have call it quits after this because it’s too taxing to try and get through to people like you but you’re clearly a bit unhinged, occasionally masquerading as tevez32, both mysteriously on ROM at the exact same time, even now commenting simultaneously in two separate debates as tevez and Suhayl yet both maintaining that I am truly the idiot (clever, nobody will work it out then)…give it a break mate, managing to question the validity of someone else’s actual history from you’re medical chair and straight-jacket in Singapore or wherever you are. happy new year or whatever it is you celebrate

  15. suhayl says:

    Seriously i do not for the life of me understand where you get these spurious accusations from. I state facts like many have said that you bitch about ronaldo 24/7 and you hate him with a vengeance which is true. i dont like lieing. Just state the facts that you are ronaldos alter ego…which you FACT

    Get on your wick??? blimey if i saw you in real life and you wound me up like this…..believe me you’d be popping daisies. FACT again believe me lad.

    Tevez32 is a pal of mine on here…he posts what he wants to posts….if he has similar views and sticks up for me thats his own prerogative. MANY MANY MANY fans on here do agree with my opinions UNLIKE YOU. FACT AGAIN LADDY. And if he was posting at same time…then that kinda answers the question…how could i read scotts my own comments and yet be tevez32 at the same time???? lol Are you a pagal???. Im good at doing a few thkbgs at once…but believe me not that…i wouldnt be so sad and so weak to do that. I can fight my own battles…swatting flies aint hard.

    Medical chair? Singapore???? ha ha ha ha ha. Comments gooners and rboys and dippers use on here. Bit derogatory and insulting and a tad racist in nature that comment. As there are a few people with disabilities who use this forum and quite a few people from the far east india japan singapore who post on this thread. Very insulting to them.

    whatever i celebrate???? Again is that some kind of racist cultural creed comment???? Without knowing my race, colour or religion.

    I am born and bred here in mancs..32 years and counting.

    Im not going to reply seem to be going down the racist xenophobic road. Which i find sickening.

  16. suhayl says:

    By way i remember doing my degree long long time ago. How do you manage the time to study and comment so much?

    what and where do you study??? ( serious question lad)?

  17. Jake says:

    medical chair…means mental asylum chair to me so sorry for the confusion, was obviously continuing from the angle I made about you being a lunatic so let’s not try and take the moral high ground because you are just about the most abusive person I have ever come across on ROM. Plenty of people have agreed with things I have said on ROM in various blogs concerning tactics/transfers and all the usual chatter but it doesn’t matter if someone doesn’t, it’s not an issue because I stand by my opinions anyway. I like to think I’m relatively knowledgable about the game, one blog with a few fans who contradict me isn’t going to change that is it? I’ve played football to a pretty good standard, I know what I’m talking about and that isn’t going to change because you say so.. Popping daisies? are you simple? 32 and you come out with that and considering you’ve never met or seen me…you’re words get on my wick, that’s a fair comment…racist? I don’t think so, more to do with the point that a man from Singapore probably knows less about Wythenshawe, United or the fact that my dad Mike Ryan was the landlord of a pub there for a while in the late 1980s when I was young which you seem to ridiculously contest, stereotypical maybe, racist, I wouldn’t say so…maybe you should try not telling lies? tevez is a virtual pal? maybe, but he may as well be a clone coming out with the same mis-quoted, mis-interpreted spurious stuff that you do….you seem to have this un-contested belief that if a lot say you’re right, then you are…well you’re wrong, occasionally finding the angles, or seeing the things that others don’t is what sometimes cuts the wheat from the chaff in evrything including footballing opinions, sometimes people will agree with you, other times they won’t but it is no indictment on the opinion made if they don’t, especially if they don’t by using made-up points about an argument like you do about mine…Leeds-History-doing my MA, it’s been the holidays hence the surge in my posts, it will dwindle over the next few weeks…32, I can’t actually believe you’re 32 and you’re still so angry, I gave up being that angry at about 18….

  18. Jake says:

    oh and just to clarify my girlfriend’s sister has cerebral polsey so I wouldn’t call anyone who was disabled because I am well aware of mental health issues and what is pretty sickening that is that you, a 32 year old man try to label someone as attacking disabled people when I obviously would have said wheelchair in that sentence if I was referring to disabled people, not medical chair followed by straight-jacket, clearly referring to the point that I think you are an angry lunatic as I said previously…right, that’s me done now, enough battling with the hyperbolic Suhayl

  19. suhayl says:

    You keep saying enough going to to do this and that…and yet keep posting time and time and time again. You ‘re the one who makes spurious comments, silly inane comments. Then once it looks like youve landed yourself in shit over the words you use, you make a million and one reasons to deny and try to worm your way out of what you stated initially. Whether itd be Ron, berba, tevez32 or mental illness, dissing another country. I mean you can retract all you fuckin like.Once its said, it has been said. You might aswell admit to what you instead of trying to dig yourself out of a hole.

    Contradicting yourself at every juncture. I have always stated Facts about you and your constant ron whinge. You you’re the one with the asylum jabs..singapore jabs etc etc.

    In my 32, yes 32 years of experience, i have learnt that when you do scrape away at the surface…people tend to show their true colours. And you boy have just done that. And its tooooooo late jimmy to start retracting one the horse has bolted.

    Lunatic…asylum…singapore…monster…simple…blimey theres no need for insults like that. I mean banter…a little bit of needle yes…disagreements ok…arguments ok. but insults c’mon lad…there is a line we shouldnt cross.
    Maybe you’re going down the road some gits have done on here dissing peoples families and race.

    You say You were implying about looneys as you call them in straight jackets and simple people. IN my book thats just as worse…..those people themselves are disabled and have not been blessed with capabilities. they’re just as ill and disabled as you state about your gfriends sister. and people with psychological issue require great assistance and help too. In my book they’re all under priveledged and require sympathy and empathy. Anyway you’ve said what you said. to me i personally wouldnt go down that road or even broach a subject like that. as you say you know someone with disabilities. I know too well to after having worked for the NHS. and unlike another spurious coment you made..i DIDNT AND WOULDNT ATTACK a decent comment. Your sentences connoted enough for me.

    Enough with the insults…and anyway if i was soooo angry and a lunatic…why is it that facts tell me that in 3 years of reading and posting on ROM…i have NOT once had any argument or been given insults like you have with any other poster..banter yes, disagreement…little sarky comments. But nothing of the likes with you. If i was all the things you say…why have i made so many mates on here..people who respect me and vice versa…guys who ive met up with at OT in real life, guys who i have phone numbers for….guys who ive had banter with for years…many many a poster. So if what you say is true, how do you explain…that i get on soooo well with everyone else…genial..kind..laughs..jokes etc.

    Yet youve come on here 2 minutes…and have already ruffled feathers and have put the cats amongst the pigeons. Thats just a fact lad

  20. Jake says:

    hyperbolic idiot

  21. suhayl says:

    And if i was the PERSON YOU KEEP MAKING ME OUT TO BE AND INSULTING AT EVERY GIVEN OPP. Then surely scott would have barred me and moderated me years ago.

    Anyway lad i do feel you should respect you elders…thats the way i was brought up, seeing that you must be in your early or mid 20′s.

    Anyway, i asked you a serious question about your i studied in yorkshire too…used to go clubbing loads in leeds in the 90′s evolution, majestiks, heaven and hell etc. Was gonna bury the hatchet as this is tooooooooo draining and time consuming for me. My free time should be dedicated to 1 sole purpose that is MANCHESTER UTD.

    I respect everybody’s opinion even though you state the contrary. But i will stick by what i say you ronaldo whinge toooooooo much. sos lad, thats how i feel. Anyway no more petty squabbles…ive said my bit and youve said yours. As your elder..i should know better hence im offering out an olive branch for a truce a ceasefire. As i said i may not agree with your ron hyperbole….but i suppose you’re a utd fan…and utd fans should stick together..atleast that. So i hope you accept lad..and stop the insults..and we can live in peace on ROM. Maybe even become pals on here????

    Or is that too much to ask???

    Your call

    Good luck in your degree by way…great days uni days…wish i could go back

  22. suhayl says:

    There you go offering out the olive branch and you revert to type and insult me again. Tare ma idiot ne rundy?? i know. But c’mon no need for that.

    I’ll try again…read my last comments above. I’ll leave it to you….

    As i said im happy to draw the line and make bigger man..and maybe become pals. ( and im not being sarky either).

    what you say?

  23. suhayl says:

    will leave it to you..your call


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