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VIDEO: Jones goal vs Shakthar

Goal Jones – Manchester United 1-0 Donetsk – 10… by video4all

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. Blacksocks says:

    Hope it stays that way, wouldn’t put it past Mancini to try and whip it up a bit. Another point, it should favour United having the second leg at OT.

    I remember watching Robson and Cantona being man-handled by riot police in the early nineties, the ref was clearly influenced by the crowd too.

  2. Tommy says:


    That was early 90s, every thing was allowed in thise days, Welcome to Hell, thats a reference to the amount of noise they make rather than the violence and when I say noise they do everything to put players off, they even find out which hotels the away team is staying in and bang drums all night to try and gain an advantage by having the other team shattered due to no sleep, like I say they dont mean any harm any more just fanatical in other ways haha

  3. Blacksocks says:

    Don’t forget the Leeds fans that were stabbed in those years as well, plenty of violence inflicted on British fans visiting Turkey over the years. Glad things have improved in recent years though.

    i wonder what the odds are of all the group winners making it through to to the Qf’s???

  4. Tommy says:


    Yep they was even more trouble with Arsenal fans in around 2000 at the Eufa cup final, The english were not innocent bystanders tho, in the leeds case, Leeds were pretty bad that day themselves the 2 men who got stabbed were innocent men and did not deserve getting killed going to watch their team in Europe, but its a little different in Turkey now, the trouble in football comes in Naples (Glad I am not not an Arsenal fan coming back tonight) and countries like Serbia and Croatia

  5. Blacksocks says:

    Yeah Italian Ultras and their counterparts across the Algean Sea can be nasty. Sometimes think they get tacit support from the police too. You’re right though, I doubt the English supporters were totally innocent. The respect and good behaviour has to be on both sides.

  6. Tommy says:


    9 times out of 10 its the innocent that get injured/killed which is a shame, Roma/Lazio fans are terrible as well they fucking salute Hitler those fans, Di Canio once give the lazio fans a hitler salute and now hes treated like a god their for it!

  7. United says:

    som gud convo wass goins heire acept few trols. sry me frm norway bt me englush purfect. latuuurrrs

  8. martin the nairobian says:

    Brilliant news that rooney is likely not to renew his contract.
    Cant have a scouse judas as our all time record goalscorer and possibly next captain.moyes ass licking is up to a new level even making him captain with rio and giggs on the pitch.
    Long may his scintillating form continue for this season.without his input we’d be lower than 9th.

  9. sir matt martin says:

    United to face Olypiacos or Schalke.

  10. sir matt martin says:

    Atletico Madrid’s director José Luis Pérez Caminero confirmed he had talks with David Moyes after Atletico’s 2-0 victory over FC Porto in Spain last night. Moyes was in the Vicente Calderon watching over a number of potential transfer targets including Atletico’s highly rated midfielder Koke as well as Porto trio Mangala, Fernando and Sandro. While Caminero admitted Moyes didn’t tell him precisely why he was there, he felt confident that he was there merely on a scouting mission ahead of a potential Champions League clash against Atletico, despite the fact United cannot draw them in the round of 16. “I guess David Moyes wanted to come and see a Champions League team like ours,”Caminero told Canal+ after the full time whistle. “They advanced to the next round as well. We spoke, but he didn’t tell me precisely what he was there to see.” Koke was also quizzed about Moyes’ attendance but was very calm in his response and simply insisted he wasn’t worried by any of the
    speculation that is likely to increase as the transfer window opens. He said: “I didn’t know he was here. I’m not worried, I renewed by contract this summer.” It would be unusual if Moyes was scouting potential opposition in the middle of a very busy festive period, so he was more than likely scoping up potential targets ahead of January. In that case, what his presence in Spain showed is that he is actively pursuing players with some research this time around as he looks to avoid making the same mistakes as the summer.

  11. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Where did you get your rooney rumour from? Don’t make me laugh. United can barely get quality in, you really think they will get rid of their best player at this moment. Records are there to be broken and rooney has worked to get to that level, personal resentment towards wayne will play zero part in the negotiating table if indeed rooney is having his contract renewed.

  12. Tommy says:


    I dont think theirs a chance he will renew so its either sell him in the summer or let his contract run down, My guess is if theirs interest from abroed we will cash in but if the interest is from Chelsea again like whats been reported this morning in a couple of papers we will let his contract run down! What do you think mate?

  13. sir matt martin says:

    I think moyes is truly in for koke. that guy koke is a beast.

  14. Tommy says:

    Might not go down well with some fans but I reckon that if Barca sign a defender in januay (Likely to be back in for Luiz), Then Mascarano will probably become available, He would be decent signing and wouldnt cost that much I wouldnt have thought!

  15. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Tommy – well if united finish out of the top four (hope not) then they definitely won’t keep him or any quality player. From the sounds of moyes and that glazer muppet ed woodward, it seems they don’t want lose quality, they can barely get any in as it is.. Rooney may well leave in the end or he will stay, I don’t think there’s any concrete yet, money talks in the end and if united open up the wallet and they still have champions league football, who knows.. I can’t see the club selling to any rival and if they do want to sell, they’ll want get back sufficient money back, having 2 or a year left on his contract won’t help to get good money for him if indeed the club wants to sell, so don’t rule out a renewed contract. Let’s be honest, after the summer transfer nonesense, last thing the club will want is to lose players of quality, it’s a dillemma for the club.

  16. Tommy says:


    If theirs no champions league football, can you afford to pay him £12mill a year and forego a transfer fee, Also if he does not sign which I dont believe he will you have to weigh up things like is he going to be the same player in a non world cup year, but im like you I wouldnt sell to a rival, I would prefer his contract to run down, the club will already know if hes going to renew or not so should have some contingencies in place if he doesnt like replacments lined up even if it is for 18 months time

  17. lecho says:

    Nobody beside Rooney wont leave even if we’re out of top4 (and Rooney is likely to leave nonetheless) – United is not some barter team that needs to be sold out cause of no UCL cash.

  18. lecho says:

    And in terms of bringing quality yes it is still possible but to do so we would need to dig really down deep into the wallet for the first time instead of going for bargains only.

  19. Marko Maric says:

    Germans journalist saying, we made a deal with Reus for 35 millions. If we want to get really good players, we need 100-150 millions

  20. sir matt martin says:

    A vry close source of my coming from old trafford is Rooney will not be signing any deal. vry close frend of my at old trafford. and a deal is oredy in place to bring koke to old trafford.

  21. goat08 says:

    Reus for 35 million. I think this is the amount that trigger his release clause. So there is no point spending a dime more.

    100-150 would be for top of the top and those are not moving clubs at this stage – ronaldo, messi, bale. I rather have 3 players to our current squad.

  22. wayne barker says:

    Very very unlikely Utd will make any big signing in January.Any team in the running for trophies aren’t selling and from Utd’s point of view very few players who’ll come in and make a immediate impact.I could see Utd making moves this summer and disagree totally with if we finish out of the top 4 won’t be able to sign anyone

  23. Tommy says:


    I agree that we wont sign anyone to make a hugh influence in january but I can see an Herrera and that Brazilian lad we have been lined with, players with potential to be great, I definatly think signings will be made tho, Cabaye wouldnt be the worst signing either

  24. wayne barker says:

    Tommy, Herrera would be a surprise to me mate unless Madrid are going to move on the price and why would they want to sell still competing for the league and CL.

  25. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    LOL Reus, Gundogan, Koke, Khedira. What do you think this is? fantasy island? NONE of those are happening. No matter how much money we have.

    This sir Matt Martin is a legit clown. A very close source of yours? You think you’re talking to two year olds? I thought the whole point of signing was to get rid of trolls how did this idiot manage to create an account?

    The rumor right now that looks the most plausible is Freddy Guarin and I don’t know much about him so I cannot make judgement but regular Serie A watchers are saying that he’s not as good as many make him out to be. For me ALL he needs to do is be better than Cleverley, Giggs, Anderson, Jones and he will pass my test.

  26. Tommy says:


    Herrara plays for Bilboa mate who are not challenging for anything, I have read quite a lot about him and the concensus is that whilst hes not worth the money now if we buy him now he will be worth every penny in 18 months time so sometimes you have to gamble with these things!

  27. Tommy says:


    Apparently United were 4mill out from signing him in summer now come on woodward our midfiled not exactly well stocked with options 4 mill is nothing in todays football so stop haggling over the price

  28. wayne barker says:

    K mate my bad I remember at the time some weird taxation system that with the buyout clause was going to run Utd 40 mill.Dont know enough about him just seems a ton of money to me
    danny never spoke truer words in your life mate Matt is a complete and utter fucktard I agree about the signing as well more than likely to be a stop gap to get us through till summer

  29. wayne barker says:

    Richest English players playing for a English club
    Rooney 1st Rio 2nd Carrick 6th.This is the reason saying Utd can’t sign big name players is bollocks.Any player coming to Utd and doing well becomes a very rich man,simple as

  30. UnitedFaithful says:

    The idea that glazers are parsimonious when it comes to buying quality players is a myth.Look at the last couple of years after Ronnie left,we bought jones smalling kagawa young valencia van persie and also we had bids rejected for moura,hazard .Sure the players we bought were not marquee signings but they all came at at region of 15-20 mil,smalling cost 12 mil rvp cost 24 they were not bought for peanuts.The idea that they are prejudiced against midfield players is absolute nonsense.

  31. Tommy says:

    @United Faithful

    Disagree mate, your 12million signings are peanuts in the modern game, The amount United make, we should be spending 100milion every summer but we of course spend no where near that!

  32. UnitedFaithful says:

    I think that was down to Fergie more than anyone else,he thought the balance between youth and experience was perfect and so he invested on potential,look at jones18 mil,smalling 12 mil,not to metion he was ready to splash 30 odd milion on some unproven players,you can argue kagawa was a potential signing,he cost 15 mil,he certainly did not think we need any CM players,think that’s a more valid argument than glazers having a prejudice against midfielders,we invested in every other positions except central mid.
    I hate the Glazers for the amount of money they have taken from the club,but they have stayed away from footballing matters and never tried to sign sign players on a whim

  33. sir matt martin says:

    here goes the fukin war vet again, are u back from war? War vet my ass, little old granny from canada. people like Wayne bakass. should be with the apes.

  34. Tommy says:

    @United Faihfl

    Disagree mate, Fergies famous saying “No value in the market” In other words what he meant was their was no money to spend, Uniteds biggest signing was Berbatov at 30mil, teams in recent year have been paying 50mil an even 100mil on just a player, I dont think United have spent 50mll in a summer on various players never mind 1 player, United should be the biggest spenders but the Glazers are leeches, Uniteds recent success are in spite of the Glazers

  35. UnitedFaithful says:

    I believe Sir Alex was planning his retirement for a long time,had we not thrown away the title in 2012, he would have retired for sure,he wanted the new manager to have a team full of youthful exuberance to blend with the likes of Carrick Roo,valencia,Vida,pat,VP(exception to my theory his availability was too hard to resist)

  36. UnitedFaithful says:


    To be fair mate Fergie even said that the Glazers never refused him whenever he had to buy a player(although a counter argument could be that what other option did he have) there is no guarantee that you will see success if you spend 100 mil a season,United have never done business that way.,yeah you can win a title or two(As city and clelsea have done) but the best way to sustain success is building on youth,that was Fergie’s mentality,
    I agree on Glazers being leeches mate,they were very lucky they had him taking care of footballing matters.

  37. sir matt martin says:

    @ UnitedFaithful
    The glazers have taken £780m out of united since 2009.

  38. DeGeaWeTrust says:

    UnitedFaithful – I tolerated their first 4 years at united, but since the summer 2009 to present I have not been able to forgive them for their transfer stragedy, which could very much send the club backwards in the long term, and this summer was the straw that broke the camels back, just because they have not messed with fergies work, you got to be a complete idiot to try and know better than fergie on the team selection etc, he has carried their sorry asses all this time.

    Go look at the 2008/09 season, united won 4 trophy’s if we count the community shield, played in every cup final apart from the FA cup, yes every cup final, the CL final, the super cup final, won the league cup, won the premier league, won the world club cup, got to the semi’s of the FA cup, sold ronaldo for 80 million, let tevez go, we played over 60 games that season, and fergie and everyone else is trying to blow smoke up everyone’s asses by saying value for money, give me a break. When the club made a shit load of money between 2006-09 from the success of, those 3 seasons alone, should have seen a transfer frenzy where united were at the top of the pile for the top money transfers

    So no I do not buy fergie’s argument that the glazers were so good, yea the club let tevez go, sell ronaldo, and what did the club buy? valencia obvertan, and got owen for free. When you see a drop in transfer standards, after selling ronaldo for 80 million, the worlds best player, then there is something drastically wrong with the financial ownership at the club, that yes they are using huge sums of cash of the clubs profits for their own ends. There is no way would any big club sell the worlds best player, without signing some players to cover

  39. DeGeaWeTrust says:

    Also to add UnitedFaithful you said fergie thought united had a perfect balance between youth and experience, now I have been a huge critic of Moyes, but fergie must shoulder some of the blame, for leaving a squad so unbalanced, I do not see the balance between youth and experience, he has left an engine room in such dire shape, we do not need to go in details on the engine room we all know the mess that area is in.

    The defense is also not in good shape, smallen is never fit half the time and he is supposed to replace Rio long term, jones has been shafted around the midfield when he is clearly the replacement for vidic, if he is not, jesus we need big bucks to replace vidic, evra still has not got a long term replacement, and the RB area smallen is being played there, and rafeal along with his brother are never fit every week. So fitness wise, the defense is one of the most injury prone defenses in the league.

    We look upfront, that area will need long term planning, rooney will most likely leave, RVP is not getting any younger, and welbeck has not progressed how many would like

    So I do not see a balance, only pieces that no one knows what to do with

  40. Tommy says:

    @United Faithful

    Sir Alex and Gill had no choice but to back the Glazers because the Glazers paid their wages, thats why Fergies said their great owners, Fergie would have brought young players even if he had a 150million war chest but the problem is with the vast sums the Glazers make they spend barely a penny back on transfers, Its disgraceful, thats the only word I would use

  41. sir matt martin says:

    what happnd to the Ronaldo money, went to the glazers offcos.

  42. sir matt martin says:

    here goes the fukin war vet again,
    are u back from war? War vet my
    ass, little old granny from canada.
    people like Wayne bakass. should
    be with the apes.

  43. Marko Maric says:

    @DeGea.. agree with every word you say. When i was telling, we have not good team, fabas showed me the table, and 15 points ahead..but we see now, how good they are. All replacement we bought, dont give me confidence that they can beed near as good as Vidic, Rio, Evra…middle is shit, and strikers are not sure. Rvp, Rooney wants to go….we need complete repairement. So we really need 150 millions.
    The times where we didn t spent money on transfers, are gone. If we dont do something serious, then we are gona fail, and fail big. Until last year we had Fergie, but now we have Moyes. It is very important that we buy in january, because in summer, players will wait AFTER THE WC, and then they will cost like a gold.

  44. tallestreD says:

    I don’t really see what wrong Fergie did. I think as a manager you own the team and as long as you win trophies, nobody cares. To say that Fergie is to blame for our dire state is nothing short of incorrect. Why not say Moyes is responsible for how Everton is doing presently? The blame should go to the manager and also the players, because one cannot blame a manager for missed chances but for the lack of them

  45. sir matt martin says:

    @Tallestre i think you right.
    Have you guys notice the united
    players under Moyes from the
    disappointment of last week. They don’t look like a team, just a
    collection of individuals running
    around,” “You can defend players for making mistakes but you cannot defend players for not tackling and not getting close to people. like what we saw against shakhta donesk yestday. “[United] had a couple of good chances through Ashley Young towards the end of the first half. He should certainly hit the target. I think it sums up his time at Man United: Just not good enough. “David Moyes took the heat off the players before the game by saying it is his responsibility but we are talking about experienced players. Rio
    Ferdinand’s decision-making, the
    chances he has taken, it is
    ridiculous. It was like his debut.
    “As I said before the game, there
    are big question marks over the
    manager and the players. That, for Manchester United, is certainly not good enough.” Sir alex must have been useing some kind of supper natural powers on this players in the EPL.

  46. samuel - united WE stand says:

    peter shmeichel is frankly spot on here.. .i’ve quoted this and we know it’s directed at fellaini, don’t make the same error moyes, your transfer activity you as a manager or it will be failure.

    “He, David Moyes, needs to sign players,’ Schmeichel stated, ‘He needs to look around that dressing room and see players that he has signed, not players signed by the previous manager. But what is the point of signing players if they are not better than what you already have and are not going to improve the team?’”


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