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Video: Jonny Evans Interview

In the video below, Jonny Evans (interview courtesy of Manchester United and ROM sponsors bwin) talks about the 2012/2013 season, tries to make Champions League predictions, dissects Patrice Evra’s musical tastes and a fair bit more.

Jonny Evans interview:

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  1. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    Please Jonny be available Sunday. We miss you.

  2. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Morning Reds! Jonny Evans Coming through has been a revelation of the last couple years.

    But the interview of the week is Tony V who was not best pleased sitting out of the City game from the sounds of it.

    No worries. Everything will be sorted if we do the business v Stoke.
    What a pissing month this has been eh. Plastic fans with their FootyManager wish lists can just amble on down the road. What a waste of space.

  3. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    I don’t blame Valencia. I would be fucking pissed too If Ashley Young who has done almost nothing going forward in the last 15 games he has played for us is starting ahead of Valencia and Nani. Nani is probably already resigned to the fact he will most likely be leaving. All I know is I don’t want to see Young start on Sunday. Give Nani or Valencia the start for a change. Young is least productive of the three going forward. We also need to stop playing people out of position all the time. welbeck should never play on the wings and Giggs should never play in the middle AGAIN. He should only be deployed as a striker. We’ll beat Stoke and get this thing back on track. Hopefully a chelsea win in the cup knocks the stuffing out of city.

  4. altonian says:

    How could Tony V be pissed off when he’s been nothing short of dreadful all season. As for Young being the least productive, have you actually watched any games recently? Nani had one half decent game and has reverted back to his usual shite whereas Valencia continues to run at defenders and either gets tackled or puts a crap cross in.

  5. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Cheers son. I didn’t hear the interview, only translations. Probably nothing in it at all. Press do like to take scraps and turn them round don’t they.

    Young is a project no doubt. Not sure if it is him, or the fact that none of the strikers are playing far enough forward when his crosses come in. Either way, he just isn’t clicking and we are not clicking at the front.

    Think one of the tea ladies must be a closet blue though. All the lads seem off their feed. (that’s a joke of course)
    But what has happened to our scoring. Except for stalwart ace Owen Goal, we havn’t scored in 350+ minutes of football and RvP hasn’t looked too likely since…… well, since deep into last year.

    The MF is the real problem though. We can’t hold onto the ball to save our freekin lives at the moment.

    Not one to blame players or the manager.
    So let me have a go at the tea ladies! Haha. ;)
    Sweet dears that I know they are! Ha!

  6. OJM says:

    There’s a reason that Welbeck has been played on the wing so many times this year… ALL of our wingers have been shite!

    You can blame Young all you like, but Nani HAS been dog crap, as has Valencia. Between them all, at least Valencia tries hard though. Nearly every game I have seen Nani in this year, he has been appalling! Beyond appalling, beyond crap…

    I used to be one of Nani’s biggest supporters. “Give him time” I’d say. “Let him grow” I’d say. “After this injury …” I’d say…

    …Nani is 27 years old, not a kid. He no longer lives in Ronaldo’s shadow (as if he’d EVER hit those heights anyway!). He has had plenty of injury-free time. He has been given many, MANY chances. Enough is enough. The guy is too inconsistent to play for a big team.

    At least Valencia (who has been our best, most consistent winger since he signed – says a lot!) has turned up when not playing well. At least he tries to defend, work hard for the cause and put in a shift etc.

    Nani is pathetic.

    Likewise Young. He was NEVER United class and he never will be.

    I will be willing to give Valencia more time, because THIS YEAR he has been the best of a bad … sorry, not bad, … TERRIBLE bunch.

    Cannot wait for Zaha to come in next year, plus the other winger that SAF will inevitably sign.

    Our wingers have ALL been appalling this season …

  7. OJM says:

    In fact – Welbeck (a striker) – has been our best winger this year!!!


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