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VIDEO: Kagawa and Rooney’s Goals vs Norwich

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. King Eric says:

    Joey. Who am I? Just a United fan who has been on here from day one. I apologise in that case then if you haven’t slagged those off. It’s just shit loads did a year or two back and are now hanging out their arse. People at OT used to groan everytime Carrick got the ball. Now folk realise just how good he is and frankly the bandwagon is laughable.

    Alright Goat you well? As you know I have always liked your humour.

    Folk don’t have a problem with criticism it’s just when cunts don’t even back it up. Like my example of Kagawa yesterday. Few on his back then he bangs in a hat trick. We have even had “fans” on here saying they think it’s time Fergie fucked off and even hoped he would collapse on touchline. I could name them but won’t. For someone who has smoked weed for 23 years I have a pretty good memory.

  2. DreadedRed says:

    Not wanting Rooney in the team is fine, but not accepting that he has been integral to our success (and failure) is ridiculous. Has he lived up to every man’s expectations? Who does?

    He has definitely been a tremendous signing. For the last ten years there has been hardly a manager in England whose first draft pick would not have been Rooney.

  3. WeAreUnited says:

    @Goat yeah these are the moments we live one, already 13 comebacks and now this heart-attack week, and when we go through both, YES, I repeat, WHEN we got through, there will be more of these weeks, but that’s why I love this team, it’s the fighting spirit that got me fall in love with United.

    Never say die attitude and, that when it seems to be the worst, it probably is the best for us :)

    CMON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bring it MADRID!

  4. WeAreUnited says:


    I remember me having a firece conversatin witt NINJATHEsomething, and put some stats about Rooney producing when it matters, and after that Rooney scored 2 goals against City and WE NEVER EVEER EVER saw NINJA here again :D

    I will pick up that comment I made and put evidence abotu Rooney being the talismnan

  5. rohan_19 says:

    well i can’t bloody wait for this tuesday…
    however its too soon to talk about even having a remote chance for the treble.
    personally i would be happy with a domestic double..
    for madrid, the most important thing is to prevent counter attacks, hence we need to use the ball well and make sure each attacking move leads to something before being broken up/cleared..
    we need a player like park ji sung who can run all day long.. i sure hope phil jones makes it..
    i would go with the following line up
    rafa vidic/rio evans evra
    jones/cleverly carrick
    nani rooney kagawa

    i chose nani over valencia because of the spark and invention that he provides,
    also kagawa rooney cleverly/jones are capable of harrowing the opposition and also get back to prevent a fast counter.. we could probably replace nani with young, however nani is more effective on the right than young and also better at playing triangles/switching with rooney and kagawa..

  6. Goat Peticoat says:

    Let it go fella. You have to understand that peoples backs are up, yours included, so no one will back down. There is no one person who is solely right so no grounds on which to assume liability for the argument. Its best to sweep it under the carpet, reboot and start a fresh. Anything else will only continue the argument and no one gains from that not even yourself.

    We all have our opinions and mine are more controversial than most. I too despise Rooney. I dont hold King Erics views that we would be a worse club without him as I would presume we would use what money we get for him to rebuild the way we play with a couple of signings. Not to replace the man but replace the system. I do agree at this present time to just dump Rooney would be suicide as he has done a job BUT IM not one to believe that success will only come if Rooneys in the team. City didnt have him last year, Barca never had him, nor did Madrid last year. He is a member of a squad, cerainly not invincible and certainly not immune to criticism and being dropped.

  7. King Eric says:

    Daniel. Ok then pal will meet for a pint Tuesday night yeah? I usually just go Platts. Not keen but it’s on way.

    Alpha RS. Alright pal. No I don’t think those that make decent pertinent points do get shouted down. Just the wankers that piss and whinge about everything! Like that idiot yesterday who said we should accept 20 million for Rooney!

  8. rohan_19 says:

    rooney is bloody unlucky. first he had to contend being compared and slated by using tevez/ronaldo.
    now he has to contend with van persie…
    he gives it his all for the team, am sure he would turn up and play left back if necessary..
    the problem with fans is that everyone expects players to dribble past a dozen, dink the goal keeper and score in every single match…
    all players are not the same, consistency wise or style of play wise..
    rooney has been one of the most important players for united since about 2006 now… so the argument of him not being world class is bloody stupid.

  9. parryheid says:

    Rohan_ 19

    Well I dont think Jones even if fit would play anyway,his use against Madrid is over a destroyer is not required for the return leg.Nani over Valencia for this game Never to puny and I dont get this spark and invention he apparently has.He seems to have kept it hidden for a few years imo.

  10. Goat Peticoat says:

    King Eric
    Through the haze that is my mind – not drug enduced more the pitty – I remember many a great chat with you. Hows the boy, is macca pacca still the character of choice or has the boy moved on. Thankfully mine has, he makes a cameo but he doesnt stand a bloody chance against Sweep. And I bloody love sweep.

    Fans that want to see Sir Alex colapse on the touchline need their fucking heads examined. Admittedly I do to but in a completely different context. I believe he will peg it in the hotseat because he will never leave the job. For him he is Manchester United and to give that up is as fundamental as giving up breathing or the ability to turn on the box and watch match of the day. I dont want him to die like some fans but I would be honoured if he died on the battlefield for us. – never giving up – never relenting.
    A sad day when that happens and not one that Im looking forward to. I’d morn him more than I would my own father.

  11. WeAreUnited says:

    I found my comment about Rooney and what made NINJATHETROLl leave this this place and after Rooney scored his 2 goals against City. and YES he’s not at his best, but the lad scored 1 and assisted 2 in his bad day haha.

    Here you go

    2012/2013 28 Games: 24 Starts and 4 Sub: 14 Goals and 12 Assists -> Total 26 Points

    2011/2012, 16 goals and 13assists. Only 39 games. That’s 29points in hockey.

    2goals against City FACUP, 2goals Liverpool, 2goals Tottenham, 3 goals Chelsea, a hattrick against Arsenal, can’t say anything about CL, cause as a team we were really bad, but he did score 5 goals in europe. All are big games.

    Season 2010/2011 34goals and 5assists -> 42games -> 39points in hockey.

    CL Final against Barca, semi-final against Schalke a goal, quarter-finals against Chelski CL a goal, so in the way to the CL final, Rooney helped us and scored 3 goals.
    In the league scored against Chelski 1goal, FACUP Arsenal, ManCity the bicycle kick? DO you remember Shinji?

    Season 2009/2010 33goals and 6assist -> 42 games -> 39points in hockey. Got injured against Bayern.

    CL: Semi-final against Bayern 1 goal, Quarter-finals 4 goals against the STRONG AC Milan. Without Rooney, we couldn’t manage to go into the final. Though we fought well, but we needed him.

    League: 1 goal against Liverpool, 2 goals against Arsenal, Tottenham 1 goal, ManCity 1goal.
    In this particular season, he won games for us and scored important goals that are in real life, not only in CL, those goals got us points. ALso he contributed like you can see in CL, but got injured.

    As a striker he has done his job, you can see that, when he has played as a second striker or in a different role, the assists are higher, when he’s been a lonestriker his goalrating has been amazing.

    So, not saying he is doing extremely well, but great players rise their games when matters and Rooney has hit 11goals in his last 12 and he’s not even our main striker.


  12. Goat Peticoat says:

    Anyway got to cut down a tree, I may be back later. Laterz and peace.

  13. King Eric says:

    Goat. Good thanks mate. Still likes macca Pakka but rapidly losing interest. He seems to like Rastamouse now!! Laters fella.

  14. DreadedRed says:

    WeAreUnited – I think his name was Shitzu Jujitsu, good riddance indeed.

  15. WeAreUnited says:


    haha SHITZU will be missed :(

    anyway, have a good discussion guys, later!

  16. red joey says:

    gotta say goat thanks a lot for trying to be civilised and respect others views i really appreciate kt.
    dreaded red the only reason i commented is to challenge u to stop bullying people on here. like i say i always come on here and never comment because jerk offs like you slander anybody with differing views. go fuck yourself i dont need your approval
    king eric no problem i hate all the carrick/evans haters too
    this blog is getting ridiculous i mean cant we all have opinions for fuck sake. dreaded once again go fuck yourself

  17. DreadedRed says:

    red joey – I actually don’t slander anybody because of differing views.

    Calling our player vile names is not a ‘differing view’, and is in fact the very slander that you speak of. If you have a dictionary, I suggest you look up ‘hypocrisy’

  18. red joey says:

    if u have a dictionary i suggest u look up ” dreaded red you are a fucking spastic with no clue about football so you just pick on others who you dont agree with or that are not in your little group of blog friends” you really are such a pathetic turd that i really am wasting my time even communicating with you as its pointless. you are a batch of sperm that should have ran down your mothers leg

  19. red joey says:

    dreaded red survived by crawling out of the abortion bucket

  20. red joey says:

    if you want to be the big man bully dreaded red go ahead! just realise that i will torture your fucking head if u are you plank. now forget about this childishness and go back to raping children

  21. DreadedRed says:

    red joey – put the mirror down, it’s an ugly sight.

  22. red joey says:

    enough is enough

  23. red joey says:

    your picture doesnt show up in my mirror faggot face

  24. DreadedRed says:

    Raping children? Abortion buckets? Torture my head? Fucking spastic? Pathetic turd?



  25. Proverb says:

    Daniel88 is just a proper troll there’s no reason in trying to protect him, the fucker will pop up ranting at our players once his balls gets hot

  26. red joey says:

    aye but hes not the first “troll” is he!!?
    wow looks like you’ve got me there dreaded with your superior psychology and lack of ability to respond to criticism. hahaha im loving how retarded you actually are. i bet that you’re a fully grown man too which is much worse haha tit

  27. red joey says:

    thats enough now dreaded you’re busting my ribs with laughter here cant take much more

  28. red joey says:

    thats enough now dreaded you’re busting my ribs with laughter here cant take much more

  29. Proverb says:

    @JT1zzle shitting @themichaelowen on twatter jeez this trolls have no limits

  30. NBI Red Onion says:

    @ All – Dreaded Red is NOT a United fan, he is a shit stirrer who sucks up to some naive people who are easily flattered and abuses others, in this way he plays with peoples egos and many are foolish and engage him. He was formerly @ sm*artalex @ Al*ertRoss – who Scott BANNED from this site, if you put in those user names your post won’t come up. He a SCUM PSYCO has put more people off this blog than everyone else combined and was at the heart of what @ Goat describes as the period where a gang of bitch bullboys tried to dictate to everyone. For a while I got fed up and did not even bother coming on here.

    That said, in the last few months the quality of posts and comments on this blog has improved significantly and I think it is getting back to what it should be. A year or so ago it was just a bunch of people talking off topic shit to each other and abusing everyone else but Scott got rid of most of those scumbags except dreaded WUM who has stuck his new ugly head up. Either up peoples asses or in peoples faces.

  31. parryheid says:

    That is not so,Dreaded Red is certainly an United fan and has been on this site for many years.And he has had disputes with other fans ,had a few myself what’s so unusual about that it’s a blog for fucks sake.

  32. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Hahaha, United 15 points up.

    If City don’t win away to Villa tomorrow they will be in a dog fight with Spurs for 2nd place with only 2-3 points of separation. :lol:

    City have to play solid opposition away in the final 11. They have Everton, Us, and Spurs away in the run in. But United and Spurs away will be cup ties make no mistake! They also play a couple sides in relegation fights at the bottom. City might not made 2nd if they don’t watch themselves.

  33. King Eric says:

    Parry I agree AGAIN. Getting too often this!! Dreaded is a United fan. The stink kicked off with Cedars etc getting pissed off with dual posters so they formed a “breakaway” blog. I still keep in touch with James21?
    , mike42 and Deano aka giggs12 Gerrard 0 and meet them at footy. I miss those lads and balaji, Willie etc. It did get a bit daft though with all kinds of topics apart from United.

    Yes NBI the quality of Scotts threads has been top drawer of late.

  34. parryheid says:

    King Eric.

    Hah yeah but no doubt one of us will get on the others tits at some point in the future and it will be hammer and tongs.You’ve brought up some names from my own arguementative past there but all United fans.Tuesday will be my first game since the Schalke game almost two years ago when I had my accident.Still fucked leg but I aint missing this one pain or no pain.

  35. King Eric says:

    Parryheid. Ha yeah probably so pal. To be honest we have never really had a proper go at each other, just odd disagreements here and there! Glad to hear you’re making game. Cannot wait. Full day off work so a nice lie in.

  36. DreadedRed says:

    Thanks for the quality references lads!


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