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VIDEO: Kagawa goal vs New Zealand

“It really had been a while,” Kagawa told reporters when asked about playing from the beginning. “But I still had to play well and earn a good result whether I started or came off the bench.

Shinji Kagawa scored one and assisted another in Japan’s 4-2 win over New Zealand.

“I didn’t feel as strong in the second half so that’s something I have to consider,” he said. “We were able to get an early goal so that helped me get into the game. I’m happy I was able to earn the penalty and convert it. We all had tight schedules before the match but we’d talked about getting into the game and building our momentum quickly. [New Zealand] weren’t able to get into the match quickly so it’s great that we were able to score so early. We have to consider that we still gave up goals, and the goals we scored were thanks to our opponent’s mistakes, so it’s no question that our games at the World Cup will be much closer. In that sense we have a lot to improve on.”

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  1. wayne barker says:

    Out of my depth lol I’m not a sheep mate which is the definition of twitter if Scott does things for effect on there up to him hasn’t done it on here yet,hard for me to believe he’d back players who aren’t trying
    Anyway mate hope you enjoy living in the superficial plastic world,im all about support and loyalty and am not changing,truth is just don’t have the time of day for spoiled phony fuckers

  2. Unagi says:

    It is funny that each time some one serves you facts you wanted you bend it to your well being. And you are so all knowing about that Scott is doing something for effect on Twitter. Actually couple minutes ago you had no clue he posted opinions like that on Twitter. So stop proving everyone that you are stupid.

    Double standards. I don’t take from you that you are supporter and probably great one giving your whole heart, but on the other hand the so called love for SAF and actually his last words makes you a blind fool.

    “No one’s bigger than the club.”

  3. iamMatty says:

    Prove to any one that he’s stupid?
    Unagi mate, wayne does not need to prove that to anyone, we all know how incredibly stupid he is. . .just that most of us are not so charitable as to indulge him everytime he has an epiphany for idiocy.
    I read something about social misfits having the need to act as rambos online, but that’s just psychology. Wonder what our local village idiot wayne bakass does for a living though.

  4. wayne barker says:

    My point is mate you seem to put a lot of importance on what Scott thinks so I assume you’re a avid follower Ba,Ba and for some reason you seem to think that I care about what Scott thinks and that I’m afraid of him wrong again.You give me a couple of lines from some conversation which you expect me to decipher and are passing off as facts? Just like the distorted Steele comments,you said Sir Alex told Moyes to keep all his staff show me the Sir Alex quote or stop writing rubbish

  5. Unagi says:

    Nope Wayne I am just showing you come over here and your opinion is in strong minority and on other hand you bash people for their views still you come to the blog of person that has same views as the majority which you so much despise.

    And actually you cared so much what Scott has to say you called my out to quote him from Twitter and even If you are provided with quote you are in state of denial. Same with quotes on staff.

    Yeah like SAF will go in the open and say things that could undermine Moyes in such situation, you even more prove that you are stupid.

    You would probably not see the truth even if it would hit you in the face. You would say there is no truth until it no blows off my head…

    I am just showing how much deluded you are.

    With so much experience you cant spot that on current course United will derail and with debt it has it is something that cannot be afforded.

    “No one’s bigger than the club.”

  6. wayne barker says:

    Iammatty you’re just a troll just one of many Matty turds on here who all think the same lol

  7. wayne barker says:

    If Moyes didn’t have the clubs backing why is he still manager? Just by saying that you are questioning Sir Alex’s sincerity calling him a liar not everyone has your thought process sums up the what you are
    You gave me two lines as proof of what? You’re a little bit daft in the head mate how am I deluded because I show respect and loyalty ok then mate

  8. DeGeaWeTrust says:

    Unagi – I have said for a while now when it comes to the direction of the squad, I do not see the club getting many transfer targets that many have been reporting we are after. What makes any of us think we will be in a stronger position now? than we were last summer? we were champions of England, in the champions league,. But come this summer, we will have barely hit the top 10, no champions league football, let alone champions of England. And with world cup year coming up, we will be lucky to buy 3 players, let alone replace ferdinand vidic evra carrick fletcher and scholes long term, and to deal with the unhappiness of RVP. So I think the club will come out with more excuses about the unavailable of players because of the world cup, and like I say, even if the club realizes they must spend big, for me its 3 years to late. Our hand is weaker, and our position is weaker, and without Champions league football, we will have to change who we buy, because players looking in on the outside, will be put off more coming here.

  9. iamMatty says:

    Oh wayne, you are 50+, a retard, thick as concrete in the head, contribute no form of intelligence to this blog, display mind-blowing stupidity, got no real life, and an internet warrior. What else did I miss from your bio mate?

  10. wayne barker says:

    Think you’ve got it spot on troll see difference between you and me i’m genuine never try to be anything else than what I am and never told one lie about my life in the 6 yrs I’ve been on here.You just live a lie every time you come on here so should maybe re assess who’s the one with no real life and who’s the sad bastard.Unfounded attacks on my personnel life although you have no idea soms up what a lowlife pathetic cunt you are.So why don’t you use one of your other user names and try again

  11. NBI Red 21 says:

    @ Unagi – mate that fucking fool wayne lives for intelligent people like you to try to engage with him, no matter what you say the psycho will keep up his same shit, there is no brain there to reason with, so I commend you for trying but I feel I must warn you of the futility of a discussion with the utterly stupid. Wayne has no brain and @ Iammatty is spot on – he is some kind of social misfit wierdo, why make him salivate at the thought sane people reply to him. I just abuse him occasionally to keep him in line so he does not completely fuck up this site. And he is definitely NOT a United fan. United fans like all fans have a variety of opinions and any real fan knows this. wayne is a troll, desperate for attention. He is pscycho and when people get sick of him he is pretence of trying to make a few OK comments so they engage before he tried to fuck up the site. And re Scott, wayne is here to try to destroy the blog and put people off coming here, isn’t that obvious?

  12. Unagi says:

    I proven my point how much Wayne tries to say i didn’t…

    1. He asks me for proof that Scott says this and that.

    2. I give him proof.

    3. He says He doesn’t care of Scott opinion and that Scott posts on Twitter to get aplouded by someone (Wayne only knows)

    4. I point that Wayne wanted to see proof on Scotts stance…

    5. so Wayne says I only provided two lines…

    It makes me laugh…

    Wayne If you care so much set up Twitter account and start arguing with Scott if you are such a great supporter. As well you can see all his posts there.

    My official stance is just to ignore Wayne none of us should respond to any of his posts if they are offensive. Just total ignore.

    “No one’s bigger than the club.”

  13. iamMatty says:

    We all ignore wayne, except on the rare occasions we humans try to indulge the lower life form.
    Bit like throwing peanuts to a monkey in a cage really.

  14. wayne barker says:

    How many lines did you give me? How am I supposed to understand that,you keep rambling on about nobody is bigger than the club,who the fuck are you talking about? Moyes? the club is backing Moyes you fucking muppet,not making any sense mate

  15. wayne barker says:

    Let’s all ignore wayne lol oh no please don’t are you lot still at school,i get to shoot trolls in a barrel with no comeback best fucking news I’ve had all year


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