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VIDEO: Kagawa goal vs Zambia

Shinji Kagawa scored the equalising goal for Japan after they had gone 2-0 down against Zambia. They went on to win the game 4-3, after a 90th minute winner.

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  1. m09538061 says:

    They have just stopped the England v Houndreus game cos of the weather
    Must be a ‘Thunder Break’.
    They want to try and play in Manchester december/January.
    Saying that I rememember going to a friendly at Old Trafford around 12 years ago against
    Urwa Red Diamonds of Japan and the game got called off cos of thunder….
    I got my ticket refunded.
    Nearly forgot…Great goal by Kagawa !

  2. NefariousVirtuoso88 says:

    I was at the cancelled Urwa Red Diamonds game too.

  3. m09538061 says:

    Dont know about you, but the whole day was a nightmare.
    Had a shit journey to Old Trafford and back.
    If you remember there were two games that should of being played that night.
    I know I watched the first one but cant remember who played?

  4. Tommy says:


    I was their as well mate, the japanese fans who came all the way fromn Japan got offered free tickets when we toured Japan next. It wasnt the only game to be delayed tonight, Belgium was delayed halfway through first half because of hailstone lol hailstone in June, and we say the weather is bad in this country. In other news Januzaj had an offical deut when he came on for the last 15 minutes in a 1 0 win against Tunisia (Fellani played first 45 mins) and DDG made his debut for Spain when he came on for the last 7 minutes of Spains 2 0 win against El Salvador and barely had a touch and England managed to bore us all (Not least Chiles and Townsend wished theyd both been hit by a bolt of lightning) in a 0 0 draw against the might of Honduras, Rooney and Welbeck both started

  5. ashtheking says:


    I wontsYenglnd bored me to death. There were some promising displays. Maybe I may be the only one but I do like his England team. Young and energetic. I don’t know if that would be enough to progress from the group of death . But if you compare the last World Cup squad and this one , now England have exciting squad.

    On other note,it’s funny how all the criticism goes towArds a welbeck or Rooney even though sturidge is also a striker. He has a lot to prove in this WC. I like sturidge but the way media protects him and some even say he could be better than Rooney is laughable. Sturidge has a lot to prove.

  6. Tommy says:


    Its media that say its the group of death, I actually think on the face of it, is not a bad group, Youve got an ageing slow Itallan side who cant buy a win at the moment (Even Lucemberg got a draw with them I think), a workman like Uraguay side with a couple of top top players and then youve got the Costa Ricans who should be beaten with ease, but the prolem is England are not very good. I dont rate any of the sides in the group really. The dutch have a much harder group to e honest and yes totally agree sturride missed 2 simple chances yet nothing will be said about it

  7. ashtheking says:


    But compare this squad to one that went to South africa. That was a dire shit squad. No speed, no purpose. Just the old bull shit. Atleast this squad is better than the previous ones. Still would be happy the day that ego maniac gerrard retires. He is a shit captain. Just living on one champions league glory, that’s it. It’s again funny that generally after a shit tournament a captain is the one who must take the blame but in England the blame goes to coach and Rooney

  8. m09538061 says:

    The electrical storm in Miami is god’s tears Brought on by having to listen to Adrian Chiles,Lee Dixon and Ian Wright Wright Wright for fucking half an hour.
    Thanks for the information about the other United players who played last night.

  9. OpikBidin says:

    Seems odd that there are so little posts about Manchester united players in the ENgland shirt. not even mentioning the halt because of the lightning and “Adrian Chiles,Lee Dixon and Ian Wright”

    On England, I don’t know Why did they leave Barry and Carrick, it’s not like they have other DMs or deep lying playmakers

  10. Imran says:

    the prices being touted for players is insane, 60mil for Paul pogba, . I think its all bs from agents looking to get Better contracts and more money for themselves. For that money we could buy another decent football club in the championship. 60 million pounds for a midfielder is crazy.

  11. m09538061 says:

    The only thing confirmed by lasts nights draw with Honduras are 23 seats on an early flight home.

  12. OpikBidin says:

    no, if England can change the setup and play to maximize players in their “correct” position and can do tactics that suit the opposition, they can get out of the group.

    for the DM position, in a 3 man midfield, I think Jones should be played there, he could be a 3rd CB and also has the energy and defending. He was our best midfielder at the 1st half of the season, (at the 2nd half, he rarely, if never, played as a DM again)

    And then for the no.10, I think against Italy, it should be given to Welbeck. He could do the job on Pirlo like he did to Alonso. And Italy have a huge dependance on Pirlo.

    Its actually a time where we should go by a team as a unit rather than just shoving all the “best” players into the team.

  13. Tommy says:


    Fair enough mate, theirs a lot of young lads coming from the bench, Wiltsure should start above henderson hes a far better player, the England defence is rubbish, probably one of the worst in the compeition, and of course when England go out a United player will be blamed and Hodgeson will proably pay with his job, If England get to the quarters theyll have had a good tournament

  14. Tommy says:


    Yea mate the game was shit but compared to listening to Chiles it was fantasic, The martin clunes lookalike is as boring as they come, I forge to say Mata was an unusd sub, I fear he wont play often in Brazil due to the unreal quality in their sqaud (Isco didn even make the 30 man shortlist lol)

  15. Mirainashe says:

    England are slightly above mediocre but I think they would have had a chance of improving if they weren’t so delusional. By “they” I mean the English media and fans. The first step to progress is to acknowledge failure. To look at yourself in the mirror and say, I’m not up to the right standard. The problem is too big and too deep to solve easily. People in England don’t want to change. They have serious potential and talent, but the stubbornness and lack of will to adapt to the changing times is the enemy. You just have to go through a football comments section to understand just how deep rooted it is. England fans love pace. There’s no term used more by Premiership fans than “pace”. Everything is based on pace and energy. It’s also a cultural problem I guess. But people need to understand that the most important thing in this age of modern football is sophistication. Playing with pace is not the be it and end all of football. If you prioritize pace in your tactics, it’s fine, but that has to be based on sophistication. Arsenal play with pace but it’s a very well laid plan. The players are fast physically but also mentally. They run less with the ball than without it. The guy on possession is always the calmest at any given moment. Walcott,Oxlaide-Chamberlain,Carzola, off the ball are hard to catch, Arteta in the middle will be nearly stationary at times when he has the ball. They disorient defences with their pace and linear movement. This makes the playmaker’s job easy because he gets options to pass to or to put the ball into various empty spaces for the attackers to chase.

    It’s not just running. There’s a method to it. If you don’t have calm midfielders but have pacy attackers, there’s a real risk that you’ll lose possession often due to confusion. You need a Scholes,Carrick type, who is not affected by the chaos. If your midfielders are also hot blooded then you’ll get into trouble when you lose possession. This has always been England’s undoing in the past. Rush, rush, rush but no thinking. Against teams like Spain, who will most definitely dominate possession, that pace will be useless. Lampard and Gerrard I have nothing against, but tactically they can cause you problems if your game is based on speed. Juventus for instance, play with pace and with, but right at the heart, they have the world’s calmest footballer in Andrea Pirlo. Vidal and Pogba are all over the place with Tevez too, but that’s why Pirlo excels. Their off the ball movement is a dream for deep lying playmakers. England never valued this role for some reason but they like to play with speed. The talent is there but as sure as the sun rises every morning, we all know England won’t do anything meaningful. It’s not because they are physically inadequate, but because they are culturally immovable. If someone radical came in to overhaul the England set up from the bottom up, and introduced a more modern approach, it’s highly likely there won’t be a place for players like Rooney or Gerrard, at least similarly inclined players. There is a real need for calm in the way England play. Of course they are massively overrated by their own, but it is folly to deny there isn’t quality there. Also, they should stop being delusional. Most teams in Latin America will tear them apart and it would not even be a shocker if they fail to progress from their group, so the fans and media should stop their harmful delusions which have a bad effect on the players. Let them play with freedom. It’s highly unlikely that England will ever win the World Cup in this lifetime so there’s no need to pressure the players unnecessarily. If there’s less pressure from fans and media,I honestly believe the national team will be able to breathe and focus on improving and be able to realize their true potential. The resources are there but the culture is prohibitive. The pressure is not constructive, because it is based on delusions. If teams like Ecuador or Mexico get this kind of pressure with demands that they win tournaments, they’ll collapse. But they get stronger because people at home know that are nowhere near that standard yet, so they support the team accordingly. So to England fans, if you want to see England rise, stop being delusional and support your country until it reaches the right level

  16. Tommy says:

    All you Tony V haters will be pleased to know reports today sugest hes set to sign a new contract.


    No one expects anything from this England team, I dont know anyone who thinks they have a chance of winning the world cup and ive lived here for 28 years so this time you cant accuse us English of being delustional, we know where we are as a nation

  17. Mirainashe says:

    Well how do you explain the incredible media scrutiny and downright demanding attitude. How many times have we heard about “The golden generation”? Phil Neville and Beckham have been abused thoroughly because apparently they cost England the Euros and WC respectively. How much pressure have we seen being applied on Wayne Rooney by England fans and media? Maybe you’re speaking for yourself because the way England portrays itself to the rest of the world is a bit different. Have you ever asked yourself why England is criticized by the rest of the world or why the English as far as football is concerned are called delusional? It’s because they make a lot of noise about their team as if it’s done kind of powerhouse. That’s what I mean by delusion.

  18. tallestreD says:

    Mirianshe, which country do you support then? I’m Nigerian and the support our national team is massive. No team fan or supporter would want their team to just make up the numbers even though they know they are just that. There’s always that inner craving for more. And most football sites are English so we tend to read or see more about England than anywhere else.

  19. Tommy says:


    Nothing delusional about having faith in your team, im english and I couldnt give a shit about the national team ut confidence is not delusional also you cant even call the press delusional, they know what they are doing, they big up the team to create a story and then when things go pear shaped they criticise the team to sell more papers, but not even the press can big up this England team

  20. Mirainashe says:

    I don’t call for people to not support their national teams. I just said let’s not be unrealistic about it. First of all England had never had a chance of winning anything since ever and by that I mean since they last won anything. They have never been on the same level as the best teams. That alone means the sensational criticism the team gets is unjustified. Not just that. The coaching in England is rubbish. That’s why no one from the top clubs will hire an English coach, not that any come to mind who are possibly of a high caliber. That’s the problem of culture I was talking about. In England they have their football beliefs which they reflect in TV commentary,punditry and on internet forums which shows they are not willing to adopt other ways of t thinking. I believe it’s this culture and more importantly the epidemic levels of denial and stubbornness to admit there’s a problem that is causing England to regress. You say no one believes in England chances in tournaments, so why do English people criticize and chastise their national team for failing to progress from the quarter finals? That seems to me like people who believe they deserve to win things and that’s my point. England doesn’t deserve and had really never deserved to win anything. Teams like Spain,Netherlands,Argentina and Portugal have always been called underachievers because they possessed the quality to win things and seemed to always fall short.

    But England has never been at that level so the demands of the fans are not only unrealistic but also delusional. Do you honestly think a team like Belgium went around all these years feeling they deserved to win things? No. They knew they were nowhere near the required quality and have been working very hard change their structures. Adopting world class technical innovations and administration over the years in order to be the team they are today. The English need to first accept reality. Say, hey you know what, our national team is mediocre and always been and that’s ok. Now let’s work to change this. That’s the first step. Acknowledge as an entire nation that you’re very far from the quality of the top countries and be at peace with that. No sense of ownership of greatness. It had never been there. England has never been an underachiever and has been performing to the very best of its abilities. Moving forward can only be done when the whole nation losers this misplaced sense of entitlement. Learn from countries like Belgium and Ghana or USA or Japan. How they rose from obscurity to where they are. It’s surely not by constantly berating their players for not winning things. These teams are at the same level with England and will most likely surpass the same in the coming years. Watch out for Iran too,a nation that is slowly but surely making inroads in the world of football

  21. Tommy says:


    You dont half talk rubbish, England have not been close to winning anything since 1966? How about being penalty kicks away from a world final in 1990, If Gazza was half an inch taller and got his toe onto the ball England would have been in euro 96 final (Again losing on penalties) are they not pretty close to winning things? Not to mention Maradona cheating, yes cheating England out of reaching the semis in 86, he should of been banned for the rest of the tournament for that, if Bryan Robson had of done it all hell would of broken loose and would of probably resulted in England being excluded. 1 world cup is still mopre than Holland or portuigal have managed. You criticise the english but priase Ghana, the USA, Japan and Iran. Even as someone who does not like the national team I would bet my mortgage on England beating all 4 of those nations if they played in Brazil. England would have had a shot of winning the 2002 world cup, I have no doubts about that if it wasnt for a foreigner Sven whos bright idea was to stick the best player england have ever had out on the left to accomadate Lampard lol, Sir Bobby Robson and Terry venables wouldnt have done that. Oh who has Ancholotti got on his Real Madrid coaching staff? An Englishman by any chance? yep were all rubbish, your the deluded one

  22. Tommy says:

    Its actually quite pathetic having people come on here and insulting everything British yet chose to watch English football lol how hypercritical, I mean weve never had good managers in this country have we, Sir Alex ferguson, Sir Matt Busby, Jock Stein, Bill Shankly, Bob Paisley, Brian Clough, Bill Nicolson, Sir Bobby Robson were all clearly crap managers. I really wish top quality managers like Pepe Mel, Egil Olson, Christian Gross, Jaques Santini, were british (Obviously being sarcastic)

  23. Tommy says:

    Its the eqivelant of complaining about Denzel Washington films and then going to the cinema to watch training day but I do get the impression you would do that Mirainashe, If you dont like dont watch, simple as that


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