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VIDEO: Kiko Sets Up Winner On Debut

Federico Macheda came off the bench for Sampdoria in the 78th minute of their home game against Roma. He nearly scored straight away but his header was narrowly wide. Five minutes later he played the ball forward whilst being fouled in the box, with the defender making a hash of his clearance and Stefano Guberti putting away the winner.

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  1. berbatunday says:

    weldone kiko the kid come back an improved playa

  2. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Watched the game. Kiko came on late and really put a spark in.
    Might of scored as well. Don’t know if he will be back but I do wish him

  3. Ryan the Red says:

    I was absolutely gutted when he was sent away on loan. To this day, there has never been a goal that made celebrate as hard as his beautiful curler against the Villa. Ole in 99 was just sublime, it really never set it. Scholes against Barca–I nearly jumped through the roof but to see Kiko net like he did at such a young age made him an instant Legend in my book.

    Bring him back ASAP Fergie!!!

  4. bchilds says:

    Wouldn’t really class that as a ‘set up’ but hopefully Kiko does well at Samp.

  5. RedScot says:

    Good start for Kiko at least he got some game time.He has got his work cut out at Sampdoria to help with their goalscoring rate.
    Anybody who is interested in Kiko there is a good article posted on SerieA weekly,Tuesday 11th January 2011,Newsnow, and why he may have been loaned to Sampdoria and how Sir Alex may have chosen this club along with Kiko to work in conjuction with Sampdoria coach/Manager Mimo Di Carlo.
    Best of luck in the future Kiko bang some away.

  6. FletchTHEMAN says:

    bchilds, not a straight forward assist, but Kiko was moving well and causing some problems that contributed. Still didn’t look like a player that we wouldn’t let go, but it was for only a few minutes.

  7. Berbagoals says:

    “He nearly scored straight away but his header was narrowly wide”

    Very red tinted here.

    I watched the game. The fairer assessment would have been ‘He missed an absolute sitter from 6 yards’.

  8. redcrab says:

    @ Ryan the Red – I too am gutted that we have sent this awesome prospect out on loan.
    Very fearful that will be the last we see of him. I’m sure SAF knows best, but I’d have flogged Rooney and kept Macheda as well as recalling Welbeck. Lets just hope the scouse bastard makes me look a right tit and as soon as possible. :|

  9. Ulster Red says:

    well said bchilds lol

  10. willierednut says:

    RedScot – The manager doesn’t do things by half, eh? He’s always plotting and thinking out the best option for these young lads.

  11. RedScot says:

    @ Willie, like me i watch the young players at the Club and defend them with a passion.
    Some of the lads on here just dont get it and follow the threads.
    Anyways if you like to read Willie see what I posted on The Serie A weekly publication!
    Not 30 days after it was posted, Instantly.Like on the Clean sheet Article that was raised on the News now site, a few minutes ago. I give my view!
    Most of the lads on here just want a fight………..I got them on my radar tho! lol

  12. McQueen says:

    Yeah, that’s a pretty loose definition of a ‘set-up’. Thanks for the update though, it’s good to know how the lad’s getting on.

  13. chino says:

    wasnt much that he did to be honest. it was a defender mistake that gave them the goal. Nothing too special.

  14. YorYor says:

    I’m impressed by the finish though. Makes me wonder what would have happened had Rooney been presented with that half-chance. Row Z?

  15. eagavrilov says:

    WTF he isnt playin from the start? He could get a 12-minutues on the pitch here on the everyweek basis

  16. willierednut says:

    RedScot – I that Article on Kiko. Fairly balanced piece to be fair and it shows the manager has a method for everything he does, were these young lads are concerned. As you said in your comment, gives us a reason to watch Sampdoria now.

  17. mattbw7 says:

    Does anyone really think he will be coming back, he could have gone to Fulham, Wigan or Bolton but chose to go to Italy.

  18. The United Way says:

    I think he is a goner lads.

    The Sampdoria thing is a show window exercise for clubs most likely to sign him – that is, clubs in Italy and Mediterranean Europe.

    Didn’t cut it. I have always thought he was a truly outstanding finisher, but his often heavy first touch, lack of link up play, and general vision is not compensated with good enough work rate.

  19. Nr101 says:

    @The United Way – while united may be attempting to show him off for sale in Italy I don’t agree with the second part of what you said. May I remind you that the guy is 19!! I know it’s easy to forget because he looks older than his age. I say we keep him until he’s 21/22 and if he has not improved much then possibly he could be sold but it is unfair to judge him as if he was at the same stage of his career as Anderson.

  20. Dave Malaysia says:

    Fergie wanted Kiko to stay in the Premiership ,if this Sampadoria thing helps him improve than brilliant.

    I just hope he returns a better player .

    I beleive character wise and skills wise we have have got the right Italian teen striker.

    I remeber the media were crooning about arturo lupoli,even had him listed as one of the top players in the world list.

    Fergie signed the other italian Gussipe Rossi and it turned out we got the better kid in terms of character and skills. See where they are now. I know that some of thier players go on to be brilliant

    but they are different if u know what i mean.

    Fergie picks em right even if skills wise like eikrem they move on ,look at thier character and how they handle themselves ,just better.

    So Macheda vs Balaotelli.

    Look who gets all the press and look at who is developing the right way as a teenager to a man.

    Who would u bet on?

    Fergie got it right again ,we recruited a young boy,changed his and his familys life forever and as we guide the kid ,he scores brilliant goals for us .We got the right kid.


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