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VIDEO: Lee Sharpe’s goals and celebrations

Today is Lee Sharpe’s 43rd birthday. He never became the player he could have done but here’s a nice little video showing some of his highlights from his time at United.

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  1. m09538061 says:

    Lee Sharpe is better than the wingers we’ve got
    He was great watch…Enjoyed entertaining the fans.

  2. j sman says:

    So good they even put his name on the front of the kit

  3. Tommy says:


    I liked the lad dont get me wrong, but I think it was more to do with his love of the party lifestyle than injuries which cost him his career in the end, certaintly at United Fergie did not want him to become a bad influence on Giggs and I believe that was the root course of him being sold to leeds scum. I used to love that schufle when I was at school, I remember being about 8 at the time at a holiday camp with my grand parents and my grandad said weve signed Sharpe (Hes a big Leeds fan), and I was having none of it and was gutted at the time.

  4. BerbaGod says:

    Loved the old boogie woogie when he celebrated. Sharpie was class and could have been a United great, such a good winger. Shame he didn’t live up to full expectations but still there was plenty of good times to celebrate him in a United shirt.

  5. gra mar says:

    Who didn’t love Lee Sharpe and that great big smile. Bags of talent but lacked a bit of discipline and was unlucky with injuries. His nº 5 on the black Sharp Viewcam shirts was iconic.

  6. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    One of the club’s best ever wingers. Respect.

  7. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    I think he was a a united great. 193 appearances, multiple league titles. He made his impact. Might not have been Giggs level but he had cult status at United and for that alone he was a united great. I’d certainly put him in the club’s top 10 wingers ever.

  8. EC7 says:

    Remember his hatrick against Arsenal in the Rumbelows cup in a 6-3 drubbing. Also a volley against Everton at Goodison!! Used to love Sharpie. Class winger. Unfortunate for him Giggs came along and stole the limelight as he had just broke through. That must have been some headache for Fergie. Then you compare those two to Ashley Young. My heart sinks.

  9. Neil Moore says:

    EC7. Yeah funnily enough Sharpie always said he had a shocker in that game against Arsenal , touched the ball literally 3 times and bagged a hat trick! He always seemed to score against Everton. Loves his back heel flick against Barca. Top player who could play left back and in midfield. Great lad too, huge fan of Sharpie.

  10. Neil Moore says:

    Sharpe left United by his own admission was getting disillusioned at being played out of position and in one game wasn’t even on the bench and that made his mind up to leave.


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