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VIDEO: Lingard, Welbeck and Van Persie’s goals vs A-League All Stars

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. wayne says:

    OJM there is no way of judging at this point in time and that is my point,NBI is a smart women taking the piss out of the whole process

  2. OJM says:

    @ King Eric and Wayne:

    – In big agreement about Jesse Lingard. I try to watch most reserve games and he has been outstanding at that level and after the poor performances of some of our wingers/attacking midfielders last season I couldn’t understand why he didn’t get a chance. Looks like this year could be his year though. Holds the ball well, glides past players, provides a lot and can score – as shown today. there’s no reason he can’t get a shot at first team next year. I expect Moyes to be very generous to our youth team – hell, he was at Everton!!!

  3. NBI Red Moyesy says:

    You’re the woman bitch, a hard up bloke or a faggot cruising they way you keep going on. Weren’t you saying a woman called King Eric also called you. Wierdo.

    @ Rukky – I agree with your point. Thiago has done things – he was the player of the tournament under 21′s and if it was not for the 2 best MF players in the world he would be starting for Barca, he has already proved to be a quality MF player.

    It is common sense that there is development curve for players. Someone on the trajectory to being a world class MF looks like he can be that at a certain age. Look at Scholes and Giggs. Giggs at 17 looked a player and everyone knew he would be class. Rooney at 17 looked like he could be a great player. It didn’t just suddenly happen overnight.

    Jones is way behind the trajectory to be a world class MF. He could be a utility player like O’Shea or possibly shine in defence. He could with a lot of discipline possibly come close to being a Fletcher. But that would take a substantial amount of re-training for someone who has been trained as a defender for years and who has only played in MF sporadically for 1 year. For Jones to catch up with the top of the class MF’s in his age group would be asking him to be as good as Pogba or Thiago.

    To talk about Jones being seen as a MF talent is to wear rose tinted glasses. He may be talented but not as a MF player.

  4. OJM says:


    – I agree with you mate that Jones is still very young so it is difficult to say exactly where he will play, but at this moment in time I see him as a CB. So does Jones himself. I just worry that if we dick around with him too much he may not settle into any position. It’s different from Tom Cleverley, as he has always been a CMF. Whether he has been played or not, he has pretty much always play the same position (apart from a few games on the wing). But Jones may feel in a few years like he has a bit of an identity crisis. I don’t really want to pigeon hole the lad, but we should decide where his best position is and try to play him there when we can.


  5. NBI Red Moyesy says:

    Look at Jones stats.

    His strengths are holding the ball, interception and concentration – great traits for a defender.

    His weakness is passing which is rated weak – not a good trait for a MF.

  6. wayne says:

    All i can tell any of you at some point there will be an article or book on how a women proved herself in the blogs of football.With NBI i’ve smelled rat for years but i’m expecting something on how she makes money on the whole process or it just doesn’t make sense why she’s spent so much time on this.

  7. OJM says:


    – Sorry to be harsh, but can any cunt on this website not find it within themselves not to keep banging on about Thiago? It’s not only boring, but also desperate, pathetic, over-exaggerated and annoying.

    He plays for Bayern now and is nowhere near the best midfielder in the world. Would I like to sign him? Yes. But we didn’t, so move on and deal with it.


  8. wayne says:

    He’s 21 you dumb bitch

  9. evisu says:

    Why the fuck should Moyes play Jones in midfield? We got plenty of young midfielders for that, he should give the young ones a try. I hope he starts playing more youth in cup games. They will keep leaving if they doesn’t get proper chance.

  10. wayne says:

    see how NBI never does anything but deflect ,she’s a complete shyster

  11. wayne says:

    it never ceases to amaze me how thick someone can be

  12. NBI Red Moyesy says:

    So what if Jones is 21. He has played in the EPl for several years. My point is he is at 21 behind the curve of top MF players the same age or younger. Would you play Jones ahead of Januzaj or Lingrad? They are both younger but look at the difference. It’s not an age thing, the raw skills to be a top MF are missing and he is not suddenly going to start passing like Scholes at 25.

  13. OJM says:


    – Chill mate!

    I like your posts and stuff, but we are all on the same team aren’t we? As you saw in my previous post, I don’t agree with everything NBI says – in fact we have had run-ins in the past – but we need to try not rip each other at this time. NBI thinks Jones should be CB – so do I – but you don’t. Fair enough. We’ll all see what happens over the next few seasons.

    God i feel like a hypocrite after the way I rip some people on here … !

  14. NBI Red Moyesy says:

    @ OJM – am no longer interested in Thiago, I was just citing the standard. Quite frankly having seen our young MF players I would not be too worried if we don’t buy a star MF player. Nice if we do, would help, but I would not mind seeing some of our young MF’s being bought through. Plus we have Kagwa in season 2.

  15. wayne says:

    OJM you’re missing the point mate if you can’t figure out what i’m saying then what can i say,no mate we’re not all on the same team and don’t tell me to chill mate,you don’t get me stay away from me ok mate

  16. NBI Red Moyesy says:

    @ evisu – Moyes said he saw one of his jobs at United as bringing youth through. He has said several times on tour that he wants to see the young players and speak to the youth coaches to see who they think he should look at.

    A lot of managers would stick on youngsters at the end for 15 minutes if they are winning but he has given a lot of minutes to the younger player and taken that seriously. I have no doubt he will do everything to give them games and keep them if they are good enough. He also gave Wayne his first start at 17 so he has no problem letting young players have minutes.

  17. Rukky says:

    Seriousy whats the bitter feel about the name thiago about? I compared jones defensive potentials to attacking potentials of januzaj and thiago but you could only pickout the name thiago. Lol get over it mates shit happens. By the way just heard someone say we’ve got a bit of cr7 and kaka in zaha and januzaj…so true#

  18. Rukky says:

    Seriousy whats the bitter feel about the name thiago ? I compared jones defensive potentials to attacking potentials of januzaj and thiago but you could only pickout the name thiago. Lol get over it mates shit happens. By the way just heard someone say we’ve got a bit of cr7 and kaka in zaha and januzaj…so true#

  19. Rukky says:


  20. OJM says:


    – Agree! Very excited to see if Moyes gives these talented youngsters a chance.


    – Sorry man, didn’t mean to rile you. I do see what you’re saying – Jones is young and adaptable, so let’s just play with him and see where he fits. I understand that. But he example of Cleverley and Rafael (both of whom you cited earlier) are always played in one position. That’s why they have developed well in those positions. Messing around with a player and playing him here, there and everywhere is playing with fire. Especially with a talent as brilliant and raw as Jones – it’s just a bit of a gamble.

    I’ll just deal with it – hope you can too. Few too many beers? :)

  21. OJM says:

    Jones has said himself he is a CB by nature. If you think you know better than the actual player himself, then fair enough. I’ll take Jones’ word over yours.


  22. wayne says:

    mate your missing the point which is why NBI is on here in the first place

  23. wayne says:

    Oh ok then maybe we should go through the whole Utd team and ask them were they want to play,makes perfect sense to me,some 20 yr old who’s been dominant through his school boy career knows exactly what suits him and were he belongs compared to a professional who knows what needs to be done.Wonder how many center forwards compared to defenders there would be if the kid had a choice of picking his own position

  24. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Well, jones’ position which he actually earned his move from is the centre half role, there are better midfielders coming through and possibly being bought, they should be ahead of him in that position. Some are looking for another roy keane but those days are long gone now, time for jones to improve as a centre half and hopefully moyes knows that and quits moving him around.

  25. samuel - united WE stand says:

    King Eric – Lingard has been schooled in the home of technique. Very skillful, sharp and intelligent on and off the ball. Mobile and decisive in the final 3rd with either composed finishing or a screamer. Has that class seen in great players added with confidence and assuredness. I think he’s 20 now, ready to fight for a first team position in my opinion, age shouldn’t be a deterrent. I think lingard januzaj, zaha along with many coming through really typify how the modern footballer is built, all technically strong and aware, I think they need perseverance to develop but excuting times for the club, hardwork from renee meulensteen and warren joyce will hopefully reap rewards, they seem to have drummed the importance of technical ability and work rate into these players, all seem down to earth too and are manchester united players. Hopefully tie januzaj and others to a long term deal, their next step is to become mainstays in the first team.

  26. Ash says:

    Was just looking at Bayerns team, How come Thiago thinks he will get a chance in Bayerns midfield. Look at th emidfielders they have, Bastian Schweinsteiger, Luiz Gustavo , Javi Martínez, Xherdan Shaqiri, Mario Götze ,Toni Kroos. Now he has to compete against these 6 for 2 spots. I have not included Muller. I am not bashing Thiago as he wanted to reunite with Pep, but he feel he should have been a bit bold and chose united if he really wanted some game time.

    One more thing why dont we put a cheeky bid for Gustavo. He looked quite decent for brazil and also did pretty well for bayern last season. He is 25 so could do decent in our midfield.

  27. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Anyone read kagawa’s interview talking about he hopes to return someday? Anyone remember jurgen klopp tapping him up, claiming united haven’t been playing him right despite the fact kagawa has mainly been injured and needed to adapt. I think shinji needs to focus on trying to step his game up for next season, he has the talent and should know that those that become stars of manchester united, scribble their names into the history of football. Step your game up shinji, forget dortmund.

  28. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Kagawa hoping to return to dortmund someday*

  29. Rvp is god says:

    Loaning out Zaha… Shit I hope not this lads got the goods I I want to see how develop at united

  30. Zino says:

    Obviously late to the party but what a second goal by young jesse lingard!!! Yet to watch the team under the new gaffer but the whispers coming out are pleasant ones. As for transfers, I believe there would be tangible improvements this week- at least I hope so. But what an addition francesc fabregas would be as well as a massive statement of intent!! Exciting times ahead

  31. xyz says:

    @warringtonred – thanks for that. Very, very good to hear. The United academy in full effect!

  32. samuel - united WE stand says:

    No one is loaning out zaha….. He’ll be a first team player next season hopefully.

  33. Diego says:

    The only reason Jones has been played as a CM is because he hasn’t been good enough to start at CB in front of Vidic, Rio and Evans. He isn’t going to keep Rafa or Evra out of the team but SAF didn’t want to stifle his development so found a way to involve him in the team. Now, what is clear as anything is that Jones doesn’t have the passing ability required for a CM at this moment in time and his game is much, much more suited to playing as a CB. Why force a player into playing a position that doesn’t suit him naturally? Jones can do a destroyer role at CM if required against players like Bale, Ronaldo etc. But dominating a game of football, or dictating the tempo of our play is beyond ridiculous to expect of him. Then comes the question of his age. Yes, he is young at 21, but why on earth would we hinder other promising CM’s development by playing a CB at CM when there are other, much more suited players that need the playing time and experience just as much. Trying to nurture Jones into a CM wouldn’t be beneficial for United imo.

    Hopefully Moyes does the sensible thing and plays him in his natural position, which surely would be the natural thing to do.

  34. The Hound says:

    How exactly has Jones not been good enough to play at centre back when he hasn’t been given a bloody chance. He’s played maybe 3 games top in a row at centre back maybe not even that. He started against Spurs at home in his first home game at centre back and was absolutely brilliant. I’m definitely in the Jones centre back camp. Not been a fan of him playing in centre midfield and I’m not a fan of him being used as a versatility player as it’s holding him back from progressing as a player. What position is he? No one knows! That’s a bloody problem for me and a waste of a huge talent.

  35. Diego says:

    “How exactly has Jones not been good enough to play at centre back when he hasn’t been given a bloody chance.”

    Jones not good enough or Rio, Vidic and Evans just too good. Take your pick.

  36. Mr C says:

    Those are brief clips but the Lingard kid looks a decent player’; those finishes were top class regardless of the quality of opposition.

    Good to see 2 goals by Danny too. I’m not the greatest fan of his striking prowess tbh but I sincerely hopes he proves me wrong / makes me eat my words this season.

  37. The Hound says:

    Again Diego, what didn’t you understand about not being given a chance? I also remember Jones and Evans partnering each other at the back at home to Norwich in Jones’ first season at the club and Evans had a bloody mate while Jones got him out of trouble on two big occasions in a match we went on to win 2-0. Evans made plenty of mistakes on his way to becoming a more consistent centre back so I’m not having that he’s better centre back than Jones could ever be. No bloody way.

  38. The Hound says:

    And by the way unless you didn’t notice but Rio and Vidic are shall we say getting on a bit. They’ve been arguably United’s greatest ever centre back pairing but they will need replacing and I have full confidence in Phil Jones doing that.

  39. Diego says:

    He was given a chance, had a good start but faded as the season went along. Surely we play the players that are in the best form (exception being Valencia ofc)? The other defenders were and are better than Jones (the reason to why he was played as a full back). Rio and Evans were simply a better partnership, and I think it was pretty clear too. There really isn’t much to argue about here, right? Vidic, Rio and Evans are keeping Jones out of the team and he shouldn’t be played as a CM because we have other players more suited for that position that also need games. Also, Evans was fucking immense last season so if Jones becomes as good a defender as him I’ll be very pleased.

  40. Warringtonred says:

    On the Jones thing, I think he will be a CB in the long term. He can play in midfield but his attributes are better suited to defence. I think Fergie felt duty bound to play him in midfield as he couldn’t get past Rio or Vida when they were fit. I think he would make an ideal sweeper protecting the back four. Fergie loved his square pegs in round holes and very often it worked but lots of times the team looked unbalanced. Moyes tends to play his guys in the right positions and without fear.

    As fans we often get carried away by wanting things like Fabio at RB and a marauding Rafael at RM or the same with Buttner and Evra especially when our wingers were out of sorts. Does anyone remember the Roy Keane to CB experiment or Park and Rafael CM jobby or Giggs and Sheasy in CM? The only one I remember working was Barthez as a striker haha!!

  41. King Eric says:

    Warringtonred. I certainly do remember Keano at CB and right back. Was on about that other week. Ha Giggsy and Sheasy in midfield. What game did Park and Rafael play in midfield as I remember it being a horrorshow! Was it the Blackburn defeat over Xmas? Date I say this but COULD we possibly play better football under Moyes? Plenty of pace last night and he seems to favour a more fluid, flexible system. He said as much yesterday. Many times I’ve come back from a game we were poor and Fergie said we played great football. Like what I’ve seen thus far.

  42. denton davey says:

    Dan-young @ 23:25: “we are playing a much higher defensive so his height dosnt matter too much. also his pace is vital to a high defensive line to make up for any mistakes if a player goes through on goal. jones is a very important centre back to us if we carry on with such a high defensive line”

    Best comment I’ve read in this thread.

    BUT it’s only if UTD are committed to this style that it makes sense to play MrJones as a CB; if TheLads play a “softer” defence then the other CBs have attributes that are more significant – Rio reads the game better than anyone else; CaptainVidic is a hard, hard, hard bastard; Jonny Evans is a very good all-rounder and is probably the best of the bunch in playing the ball forward; while BigManSmalling looks the part but he’s been injured so often that it looks like he might not realize his massive potential.

  43. denton davey says:

    King Eric @ 12:08: “What game did Park and Rafael play in midfield as I remember it being a horrorshow! Was it the Blackburn defeat over Xmas?”

    You mean the match that SAF ruled out TheWayneBoy (and Evans and Gibson) because they had been out on the town and Rooney turned up for training hung-over ?

    THAT should have been three points but indiscipline ended up costing UTD three points and, at the end of the season, those three points would have given UTD an insurmountable margin to win #20 in 2012.

  44. Dela says:

    @King Eric

    Ye man, if Danny Welbeck could get back a finishing touch, the lad would simply be unstoppable. He had a horrid finishing showing last week, for example, but think about how many times he actually managed to force himself into a position where he had a chance. He chases everything, he never quits and actually manages to get the ball back a very percentage of the time. I have defended him a lot from criticism because his work has really helped us in a lot of games even though he hasn’t been scoring. For example, remember the events that led up to the RvP winner at the Etihad last season? It was Welbeck who wouoldnt give up on the ball, forcing city to lose it and then tevez to take down rafa and give away the free kick. If he starts finishing consistently, then he’ll do serious damage. That I think is also why Fergie put so much faith in him on the pitch, and now Moyes also seems to be rating him highly already.

    We’ll see. I’m on his side anyway :-)

  45. The One says:

    What a load of crap from the Sun – United don’t need to sell, rooney’s the one who’ll be under siege if we stick him in the reserve!!

  46. NBI Red Moyesy says:

    Also @ wayne – what century do you live in?

    You are a freak show saying women called NBI, King Eric and Slim and others from this site called you….you then bash women.

    Firstly, show women some respect – many people’s grannies, mothers and sisters would wipe the floor with you on footie and there are loads of female United fans who know their stuff and even if they don’t they are welcome to express their views.

    Secondly, if I was a woman I would be proud to say I was.

    So stop slagging women.

    Finally – the idea that any woman would ever call you is insane. Keep fantasising, it will never happen. Also any old fool who puts his phone number up several times on an internet blog threatening to beat various people deserves what he gets, I hope someone really did call you and take the piss, but I doubt anyone would waste the money. Let’s face it you are just a sad old lonely man who has mental issues.

  47. Jrmill12 says:

    Hope to see the youngsters get a shot in the first team this year. They’ve all got the talent, just need the experience.


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