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VIDEO: Liverpool fan throws flare in to United crowd

After going a goal behind on Wednesday, Liverpool fans started lighting flares, and then threw one of them in to the crowd of United fans below them.

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  1. rickyshepp says:

    Liverpool fans!!!! It dnt surprise me! Shocking!

  2. Chris Nicholls says:

    Scambag scousers should be segregated from United fans especially when visiting Old Trafford.

  3. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    Why are people so surprised? These are Liverpool fans we are talking about here. They do things like this REGULARLY.

  4. Harty67 says:

    I’m still amazed at their media portrayal as these friendly, knowledgeable, welcoming and quick witted super fans. Those of us who visited there in the 70s and 80s in particular can vouch for what a horrible set of cunts they were and very much still are.

  5. Warwick says:

    The liverpool fan probably found the flare under his seat, it spontaneously combusted and burnt his hand and so he dropped it onto united fans – always the victim, it wasn’t his fault!

  6. Harty67 says:

    Warwick, lol that’s spot on.
    Maybe in continental Europe or Latin America throwing a flare is a genuine sign of love and respect between friends and our lack of cultural awareness has lead to us taking this the wrong way.

  7. Altyred says:

    Those lovable scouse rogues eh? Someone should dig out that photo of a young United fan at Anfield with a dart sticking out of his face. They deny it, of course, but scousers, like monkeys in Chester Zoo, also sling shit.

  8. reddevil61 says:

    what do u exspect from a bunch of murderrin cunts , it wasn’t us it was the police, justice for the 39

  9. King Eric says:

    Warwick. Ha quality mate. YSB.

  10. Red says:

    It was a dangerous, stupid and reckless thing to do. The one man who did this should be handed over to the authorities and punished.
    Mind you, judging by the quality of the neanderthal comments on this page, stupid people are not the sole province of Liverpool Football Club. There’s plenty of them about, eh lads?

  11. reddevil61 says:

    it’s my opinion of the murderrin cunts , obviously u not been many Man U v lfc games over the years ?

  12. Red says:

    One man did this but you talk in the plural, reddevil61. Grow up. In both sets of supporters there are very many more peaceable, peaceful and reasonable people. Hysterical rubbish like you spout is dangerous. Weed out the individual hooligan in every set of supporters and punish them but let’s stop tarring thousands with the same brush. This level of tribalism is tedious and just plain wrong.

  13. reddevil61 says:

    they are what they are self pitying murderrin cunts you don’t like tough.

  14. Red says:

    Ah, such deep intellectual insight, reddevil61.

    I can see you are untrammelled by the basic human instinct of dignity and civility – you’re not easily fooled by rationality and civilised debate.

  15. DreadedRed says:

    Red – only one man did this?

    Are you suggesting that those spectators around him are in no way culpable?

    For that to be the case, surely they would all have:
    - roundly condemned his actions,
    - attempted to prevent his reckless act, and
    - ensured that he was dealt with by the law.

    When a baying mob riot, or a gang of criminals commit a heinous crime, they are all culpable.

    That said, I do agree that In both sets of supporters there are many peaceable, peaceful and reasonable people. Those among the LFC fans who fit that bill, will surely reason that peace cannot be served by vicious, callous thugs who deliberately cause severe pain and suffering. Let us see how many of the fans who surrounded the flare-lobbing-lout come forward to identify the guilty fan.

    My guess? Not nearly as many as you would have us believe.

  16. reddevil61 says:

    listen you have your opinion on the lover able rogues I have mine lets just hope it didn’t maim any red

  17. Red says:

    @DreadedRed At last someone with a brain. Yes, I agree. I would hope that those around would have taken some sort of private action against that bloke. It would have been good for them to hand him over to a steward or at least round on him for such stupid behaviour.

    How many of us though are that confident ? It doesn’t always happen, does it ? And it’s not confined to one club. For example, those standing around idiots who use racist language or who sing obnoxious songs about real people dying don’t intervene or disapprove. Liverpool fans have done both … but so have United’s. Both sets of fans are equally culpable.

    My main original point was to say that it is dangerous chauvinism to trumpet and bellow and besmirch thousands and thousands of people by basing it on the actions of one man.

    I’ve had enough of the hypocrisy behind football as a game – millionaire players who purport to ‘love’ a club and don’t waste a moment to kiss the badge of another club who offers to make them a multi-millionaire. But that’s another story and part of a wider issue. Hypocrisy is also alive and flourishing among the fans and while rivalry is vital for the enjoyment of the game, it is important to distinguish the difference between rivalry and senseless hatred.

    While it is right to openly condemn that man for doing that what he did, it is wrong not to keep it in proportion and in the proper perspective. We don’t serve the wider interests of Football or the health of any club by giving vent to the excesses of tribalism – points that elude some on here.


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