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VIDEO: LUHG Sung As Gill Jnr Interviewed

As Oliver Gill is interviewed following the Reserves 2-0 victory over Everton, a fan can be heard singing “Love United, hate Glazer!” in the background.

What would daddy think?

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  1. Emily Jane 3 weeks till she hits old trafford says:

    he sounds just like his dad
    aslong as the glazers are around i cant see this boy staying at united just down to the fact that he could well be a hate figure and take the anger to the suits headed by his father

  2. Costas says:

    He looks and sounds like a dad.

    I hope Oliver isn’t judged for anything his dad says or does. I look forward to seeing more of him next season in the League cup.

  3. jockewe says:

    you shouldn’t judge people on behalf of their parents. berbas dad is a rapist, remember?

    let’s support our youngsters and not behave like some fucking ass holes against them because of something their parents have done…

  4. Fred says:

    Bit harsh to target Ollie Gill imo.

  5. King Eric says:

    Fred – agree with you. It has fuck all to do with Oliver. To be fair to him he actually looks a decent centre half.

  6. Bebeto says:

    I don’t believe they’re being irreverent towards him in particular, nor are they judging him. All I see it as is a publicity opportunity.

  7. Scousers Suck says:

    Im inclined to agree with Fred. The poor lad has nothing to do with the matter. How about we just let the players continue playing the game?

  8. KevKev says:

    berbs dad is a rapist????

    Can someone enlighten me…not that it matters with regards to football or manchester United, just curious if its true and whats with it?…

  9. AlphaRS says:

    I don’t think anybody is singling out Oliver Gill just because of his dad.
    They are just singing Love United Hate Glazer. A chance for a bit of publicity. Just happens to be when Oliver Gill is being interviewed.

    Interesting. SAF didn’t actually say too much about it.
    He is right though the atmosphere at OT isn’t as good as it should be because of the amount of day trippers there. Atleast the LUHG campaign is creating a bit of noise in the ground now though!

  10. Fred says:

    Wow, I must admit I’m surprised Fergie didn’t get all defensive and say “I’m not gettin’ intae that.” He was actually complimentary. The Glazer gimps would probably rather he had slammed the green & gold movement. Fair play to Fergie. Do you think he likes having to scrounge around for “value” signings like Owen instead of outbidding Real Madrid for his beloved Benzema? Of course not.

  11. Fred says:

    @AlphaRS “He is right though the atmosphere at OT isn’t as good as it should be because of the amount of day trippers there. Atleast the LUHG campaign is creating a bit of noise in the ground now though!”

    That’s a good point. The green & gold phenomenon has clearly rejuvinated and galvanised United’s support – the atmosphere at OT hasn’t been this good for years. Which just goes to show how out of touch with real United fans the pro-Glazer carpetbaggers who criticise the green & gold movement on here truly are.

  12. invertedquestionmark says:

    Yeah, leave the boy alone. People should never be blamed for their parents’ mistakes.

  13. samkis says:

    “parents mistake”??
    David Gill is a good CEO. I gets paid by Glazers, he can’t come out and say they are bad.

  14. james f says:

    No offense to the boy, but he reminds me a lot of a young Michael Palin!

  15. Bangladeshi Red says:

    hopefully not a ‘like father like son’ case with him..

    anyway heard there was a LUHG banner just behind Gill in that reserve game, and the ‘debt is the road to ruin’ one also went :) .. but the two people who were holding the banner, got sent out… Legend them! :D

  16. roonited says:

    VIDIC is back!!!

  17. Costas says:

    It’s like I suspected. Fergie just wants to mind his own business and doesn’t want to get involved in the Glazer situation. As he should in my opinion.

  18. Paul H says:

    Singing a few LUHG songs in the background is one thing, but the campaign would be plumbing new lows IF they target Oliver Gill in any way.

    I’m sure it wasn’t your intention, Scott. But bearing in mind the relative lack of security and crowd control at reserve fixtures (esp. away), you might have just given a few extremists an idea….

  19. Brooka says:

    Unfortunately the Green and Gold campaign is going to attract it’s fair share of idiots! Take a look the Facebook page that has been set up. A fantastic place for fans to come up with constructive ways to move forward. Yet if someone expresses an opinion that doesn’t necessarily fit in with their views, then they are ridiculed and abused. There are some Utd fans who are arrogant beyond belief but they can’t force everyone to join the campaign, or even agree with it. At every game since the campaign started I’ve heard opposing views and fans have been quite heated among themselves. We have to be careful about how the protest develops. Patience will be needed. The door-steeping of Gill suggests to me some are already thinking of turning to more aggressive means of getting the point across. I agree that we can’t sit still and stagnate. But the majority of people don’t like aggressive behaviour and support and goodwill among the media and fans can just as easily be lost if a vocal minority overstep the line. By the way, Oliver Gill reminds me a bit of Ryan Shawcross. I didn’t think he’d make it when I watched him and how wrong I was. The lad’s improving with every game.

  20. bchilds says:

    Bit harsh to target the young lad as it has nothing to do with him but, rightly or wrongly, anyone closely associated with the Glazers will be targeted.

  21. whiteknight03 says:

    Good to see sensible people on here thinking for themselves. To blame David Gill for the state of our ownership is bad enough. Targeting his son is down right moronic.

  22. Red Devil says:

    Do. Not. Even. Think. about the lad…..He just wants to play football…leave him alone


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