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VIDEO: Manchester Get All The Decisions

“Typical!” would have been the exclamations up and down the country this evening as Danny Murphy fell to the floor like a sack of shit under a challenge from Michael Carrick. “Typical United, always getting the decisions!”

If you were curious, only West Brom have conceded more penalties at home this season, but don’t let facts get in the way of a good whinge, eh?

At 0-0 on 17 minutes at Stoke just two days ago, Gareth Barry should have been sent off and a penalty awarded to Stoke. No card or penalty were awarded.

But United get all the decisions and will probably win the league because tonight’s ref was obviously bent.

VIDEO – bent ref influences title on 2.37 and 12.20

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  1. Cadelin says:

    Stateside, if he is a true Dipper he will cancel paying for his own wifi and try a free ride off yours once he discovers it !!

    On the team of cunts, definitely has to have Fowler in and have Macmanaman as another sub.

  2. LUFCWhite says:

    “Not asking for much fellas, but the next time we have a sheep shagger in the house would you be so kind to alert me? Thanks”

    Yeah I’m from Yorkshire, so obviously I must live on a farm. MEGA LOLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m actually from Leeds which is the 3rd biggest city in England. I’d make a remark about it being about twice the size of your Manc shithole, but then, I doubt you are from Manchester so that’ll mean nowt to you.


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