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VIDEO: United’s Players Of The 2012/2013 Season

With the Premier League title in the bag with a comfortable 4 games to go and no cup football to keep us occupied, the season review for Manchester United has started early.

Click here to watch United’s Players Of The 2012/2013 Season video, or read on below to learn more about the video.

Courtesy of YouTube channel FullTimeDEVILS, we have a video review taking a comprehensive look at the current United squad, the stand out performers, under-rated players and the stars under a little bit of pressure.

Featuring United bloggers, the review picks apart the various sections of the team, the players within those sections and analyses just how United secured their 20th league championship after a very rocky start to the campaign, and how Alex Ferguson will be strengthening the squad for the 2013/2014 campaign.

Check out the video and also subscribe to their YouTube channel – it features regular discussions on Manchester United and you won’t want to miss any of their videos.



  1. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Brilliant bunch of lads. Good call Scott.

    Wish they talked about the cup exits and the really up and down nervy play at times. Can’t say the early season form was anything to be excited about. Don’t think we started getting clean sheets until Vidic came back in December. An then getting bounced from the FA Cup. That one really hurt. Bounced from 2 competitions that we were leading on both! Very very hard to take.
    Sure the League is the primary thing, but we had progression in both the FA Cup and CL in hand and let it slip away. March about the worst month I can recall as a United fan in many many years.

    Fergie says we will bring in 2 significant players.
    I assume Zaha isn’t part of that number.

    But Ed Woodward just gave an interview sounding like investment wasn’t needed ?? Very strange.

    For me, 25M investment/year was promised and is absolutely the minimum. But that won’t even keep up with QPR to be honest. Any investment needs to be consistent and probably in the 30-40M range. We have aging players and need to keep the pot well stirred. Can’t get complacent.

  2. King Eric says:

    Fergie will strengthen he always does Fletch mate. This isn’t aimed at you but I don’t know why fans get so upset and worried over signings. I just let Fergie get on with it. Rarely lets us down.

  3. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Morning reds!

    How many of you saw highlights of the Benfica v Fenerbache match?

    In the 70th min or so,
    Gaitan rushes into the box, jumps a meter in the air misses the ball, and clocks Fen CB Gonuls in the head with a straight up boot to the face. Gonuls is out cold and Gaitan gets nothing from the ref.

    Rewind a few weeks and Nani gets Red from Cakir for a challenge that didn’t hurt anyone & both going for ball and the other player gets straight up. Gaitan gets nothing for knocking Gonuls out?

    To be brutally honest, both Cakir and Lannoy were looking biased against the aggrieved team in both cases. Cakir against United and Lannoy against Fenerbache.

    But someone has to sort Cakir out about his red when most refs didn’t see it that way. Both cases should have received a yellow at the least, or most, whichever way you look at it.


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