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VIDEO: Mata, Chicharito and Januzaj’s goals vs Newcastle

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. Tommy says:

    Roy keane was spot on Nani is not the bravest, it of an understatement that

  2. wayne barker says:

    danny the lying retarded backward backward inbred who likes shagging his mum

  3. Tommy says:

    Anyone that does not put United first, should be the first to be shown the door this summer, and the sutting will rightfully start with Nanis exit

  4. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    Oh my goodness. HOW ON EARTH do you know that Nani has showed no desire to get fit? Did you religiously follow his rehab program? Are you a close friend? Do you have a source that is very close to him? So how do you know this? You and your buddy always say that we have no idea what has been done in training so we have no right to complain about the team. The SAME rule applies. You have literally ZERO clue about Nani’s rehabilitation program. Why on earth would Nani want to slow his own recovery process in a World Cup Year? i’m sorry but that just does not add up to me.

    Nani can be frustrating when he’s not on just like our lord and savior Wayne Rooney but give him a consistent run of games and he’s quite easily one of our stand out players. Fergie clearly saw this but apparently we’re deluded for thinking Nani is one of our best players. Alright sir.

  5. wayne barker says:

    still waiting inbred you accused me of something prove it or admit you lied pretty simple.

  6. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    Awwww our resident idiot has run out of things to say so now he has to resort to family insults like calling me an inbred and saying I shag my mum. Awwwwww try harder. It might hurt a little but at least try to use your brain once in a while.

  7. wayne barker says:

    not at all so don’t try and twist it,simple really you made a statement that i constantly attack Nani,now if this is true should be very easy for you to prove,otherwise your a liar,if you can’t prove it makes you more than the resident idiot,so prove me wrong or admit you lied,
    Secondly you seem to like throwing out i’m a drunk although you’ve no idea,your a inbred shagging your mother its fucking easy making up nonsense,prove the statement that i’ve been attacking Nani constantly and i’ll quit the blog.if you can’t you quit the blog

  8. Tommy says:

    @dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT

    I know the type of charichtor he is, and I also agree rooney should of been shown the door, but make no mistake had SAF been in charge Rooney would of been 1st out the door but Nani was closely following him, Its no coincidence hes back just in time for the world cup, What was Nani doing when United were playing the 2nd leg againsy Olympiakos? He was playing fucking ten pin boling with his mates, Is that a sign of a man whos committed and I do know this as fact hewas spotted in Manchester and it started doing the rounds

  9. wayne barker says:

    and do not even attempt to distort things your either a liar or i am dimple as that

  10. NefariousVirtuoso88 says:

    @ Tommy

    I wasn’t aware that being a United fan meant you had to be delusional. That must be a Moysie rule.

    ” getting told about my club from people who have never been to a game in their lives, Please!!!!!. its our every day lives and when you attack united you attack our familly ”
    - This little permanently asshurt troll lives in Canada. I struggle to see its everyday life on the other side of the world. Sometimes people are invited into families (long distance relationships it seems) and it doesn’t quite work out.

    ” Wayne has every right to defend United from people who in reality couldnt give a shit ”
    - Sure. However. He’s a whiny little cunt (edited version) who when asked by myself to name ONE positive aspect to Moysie’s reign decided to throw a tantrum about a youtube video I watched and something about Blade. The vampire film with Wesley Snipes. I think.

    @ Wayne

    I have absolutely no idea what imagine you’re seeing but you either know fuck all about Blade or it has nothing to do with me. I thought Canadians were nice but you’re a little tool.

  11. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    You showed your hate for Nani on THIS THREAD. There’s nothing to prove Lol. Quit the blog right now. Also anyone who was here two to three years ago will remember clearly two occassions where you tweeted literally incoherent rubbish and were told to stop typing to save yourself embarassment. I know a drunk message when I see one. LOL. It’s easy to deny it now that it is buried under a mountain of posts. Luckily, your hatred for Nani is still fresh as ever. Just quit the blog please for the sake of everyone’s sanity. Go to ND58. They will accept you there. As far as you hoping I quit the blog? HAHAHA. There’s more chance of you coming to your senses. Forget it.

  12. wayne barker says:

    lol ok mate,yeah you’re right the image on the google profile has no resemblance to Blade at all.I’m not Canadian and i’m not looking to be nice,hope that clarify s things for’s a bird it’s a plane no it’s Superman lol,those glasses made all the difference,no one could have figured out that Clark Kent was Superman.Just out of curiosity what do you think is the greatest superpower

  13. wayne barker says:

    really show me,no you made a statement and i told you not to distort things,are you having a hard time with this?.You made a very simple statement i attack Nani constantly now you can either prove this or your a lying cunt,one or the other mate.Can’t tell lies about someone then just ignore it so i don’t need to hear the nonsense prove it or fuck off.Surely if you hate me so much 20 mins work to get rid of me would be worth it and prove i’m a lying low life cunt instead of you.
    Enough excuses PROVE it or fuck off scumbag,i’m calling you a lowlife lying sack of shit,so prove me wromg

  14. NefariousVirtuoso88 says:

    @ wayne

    My avatar imagine on my google profile is Cole MacGrath. A superhero from the PS3 video game series inFAMOUS. I am presuming this is what to you mean but how you can mix this up with Wesley Snipes as Blade is perplexing. You might be referring to something further down on my list of activity but you have a paranoid fear of details.

    It’s like you are mentally retarded or have undiagnosed vision problems.

    The greatest superpower is being able to take the powers of others.

  15. wayne barker says:

    well mate it is the spitting image of Blade,which Superhero is that mate one of the x men?

  16. wayne barker says:

    one thing i’m not mate is mentally retarded,me i try and live in reality,i do understand though for some poor bastards video games and superheros is all they’ve got in life,sad existence really,but what can you do

  17. Anomander says:

    Did I read the comments above correctly?
    Are people actually questioning Nani’s commitment because he took a long time coming from a hamstring injury? What the fuck?
    How do you guys know the extent of his injury? Did the club doc cc you in the report to Moyes?

    Yes Nani can be frustrating sometimes, and he might not be committed to being a red for all we know. But the fact is we don’t. And to use his injury recovery to criticize is just dumb.

    What next? RVP looking for a move because he got injured and is not comign back fast enough for you guys?

  18. wayne barker says:

    Anomander which people?

  19. NefariousVirtuoso88 says:

    @ wayne

    I will believe you are not mentally retarded (thousands would not be so kind) therefore I can only suggest you see an Optician. He looks absolutely nothing like Wesley Snipes.

    In all fairness to the people who like Sci Fi really too much. They would probably point out some people ” supporting ” sports teams on the other side of the planet they have no connection with are in desperate need of a reality check. They would also recognise calling other fans who support that club with different opinions “plastics” is self refuting at best and sickening hypocrisy at worst.

    Somebody who wasn’t mentally retarded would understanding this … perfectly.

  20. Anomander says:

    @wayne there was someone who said something like that further up the thread. Not sure who.

  21. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    Quit the blog Wayne LOL. Just quit, you’re a fucking hypocrite and embarassment. hahaha.

  22. Jose says:

    @wayne you need help cant be the only one who picks fights with everyone on this blog??
    Rarely comment on football,just attack,attack.if you are indeed 60 years old as ive seen posted on this blog please behave your age.
    What you should ask yourself is why always you?
    Been on this blog for months but it was enough time for me to see your attacks on danny,samuel,nbi,neffa…mcjred and so many others.
    @tommy you saying nani has done fuck all in the last 1.5 seasons for being injured,can you enlighten me what has fletcher done for the last 3??
    You bang about valencia’s desire heart and hard work but is even more inconsistent than nani.he brings absolutely nothing to our forward play.overhit crosses,hitting first defender with the ball,cant beat even the shittiest of LB’s..but ohhh wait he is great since he puts in a defensive shift.
    Nani might lose the ball a million times and shoot aimlessly but in amongst all the play there will be a goal or an assist or a key pass,cant say the same about valencia .

  23. Anomander says:

    APRIL 6, 2014 AT 01:43
    Tommy says:

    Spot on mate, What a shock, Nani has been out with some mysterious hamstring injury, then comes back intime for the fucking world cup and people on here defend him when hes been taking the piss out of United for months, atleast Tony V is giving it all for the cause

    APRIL 6, 2014 AT 03:07
    Tommy says:
    dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT

    Funny that you defend nani, defend a man who has done fuck all for 2 years but be on the treatment table, longest hamstring injury of all time but lo and behold returns in tuime for the world cup, Coincidence? At least Buttner is on the training ground everyday putting in a fucking shift

  24. wayne barker says:

    Still waiting for answers mate,he’s the spitting image of Blade just not a black man,dont need long explanations about nothing.No it’s not hypocrisy it’s fact you’re either a troll or a plastic that’s the reason I don’t like you,nothing to do with difference of opinion you and everyone like you are the hypocrites claim to be Utd fans but are anything but.Claim i’m the trouble causer but can’t wait to take shots,so you go fuck yourself

  25. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    HAHAHA Quit the blog Wayne. Just quit. If this place is full of plastics like you say then why are you still on here? Quit the fucking blog and go to where there are drones who will pretend like everything’s alright otherwise known as “real fans.” Hahahahaha

    Crticizes people for the SAME SHIT he does. Master hypocrite.

  26. ashtheking says:

    If arsenal lose today we willbe 7 points behind them. Can we overtake them and finish in top 4. Willbe very tough . Now imagine had we got 3 points from WBA , Fulham, Newcastle, Stoke, Cardiff, Southampton we would have been in top 4. Anyways what’s done s done. Let’s finish the season on high

  27. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    Nah no way we finish in top 4 at this rate. Top 6 is probably where we’ll end up. Unlikely arsenal totally collapse. We would also need Everton and Spurs to collapse while winning all of our remaining games.

    Only hope now is to win the Champions league or else we’re probably in the Europa League next season.

  28. ashtheking says:

    Yes top 4 will be tough. Like I said we should have won those small games. Let’s just finish as high as possible. Also won’t mind playing in Europa for a season. We will have good squad and moyes would want to blood young players so Europa would be a perfect platform. If we don’t have European football at all then many players won’t get a look in.

  29. tallestreD says:

    Hmmm I can see you guys seriously went at it. Good on you guys. @WeAreUnited you asked if Pep had taken over United and ………I seriously don’t like tiki taka but that’s not to say some of their plays isn’t revolutionary. The thing is I wouldn’t be happy, its just me mate, not that it would matter. Here’s a thought, what do you think happened Bayern vs Barca, InterM vs Barca, Chelsea vs Barca? I know these are just few examples but I want to know.

  30. reddevil says:

    just watch this..
    superb promo for bayern second leg :)

  31. WeAreUnitedd says:


    fair enough, those games were different. Bayern-Barca -> Bayern outclassed Barca
    InterM-Barca -> Mourinho played his part, Chelski-Barca -> Chelski got lucky and played smart

    But man, out of hundreds and hundreds of games you pick those games were Barca were beaten, I get that.
    I will put yo usome stats to realise something
    Since 2008 whoever have won Barca in the semi-finals or finals have won the CL
    2008 We won VS Barca -> Semis
    2009 We lost to Barca -> Finals
    2010 InterM won barca in the semis
    2011 We lost to Barca in the final
    2012 Chelski won Barca in the Semis
    2013 Bayern won Barca in the semis

    Those stats tells you that in the last 6 years Barca have been the team to beat. I mysefl did not enjoy tikitaka that much, but I was a fool, recently I have started watching them a bit more since the LaLiga has been exiting and realised my foolnesh.

    But fair enough, I hear you. NOw your turn again

    2008 excluded since we clearly were the best team in the world and Barca in transition.
    What happened in 2009 and 2011? Why did you not include those games were we were outplayed, ouperformed, outclassed etc

    even SAF said, no team would have beaten them in those games, particulary one of them. Just try to realise why I am pro-tikitaka, it gives yo uthe advantage,

    People think that that play is only moving the ball and not penetrating, you understand that Barca penetrated alot and won basically every game 5-0. Anyway, I myself am a huge fan of Dthe Dortmund style which is tikitaka in stereoids,

    BTW what do you think when Pep and SAF met in New York was the subject? Why do you think SAF went for Pep, because he’s a revolutionary man. anyway.

    I am manchester United supporter because the wingplay and countering is our identity our dna, but football is evolving and thank God, it seems that we are also thx to players like Mata and Kagawa.


  32. keanoisdaman says:

    Nani…..the most annoying player at utd,has great skill and on his day he`s unstoppable…but he has more off days than good…squad player at best.

  33. GingerPrince18 says:

    I dont get it really. Why people are jumping all over for Nani. He is just getting back from a long lay off. Its just good to finally be able to see Nani get game times. At the same time I dont get why some supporter are bashing Nani at the same time. Can you blame any players when they get injured. I can see that there is 2 camps in here. Pro Tony V and pro Nani. They are both our players and we are lucky to have them. With Valencia you know you get 200% commitment every game and he is a warrior than will keep on running even when he is tired. Nani is a more tecnically gifted player than can change a game in instance. We need both of them. We are competing in so many competitions and so many different approach needed.

    If we get all players like Tony V maybe we will be like Stoke who always give a good fight against any opponent. If we get all players like Nani we might end up like Arsenal. No grit, just guile. We wont win shit because there is no warrior in the squad to keep fighting when the odds are against us. SAF has shown the way how to win by having both type of players.

    I love Tony V, what is not to like about him. He can even give his 200% while playing with 1-eye. I am excited to have Nani. He is the type of a player who make u stand up and create that wow factor when he is on fire. He does things that most players can only dream of. All I am saying, we are lucky to have them both. Nani just signed 5 years contract under Moyes, so I would like to see what is Moyes plan for Nani.

  34. GingerPrince18 says:


    Love the clip mate. Aditya always put up some good videos. Like his editing style too.

  35. WeAreUnitedd says:


    my friend. You summed everything up really, no need to add anything.

    I agree that we are lucky to have them both, but in the last 2 season Valencia has been as bad as Nani and for me both are declining and we need to probably let three off, nani young and tonyV, but slowly not all togheter.

    Anyway, I think you made everyones point who support Nani and want him to do good, your comparison WAS SPOT ON!

    QUOTE: “If we get all players like Tony V maybe we will be like Stoke who always give a good fight against any opponent.”
    - Stoke currenlty 10th and punting long balls to Crouch

    QUOTE: “If we get all players like Nani we might end up like Arsenal. No grit, just guile”

    - Arsenal currenlty 4th and fighting for the League title, always there for fighting for the title and playing beautiful football, thank God Arsene is stupid and sells his best players.

    mate I can always count on you :P

  36. GingerPrince18 says:


    I am not in any camp man. I am in Manchester United camp. I dont think we should bash Tony V to justify Nani existence in the team and I dont think we should bash Nani to justify Tony V existence in the team. Both can co exist mate. I dont mind criticizing players when they fail to live up to the minimum expectation set by United standard. I do that as well. I have criticized both Nani and Tony V in the past when they had a stinker. But at the same time praising Nani for his 15 minutes cameo against Newcastle like he had saved our awful season also do not make sense to me. I am just happy that he is back and hope he will help our cause in the remaining match. I hope we get the maximum points for the remaining fixtures. A non-beaten performance till the end of the season will help to digest this season’s misery. It still wont change anything as Moyes still has a lot to do before our new season starts. But it will be bearable mate.

  37. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    Fans who try to criticize Barcelona’s style of playing are just extremely sad people who simply cannot find any legitimate reason to criticize Pep. That “Boring” style of theirs has got them 2 European trophies in four years under Pep. Got them FOURTEEN trophies in four years including a season where they won 6 trophies the only time that has EVER been achieved. Got them to EVERY European Semi final since 2008 so far. Guardiola’s 2009 and 2011 teams are two of the greatest teams wolrd football has ever seen and yet their style of play is “boring” HAHAHA

    They also completely trashed us twice using that “boring” style of play. Yes I do hate the over obsession at times with Guardiola but absolutely not their style of play.They dominate so many teams and make fearsome teams look like grade 2 kids. Look at City game for example. City were on a roll, Barca were not even at their strongest and yet they went to the Etihad, completely ran over them and dominated them. Something we have not been able to do in a long long time and yet we call their style of football boring. A football style that has delivered trophies upon trophies is boring? LOL. Only the so called geniuses on this page will tell you that.

    I would absolutely love us to adopt some parts of Barcelona’s game. Most importantly the ball retention part. While it won’t guarantee you the game, keeping the ball gives you a lot more chances to win the game than constantly giving it away. It is imperative we get midfielders who are adept at KEEPING the football.

  38. WeAreUnitedd says:


    I am too in the Manchester United camp, obviously

    the thing is, peopel have double standsrds with Nani even though the lad has been injured for 1.5 year and when someone else and in this case TonyV gets injured, then it goes by and they say no he’s been injured etc

    Also we who raved about Nani’s cameo, it was not about his great performance or something liek that, cause obviously he played 15 freaking minutes and had nothign to do, but for those 15 minutes we saw him linking up so well with kagawa and Januzaj and Mata, which tells us that he’s a player we need on that right wing

    that is why people were so exited about his cameo and raving about him, in no sense anyone said he saved our season,

    but my point with the comparison was that some of us like the arsenal way and some like the stoke way, now which one is more successful is obvious. Anyway

    this season CAN BE SAVED only with winning the CL.

    Also Agree with you on this “A non-beaten performance till the end of the season will help to digest this season’s misery.”


  39. WeAreUnitedd says:


    SPOT ON PAL, that game against City the best side of the premier league and they walked over them? and people now will bring the red card, but you know what, there was no moment that it feeled that City would win it.

    so that says it all. anyway, tired of that discussion, so I ‘ll leave it and just agree to disagree with them


  40. DeGeaWeTrust says:

    I think we are seeing very progressive football, yes newcastle were a team we should beat at ease, but? the way we did it, united are slowly regaining their dominating football, some of the football that was played outstanding. But? only problem with Moyes, he came accross this systeml when he had to play 1 upfront, now if Moyes goes ahead and sells guys like kagwa and hernandez, yet keeps the likes of cleverly and young, it will show me he really only stumbled across this system that worked for him recently, because his hand was forced, to sell players who actually improve united, and keep the ones who are not making united a better team, he really does not know what he is doing, but if he learns and realizes that 4231 with kagwa mata and janazaj leading the attack, we will see united go from strength to strength

  41. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    For us to constantly play this progressive brand of football with the front four interchanging, we need a strong midfield base. It was a great seond half performance but we still looked shaky and if not for three great saves, we might have conceded more goals this game. We need midfielders who can the dirty work abd pick up the slack of the forwards who ALSO possesses the ability to start attacks and has the ability to pick out passes and to retain the ball. We basically need about three top top midfielders in order to see more of KAgawa and Mata on the pitch at the same time because neither are good defensively.

  42. DeGeaWeTrust says:

    dannysoya – like I say, we need 5 new players for united to progress, 2 CB’s, a LB, because we losing vidic and guys like jones and smallen can never stay fit, so we need more bodys in defense, and 2 CM players all top class. I do not think we need 3 as powell will be breaking through, and we need some spaces so these players can break through. Powell could easily play in one of the front 3 spaces in the 4231 system. Fletcher has made a big difference to united since coming back, but long term we will need to replace carrick and fletcher, and united cannot keep relying on carrick, the club needs to think long term for their new anchor man to take the reins

  43. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:


    I agree with all of your points. You put it better than I did.

  44. tallestreD says:

    Dannysoya if I don’t like the way Barcelona play, how is that any of your headache? WeAreUnited seriously? You want me to say we got beaten to negate my point? Well anyway that’s your choice man, you like tiki taka I don’t. Its the way it is. By the way wasn’t it one those years Rubin Kazan/Celtic did them? No football pattern is unbeatable, none.

  45. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    I did not hace you or anyone in particular in mind when I made the comment but if the shoe fits. Wear it.
    I’ve not said they were unbeatable but its clearly a productive style of football.

  46. tallestreD says:

    Danny whatever floats your boat man

  47. DeGeaWeTrust says:

    tallestreD – football patterns are usually broken when the teams cycle is coming to an end, at their best they are usually unstoppable, barca at the height of their powers between 2008/2011, they were unstoppable. Their passing style would not just fizzle out like an arsenal, it would keep coming at you and coming at you wave after wave, even today, they are not the team that really did knock united off their perch back in 2009, but they still have this ability to really wear you out like they done with Madrid. Its a shame with barcelona they never did improve their defense. But if united were put up against barca of today, I would not fancy our chances against that midfield with messi. Bayern actually suit us better, but barca are a very difficult side like a team united to stop, just because we do not really have the midfield to tactically shut them , they suit playing us because we are not great at shutting allot of teams out

  48. WeAreUnitedd says:


    nobody said that it is an unbeatable system, although Barca rarely lost and if the ylost it was simply because a system malfunction. The thing was it is productiove football and people tend to talk as Barca never scored goals, HA.

    Just read the @DeGEaWeTrusts comment and you will understand why we are defending barca’s football. And Of course I will bring the 2 games they played against us where we were totally outclassed.

    But agree to disagree, whatever floats in you boat.


    great analysis about our team and what we need + about Barca’s football! flawless

  49. Paschal Agwunobi says:

    @ jose; I luv your comment, you said it all. Some blind muppets like wayne can’t see that.

  50. Eric Nesh says:

    Great football…gives us hope and encouragement that DM might still produce the goods. I am not getting too excited but i think DM is definitely starting to find his way somehow. Maybe our season starts after the game against Bayern whatever the result.
    Oh and I will never understand how Mourinho sold us Mata. He will regret that someday for sure. I also dont see why he should not be on the plane to Brazil!


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