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Video: Michael Owen, Wembley Legend? Not Really…

Fancy playing a 5-a-side game at Wembley? That’s the chance on offer at the FA Umbro Fives – the national 5-a-side competition organised in September (and October) by the FA.

The final will be played at Wembley, with participating teams going through the same experience as teams playing a real cup final and the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to score / win a title at Wembley.

The website has all the details on how to sign up, plus highlights from previous finals, tips on 5-a-side football from Umbro. You also have the chance to win TEN tickets to an England match throug the FA Umbro Fives’ Facebook page, so check that out too.

Here’s the tournament preview trailer:

Owen’s expression is priceless – then again, we’ve seen that quite a few times during his time at United, haven’t we?



  1. eric the king denis law says:

    dave bloke made his return the next season to wembley and blew out his cruciate ligamentdue to the bad pitch

  2. the exterminator says:

    fergie is ruining owen’s career. why did he buy him if not to use him? he is already 30 n shud b given more starts.. however badly ROONEY plays fergie never leaves him out of the starting line up .. y dnt he give owen a chance to start with berba.. i think fergie is gettin more stubborn by age..

  3. the exterminator says:

    and this is not the way to treat a great striker like owen.. solskjaer was a super sub Frm the start of his united career n he ws specialised in comin in late on n scoring.. but owen need starts .. he can finish better than ROONEY .. better play roo as an attacking mid with owen n berba at front..

  4. Long John O'Shea says:

    @ The exterminator

    While I do agree with you that on curran form Rooney should be dropped like his was against The Toffees, and he was given his chance against Ranger’s and didnt really do much. I think it should be Berba and Owen to start against Liver(this is our year!!)pool as being dropped for the second EPL game on the bounce might give him the kick up the asre that he needs to get back to as good as we know he is. But saying that SAF is getting more stubborn is a bit much, if he was so stubborn how come he dropped 10 players from Saturday (yes I know it was to rest some of them for Sunday against Liver(this is our year)pool) but surely most of the players he dropped are able to play 3 games a week, Vidic, Berba, evans, Nani.. sure you could say he wanted to give Rio a run out and it did seem like the perfect game for Smalling to cut his teeth, but then again you could say why did he put a player just returning from a long injury and a player that has never played in the CL

  5. dela says:

    Ruining Owen’s career? Had Fergie not signed him, he’d now probably be playing for Hull City. And as far as Rooney’s finishing goes, did you watch any of United’s games last season? Where would we have been if it weren’t for Wazza’s finishing?

    That said, I still would like to see Owen playing more often. Hernandez is still developing and should be below Owen in the pecking order imo.

  6. the exterminator says:

    i said he is ruining owen’s career coz he is 30 .. this is the time wen owen shud b used most .. after 1 or 2 years he will lose more pace n by that time even if he join a lower club he wont get much chances..

    n i thought i heard that owen came to united to revive his career.. how can that happen wen he doesn’t play.. fergie used to drop out of form players for a few matches regardless of their big name status .. so why not ROONEY? maybe because owen came 4 free n no one cares if he leaves .. ROONEY is a good finisher but not as good as owen .. and at the moment ROONEY is not being able to get into a position to shoot even .. n loosing possession ..thats y i said owen should be given chance..

  7. the exterminator says:

    and i dont know y owen is behind chicharito in the pecking order.. owen has got noting to prove .. he is not 22 like chico who still has got a lot to learn .. so y not use owen wen we can utilise his skills the most. he is at his peak

  8. eric the king denis law says:

    the exterminator , Micheal Owen was going to retire till hull came in with a offer . fergie saved him from that and brought him to manchester united a team who no other team had won more league titles than. micheal owen isnt some 18 year old wonder kid. he knows where he is in his life and he knows thatif a man like sir alex at a club like united where youth is the answer has to put on a fast striker to play off the shoulder of the defender then hernandez is the one to go with . owen is there to play a role that he has from day one. the roll fergie told him about over that breakfast.

  9. wiuru says:

    Agreed He came to us on a set of terms laid out clearly by Fergie ! He has made nothing but positive comments about the club since arriving . Its down to him to force his way in . The youth policy is our future . Cant see fergie abandoning those on the way through .

  10. Costas says:

    Personally, I think he should start more often. Tuesday was a good opportunity.

  11. the exterminator says:

    ya i knw youth is our policy . some1 here said fergie never sacrifice youth policy . then y is he still relying on scholes n giggs? or even berba ?
    answer is they are clearly better performers than our youth .. so y not give owen a chance to prove himself by giving him a run of games instead of waiting 4 rooney to hit form .. its clear that he is not in good form nw so y is he starting again .what if he fails at liverpool too?

  12. Jig3000 says:

    Apparently Fergie’s put in a bid for this lad, his wife’s sister’s brother-in-law saw him on the TV and recommended him. Rumour has it that Real were sniffing around so Fergie leaped into action ;)

  13. the exterminator says:

    even berbatov is 30 yr old .. fergie dint drop him wen he used to play like crap , did he?
    so y he is not giving owen ne chances?
    maybe because
    rooney – 28 m
    berba – 30 m
    owen – 0 m

    im not accusing fergie , but myself
    being a fan of owen .. it feels sad to see him go waste here .

  14. arijc says:

    Rooney in full form is a better player than Owen or any other striker for that matter. Hence there is a need to give Rooney the time to play himself into form. I can’t understand the call for Owen to start. He hasn’t looked like contributing anything in the few minutes that he has played so far. In my opinion, Kiko should be above Owen in the pecking order. He’s been scoring goals regularly in the reserves and needs the chance now.

  15. north country boy says:

    Exterminator must be a WUM! How do you think your hero played on Tuesday night? The words headless and chicken come to mind. Not good enough for United, simple as that. Thatks for the derby goal last season Micky, but dont let the door hit ya on your way down to Villa Park in January

  16. the exterminator says:

    @ arjic
    how can he contribute anything by playing 10 minutes dat too with our impotent midfield? as if others r contributing bucket load of goals by playing 90 minutes.(berba n
    scholes are an exception)

  17. eric the king denis law says:

    the exterminator , the busby way isnt to always play young players . its not to play 16/17 years olds and when they hit 20 they are out on there ear. the busby way is to take players from the youth make them slowly apart of the first team and intergrate them into the fabric of united from there. Thats what Giggs and scholes and neville are about . they are the matt busby way

  18. the exterminator says:

    @ north dog

    if owen was headless chicken last tuesday ,
    then wat should i call ROONEY n chico? how many shots ROONEY had on goal?

  19. Costas says:

    Lets judge Owen if and when he starts a few games. Not when he is playing 10-15 minutes per game.

  20. KIngOfStretfordEnd says:

    Why’s this becoming a Rooney vs Owen issue?Ha,i never thought Berba will be left out of the bashing.I must be dreaming.Well done Berba!

  21. the exterminator says:

    @ costas
    yeah Dats wt i ws sayin . glad to see a sensible post .

  22. willierednut says:

    SAF ruining Owens career? He saved his career ffs. Starting a guy who’s better days are behind him, makes no sense at all, it’s only a matter of time before Wayne starts banging them in again.

  23. man united says:

    go to news now gearrad villa manger reveals intersted in owen which i broke to you lot tuesday nite and your laughing so to me to you ha ha

  24. Chicharito14 says:

    In 21 games owen has played for us he has scored 9 times.his scoring record speaks for itself he deserves to be ahead of chicha and kiko in the pecking order that is if you want goals anyway. It is funny that before the season began people were advocating for chicha before berba. im glad to see that the berbahaters has finaly came to their senses and finaly realised that they were wrong about him all along.

  25. willierednut says:

    I actually put Hernandez behind Berba and Rooney in the pecking order, don’t know whats happening with Kiko tbh.

  26. Costas says:


    Yet, Gary Neville, who’s best days are also behind him got the nod ahead of Brown and Rafael at Goodison. Not to mention Scholes starting ahead of Carrick this season. I am not saying those decisions were wrong, but by the same token, Owen should start the odd game. Don’t see what’s wrong with that. Haven’t seen enough indications from Kiko or Hernandez that they should be ahead of him in the pecking order.

  27. the exterminator says:

    yeah maybe rooney will start banging again . so clinging on to that hope let rooney start every matches.. then wats the purpose of owen? macheda , chico etc can wait cos they r young n hv lots of years ahead? wats the purpose of not playing one of the best finishers wen we are not scoring enuf goals .. im not saying that owen should start all games ahead of rooney .. but now that rooney is struggling why dont just give him a chance .. every one says owen should start against small teams n roo for big matches .. but the situation is that roo n berba
    start against lesser opponents n either roo or berba against big teams.. den wats the purpose of owen being here?

  28. willierednut says:

    I can only give my opinion that Owen should never start ahead of Rooney, simple as that really. Why did SAF sign Owen? You’d have to ask the boss that one, i can’t answer that, but all I’ve heard all summer is that the younger players should get the chance to prove themselves, now some want Owen to start games. Scholes ahead of Carrick is a no brainer for me, he’s in great form, Kiko hasn’t been given a chance yet, but as i say, the boss could answer these questions better, I’m just a fan with an opinion.

  29. Costas says:

    I wouldn’t say that Owen has to start ahead of Rooney either. Just that they could have started together on Tuesday. I’ve never bought into the whole youth movement to be honest. Playing youngsters for the sake of it is pointless. If a young player can force his way into the first team, good for him. But if we still have players like Owen, Carrick, Brown and O’Shea in the squad, it means that we depend on them to be more than bit part players.

  30. the exterminator says:

    no need to ask the boss .. he play gary neville cos he is one of his dear fledgelings ,
    he wont leave berba n roony out cos they cost big money n needs to keep them happy..
    owen came for free n is on a pay as u play contract n no one bothers if he plays or note.. same was the case with teves too( but i hate him cos he told bad comments abt us)

    but both their situations are similar .. fergie got 2 world class players to play them in carling cup for cheap
    under no obligation to keep them happy

  31. the exterminator says:

    @willierednut no need to ask the boss .. he play gary neville cos he is one of his dear fledgelings ,
    he wont leave berba n roony out cos they cost big money n needs to keep them happy..
    owen came for free n is on a pay as u play contract n no one bothers if he plays or note.. same was the case with teves too( but i hate him cos he told bad comments abt us)

    but both their situations are similar .. fergie got 2 world class players to play them in carling cup for cheap
    under no obligation to keep them happy

  32. willierednut says:

    I didn’t get the Owen signing in the first place, so I’m not the best one to ask on this, a consequence of our financial situation i guess. Gary Neville a fledgeling? he’d be happy to hear that lol.

  33. willierednut says:

    Costas – SAF has always done things his way, I’ve stopped trying to figure him out, he always get the best of me and everyone else.

  34. the exterminator says:

    i mean he was one of the famous fergies fledgelings

  35. Costas says:


    The reason we brought him in was because we only had 2 recognised strikers at the time. And he played his part last season. But perhaps we should wonder why we kept him this summer. 5 strikers is one too many. In my opinion he could have been utilised a lot more, but Fergie has other ideas and knows more than me of course.

  36. NotoriousRedDevil says:

    I’d leave Rooney on the bench for the dippers game and play him against Scunthorpe, he does look out of sorts. Owen should start a few more games but I think he’ll be off to Villa. If they give us £1 million I’ll take it because I don’t see us offering him a new contract. The only way he’ll stay is if Owen wants to. He may not do much on the pitch in many fans eyes these days but I can guarantee all our young players have benefited from him being here. Although I must say that seeing Giggs and Owen link up still doesn’t feel right.

  37. willierednut says:

    NRD – Lets say Rooney drops to the bench and Owen starts, could you imagine the out cry if we don’t win? There will be probably be 1000 comments, Fergies lost it, we’re in decline etc.

  38. NotoriousRedDevil says:

    True but its a catch 22 situation regardless of what happens. I ignore the ridiculous comments but its a squad game and nobody at Manchester United is untouchable and to me it looks like that Waynes off the field problems are affecting his game. Just because he’s on the bench doesn’t mean he can’t come on. I think by putting Rooney on the bench and bringing him on if its 0-0 at half time will invigorate him. Also it will be a fantastic moment if Owen scores against the dippers, I will be taking the piss for the rest of my life!!!

  39. willierednut says:

    The only way Rooney will get back in the groove is by playing games, and not by sitting on the bench. Now, if his poor form continues, then he’ll probably be dropped, but i don’t think he should be left out atm.

  40. NotoriousRedDevil says:

    I get that but we all know Rooney has a short fuse by not playing and coming off the bench might give him a kick up the arse that he needs. Take THAT volley he scored against Newcastle he was arguing with the ref was pissed off and he scored. Same with League Cup final this year he wasn’t happy with being left out came off the bench and scored a great header no keeper would have saved. Dropping him for a big game such as this to bring him on will inspire him thats the way I see it. Mind you if we defend like we did vs Everton it doesn’t matter if Rooney is in form or not.

  41. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Gawd the whining on here. Owen would have gotten games last year but got injured. As said above, he is class, but he is also glass. Love to see him get some chances and think he will. This weekend maybe not because it is Liverpool, but he will be in many of the cup games and we will see if he is back to speed.

    Lets face it. When we needed him late last year, he was injured. Agree that SAF probably SAVED Owen. To say otherwise is just crap. Love to see him do well. He has class and still can offer some great stuff.


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