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VIDEO: Nani and Chicharito Goals vs Reading

UNI1REA0 by Samu21213

UNI2REA0 by Samu21213

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  1. Hans says:

    Not too bad, but why do we have too make it so difficult for ourselves?

    Bring on rent boys!

  2. WeAreUnited says:

    na na nani nana nani hey hey hey chicharoo

  3. Arthur "Two Sheds" Jackson says:

    People talk about the Lil’ Pea being a super sub, but what about Nani? One more than one occasion, I’ve noticed the lad coming off the bench and just making an immediate impact.

    Nani MOTM for me, no question about it.

    Both goals were great. Come on Boro!

  4. jamesy1314 says:

    Hey ho chico!
    Played well but made it very hard for ourselves, Vidic was great tonight!

  5. Costas says:

    Nani proving his worth.

  6. Lutman says:

    Can sme1 xplain 2 me y nani was on d bench,inthe 1st place ?

  7. denton davey says:

    AshleyYoung gets 45 minutes-plus and does diddly-squat while missing an open shot on goal; Nani gets the same amount of time (give or take), he just misses a goal with a terrific volley on his first touch and brings a very good save from the keeper on his second touch. In the second half, Nani scored one, assisted on another and was always dangerous. So, tell me, what’s the point of AshleyYoung ?

  8. Marq says:

    Point is, its his first start for a while after an injury, so he is suppose to be firing on all cylinders? If you want to talk about Young, you have to talk about Valencia first

  9. Sunny says:

    Wingers constantly in and out of form this season. Next season add Zaha – let’s see if we will have four?

  10. denton davey says:

    Marq – I expected to get that response. It’s not unfair BUT I remain unconvinced by Young; AV7 ain’t no wunderkind, either. Fifty minutes of Nani – his first/second run-out in months only served to highlight the absolute dross provided by Young/Valencia.

  11. kel says:

    Wow. Nani was brilliant. If this is the lower team and you dismissed Nani contribution, then what does that mean to Young/ Valencia? Dont make me laugh.

  12. Marq says:


    And yes, so where did Nani play when he came on? To promote Nani into the team, the person to make way seems to be Valencia rather than Young

  13. The One says:

    Nani played well. Hopes he has a few more car crashes like these to be able to play well lol.

  14. Proverb says:

    Nani has always been a better player, he serves humble pies to his haters whenever the opportunity is given

    TonV7 missed an open goal, he should be stuck in the right wing but the question is can he do better than redrafa? And the answer is a simple no!

    The contact debacle and the fans ignorant look towards him has been the trigger to his inconsistency, I mean, why lick ones arse while you at the other ones
    If you are fine with giving other wingers the praise despite them doing fuck all in attack why bring down the other winger who whenever selected puts in a shift like no other?
    Nani needs support from us fans aswell as from the management team, its not a rocket science, one with a proper football knowledge can see that nani is a class above all

  15. Costas says:


    Perfectly said with both comments.

  16. The One says:

    Nani’s delivery for Chicha’s goal was excellent…love the celebration between Ando and Chicha for the 2nd goal :)

  17. Adeez says:

    honestly I don’t care what people say about reliability or consistency and all that bullshit that they talk about nani is hands down the best winger at the club and it’s a shame that he is not a starter.

    he is a player that has 40 goals and around 50 assists in a little over 200 games for united you can not you can not simply dismiss that kind of contribution especially since no other winger is providing anything close to what he has provided… nani has to play

  18. 207egend says:

    Id like that to kick start his performances for the rest of the season, an on form bank can offer alot on the European front 2

  19. 207egend says:

    Bank sorry not bank

  20. 207egend says:

    Fuck, I meant nani

  21. DreadedRed says:

    207egend banking on Nani to bring home the Euro.

  22. denton davey says:

    marq @ 06:26: “To promote Nani into the team, the person to make way seems to be Valencia rather than Young”

    So what ? What kind of attacking force has AV7 been this season ? Did you make note of that feeble header with the keeper off his line ? Yes, it was AV7 who played the ball which Nani controlled with one foot and shot with the other for the first goal but, really, what did Valencia do when he was the right winger ? The assist came when he was playing at right back. No one can tell me that he’s better at right back than LittleRedRafa. So to make use of his strength, speed and athleticism it seems to me that if MrJones is not able to play against RM then I’d give AV7 that assignment as Ronaldo’s shadow and give Nani the job on the right of an attacking-threesome (even if that means that my favourite, Chicharito, gets more bench time).

    If you look dispassionately at the performances of UTD’s wingers – and their potential to inflict damage on the opposition – then I’d go with SirRyanGiggs on the left and Nani on the right. Will SAF eat humble pie ? Will he play Nani out of desperation ??

  23. kishank says:

    Ya guys.. M totally convinced with nani’s perfotmance.. He shud b gvn more tym so dat he cn get more consistent.. AV7 is vry predictable nd has been vry poor dis season.. Hopefully zaha can provide us with smtg..

  24. JC says:

    Nani on the right and Giggs on the left is probably our best (in form) wing combination right now. Young has been injured too much so far to get any consistency and Tony has been consistently poor.

    But to be fair the introduction of RvP yesterday was really the catalyst to cutting them open. He was all over the pitch playing that Rooney role, switching with Nani and opening up room for Chico to get through.


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