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VIDEO: Nani and Owen Goals Against Bolton

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. Fred says:

    Stunning goal by Nani, he’ll get no plaudits from the media for it though, as he’s not one of the little favourites. Glad he stepped up to the plate again and got us out of the shit (dare I say Ronaldo-esque?) But that freekick in the last minute was a complete waste FFS. So frustrating when we know how well he can deliver – like he did for Owen’s goal, and what a brilliant header that was by Mickey. Fair play to the little fella.

  2. Costas says:

    Good goals both of them. Nani’s run was brilliant, while Owen did well to get his head in there and guide the ball.

  3. LucasUTD says:

    I think the disappointing result has taken away attention from the quality of Nani’s goal. WHAT A GOAL THAT IS! Reminds me of RVN and Giggs’ solo efforts!

  4. Little Red Ant says:

    Always seem never to take advantge after slips by others – is it something about playing catch up??
    I’m sure Scott has some stats as to how well we do when we play first on a weekend vs playing after the others!!
    Two great goals though

  5. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Lads showed what it is to be United really. Fought all the way back. Nani took the game to them. Gotta say, he is looking more and more like the guy he was, back when we couldn’t leave him off the team sheet. Bolton took their chances well and were clearly up for it. First goal it looks like their man wrong sided Vidic for a corner, second was a lucky deflection off Fletcher.

    The link above to our second goal, doesn’t do it goal justice. I prefer


  6. shmoo says:

    aye second movies way to quick, better link fletchy :P .. as for the game, i think we showed grit and determination to come back on 2 occasions.. seriously tho when is fergie gunna see that o’shea cant cut, hes only in the squad beacuse of his ability to be a utility man. imo hes not good enough.. apart from that 2 well executed goals, fair play to mickey, i bet he got vertigo jumping that high :O..

  7. denton davey says:

    Nani’s goal WAS simply brilliant – great, mazey run and a terrific finish. For me, it was a better goal that DimitarBerbatov’s second last weekend – but I’m sure that others will dispute that. Both were the product of supreme skill and athleticism. LittleMikey’s goal was simply simple – but he did it and others didn’t. Both were a joy to watch – and savour.

  8. obertanthenewstar says:


    what is park in the team for?? work ethic and DEFENDING.. if u watch the replay… park was right next to petrov when he made the switch field pass… but did NOT follow him or even look to see if he was making the run… he let him run and petrol had so much space he could have had 2 bad touches and stil would have got a shot away… the point is park is in the team because of his work ethic and defending.. if he isnt doing that.. wtf is he doing ?

  9. Costas says:


    You expect me to tell you what his role and if he has failed at it based on one moment of the game where the team is trying to track back and he is probably caught in 2 minds? From what I can remember, he was brought into the game as a right winger and became a 2nd CM after Fletcher went off. Don’t know how much defending was involved in those assignments, but I remember him doing a lot of it in the dying stages.

    So, yes, Park probably made a mistake in that goal by not doing his job properly. Just like Evans and Evra did in the first goal. Just like Fletcher did lots of them. Just like Nani did when some of his crossing wasn’t up to par. Just like Berbatov did in the first chance of the game when he didn’t pass the ball across to goal for Giggs to tap it in. If we are going to search for players not doing their jobs out there today, then all of them are to blame apart from VDS and Owen.

    Park still bring good work ethic to the side and covers the pitch a lot. That doesn’t mean he won’t make mistakes.

  10. obertanthenewstar says:


    nani still created a goal and scored goal.. berba made great passes/thru balls and made good headers and was good at holding up play.. evans did ok defending wise… and evra bombed up the left wing as he always does.. remember that wicked rapid cross he put in? dangerous ball which we wnt see oshea do as he only makes 2 crosses a game… but my point is… park is there for defending/closing players down and breaking things up.. if he is there for a creative reason or to go a wonder goal then wtf is going on… listen by all means.. we got a draw.. but if your being honest a draw for manchester united is NOT good enough.. i know giggs got injured so he had to bring park on but seriously.. not one decent winger on the bench? i thought we love playing wingers? bringing on obertan or even bebe when we are losing 2-1 or drawing 2-2 with 20-30mins left is a gamble worth taking… they are fast with skills.. can easily take a player on or draw a foul… but park??? if he was brought on for defensive reasons.. he definetly failed at that which he shouldnt be doing as he brings nothing else to the team

  11. Cantona says:

    Reading some of the comments here makes me remember how lucky I am to have found ROM. And some of these idiots claim to be United fans….

  12. RedLife says:

    Rooney needs to learn to control a ball again. If he’s not careful, he’s going to continue on a long side and its only got one direction….down.

    If the so called “best” English player cannot control a ball, then what does that say about the footballers we produce? Maybe Berba can show him what he does, when he practices.

  13. Costas says:


    I am not defending the performances or the result mate. For me, it’s 2 points dropped. Not just today. We also dropped the two additional points we got at Everton and Fulham this season.

    And it’s been 5 hours since the game, and I can’t figure out a lot of what we saw out there. From the original line up to the sibstitutions. Originally, Park is brought on as Giggs’ replacement because we have no other winger on the bench. We knew that would be the case when Tony got injured. He also has Bebe and Obertan, but he obviously doesn’t think they are ready for the first team. Not defending that, just saying. So Park for Giggs makes sense and you still expect the team to go ahead with players like Nani, Berbatov, Rooney(and then Macheda) out there. I didn’t understand the Fletcher substitution. I know that Owen got us the goal, but why wasn’t he brought on for Rooney? Last Wednesday, it was evident that Owen is in better form that Kiko right now.

    Anyway, I think Park was brought on simply because there was no other choice. Don’t know what Fergie expected from him in this game. When he was moved into a CM position, Fergie probably wanted someone to support Scholes. And imo he did well there. I don’t think Park is useless in attack, much less in defence. He made a mistake, but he also helped out defensively when he had to. And that’s why I mentioned the other players. Because like Park, they had their moments, but they also made big mistakes. No one said that Park would be flawless in the defensive aspect of his game.

  14. Fze123 says:

    What a goal by Nani, probably our best player today. What a influential player he has become for us. Such a shame his goal wasn’t capped off with a Utd win. Rooney should be dropped for Owen. He has been dogshite this season. Had Berbatov started the season in similar fashion his haters would be slagging him right now. He looks like a league 1 footballer. Lets use Owen while he’s fit, he gets us goals. What a shambles of a defence we now have. What happened to it??

  15. trevor says:

    Another frustrating display today.

    For me

    Berbatov – I was peased with his efforts today, He is a changed man!
    Rooney – Will the real wayne rooney please appear! Had the control of Emile Hesky today!
    Nani – Some moments i hated him other moments i loved him!… At one point I felt the urge to punch him! I think maybe Fergie should introduce a new Rule! If nani can not get a corner kick over the first man, 3 times in a row I get to kick Nani in the balls!
    Park – Not his day, Poor performance> Looked lost!
    Owen – Fantastic Finish, Felt sorry for him the service was poor!
    Fletcher – Erm put himself about but not a noticeable performance!
    Vidic & Evans – For me did ok. Struggled with Boltons front two, however i think they are a handfull! I dont think both were as poor at times as each other.
    Scholes – Tried, Still our shining light…. Bless!
    Oshea – Oh My God, Oshea frustrated me so much today. At one stage in the match he couldnt pass to a United Player, he ran away from a pass to him which went out of play, After a great ball from scholes did a funny skip thing in the box and the ball went out for a goal kick! Went to take a throw in and took it incorrectly!….. I think he needs matches!!!!

  16. Che Guevarist says:

    Have Berba and Owen ever started a game together (apart from last year’s CC final)? Looking at their respective attributes, there would be no reason for such a partnership not to gel. People talk a lot about Owen’s finishing, but his link-up play is up there too, and I could see Berba and him exchanging one-two passes to expose defences if given the opportunity.

  17. Costas says:

    @Che Guevarist

    Yeah they have on a couple of occasions. Bolton at home for example. And they worked well together at Besiktas. Owen is a very delicate situation. I echo everyone who says that he has to play more often, but we have to be careful because his next hamsting tear is not far away. Maybe that’s why Fergie prefered Kiko over him today.

  18. Xyth says:

    Fully agree with your assessment. This match was as frustrating as Blackburn away last season. I though today had a good chance to get the momentum going. I though we have become too predictable and too slow for my liking. And simply are lacking the cutting edge. I hate to think what would happen if Scholesy got injured.

    Some of our players, Nani in particular, need to learn that this is a team sport and not go for personal glory, especially when the going gets tough. It was so frustrating when towards the end of the match, after a great work and getting into the box he went for glory, when he had two other teammates better positioned, who would have had almost a tap in. Nani also needs to find more consistency in his delivery. It was surprising that he could not deliver a single good cross when we were chasing the third goal.

    I also think that Evra, despite trying hard, is not the player we know he is. His mistakes at last two away matches have led to opposition scoring.

    This surely must be one of the worst performances by O’Shea. Wes or Fabio should be given a chance. Our entire defence needs to go back to basics. What happened to the defence that only recently probably won us the title by keeping so many clean sheets?.

    Nevertheless, thanks to the other results going our way yesterday, we are still in a good position, and hopefully we can learn from these mistakes fast and will start winning our away matches again.

  19. Rick says:

    To think our fans gave Berba all this stick last season, John O’shea is due some as he aint fit to wear the united shirt. Shocking!

  20. shmoo says:

    fk it, time has come to give smalling a go in at the back, fk o’shea of to shamrock rovers…. lets be honest hes useless, hes a token player.. and as for evans i used to think he had the balls to fight for his strip.. but im afraid hes another dissapointment, im not sure if the pressure is heaped on them to make a diffo, when the likes of rio and wes are injured , but seriously the way they are deffending atm .. ill be surprised if o’shea starts next game..

  21. Jeet says:

    Well, what can I say that hasnt already been said by all of you…disappointed as hell, bcos I get this sick deja vu feeling. Last season we got chance after chance to finish off Chelsea and didnt take them – is it going to be the same this season? This is what Arsenal does, and I laugh at them bcos they dont seem to have the killer instinct when it is most needed – surely, we are better than that?! O’Shea disappoints, Evra seems to have forgotten what it means to maraud down the left, Rooney – well, whatever….sigh….
    Come on Fergie, give the twins a chance! It would be interesting to see the line-up for Valencia, and yes, maybe the 4-2-3-1 is the way to go, when your defence plays like this? I would go with
    Rafa Rio Vida Evra
    Fletch Scholes
    Nani Ando Rooney

  22. Rooney > England says:

    Anyone else feel sir alex’s post match comments are getting more and more silly. He says other teams will drop points too at these places (everton,fulham,bolton). Fair enough but shouldnt he dropping points at ALL these places.villa,spurs and city will be more difficult tests.

    Before every game the boss says he expects a difficult game and yet we make the same mistakes. Why cant he take the hard decisions and sort things out

  23. Jeet says:

    Did anyone else think that the ref was completely biased? Nani and Bera were getting murdered and the ref was gladly turning a blind eye…

  24. nwra says:

    Have anybody else considered it may be time for Mike Phelan to step back down to coach and we bring in Queiroz again? We cannot keep conceding to goals per game and expect to win anything. I like Phelan but our defence is having real problems this season just by making stupid errors.

  25. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    And its a wonderful run by Nani. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . I always taught “and its a wonderful run for ©” was ™

  26. jespermoses says:

    I’m not that disapointed with the result as its always a tricky place for us to go for some reason.They seem to play out their skins against us.wait til chelsea come and they will roll over and die.
    I thought Nanis crossing was absolutely fucking woeful and he needs to sort that out as so many corners and free kicks were wasted!

  27. Rooney > England says:

    Tricky place??. 7–8 of these players played against us last season and we hammered them 4-0 and that was minus Rooney. All the away games have been tricky but if you want to win the league we have to pick up maximum points at MOST of the places where the other big teams will drop points. Everton, Fulham or City. What will happen there if we are struggling in these games??

  28. Rooney > England says:

    Everton, Fulham or Bolton(Not city) are not as tricky as Villa, man City or Spurs. Those will be even tougher tests

  29. Costas says:

    I have to agree. We can’t keep looking at these games as 1 gained point. It’s 3 away games that you have to win at least 2 of them if you want to be in contention for the title. Plus, Chelsea and Arsenal might struggle there, but they may not. We can’t depend on that. Our away form has to pick up soon because if we keep dropping 2 points every second week, then the others will pull away from us.

  30. Rooney > England says:


    Very true. Your posts are always very nice and you put your point across very well.

    There is a surprising vulnerability in the defence when it comes to dealing with long balls and that despite having Vidic there. The opposition strikers are being smart in targeting Evans. Teams like Blackburn and Stoke do that all game as well. Will be difficult there too

  31. Rooney > England says:

    @ Gotta hate tiny tears

    i agree. Cant understand how that cheating thug gets away with murder every time. Should have seen red for that elbow on Danny. Worst part is now that the ref booked him the FA cant act on it and ban him although i doubt they would have done that anyways

    BTW seen your daughter’s chants. Liked them a lot. she is very cute :)

  32. Costas says:

    @Rooney > England

    Thanks for the compliment. Likewise.

    Long balls have been an issue. Vidic is good in the air, but you still need the midfield to close down the opposition. In Bolton’s second goal, they switch the play twice with ease. I know that we were disorganised because we had a corner in our favour, but we still have to do better there. But that wasn’t as bad as their first goal which we should have never conceded. Good point about Evans. Ine very game it seems like he is marking the biggest threat, which is probably done on purpose by our opponents.

    Stoke away will be a test, but I think next week’s game will probably be our hardest one away from home this season. And it’s must win now.

  33. Rooney > England says:


    You mean Sunderland, right?? will be difficult especially with Bent scoring goals for fun now. His pace can cause us problems.

    Am more concerned about Valencia. They are in top form at the moment. We are playing them at the wrong time. valencia are a team that always starts brightly but they fade in the 2nd half of the season. We cant afford to lose the valencia game too otherwise it could put our qualification chances in serious doubt.. Expect us to beat Buraspor but the trip to Ibrox and Valencia home wont be easy. Also with Giggs out for a few weeks, Valencia out and Carrick and Hargo yet to come back we may be stretched in midfield. There will be some changes in the team for both the coming games

  34. Costas says:

    @Rooney > England

    Yes Sunderland. Not worried about us creating chances, but we have to hold our won in defence too. I don’t think it’s a game we can win by 3-2 or something like that. It could be tight like it was last year.

    As for Valencia, it’s a different game and probably one where we will revert back to 4-5-1. A draw isn’t a bad result. If we win both Bursaspor games and don’t lose at Ibrox, we will probably go through by the time we host Valencia in December. I am sensing that Carrick could return for this game, but probably sit on the bench.

  35. Rooney > England says:


    We played well there last year. Got the goal and should have scored more. Vidic and Evans did a good job to keep Bent and co quiet. Wont be that easy this time around. Hope we have carrick fit to start for the sunderland game atleast.

    Also want us to top the group in the CL. If we get a difficult round of 16 draw and a 2nd leg away from home is not something i fancy. Think it will be just 1 up front against Valencia. Owen deserves a chance. Wont be surprised if Rooney is on the bench or left out altogether. Owen deserves his chance now. Expect Anderson and Ferdinand to play. We need rio back desperately

  36. StatesideAussie says:

    @Denton: I don’t think nani’s goal was better than Berbatov’s second last week, but I’m not going to wage war over it either. Very different goals, very hard to compare. What made Nani’s goal so special, I feel, was the finishing shot. The angle from behind the goal shows how little space he had — really threaded the needle on that one. The broadcast i saw had David Pleat as co-commentator. Right before the goal, he had just finished saying how much more effective Nani has been since he started running at defenders, at speed, with the ball at his feet … like CR, in fact. I thought that was insightful when I heard … and a minute or two later, we saw why. Wow!

    Is it just me, or do Berba and Nani seem to work well together? As for other combinations, I don’t think Berba and Rooney seem to have much understanding … thought that last two years too, not just now. And no, that’s not necessarily a criticism of either player. Some “partnerships” click, others don’t. I’d like to see more of Berba/Chicharito, or Berba/Owen. But I don’t want to leave Rooney out in the cold either!

  37. kelvin says:

    Though i try to keep away from the Ronaldo-Nani comparisons, can’t help it but notice a similarity in the way Nani scored his goal. That is what we are lacking at times since Ronaldo left.

    We need someone to make something out nothing. Like how Giggs ran rampage against Arsenal in the FA cup, like how Ronaldo scored the equalising goal against Aston Villa and Kiko went on to score the winner. Just a few examples. My point is when we weren’t looking like we were gona win, someone will create a little bit of magic to spark us on.

    Hopefully Nani will be our next no. 7.


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