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VIDEO: Nani Beats Pepe, Veloso and Alves

Nani competed against the likes of Pepe, Miguel Veloso, Hélder Postiga, Pele, Raul Meireles, Eduardo, Edinho, Bruno Alves, Chelsea full-back Bosingwa, Hugo Almeida, Rolando and Yannick Djaló in the ‘Bruno Alves Footvolley Challenge’ and won!

The event was held on Matosinhos Beach last week with the final between Werder Bremen’s Hugo Almeida and Nani versus Sporting Lisbon’s Miguel Veloso and Helder Postiga on the other.

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  1. bruce thomas says:

    If he didn’t prat about so much maybe he’d win something serious.

  2. Jack says:
    hope he gets more games next season, his class, just needs the games!

  3. Abbared says:

    Wat sort of competion is dis? Bt glad to see a red win all thesame

  4. Tim The Red says:

    He would’ve played more games this season – but when he did he was rubbish.
    He needs to show the promise that he showed us all in his first season.
    This year’s a big one for Nani.

  5. Jack says:

    tim – he was class in his first season then just got dropped for no reason? we keep giving him like 1 game then like another 4 weeks later so no wonder he werent as good as he can be when he did get a game. Come on nani! Fergie will turn him into a world beater, just like he did with ronaldo.

  6. Tim The Red says:

    I wouldn’t say for no reason Jack – he turned out some woeful performances this year.
    I know you need to have a run of games, but with our squad you need to be able to come right in and do the job. Park came in and always performed well (not outstanding, but well enough to keep his spot) – Nani didn’t rise to the challenge. Look at how he played against Spurs in the 5-2 game. He was rubbish and got subbed at half-time.
    Despite saying this, I really think he could be great. He’s got everything there – so let’s hope he starts to fully realise his potential this year.

  7. Jack says:

    i agree, we all know his got the potential and we all know he can do mostly everything ronaldo can do, hope he shows us what his got next season

  8. kelvin the red says:

    exactly what Jack said.
    i just dont get why some fans just cant see the fact that nani is rubbish this season is because he’s given very few starts

  9. Wiuru says:

    Where he fails with Fergie is he tends to not listen to instructions ?

    So im told .

  10. Elbonf says:

    I seem to remember Nani get sent off for foolishly head butting Lucas Neill in the last home game of 2007/08 season (a game which was a must win as we needed 6 points from our last two fixtures to retain the title) thankfully the reds were 3-0 up at that time, that moment of stupidity probably cost him a place in the staring line up in Moscow.

  11. whitefieldred says:

    clutching at straws here with the tedious link

  12. Kings says:

    Jack – I’m with you on that mate. Hopefully he can show the form from his first season and show some of that magic like he didn’t against Arsenal in the FA Cup, when he took the piss with his ball juggling. I like the guy, and I think he deserves a decent run next season.

  13. Kings says:

    Off topic, is it true that Tevez wants pay parity with Rio and Rooney to join United on a permanent deal?

  14. AlphaRS says:

    Give Nani a sustained run in the team and we will see what he can do.
    Give him a chance. His first season was really good. I remember his screamer against Tottenham at Old Trafford. I also remember how he tore Arsenal appart when we battered them 4-0. If he applies himself and get’s given the opportunities he will do the business for United as Ronnie did before him.

    Tevez isn’t as good as Rio or Rooney. At least he has shown some sort of understanding about the club since he has dismissed a move to Liverpool. Perhaps that is for other reasons though. We have Macheda and Wellbeck who can fill his role. When we signed Berbatov I didn’t think signing Tevez was required. We need an out and out goalscorer to make up for Ronnies departure to The Fascists.

  15. oneunited says:

    I hope he delivers next season, he surely has the class like he showed us in 4-0 thrashing of Arsenal in FA Cup/

  16. TonyBee says:

    Wish the cunt would stay out there cos when he is in our team he fluffs and fannies around…..not in Uniteds class I’m afraid ….time SAF moved him on.

  17. NicoQB says:

    Tim knows squat about Nani.

    His performance in the Spurs 5-2 game?

    He was clearly the best player in the first half, made runs, troubled his immediate opponent – he was clearly the one player creating things offensively in the first half.But someone had to be substituted and it is always Nani the first choice to go when things go wrong.

  18. Anon says:

    Nani, as a pure right winger, is probably better for us than Ronnie, coz he can find Rooney better than Ron could.
    Don’t get me wrong, Ronnie is the Best Player in the World (TM)! But Nani, personally, is a better crosser, and i remember his pass to Rooney in a game, don’t remember which one exactly… he curled the ball around the defender and found Rooney who went on to score. a blinding assist! i’d say he is a sure shot bet for the right wing spot next season!

  19. Abbared says:

    SAF please give him the no 7 jersey. He surely will improve wit ronaldo going. The talent is dia to see.,

  20. Abbared says:

    Can anyone update me about united making a bid for real’s casilas?

  21. Isaidso says:

    Kelvin the Red, the reason they can’t see what you and I see in Nani mate, is because they are feckin blind! He is the best crosser of the ball into the box we have got. 2nd only to Rooney in assists in his first season. Did really well in the cup compeitions which is all SAF gave him this season. In the few games he got on to the field in the PL this season he put excellent balls into the box, but unfortunately for him, the INEPTITUDE of most of our strikers made his great crosses to no effect. Too easy for Fergie to make the lad a scapegoat. If he got the support from some of you moaning fans, like Ronnie and Anderson does, you would see what the lad has got. If I was him, I wouldn’t want to play for some of you moaning minnies. Anderson did fuck all this year too, but you lot still cheer his name from the rafters – sad!

  22. AlphaRS says:

    Give Nani his chance. If we ship him out on the cheap he will become a success somewhere else.

  23. Macheda is GOD says:

    3:19 cooL!

  24. jamos9 says:

    Was made the scapegoat most of the time when things went wrong. I really dont understand why he was continually asked to play on the left flank when a predominantly a right-footed player. He needs to use his head a bit more thats not in doubt but has tons more ability than any of our wingers. I think you’ll find he even managed to score 5 goals in his 45 min cameos a month. He’d beat people alot easier on the right-hand side and wouldn’t have to check his dribbles to cross.

  25. alex says:

    no suprise to me……nani has the best touch at united…….lets give him the chance to step up into ronnies shoes

  26. King Eric says:

    Anon – I think the pass by Nani you are talking about was against Blackburn last October. 2-0 Brown and Wayne.

    Off topic but was quite interested by “My Old Trafford Times” last night with Wesley and JOS. Their “little gang” is Sheasy, Wes, Rio, Wayne, Carrick and Fletch. 6 of our most loyal and passionate players!

  27. stretford972 says:

    come on lads, everyone knows that you don’t pick your teams solely on what you do on a saturday, hense why kiko got a chance. He obviously wasn’t doin it in trainin as well, coz if you impress in trainin, then you play. Anyone who’s ever played at any level knows that. The player we should be thinkin bowt is tosic, he’s been on a special diet and trainin program to bulk him up for next year with possebon. Watched him twice for serbia this week and he’s lookin good, especially when you consider how little help he’s had from his team mates. Don’t get me wrong, he ain’t ready to replace ronaldo, but he’s shown me enough to say he’ll contribute next year.

  28. King Eric says:

    Stretford 972 – Yes I saw the Serbia game the other night and at times Tosic showed real quality. He can dribble, beat a man and a wicked shot. He also covered the most ground against Italy too which I like. I did not see tonight’s game but by all accounts he was the best player on the park again. Looking forward to see the lad progress next season.

    Off topic – Aside from huge wages which don’t go to the club but how are Citeh managing to pay such low prices for players? £12 million for Barry and £18million for Santa Cruz. Weren’t United gonna have to pay £25+ for the cunt?

  29. Anon says:

    I haven’t seen the under-21s, but looking at some of the posts here, i guess we have found a successor to the Number 11 now? :P

    King Eric: Probably! Very hazy memory, just remember that goal. Crystal clear that one! :P Loved it. would like to see more Rooney-Nani goals like that this coming season! :D


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