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VIDEO: Nani, Rooney and Park’s Goals In Arsenal Thrashing

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. hurr says:

    lol Almunia, is he competing with James for the calamity title or something?

  2. BjOlav says:

    At one point in the game, the stats said 8-8 in goal attempts. The score was 3-0, and could easily have been 5-0 at the time.

  3. bchilds says:

    Fantastic performance and a great result, well done United!

  4. Carlow Redz says:

    What a performance, particularly following on from midweek outplayed them in their own backyard. Whos this new right winger whos doing a pretty good impression of the worlds best player at the moment! Man of the match v Hull, impressive v City and Man of match v the arse – consistency Nani – we know you are a good player, we just need to see a bit more of it! Arsene painful in post match interview – he just couldnt give the champions any credit for tearing them apart – again!

  5. eddieTheRed says:

    What an excellent performance – this fixture has become more of a footballing contest rather than the physical battle it used to be. United were superb – they knew exactly what they wanted to do and they exposed Arsenal’s weak points with clinical and ruthless precision!

    I know I’ve been mouthing off about referees and officials lately but today’s officials proved me wrong by controlling the game in a fair and even manner (first time this year?). It just goes to show, when all the other distractions are taken out of the game, there is no better footballing team in England than United – we were World Class today – now let’s crack on and win this league!

  6. Bebeto says:

    Our first league win at the Emirates. What a win it was.

    Easy enough to say Arsenal were bad, but it’s up to the visitors to take advantage of that. Everton and Bolton both failed to do that, whilst it was quite comprehensive from our perspective. How we didn’t catch them on the counter more than once in the second-half is beyond me.

    There’s so much praise you could hand out to individuals today. Since it was one talked about before the game, Fletcher is worth a mention. He did his job of subduing Fabregas yet again.

  7. Fze123 says:

    Oh, I could rave on about the brilliance of the goals and our performance as a whole all day. But I guess magnificent says it all. If they do us a big favour and take points of the rentboys then we will be soaring to number 19. Lets focus on portsmouth now and hammer them too to increase our goal tally.

  8. Fze123 says:

    Was the first goal Nani’s or was it a OG by Alumnia by the way?

  9. Bebeto says:

    Awarding it as an own goal is a little harsh. Not because Nani worked so hard for it. Looking at it the camera in line with the goal, it looked like it was on its way in. It doesn’t matter much. We’ve all witnessed Nani’s revival in full flow.

  10. cherry says:

    Look at Rooney’s run…..massive..this lad is electric!!

  11. Altonian says:

    Great performance. Not sure what’s going to happen with Valencia now, it’s obviously paying off playing Nani on the right so will be interesting to see whether he’ll rotate or perhaps try Valencia on the left?

  12. Superjohno'shea says:

    What a game and what a performance, I am in France today and had to watch it on some dodgy live streaming. and i just cannot stop watching our second goal. So similar to my favorite goal of last season by Ronaldo, Ironically against Arsenal at The Emirates.

    Rooney is untouchable at the moment. But what a team performance as well.

    I shall enjoy winding up my housemate tomorrow when back :-)


  13. james21 says:

    Nani man of the Match 3 different scorers. 1 man team? My Arse. Park took his goal well, But that break by Rooney and Nani, Utd of old What a Goal. See you at the Portsmouth game Wayne. Rooney, Rooney ,Rooney. Oh did Fabregas play?

  14. Asshat says:

    We were awful. Never got going, clearly misssed having any kind of forward on the pitch as a focal point, and only really looked to have anything in the last 20 when there was nothing to play for.

    You defended with 8 men and in fairness even if we were near full strength we’d have struggled against that kind of blanket defending with bodies.

    On top, with playing badly we never even had that moment of luck which can sometimes get you out of a hole and change things. The one we did have, the deflection for the goal, was far too late to be of consequence.

    The ridiculous yellow for Song subdued him; and the lad looked tired; and left Fabregas with too much to do.

    Your boys played well, but didnt really have to excel to get the points.

    In short, we were so bad even Nani looked like he could play.

    A highlight for your lot no doubt, but the chavs will take the league, and it seems you’ll beat us to second.

  15. Bebeto says:

    “In short, we were so bad even Nani looked like he could play.” – You’re thinking of the wrong Nani. This the one who’d been performing before today. With the form he’s showing there is no reason to feel bad that he performed against you.

  16. Mame looks just like 50c says:

    Stunning. To say the least . . . . Gunned the Gunners.

  17. rooneyisclass says:

    For asshit,your summary of the game shows how blinkered you gooners are,you got destroyed on your own patch.nothing to do with arsenal playing poor,everything to do with utd being a better team than you.

  18. King Eric says:

    Asshat – Get fucked you bitter cunt. The Chav’s are a joke. With United’s injuries this season they should be out of sight. They were awful at Turf Moor yesterday. A half decent team would have beat them. United WILL get 4 on the spin and create history. It will be the sweetest one yet due to the stick United have got this season. Chelsea have peaked and look slow and sluggish. United are just getting into 3rd gear.

  19. alpha_rs says:

    Where are all the Nani haters now?!
    Obby better than Nani my arse!

  20. Asshat says:

    Thanks ‘King Eric’ mr keyboard warrior.

    good you can have a proper discussion … oh wait, manyoo fan.

    chelsea are a joke, but they’re top of the league. so you’re second to a ‘joke team’.

    ‘grannyshaggerisclass’ thats how i saw the game. you saw different, but we did not turn up. ‘nothing to do with arsenal playing poor’ who’s blinkered? im sure in your eyes thats our best performance of the season.

    dress it up how you want, but leeds would have been in with a shout against us today.

  21. aig alex is god says:

    King Eric

    No point arguing with the gooners. Moaners of the highest order like their manager.Cant be gracious in defeat. Stifle them and their poor little kids cant do anything. Exactly what Chelsea did when they hammered them at the bridge.

  22. aig alex is god says:

    King Eric

    sorry.hammered them 3-0 at the Emirates

  23. aig alex is god says:


    that should make you more ashamed, shouldnt it. Leeds beat us at Old Trafford and yet we outclass you at the emirates.We were without first choice centrebacks and yet you cant score against us

    No decent Arsenal blogs to moan on?.

  24. alpha_rs says:

    It doesn’t matter which Arsenal team was put out.
    You can only beat what is infront of you.
    The game was infact more even than the scoreline suggests with both teams having 6 shots on target. Arsenal just could not finish today.
    SAF got his tactics spot on today stifling the Arsenal team of any space to play football in. It’s all well and good talking about parking the bus but if you want to be champions and not pretenders you have to come up with a “Plan B” to overcome this. United have had to overcome this on many occassions but instead of SAF complaining about it he tries to find a way around it by braking teams down. That is why United have been so successful over the last 2 decades. That is what Arsenal need to do. Beautiful football you may play but unfortunately for you not winning football.
    Your comments do suprise me as last year when the 2 teams met in Champions League semi final every Arsenal fan that was blogging on here had opinions based on well constructed arguements and they were most gracious in defeat.
    Chelsea played in exactly the same way against Arsenal and won.
    Also who were those nobheads booing at full time?
    Wenger is the best thing that has ever happened to Arsenal. Simple as.

  25. rooneyisclass says:

    For asshit,I saw the game the same way anyone without blinkers on saw it,man utd twatted arsenal very very easily,I`ve just been reading an arsenal forum and funnily enough they areed with me…Arsenal are not as good as you think they are.

  26. Anon says:

    Arsenal were shite today, agree on that mate. But United made em look worse than they were.
    Nice to see you have already given up on the league.
    That’s the difference between Utd and Arsenal. We don’t have any Arshavins who love stating that our team doesn’t have any chance of winning the league when we are actually sitting top of the league.
    But don’t worry, we will keep the Chavs’ dirty hands off our trophy.

  27. King Eric says:

    Premier League trophy should be renamed “The Manchester United trophy”. Other teams battle it out and try and prise it away from Old Trafford. Will be gathering dust now seeing as it has sat there since May 2007. Just listen to all the pundits and journalists back tracking about United. Hypocrites.

  28. Ulster Red says:

    king eric
    are the ABU’s praising us? no way

  29. Redbeard says:


    How does it work? Do you just have a standard list of excuses that you repeat verbatim every time Arsenal lose or what?

    “We were awful” – No, not really. You play pretty much the same every week. You just weren’t playing against a team who are intimidated by the myth of ‘the best football in the world! TM.’

    “You defended with 8 men” – Yes, of course we did! Rafael and Evra spent more time in your penalty area than ours. If we defended with eight men, who were all those blokes in black shirts who spent most of the game around the edge of the Arsenal area?

    “we never even had that moment of luck which can sometimes get you out of a hole and change things” – You make your own luck, sunshine!

    “The ridiculous yellow for Song subdued him” – Ridiculous? Really? Explain

    “A highlight for your lot no doubt” – Don’t flatter yourself, princess! It might have been your cup final but ours usually involve trophies (those are the big silver things you usually see Man Utd players lifting)

    “good you can have a proper discussion … oh wait, manyoo fan” – Yes, that’s why you came here, a proper conversation. Funny, your proper conversation sounds a lot like bitter, deluded whining, but I never went to boarding school so I wouldn’t know.

    “grannyshagger” – Wow! I doff my cap to your sartorial wit. Still, better a granny-shagger than a chronic masturbater (no offense!)

  30. Laos Red says:

    Hope nani doesnt get hit with a ban for showing up at the ground……

    Now im finally seeing the Nani i fell in love with!!!!!! i wanna kiss you NANI!!!!

  31. RedDevilzAdvocate says:

    I’m so chuffed for Park! We all have a go at him from time to time for not being a goal threat, and I’m ecstatic that he silenced us all yesterday.

  32. Datnana says:

    Yes! Men vs. boys

  33. Datnana says:

    Yes,evra! Men vs. boys

  34. Marq says:

    3 different scorers, but take a look at the 2nd & 3rd goal, and keep your eye on Rooney, lung bursting is an understatement for this guy

  35. mara says:

    What a performance…Nani well done! I thought that he is lost in the space…but if he continues…he could be great!

  36. Marq says:

    Btw, Asshat, you can have the 2nd place that you are craving and fighting tooth & nail for, we are not interested in that, we have a bigger fish to fry

  37. harry says:

    I know what Arsenal fans r thinking…
    Before the game: ” Arsenal can win becasue Ronaldo is not in United anymore, and Nani is shit. We got better team.”
    After the game: ” Arsenal’s Goalkeeper gift United the goals, adn that’s why they win. United just git LUCKY!!”

    Face it, Arsenal got owned by United. We played a team football. That’s why we attack together and defend together. And please don’t make an excuse like ” We can’t beat United becasue RVP is injured”. United got no Rio and vidic,too.
    FACT: We still owned Arsenal without Ronaldo, RIo,and Vidic..
    United FTW


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