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VIDEO: Nani’s Goals For Portugal

Nani scored Portugal’s opening two goals on Friday in their 5-3 victory over Iceland.

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  1. Adi says:

    A headed goal by Nani. How rare is that.

  2. WillieRedNut says:

    That was the same goal in those videos? ;)

    What can you say about the lad, that hasn’t been said already? Along with Rooney and Vidic, he’s our most important player. He’s even scoring headers now! :)

  3. hesselbom says:

    Wow, how good was that header?!

    It’s okay that you posted the same goal twice, it’s worth replaying!

  4. smartalex says:

    Two of the best headed goals Nani has scored. And so remarkably similar!
    Iceland never learn!

  5. redshanks says:

    Wazza again. his dad makes bets on players being sent of, we wonder how much or better still what odds did he get for his son being sent of big odds that. now the ref says wazza took being sent of well, is this another slap on the wrist man u is really has player who can do what and when ever they want, football in our country is really strating to be the sport were anything goesplayer are being payed millions to behave like f–king shit, it is time that the baldy scouse went back home

  6. Steve_G says:

    you know the set peices are worked out to a tee when both goals are identical :p

  7. izzy says:

    scott its the same video.. lol… good goal btw. A good mixture of skill and luck

  8. Mikael says:

    lol@smartalex & Steve_G

  9. teej16 says:

    haha. it IS the same video! good goal. here is the 2nd one

  10. five says:

    Our wingers especially Young are brimming with confidence now, I hope we can isolate Jamie Scumaggher at Anfield cause these boys with their pace will absolutely blow him away

  11. Egill says:

    I cheered for Nani when he scored those goals and I’m from Iceland
    But I can’t wait for the game on Anfield, Interesting to see Nani vs Enrique since he has the pace to keep up with him but hopefully Nani will be full of confidence and tear him apart and silence these scums.

  12. Gudjohnsen says:

    @ Egill – Me too, I’m also from Iceland. But the second goal was a gift from the Icelandic defender with a really poor backpass. But it was a great game, I’m sure the Portuguese supporters were a bit worried when Iceland scored two goals in the second half and the score was 3-2 :)

  13. Egill says:

    Hehe yea that’s true. But yeah they probably were a bit worried there :)

  14. Timileyinemmanueloyekanmi says:

    Nani is a player and i have faith in him, not just like messi. A world best who can’t play in country unless club

  15. Okezie says:

    D lad is geting beta n more matured, full of confidence. I love dat winger, tear liverpool apart 4 me boy

  16. YorYor says:

    I really hope that Nani thinks he owes his current success to Man Utd and to SAF. He’ll be one of our best wingers for a long long time, taking into consideration his all round game. Arguably even better than Ronaldo.
    Has really gone on to prove his doubters wrong, this Nani!

  17. Realeminent says:

    I may be right or wrong nani is my best when it comes to big game. Eminent

  18. RedScot says:

    My prob, was listening to Jason cunty.
    Can you hook up? not for all Nani. rest your head on my pillows!

  19. RedScot says:

    @ Yor Yor you sound sensible! anychance of a bum date?

  20. LoneStarRed says:

    Nani is in the zone right now. He is VERY dialed in. We can expect Liverpool to to commit at least one horrendous foul early to stop him, Young or Hernandez.


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