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VIDEO: Nani’s Great Goal For Portugal Tonight

Nani opened the scoring for Portugal in their 4-0 win over Malta which sees them through the play-offs.

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  1. ridwan7 says:

    More of that in a united shirt please :)
    gr8 control tho
    btw berba hat tricked ini :O


    wonderful turn and goal by nani it looked as if it was a heavy touch when it first landed on his feet. he even scored with his chocolate leg, sweet:-).

  3. Kings says:

    Plenty of those for United will do nicely thanks.

  4. rookiko says:

    Come on, we’ve all seen you have it in you. Now it’s time to deliver

  5. rookiko says:

    Come on, we’ve all seen you have it in you. Now it’s time to deliver

  6. shabadu84 says:

    tosic scored for serbia too, right?

  7. Laos Red says:

    Keep in mind that this was a Portugal team without Ronaldo!!!!!!! Nani slotted right in!!!! Now he just needs to do the exact same thing in a red kit!!!!

  8. themarkedman72 says:

    play him on the right and he will kill it

  9. denton davey says:

    Left footed, too !

    The guy has great skill, we need to be patient and let him grow into his game at UTD. And, I completely agree that he would do better on the right but since Valencia is sooooooo right-footed there’s not much chance of Nani getting time on the right.

  10. Bishopville Red says:

    The boy can’t score unless it’s a screamer!

  11. five says:

    Keep the faith in this lad! no denying his talent…he’s bound to explode sooner or later and when he does we’ll reap the rewards

  12. andsolskjærhaswonit... says:

    Bishopville Red

  13. manc from oz says:

    i agree play him on the right and he’ll do more damage

  14. mopbucket says:

    Nice goal…. but i just have to remember it was against Malta… but at least he scored…

  15. denton davey says:

    mopbucket – the opposition was irrelevant; his turn-and-volley were exceptional the placement of the shot was perfect. I’m not sure that a different set of defenders all in place – in real time – would have made much difference for the split-second in which Nani turned and volleyed. Give the guy credit, where it’s due.

  16. Shimo says:

    Great skill for the goal. One of the knocks on Nani is that he plays on the left but, is right footed. Nani has shown (and not just because of this goal) that he is blessed as both feet footballer. Even Ronaldo who is lauded for being two-footed, his left was definitely the weaker one.

    Nani can certainly get crosses in from the left and playing on the left does let him cut inside and get a shot off with his stronger left. Though in the end getting more chances at crosses with his right might do United good, that we have Valencia out there – he’ll continue to play down the left for now.

    I imagine he’ll start on the right against Bolton though and Giggsy on the left.

  17. portugueseprincess says:

    He was man of the match yesterday.

  18. Macheda Is GOD says:

    i felt sad for my cousin who is maltese..

  19. Oliver says:

    I am Maltese so I didn’t like that

  20. Rax says:

    Youtube blocked the vid. >:(
    Still works right now on this link though.
    2 attempts with his left, one in, one just wide. Looks stronger on the ball too. Obviously been hitting the weights. Agree with the comment that he should be able to do that against PL opposition. So now he just needs to pull his finger out for United.

  21. C}{E says:

    what about this copyright restrictions??? I can’t play the video… anyone else also got this msg?!

  22. trevor says:


    Nani has all the right skills to mature into a world class player. He needs to develope and remove the frustrating parts to his game that we all detest!

    Its difficult for Players like this to mature and get a fair crack at a club like United, because of the such high standards around him and the expectations of the fans.

    Lets face it, if nani matures to his best potential he will be one of the best wingers in the world in 4 years time. If we are not patient now, then another club reap these rewards!!!

  23. malta manc says:

    Hell I know he scored against us Maltese twice in the qualifiers , but well done to Nani…. A couple against the scousers would be great


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