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VIDEO: New England Revolution 1–4 United

First goal: Michael Owen
Second goal: Federico Macheda
Third goal: Federico Macheda
Fourth goal: Park Ji-Sung

Manchester United (4-4-2): Lindegaard; Rafael, Evans, Vidic (Ferdinand, 46), Fabio; Nani (Giggs, 67), Carrick (Park, 75), Anderson (Diouf, 75), Young (Obertan, 67); Berbatov (Macheda, 46), Rooney (Owen, 46). Subs: Johnstone (g).

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  1. Ballin... says:


  2. bobkoh says:

    Exquisite display by United! First on the line too!

  3. Always Be Closing says:

    Any link for the full game? The torrent ‘sites only have the build-up. Guess I have to wait?

  4. macheda is god says:

    Lads were great in the second half. Loved the last one.

  5. kanchelskis says:

    Nice passing by Ando in buildup to Owen’s goal.

  6. Gorse Hill Red says:

    Knew we should have started with Kiko and Obertan against Barce!

  7. Gigg's left foot says:

    Good win and performance, playing some nice tidy football, Fabio in particular looked very good. I agree with SAF, Kiko is probably the best finisher in the club.

    Off topic, Bebe scored on debut.

  8. Whatfuckingwhat10 says:

    Any full game torrents up yet?

  9. dickson says:

    wow! Park’s composure in front of the goal is such a contrast to his early days in the United shirt! Check out that little fake shot to get the keeper to go down before a cheeky chip finish!

    Also great little flick to Ryan Giggs and a perfect one-two return from Giggsy! nice!

    Wish the commentator would stop calling us Man U though

  10. Always Be Closing says:

    First half: Half – Friendly – New England v. Man Utd – 13-07-11.avi
    Second half: Half – Friendly – New England v. Man Utd – 13-07-11.avi

  11. Always Be Closing says:

    Second half

  12. Always Be Closing says:

    First half

  13. MG says:

    American Commentary:


    Touchdown Manchester United!

    Wait wrong game.


  14. 0161-Jon says:

    some lovely goals there, especially Park’s. Wonder why no one looked that happy when they scored?!

  15. Rai says:

    Ballin – congrats again

    Was nice to hear Macheda’s interview after the game…. “There’s no better place than Man United”

  16. RedMegleeker says:

    Lovely finish by Jason.

  17. leftback says:

    Park’s 1-2 play with Giggs reminded of Messi and Iniesta.
    Too bad such reminder lasted only for few seconds though.

  18. AlphaRS says:

    I really hope Kiko gets a big chance to figure in the coming season. We have a really good player that needs games to fulfill his potential.

  19. Captain Marvel says:

    @ Gigg’s left foot

    Kiko best finisher at the club? Even if it did come from the mouth of SAF I reckon Chicharito might have something to say about that! ;-)

  20. Chuvannistelrooy says:

    First goal was sublime in terms of the one touch stuff…btw, Carrick’s assist was pure class!

  21. Chica Chicha says:

    Damn Copa America. Tony V injured the same ankle that put him out for months.
    Hope he gets well soon.
    Kiko deserves a chance. Wasted his time at Sampdoria but back in action looking sharp.

  22. Sparkz says:

    Some really lovely moves there, 3 out of the 4 goals were really well worked.

    Will be really interesting to see what happens with Macheda this season- he’s got so much potential….I just wonder whether he might be sent on loan to a Premier League club. Get regular football in this league for a year (a la Welbeck)- and then if Owen’s contract isn’t renewed next summer (which I don’t think it will be)- Macheda could come back to replace him. Otherwise I dunno how many games he’ll be able to get at Utd this season.

    Interesting that Fergie in his press conference mentioned the 6 strikers he’ll be choosing from this season- Rooney, Chicha, Berba, Owen, macheda, Diouf….no mention of Welbeck. Hopefully just a mistake….

  23. FiveCantonas says:

    Looking for Kiko to shine this season.

  24. JonyB says:

    Love some of the American commentary by the For some of the united replays.
    Absolutely classics……. “Shot on the frame”……. “good hustle”…….. “one- oh to the red devils” (for Owens goal)……. “Quick release” (on Macheda’s 3rd goal) ….. Brilliant!!!

  25. bobbycharlie1968 says:

    Christ, the Americans really need to stop bothering with commentary. Or at least get it right, 1- oh! Man Yoo! Makes my blood boil, it’s actual 1- nil to Manchester United you daft twat.

  26. Buliwyf says:

    Fucking slick play for 1st and 4th! Can’t wait for the season to start again!

  27. Red_Devil_in_DC says:

    As a yank, i completely agree with the the fact that ESPN’s commentary is terrible. and for the premier league games that they show, they always have steven fuckin mcmanaman. god i hate that asshole. should replace him with gnev.

    anywho, did anyone else notice that when young was subbed out, they said “18 – scholes” at the top of the screen? idiots.

    ESPN aside, young and macheda looked wonderful last night.

  28. Red New Yorker says:

    This is a little off topic but oh well. I’ve been following this blog for months now and I finally decided to actively comment on here. Yesterday I went to this game and as an American it was my first united game. There were even brought stretford end signs but I’m sure it wasn’t the same as the real one. It was well worth the ten hour round trip drive to see them win. And yes, I agree the American commentators do a horrible job. That is one of the reasons that I refuse to watch mls games.(the other reason being that I’ve grown accustomed to a certain standard of play from watching the premier league).

  29. GoatinaUnitedShirt says:

    You lot can complain all you like about ESPNs commentary being shit. You try living in Sweden.
    It was impossible getting the game last night in Sweden the 4 major satelite providers failed to show the match. Non have ESPN2 or MUTV. You cant view internet football online as its blocked for broadcast in sweden as Viasat owns the rights but fails to broadcast the channel. The internet over here is shit. I have mobile internet and it seems to do everything in pulses so streaming is fucking impossible even for 3G.
    In short Id like to say a heart felt big FUCK OFF to our swedish friends, a chicken in a basket country if ever there was one full of circle jerkers, closset homos, bean flickers and the mentally retarded. Vikings are nothing but fat blokes with horns to suck.

  30. Ruudboy says:

    I am really expecting a strong performance from ando this season if he stays injury free. BTW, I am certain sneidjer will sign

  31. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Revolution were dross. But they were fit dross. Good run out vs a team in midseason from. Excenlent second half display by a hungry and young United. Owens opener was everything you could expect o a former world player of the year. Patient, quality, cut the defense to shreds, brilliant finishes. After that, the lads knew they had meat on the table. Really loved all the goals. Machedas show what he is about. Obertan to Giggs to Park showed what quality one touch footie is all about.

    Sampadoria must know they are shit for sitting Macheda on the bench. What a waste that was.

  32. FletchTHEMAN says:

    2 other comments

    Carrick is an attacking midfielder worthy of the name.

    RE the ESPN Commentary, Had to turn off the sound. I am traveling in the US and all we had on the telly was ESPN.
    John Harkes clearly learned how to say ManU from someone who hatted us and wanted a bit of fun. I agree that there is the old school Man U that even certain United fans use (discussion over last several days), but there is a particular intonation from those haters that have sung the Munich songs. You can hear it in Macha when he says it, which is actually stopping of late as he trys to grow into the UK commentary role. Interesting that you hear ManU from US commentators all the time. You virtually never hear in on live broadcasters in the UK.

  33. drtanmaykj says:

    owen, the clinical finisher. he still has lots of goals left in him.. i hope he s used more often ( as a sub of coz) this season…

  34. Onside says:

    This was a historic game: the very first time that Rooney was our longest-serving player in the starting line-up.

    The future is here!

  35. BajanBoy says:


  36. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Patrick Viera retired. Never the same after Roy Keane done im with a word in the tunnel.
    Still a good player, but out of his depth with Keano!

  37. Tonka Norris says:

    Loved the TV guys comment: of course this is caviar (United) and onion dip Rev).

    But get the stadium! These guys are our 2nd tier standard but their grounds are superb. Credit to the US, they’re building a league that may one day shine brightly.

  38. sdisalvo10 says:

    My oh my do we have a striker dilemma. If for some reason Chich can’t replicate his first season in red then kiko is patiently waiting for his chance!!!

    @Tonka Norris the Revolution’s facilities are those of the New England Patriots….they just let the Revolution play there in the summer. but you are spot on in the case of the united states having great facilities, just need more that are football specific.

  39. torontored says:

    Good to see Macheda on the scoreboard. Both well finished as were all the goals.

    Seemed to get the tight passing game working and at this stage of the pre-season that bodes well going forward. Overall movement was good – lot’s of space opened up and kept the opposition well under control. Obertain seemed a lot more composed than in previous years when he was on the ball. So another potential wide option

    After SAF’s comments today seems like Sneider will not be a target. Certainly no point in disturbing the whole dressing room for 220,000 GBP per week (or even 190,000)

    Still think they will go for Rooney and Nani moving more central and would not be at all surprised to see the transformation of the whole team to play as a more “flexible” unit with only two (or maybe three )centre backs having set defined positions.

    UNITED20/4/12 – 2012

  40. smartalex says:

    Is it really true that Ji sung Park is popular? Check these youtube stats:

    First goal: Michael Owen . . . . . . . . . . .5,761 views
    Second goal: Federico Macheda . . . .4,873 views
    Third goal: Federico Macheda . . . . . . 5,472 views
    Fourth goal: Park Ji-Sung . . . . . . . . . . 51,094 views

  41. gazzer says:

    Gentle suggestion – don´t get yourselves so worked up over the ManU tag. I live over here in the US and nearly everyone uses it. Many of them have probably never even heard of Munich, so there is definitely no insult intended.

    Think of the times you have visited another country and said something wrong or stupid. You would hope that people would be understanding towards you. I will give you an amusing example I remember from an NFL pre-season game played at Wembley a few years ago. With a minute of so to play, the winning team had the ball and elected to kneel with it to run out the clock. The whole crowd starting booing!!!! Of course, they don´t know the game, but at least they came out with enthusiasm to watch it.

    You should be tickled to death that people over here know the team and want to see them play.

  42. smartalex says:


    I disagree.

    Manchester United is the centre of many fans world. We don’t particularly want or need others wanting to see us play, and carelessly stomping on our saddest memory.

  43. sahil says:

    welcome back kiko..missed you…great to see you scoring..


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