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VIDEO: Obertan Explains Goal Celebration

After Gabriel Obertan scored the winning goal against Philadelphia Union last night, the Frenchman performed a fairly odd celebration. Danny Welbeck, who assisted the goal, ran over to celebrate with him.

Obertan, who is only 21-years-old and speaks perfect English, explained his celebration after the match.

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  1. RedScot says:

    All I can say to this blog ……Fcuk Laurent Blanc, thats why we bought him ,I thought he was great and took his Goal well and is as nippy and strong as you wont or can imagine.Christ for the love of God gee the lad a break.
    His Goal celebration am not catching what he is saying in the video clip.It did look a bit silly, but not the way to judge the lad is it.Think Peter Crouch and Pringoals.
    I will say to you Gabriel, Mon Cherie.
    Jaysus I sound like a stalker of all things French.

  2. bigphil2003 says:

    @redscot – i think what he is saying in the vid is that Welbeck dances like that to his favourite song and since he set him up he thought he’d take the hand out of him a bit.

  3. RedScot says:

    @ Big Phil, Hi Mate ok Merci Garcon. lol
    No Seriously thanks Phil I just wasnae catching it on my puter.
    Its all piffle anyway.
    Do you know Phil what his favourite song is? just out of curiousity.

  4. RedScot says:

    Away to read the Rom links, always great.Plus saves raking round the net for interesting stories.

  5. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    yer blues lennon correct

  6. Paul Parker says:

    did you lot actually hear what he said in the clip? he did that dance because welbeck put the goal on a plate for him. he said they practiced the same play for the goal in training, and that the dance is from a song welbeck likes, so thats why he did the dance for welbeck. Kinda like Scholsey and Red Nev but without the tongues lol.

    Regardless I just hope Obertan continues to be himself, Cos not everybody can be a ale suppin flat cap wearing bloke who celebrates scoring with nothing more than a knowing look and a single hand in the air. Obi could breakdance and spin on the back of his fucking neck I honestly couldn’t care less. Just glad to see those two clicking so early on. Throw in Kiko and thats a lovely alternative to Nani, Roo and Berb for League Cup.

  7. Harsh says:

    How the hell can you criticize the kid for getting excited about a goal?!?! Even if he played average for some of the game, doesn’t every one say it takes one moment of brilliance to change a match? Well done Obertan!

  8. RedMist says:

    Good lad, great goal, brilliant celebration.
    Reminded me of Rio celebrating one of his goals a few years back…was it against Liverpool?
    great stuff. Not a celebration worth moaning about i have to say…take a chill pill…good advice. lol
    Wasn’t the best performance against Phili, but looking at both games (vs Celtic and this one), we look ok for so early in pre season.
    Berbs is looking sharp, this lad is looking good.
    Roll on the new season.

  9. YorYor says:

    Didn’t catch the match, but if a player plays crap throughout and the team loses, he deserves all the stick thrown at him. But if a player who plays like crap for 90 minutes and scores a winner/equaliser in injury time, he deserves all the freedom to celebrate it whichever way he wants. That’s the whole idea of having a team of players, isn’t it? Wouldn’t be very useful if everyone played prim and proper and made “safety” passes and placed-but-weak shots that are 100% on target, but not win the match?

  10. james21 says:

    @Always be closing
    Not what I said at all. My point is that some of the replies aimed at Drew for having an opinion were the usual Bite my head off replies thats all. All for anybody having a say.


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