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VIDEO: Obertan’s Goal Against Philadelphia Union

Gabriel Obertan scored the winning goal for Manchester United against MLS side Philadelphia Union. Dimitar Berbatov also came close to scoring.

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  1. Mortal Wombat says:

    Great run that, lovely weighted pass from Welbeck aswell.

    Not too sure about the dance though..

  2. patrice says:

    wheres the video???

  3. Evra's biggest fan says:

    Good goal… welbeck has looked very good the tour.

    what more from macheda know though.

    Owen, Berba, Diouf, Macheda, welbeck, hernandez, and errrr oh yeah rooney!

    i am intrigued to see how that is going to work with loans etc.

  4. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    whats with that “dance”out of gabby

  5. chaosred says:

    macheda and welbeck on loan would be good

  6. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    paid 43 million for this guy??? is that dollars

  7. kosio says:

    So yesterday we played a standard 442, I wander if we could try a 433 but with forward on one side.

    Like Villa plays on the left for Spain when Torres is playing. I could see Rooney upfront with Welbeck or Hernandes on the left. Also Obertan and Giggsy fit the role.

  8. chaosred says:

    @kosio Hanandez should play through the middle he is most dangerous there, it will be a waste like rooney playing on wing.

  9. kosio says:

    Yes, but somehow our top 4 main strikers either play exclusively or prefer to play through the middle.

    And from the little I have seen from Hernandez, he seems to posses some pace, so him on the left could be an option. I honestly cannot see how we can have 7 strikers and play a system that requires one.

  10. giggs11gerrard0 says:

    I am really pleased Cleverly is in the squad playing games, i think he is our best youth player since the 95 crop. He has shown at Watford he is a class act and certanly good enough for the prem. He could be that missing link in midfield we need. Fuck Sneijder we have Cleverly and I am not taking the piss either.

  11. chaosred says:

    rooney hernandez up top.

    berba owen up top.

    we dont have to play 1 up front.

    I think we’ll see more of a 4-4-2 next season

  12. ancha says:

    i am very much impressed with diouf in the first game…its beyond no one on here even discuss about him….as we saw in the first game…if rooney is not available….diouf upfront with berba playing in the hole….i guess it would work perfectly!
    rfl rio/evans vida evra
    fletch carrick/anderson
    nani/valencia berbatov obertan/anderson/giggsy

    i guess this will work

  13. giggs11gerrard0 says:


    This forum discusses Diouf all the time mate, he was very much part of every topic last season on the debate of whom should partner Roo.

  14. Stateside Aussie says:

    In his comments the other day following the match against Celtic, sir alex said he thought Diouf and Berbatov worked really well together and suited each other. match wasn’t shown in the US, so I didn’t see it. But hey, I’ll take his word for it :-)

    Yeah, it seems odd to me that we have six or seven strikers, yet our preferred system over the last year or so has stacked the midfield, leaving room for only one. Same with wingers – seem to have a lot of them floating around, though Tosic has gone now. I understand the approach of throwing them all into the mix and seeing who comes out on top, but we do seem top-heavy at times. I’ve gone off Kiko. I like Obertan, Welbeck is really impressive, and Diouf too.

    It’s the central midfield where I have concerns. It’s great that Scholes has said he might continue for another year after this, and who knows about Giggs? But IMHO, Carrick isn’t living up to it, I would be very surprised if Hargreaves ever comes back, and Anderson desperately needs a “Nani year” (like Nani had last year). Giggsy and Scholes can’t go forever, so for mine, the cupboard’s looking a bit bare in the middle. I was impressed by Cleverly, though. Hope to see more of him, not just in pre-season. But if reports are true, and Ozil is available for 12m, I reckon that’s a good deal. He’s only 21. Give him and Cleverly a year or two running around with Giggs and Scholes, and when those to legends retire, we could have a core of Fletcher, Anderson (I am sure he’ll make it), Cleverly and Ozil, with others in support.

  15. Ulster Red says:

    no video showing

  16. willierednut says:

    Well taken Oby son, now transfer that form into the new season.

  17. Toms says:

    Christ. That commentary is mind rending.

  18. CROoney says:

    ” Dimitar Berbatov also came close to scoring.”

    lol what else is new

  19. CROoney says:

    the more i see obertan run/play with ball in his feet the more he reminds me of henry


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