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VIDEO: Obertan’s Great Goal vs Dippers

United are now three points clear of Manchester City at the top of the Barclays Premier Reserve League North, having played two fewer games. Liverpool, who are in third, would have to win their two games in hand on United to draw level on points, but we currently have a goal difference superior by 12.

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  1. Red Dave says:

    i was at the game yesterday, he put in a right shift
    Sir alex was watching too. Good on him
    theres a number of our reserves with some real ability, especially keane and our left back

  2. kosio says:

    Good goal, there is potential there.

    Obertan and Tosic on the left are promising backups for Nani who enjoys more the right side anyway

  3. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    Oliver Gill was motm by a country mile but Gabby was unreal yesteray he seemed to slow down to keep up with the pace of alot of uniteds attacks , he has spped to waste this boy

  4. stretfordender says:

    Glad you put this up Scott, I had posted the link for everyone on the Berba comments, I was there last night to Red Dave and have to agree, his attitude has been great, Ole has raved about him, would like to have seen Pogba come on earlier because when I have seen him he’s been class! Great goal and a fully deserved win. Ole has got it sussed!

  5. maci says:

    What a great strike from obertan…LEGEND!!!!
    on another note i just have to say…John Terry you are the sperm your mother should have swollowed

  6. Dunc says:

    A bit early to be calling him a LEGEND

  7. Sayyid says:

    We have so many promising youngsters

    Obertan/Tosic/Anderson/Diouf/macheda/Welbeck/Gill/C Evans/Pogba/Possebon/Fabio and the list goes on

    but how many will be at the level of the class of 96 and remain in the team for many years and become world class???

    If we can just find 3-5 players like that, we would have done well

    Only O’Shea, Evans and Fletcher have come through lately

  8. Costas says:


    Glad to hear Oliver’s doing well. Gives us more options for the defence. Looking forward to seeing him in the League cup 3rd around in September of 2010.

  9. pogba says:

    Hes better than Anderson……

  10. gzimi from kosova says:

    obertan will be great player for us next seson,but if we buy di maria or silva he need to loan

  11. romeo says:

    maci .. Great one.. LOL!

  12. Macheda IS GOD says:

    LOL @ Paddy “hit it” BANGGG

  13. Paul Parker says:

    Since he made his first team debut he showed he has the pace and confidence to run at men.


    Funny, some people already thought he couldn’t cut it, based off a few brief appearances.
    Reminds me of Ronaldo, he was nobody too, remember? Too Flashy, remember? All tricks and no Trousers, remember? I think Obertan is a great option to have on our Left Flank, and im sure he can play elsewhere for the first team too. He clearly has a GREAT RIGHT FOOT !!!

    This cheered me up after the Chelsea game, what Youth do they have over there BTW?

    Sturridge? He’s a decent prospect, BUT we have Kiko AND Welbeck, just for starters.

    Diouf, Hernandez, Gibson, Tosic….. etc.

    The Future is Bright Gentlemen, the Future is Bright indeed.

  14. willierednut says:

    Paul Parker – Spot on mate, It’s not all doom and gloom as some people would have you believe. We got young players coming through, fans just need to have patients and let the boss to his stuff.

  15. eddieTheRed says:

    I hope that Will Keane makes it all the way at United – he has great skill and seems to have the knack of creating space for himself all the time – one to look out for in the future I’m sure!

  16. Paul Parker says:

    willerednut – yeah mate, exactly.

    Just thinking about the Talent we have, its all good, its just frustrating its not coming together thats all, AND WHATS EVEN MORE FRUSTRATING IS NOT KNOWING WHAT ALEC IS THINKING – hence making stab in the dark decisions about who should stay, who is underperorming, and who should go. Its all just fan speculation us included. But the FACTS are the only team in Europe with similar Talented Youth coming through is Barcelona. We have a Great Squad with a great Future ahead of them.

  17. manchuchu says:

    Head down and work your socks off Obi… Your talent and your modest hardworking attitude will take you places!

    You can see he has magic legs… just a few years and he will be destroying teams

  18. Deanz says:

    Come to think that this lad was listed as one of ‘failed signings 2009-10′ by a website….

  19. Ando8 says:

    Hw did possebon play? Regarding obertan great hope for the kid,i just wish all our youngsters were as fearless as rafael,for example i watch fabio,obertan and possebon hve seemed a bit intimidated by the occasion all trumendously skilled

  20. Mansurooney Rano Nigeria. says:

    Please sir realise berbatov to go bring benzima,david villa, dzeko,david silva,di maria,j rodwell,david luiz.

  21. Androo says:

    That was brilliant! In my opinion, all we need for next season is a good left winger and definitely a free scoring striker to partner Rooney. I a big big fan of Berbatov but putting Berbatov 3rd choice won’t be a crime. We have plenty midfielders – Fletcher, Anderson, Hargo, Gibson and [if he's still with us next season] Carrick.

  22. TheRadLegion says:

    Great play by Obertan. I hope he gets more playing time next season with Darren Gibson.

  23. Fabio says:

    Quality goal, good on him, hard work has paid off, also the spine operation seems to have fixed the back problem, now is his time to shine.

  24. Fabio says:

    Great goal, hard work has paid off, spine operation has fixed the back problem,it’s his time to shine

  25. Fabio says:

    Doh double post.

  26. Macheda IS GOD says:

    he was my MOTM to be honest Oliver norwood and possenbon did awesome too securing the midfield

  27. Danillaço says:

    @Mansurooney Rano Nigeria

    The Muppet is strong in this one.

    What do you think this is? Fifa 10?

  28. jta82united says:


  29. jta82united says:

    scratch that, he likes like that character from sponge bob that owns the happy patty’s shop…. squidsworth i believe??????

  30. james21 says:

    What a great goal and against that lot.
    Heres to his next goal In front of the Kop for the first team next season.

  31. Che Guevarist says:

    This guy is really fast.

  32. King Eric says:

    I sit just me or has he bulked up considerably? His top half looks huge now. Not being gay or owt.

  33. King Eric says:

    The atmosphere at the reserve game last night sounded better than anything at the bridge. Credit to the lads who were there. Funny as fuck clearly hearing “murderers” and “you scouse bastards” permeating MUTV’s airwaves!

  34. King Eric says:

    Fergie is rebuilding again.

  35. King Eric says:

    Mansurooney Rano Nigeria – Oh get real man.

    Am I the only one who doesn’t really rate Possebon?

    Paul Parker – Spot on mate. This is a reserve team without a dozen or so of its best players. Drinkwater, Cleverley, Diouf (injured),James , Gray to name but a few.

    If fans show patience they will be rewarded in the next year or two. As I said the master is rebuilding again and some people just don’t see it.

  36. Fze123 says:

    Great goal. Keep it up Obertan. I must say one of the lads I am most excited to see in the first team in the coming years is Norwood. He is an excellent free kick specialist. He takes wonderful ones.

  37. theboogeyman says:

    King Eric- I reckon he’s rebuilding and not splashing the cash so his successor has some money for himself. What do you reckon mate?

    I don’t doubt the quality of our youth at all guys, I have full faith in them without watching them often.

  38. King Eric says:

    theboogeyman – Hello mate. Yeah that is one theory, definately. How long is Fergie gonna be around for though? Could be another 3-5 years. We know what he is like.

  39. james21 says:

    @ King Eric and theboogeyman
    Think he’ll stay till he wins a 3rd Champions League. Depends if Mrs F wants him under her feet. I’ll Bloody Miss him when he goes.
    Who succeeds him tho Mourinho, Moyes, Capello. ?

  40. james21 says:

    Has anybody seen or heard that the Red Knights are ready to make a Bid for Utd?

  41. rossee says:

    magnus eikrem ……Josh King…are anuva 2 class players that will definately see first team action in the not too distant future…….Obertan to be on the bench for Citeh !!

  42. ash says:

    I have a feeling he would become next robben with better this lad has pace and is a good finisher.I would not let him go on loan i would play him next season.

  43. Always Be Closing says:

    I really feel as if we don’t need any signings, but to rely more upon players already with us. Our defence is hardening up with guys like De Laet, Fabio and Rafael coming up, Brandy, Obertan, Cleverley and others are coming up golden and will certainly be looking like first-teamers soon.

  44. Devilism86 says:

    Watched the game was fantastic …. One over those scousers just made my day . Poor old dipper fans didn’t even know they hAd a reserve game against us . some fans I know that is . Well I really hope Gaby makes it and SAF has got him for a reason … He could do an Evra next year . He’s confidence wi grow he just needs more playing time . James for me is someone destined for the 1st team . Saw lots of his performances , I’m sure hel make it . We don’t need to really dip into the market when we have do much talent here in Manchester . Maybe one odd signing . Personally I’d rather these lads get the step up than Benzema any day .Respect to the guys with the anti glazers banners n chants . Youregends in the making . LUHG

  45. McQueen says:

    Great strike, looks like we may win the legue after all lol. Well my hopes are not quite extinguished for the proper one yet but i will take alot of satisfaction if our young-uns manage to do it.

    James21 – lets keep it on topic ey. We can talk about the red knights if and when they actually do anything


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