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VIDEO: O’Shea Was Doing It First…

O'Shea-That's A Fucking Foul by RepublikOfMancunia

“That’s a fucking foul!”

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. CedarsDevil says:


    As much as the crap the ABU cunts spout angers me, it also in a way amuses me… They make total fools of themselves with what they write…

    At the end of the day, ‘their hate will only make us stronger’

  2. Costas says:

    Welol said Sheasy. ;)

  3. parryheid says:

    Someone made the point to a couple of journo’s they should not be allowed to ask questions of managers after games or use anything managers said after games. They were outraged and bleated about being censored and their right to air their views yet didn’t have an answer when it was put to them managers had the same rights to air their views.Bit one eyed I thought.

  4. byron1970 says:

    Seriously guys, I think everyone is getting their knickers in a twist over this one. The FA are a bunch of ball busting geriatrics but I don’t think Rooney is going to get a ban over this. Frankly I’d be absolutely flabbergasted if he didn’t get anything other than a fine. I’d also like to add that while it’s great for us fans to see him celebrate like this (cue the “fucking what” tee shirts) it’s also correct for him to get some sort of punishment. You can’t go swearing into the camera on live TV at 2 in the day. Personally I’ll always cherish the performance and the celebration but a token fine is proper order, even if the bullshit media storm is way over the top. But that’s the price we pay, however unfortunate, for being the biggest club in the world.

  5. james21 says:

    Did Rooney swear? I didn’t hear him, I was too busy jumping mentally round the garden. Jk.
    Chelsea fan.
    Rooney also is a twat in the way he held our club to ransom but thats no different to what your Capt leader legend did to your club when Man Shitty came in for him so get back in you hole Rent boy.

  6. Mattbw7 says:

    Yep a fine will do it, plus it sets a precedent I mean after rios 8 month ban for missing a drugs test the FA have been really quick in banning toure for actually failing one!

  7. TonyBee says:

    APRIL 3, 2011 AT 17:14
    Chelsea fan says:
    Everybody knows rooney is a twat.

    click on this so called fans name above…… then drop down to his own blog….shows himself sat a OT wearing a Utd shirt….

  8. Mattbw7 says:

    Can we post on his blog and ask WTF he’s doing the knob

  9. wayne says:

    @chelsea fan yeah i’d rather have a twat playing for us than a girly boy who’s a dead ringer for bruno what a waste of fucking money,how many goals has girly boy scored since the 50mill transfer….what? fucking what?

  10. bruce thomas says:

    If the FA punish Rooney he should withdraw immediately from all future England committments. Fuck em. And if Rio had any bollox, he’d do the same.

  11. MarcTheNigerianMANC says:

    @bruce thomas. You’re right mate. If he gets banned he should withdraw from England commitments. I dont know why United players still play for England? The English press turns on them for any failure encountered by English team in major competition yet they still put on that fucking 3 pussy cats jersey..its beyond me..GRAHAM POLL who gave out 3 yellow cards or so to a single player in the same match now portrays himself as a seasoned analyst.writing junk those of you in do you guys cope with these bunch of wackos you call journalists?

  12. loughie21 says:

    You must be mistaken Scott, no footballer has ever sworn on the field before, until thei disgraceful Rooney incident, its all been perfection till this thug entered the fray, a suspension isn’t good enough, how about a decapitation and putting his head on a spike might do it

  13. otonis says:

    Brilliant! Stephen Fry for chief of the FA!

  14. malteser says:

    It’s simple for Wayne.Just stop playing for the national team……This is the way to shut the mouth of those London Based pricks.Let them play with the 35 mil Carol(LOL) and relegation bound Bend.

  15. trevor says:

    I think the problem with rooney is that he was a couple of feat away from the camera and shouted into it!

    Catching players swearing during the game has always happened and not as big a deal!

    What rooney done is totaly differnt in my eyes and if Gerrard or Terry did it we would be crying out for a ban.

    If they do ban him we can have no arguments what so ever!

    Drogba Swore at the camera in the Champions League and got hit with a hefty ban! Fergie will certainly be concerned!

  16. Ulster Red says:

    so fucking what, another pointeless thread

  17. King Eric says:

    “That fucking 3 pussy cat jersey“. Ha. That amused me.

    Spot on loughie and bruce thomas.

    Trevor. Are you THE trevor that used to always be on?

  18. King Eric says:

    Trevor. Its a complete non story pal. If he is banned of course there is room for complaint. Its unprecedented in the premier leaguer. It would be fucking outrageous.

  19. Natzca says:

    I reckon Rooney’s swearing celebration is the best i’ve seen for anyone after scoring a hat-trick this season.

    so much emotion behind it, it’s brilliant! that’s what I want to see when we stick it up to the rest of the league, FA, ABU’s whoever…

    the worst thing that should happen would be a fine. I’m sure a few grand towards a charity is worth it.

    a ban would be anti-football, and the FA may as well say that all footballers should be emotionless robots…

  20. StatesideAussie says:

    Not sure if this has been posted before, here or on another thread, but there’s an excellent article on the swearing incident in the mainstream press. Hats off to Sam Wallace in the Independent:

  21. mattbw7 says:

    Trevor, Drogba also called the ref a cheat direct into the camera.

  22. deviltillidie says:

    Scott parker done exactly the same thing wen he scored against liverpool “fucking get in” then kisses the camera, but of coarse not a united player so nothin gets mentioned

  23. bill bob says:

    Rooney is an idiot, shouting into the camera knowing millions kids widewide are watching is a disgrace, those who condoning this action, need to look closer at themselves, would you like your child to do this…. I the Ref had seen or heard this is would be ban, so if the FA step & ban him, hes only got himself to blame.

  24. What! Fucking What! says:

    Bill Bob, I looked at myself real close and all I had to say was What…

  25. King Eric says:

    Fuck off billybob you cunt.

  26. reddevil2823 says:

    good man sheasy

  27. duncandhorne says:

    While I do not in any way condone swearing as an acceptable part of society, the fact is, that it is. Rooney’s response into the camera was perfectly understandable in the heat of the moment. We all do things in the moment which we later regret. The F.A. have been caught with their pants down though in handing out the ridiculous suspension. And still Man Utd are champions!

    The f word just seems to be the most passionate word around nowadays.


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