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VIDEO: Park, Anderson and Owen’s Goals vs Blackpool

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. bc1050 says:

    Well done lads and now for the CL……………by the way any truth in the rumour about Giggs shagging away from home recently?

  2. 3/without/killing/anyone* says:

    19th ! ;)

  3. Mikael says:

    bc1050: Don’t bother with that shite here!


    Delighted 4 the lads but sorry for Blackpool but hey, if you´re not good enough then you´re not good enough.

  4. Kevin says:

    Owen 1 Gerrard 0 so happy for Owen

  5. sachu says:

    any team who concedes 78 goals should go down

  6. Toms says:

    Wtf? What’s with Park and Anderson becoming so prolific lately.

  7. willierednut says:

    Don Carlo sacked. Disgrace by Chelsea.

  8. Mikael says:

    Willie: Agree… it’s a fucking disgrace, will never get the CL by sacking managers left and right… thankfully for us bur sorry for Ancelotti, nice bloke

  9. escandon says:

    Owen is a good finisher just like Chico

  10. ahjs says:

    Anderson’s shooting today – from the ridiculous to the sublime.

  11. RedScot says:

    Ha Ha Class Carlo Ancelotti, sacked, stick with it Abramovich. pmsl

  12. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Wonderful home win. So pleased with the home form. Thing the home points is a league record.
    We won 19, and we won it by 19 points. Chelsea in free fall, Arsenal lost at sea. Grudging respect for Sh*ty, the table doesn’t lie. Manchester should be well pleased, blue and red. But Red will see the glory of #20 next year and that will be something.

    Ando, the brazilian goal scoring machine!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    OWEN GOAL, never write im offff!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Micky Owen, Still a force, still class, still deserving of a spot.


  13. Rossythered says:

    knew Ando would come good……..great result gutted for holloway though

  14. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Oppps, Thats 9 points of course. Fingers getting away with themselves!!! Ha ha

  15. rat1p says:

    chelsea is such a small time club

  16. T4M says:

    Chelsea are cunts…They wont smell top 2 next year!

  17. Costas says:

    Sorry to hear about Carlo. Nice work Chelsea. Time for the FSW. And for us to laugh again. :D

    As for the goals, I LOVE Ando and Park’s 1-2.

    Glad to see OG return to form. :)

  18. stretfordend_ryda says:

    pause it on 3:20 and i can see myself in last seasons black kit :D

  19. RedScot says:

    Sorry great goals all the lads, drive us home.Pure United.I must say I felt sorry for Ian Holloway, although I did say prior to last season begining on here(Rom) I cant recall a team that joins the premiership through the playoffs that stays up?

  20. FusilliJerry says:

    Re the crocked Owens and the pay-for-play contracts: the decision to draw a line under Hargreaves is absolutely correct, but I’ll be sad if Michael O is moved out, he showed today what a class act he is, unlike the inept lawyers Schillings causing completely unnecessary distractions to our preparations for the final.

  21. RedScot says:

    Fuck you Willie as Giles Oakley said so brilliantly on his ‘Fabulous’ piece on Georgie Best, Belfast lads are effiminate! lmao.Evening mate.On the Baileys yeah auld cunt. pmsl
    Enjoy yer night I always still laugh when i read yer little fast one liners.Keep ir red mate.

  22. sachu says:

    mate happy birthday
    just wondering who will chelsea get
    cant see jose or pep coming
    they will never get SIR ALEX
    it must be MARCO VAN BASTEN

  23. Mikael says:

    Costas: Yes OG has had a bad spell of late… he’s gaining form at just the right time, watch out Barca ;o)

  24. bc1050 says:

    They should have transferred that cunt Terry before getting rid of Ancelotti……actually he is the kind of guy who could replace Ferguson one day

    Sorry to upset anbody about talkng about the Giggs rumour but I was surprised to not see any discussion on here about it (true or not) unlike when something similar happened with Terry and Rooney albeit it much more dramatic terms

  25. MrKirie says:

    Shame about Blackpool being relegated. They really have spirit, and to come to OT and attack like they did requires guts. They could have sat back, hoped for a draw and results in other games, but not Holloway! I hope he gets a job at another premier league club, that guy is awesome. Perhaps Chelsea? lol

    Great game, really fun to watch, especially when there was no pressure to win! Ando had a good game, glad he got a goal.

    I hope we keep Micheal Owen on a pay-as-you-play deal. Shame Berbatov didnt get a goal from those chances. Bet he was thinking about that every time he recieved the ball! Classy player who should stay with us!

  26. Kings says:

    Good performance and nice to finish the season unbeaten at home. Old Trafford is a fortress again and that’s how it should be. Let the opposition shit themselves when they step on to the pitch.

  27. Vishal S says:

    Small time club. Their briefing says “Chelsea Football Club’s ambitions do not change. We’ll continue to search for a new manager”
    How many more managers? Already feeling bad for the next person in. On the day when a manager for two decades of a team lifted another trophy and created history, another is sacked just 2 years into his tenure after winning a double in his first season. After this, i’m glad Sir Alex Is still the manager at United and hope he continues for another decade.
    So whose next then?
    Surely Arsene?

  28. ahjs says:

    “Sorry to upset anbody about talkng about the Giggs rumour but I was surprised to not see any discussion on here about it (true or not) unlike when something similar happened with Terry and Rooney albeit it much more dramatic terms”

    I think it’s been doing the rounds for a while.

    Great set of young players lifting the trophy today. VDS leaving is sad, Schols/Giggs/Ferguson leaving will be devastating but the club has some tremendous players and I’m optimistic United can carry on being strong.

    League Titles
    Man Utd 19 Liverpool 18
    World Titles
    Man Utd 2 Liverpool 0

    Behind in European Cups but can cut it to 1. Can’t wait.

  29. giggsalot says:

    michael owen 1-0 gerrard

  30. xol says:

    Haha the return of the red scots. Great to see. What about those Fletch through balls eh. Smashing to see him back.
    Park goal and assist and the boss hooks him off. He’s on fire.
    The noise. Obviously it doesn’t beat being in the stands, but to open your front door and hear the roar of the O.T crowd on the wind on a day as significant as today is an experience to cherish.
    As Rom’s very own Fletch says, great home record. Next season sees our Emperor tackle the away form using the dark arts. More Knights and young apprentices join the empire. General Grievous in goal. Once more, the Sith will rule the galaxy. And. We. Shall. Have. Peace.

  31. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Everything about today was class.
    Well done to Fergie for picking up Barcley’s Manager of the Season (his 10th award)
    A massive will done to our captain. Namaja Vidic picking up Barcley’s Player of the Season.
    Quite right.
    The speeches by Fergie and Edwin both class. Well done to Edwin. My god I wish he had come in 2002 and he seemed to wish as much himself. Loved the celebration after as well. Not overdone, bit of proper giving back to the fans, and rightly so.

    United are the greatest. 19 league titles, 12 Prem Titles.
    Sealed with 3 points on the final day to put us 9 points clear.
    Top scorers in the league, joint top scorer. Manager of the year, Player of the year.

    Anyone know who took the other Barcley’s yearly awareds?
    Anyone know if there will be a golden boot this year? Is it shared? Hope Berbatov nicks it on some clause, like goals scored in open play.

  32. RedScot says:

    @ XOL …Bonsoir Mtr Stretford ender, hope yer well mate, I thought personally although Darren naturally is a fav of mine he looked shagged out today(He needs some haggis) he was of the pace and not fit. because of the long layoff. You must feel sad for Fletch thats three Champions league finals he will ( likely miss) Unless he gets game time tommorow night in the youths game against the Blades at Old Trafford, one can disguise him.Or maybe a bit of game time in Red Nevs testimonial, in place of that old fool Scholes, who recieved the biggest applause today at the Theatre, the mind boggles what they see in him. lol.
    Ps I did watch you fighting Wakey mate, the time is not now.Not with a winning team! lol

  33. willierednut says:

    RedScot – Alright my old friend? Not on the Baileys tonight. I was on the vodka last night lol. Just the Bud this evening. Giles article was class mate. A great insight on Georgie Best. On his birthday, we lifted the 19th. It was written in the stars.

  34. RedScot says:

    fuck me pink … how rude of me, ma old Greek ( lol ) mate that i met on here on my first visit some 15 months ago when there was some ‘gay’ innuendo. That I did not understand, which is immaterial now, its insanity.I blow you a kiss from Scotland lmao……Happy Birthday mate…Bottoms up. pmsl

  35. Zibbie says:

    RedScot to blow Costas……………… a kiss from Scotland.

  36. RedScot says:

    @WILLIE I know Giles is class as you are mate, while I cant post on the forum I always read it, or try to and still laugh inwardly at the fabulous comments.
    My dig at Niron lads like Giles is fun, as all my comments are Wakey included. lol
    Night mate, the pub beckons, me, a pint of Buckfast on the bar.Toodles mate keep the fun up as i know you will xxxx

  37. Costas says:


    Thanks a lot mate. There was never anything gay about it ,lol. Real reds kiss each other on the mouth. :P I wonder if Gaz and Scholes repeated the scene today. :lol:

  38. sandeep1878 says:

    Lols @ costas :P

    19 is soooooooooo sweet..

    VDS and Hargo done :(

    Fell sorry for BlackPool..

    heard Hiddink is in line for chelsea?

  39. GhostViking says:

    I think berbatov showed again why he is not trusted for the big games. I counted seven shots and obviously no goals.That is not good enough I’m afraid. A place on the bench for him against barcelona. Considering he is our most expensive signing EVER its ridiculous that he is benched for most games.

  40. ManChestHair says:

    I agree with GhostViking


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