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VIDEO: Park Goal Against Chelsea

Park Ji-Sung was the surprise goalscorer in United’s 1-1 draw at Stamford Bridge today, capitalising from Petr Cech’s inability to cling on to the ball, following a shot from Dimitar Berbatov.

“It was disappointing to only get one point,” Park said after the match. “In the first half we played well and created good chances – but we only had the one goal.”

Click here to watch Park’s goal.

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  1. shaun32tevez says:

    think a draw was was probably deserved. we are improving and i think we’ll get maximum points in our next 4 or 5 matches, putting us right up the table.

  2. ericstarkid says:

    we had 5 points after 4 games last season; we have 5 points after 4 games this season

    chelsea had 10 points after 5 games last season; they have 11 points after 5 games this season

    arsenal had 13 points after 5 games last season; they have 12 points after 5 games this season

    i dont care about liverpool, because this is their year to be trophyless again anyway

    as you can see, we are not doing bad at all as we dont even have our team at full strength yet. Ronaldo is going to have his match fitness back up, Berbatov is going to gel with the team, Rooney will find his best again playing back to his favorite position, etc, etc. There really is nothing to worry about at all. Hell, I think we are going to do even better than last season!

  3. woolie says:

    i thought berba should of scored himself really thought it was a poor effort on his part. i thought he should of brought tevez on instead of o’shea and harassed them a bit more because berba wasn’t closing them down when they had the ball at the back

  4. Tom F says:

    I think Tevez wouldn’t have been a good sub when Chelsea were threatening to win the game.

    I have no doubt Tevez would have come on had Edwin not got injured.

    I am glad Park is getting games, he never lets us down and always comes up with something to help us win. Goals, assists, great runs. Great player, I am also pleased with the way Fletcher has improved his game, he too is making some great runs across defences to get on the end of crosses and lose balls.

  5. Tom F says:

    There’s also the fact that Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool haven’t played eachother yet. So there will be a shake up in points then, I am sure.

    Looking forward to seeing the twins play against Middlesborough on Tuesday, I hope Berbatov and Manucho play as they really are in need of games, that brings me to another of Woolies comments, Berbatov has had a messy pre-season and only played 2 games for us, both against tough teams in their grounds, the guy needs time. We should be glad that he has played part in both goals scored in games he has played in!

  6. Kings says:

    Park was brilliant today, and I thought was unlucky to be substituted as he was offering us some energy tracking back and going forward. I would of taken that at the start, but it’s always disappointing to draw after taking the lead, and not building on it, when we had two more chances to extend the lead. The good thing for us is that we play all our biggies away first, so that’s two down, one to go.

  7. DanS says:

    Agree about taking 1-1 from the start Kings but gutted really we let one in with 10mins to go. Onwards and upwards now.

    Let’s spank Boro now!

  8. adzmin says:

    i’m really nervous and always wishing the match comes to the end faster. chelsea forward really like a threat to our defence. they bossed the midfielder. even, hargreaves is nullified by cole and mikel. gary neville and van der sar looks like a liability to us.berbatov still do not gel to our game yet. however, looking at the performance, they are some positive things.park is getting better, rooney also doing quite ok. hope we will start taking full points after this

  9. aime says:

    last night’s performance are very good considering playing away. Without doubt I should say Park deserved the goal and also deserved to start every other matches incoming. He is very consistent and I don’t remember he making much mistakes as other player does. He can play on every side of midfield position, so there’s not really a problem to fit him in. I don’t say that other senior player(Giggs & Scholes) and prospect(Anderson & Nani) are not good but if we want to win, we must give the best-performed player start.

    Therefore I think Man Utd 1st team this season should be:
    GK and Defender: All fans know who

    Midfielder: Ronaldo(Right/left), Hargreaves(center/defensive), Fletcher/Scholes(center/offensive),Park(Right/left)

    Striker/ Forward: Rotate Berba,tevez & rooney

    Right now, our striker has some problem with the finishing, well tevez is not really but I want to know what happen with rooney?
    He maybe have some decent game but I see he’s playing everywhere and totally out of his position. He rarely try to shoot from distance and also lack of power compare to when he’s a teenager? (I don’t hate him, I even have his shirt…I just dissapointed to see him struggle too much)…
    Come back Rooney…

  10. suhayl says:

    PARK AND FLETCH WERE AWESOME….the not so bigger names. Berbs was poor….yes no proper pre season..transfer turmoil…time to settle in..hard games up first. But saying all that..he was lazy yesterday..shooting and passing tooooooooooo cavalier….closing down running back non existent and he was the last man playing kalou onside for the rboys goal…when rio and jonny had stepped up. Sort it berbs…

    Carlitos didnt deserve to be dropped. Or maybe SAF used his wise head and thought about moscow..terry’s spit, rboys v tevez and the malais. And didnt want an incident with them riling him.

    Anyway could have won…maybe should have. Point ok though

  11. denton davey says:

    ericstarkid – thanks for the statistical perspective on the start of this season (and comparison with last year). It’s marathon, not a sprint.

    I’ve been tremendously impressed with both Fletcher and Park so far this season – Fletcher seems to have become the player that SAF envisaged while Park is finally getting himself into the injury-free fitness that he enjoyed when he was playing so sensationally at PSV.

    When you plays these two guys, with Anderson, Hargeaves, Rooney, and Tevez then you have a really aggressive team that can employ the “full court press” that gives luxury players like Ronaldo and Berbatov the freedom to flounce about and show us their skill. This is a key improvement over the squad that started last year. It’s a reason for optimism about the long, long, long season ahead.


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